Satellite A300D-126 PSAK4E display is distorted at start up

i have a harman/kardon and the problem is that the display is distorted at start u most times,
sometimes after some time using utp, flikkering screen horizontal lines appear everywhere but when i logged in windows vista the display is working fine most times.
i even run some tests to test the graphic card and it works fine.
Sometimes when i move the screen a bit back or forth it gets tiny distorted for a second then when i continue moving it it doewsn't do much, i am guessing there are three reasons,a wire is loose, the ribbon cable is loose or dying or 3 the inverter is dying, i would like to hear some other opinions.
Thank you very much
Here is the laptops info
Satelite A300D-126
Model no PSAK4E-00X00KGE

>sometimes after some time using utp, flickering screen horizontal lines appear everywhere but when i logged in windows vista the display is working fine most times.
I think you should connect the external monitor.
This would help you to localize the reason or faulty part.
In case the same flickering and the same likes would be visible on the 2nd external screen, the problem could be related to faulty graphic card or faulty motherboard.
If 2nd display would be OK, the notebooks GPU and motherboard should not be affected but the internal display could be the troublemaker.
The solution in such case is easy: the faulty part has to be replaced. The question is: is it worth or maybe its too expensive to replace such parts.

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  • Satellite A300D-126 - Need drivers for Windows 7

    Hello everyone.
    We have two problems with two drivers so:
    Display driver 8.634.1 - don't work zoom settings. New Catalyst 9.11 does not help me.
    Sound Driver - failed instaled.
    I installed display driver for Vista and sound for XP but I think I need an update because videocard with this 8.452.2-080130a-059298C driver working so slowly .
    What to do ?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi mate,
    First of all you cant use Windows XP drivers on Windows 7. This will not work.
    You wrote about different drivers for Vista and XP Ok, the most Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7 but Satellite A300D is Windows 7 supported. That means you can already get Windows 7 drivers on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    Check this!

  • Need Win7 Touch Pad Driver - Satellite A300D 13Y - PSAK4E

    Do you know when there is a touch pad driver for Windows 7 coming?
    Cause my mouse scroll doesn't work...

    Hello Wendy
    Please don't be mad on me but we cannot discuss on this way. If you want to have precise answer you must post your notebook model. maybe you have some old and not Win7 supported machine and this driver will not be relased at all.
    So please post exact info and we can have serius discussion here.
    Anyway, if you are missing Win7 touchpad driver try to install Vista driver.
    I have done the same on my Satellite A300 and it works perfectly.

  • Satellite A300D-126 Recovery Disc Creator

    can anyone tell me from where i can download the recovery disc creator for my toshiba. I have format the laptop and i am running windows xp sp2.
    Thank you

    I think you have erased the recovery image by formating the laptop. Right?!
    But you can order a backup media here

  • Satellite A300D-126 the keyboard is not working at all

    I reinstalled the driver but it's still not working. What could the problem be? Help plz. Thanks

    Whats wrong exactly?
    You have reinstalled the drivers???
    What drivers do you mean?
    The keyboard driver is a part of the Windows OS and it cannot be reinstalled separately.
    If your keyboard doesnt work properly then either the software doesnt run as it should or the hardware (keyboard) is faulty.
    You could try to reinstall the OS using the Toshiba HDD recovery to check if the issue is related to the software.
    If the keyboard will not work after this procedure, then an hardware issue could be possible.

  • Display driver for Satellite A300D doesn't work

    Hi all,
    At first, please, sorry for my English :)
    So, I have big problem with my graphic card. I have Toshiba Satellite A300D (AMD Athlon Dual Core QL-62 (2.0GHz), 2GB DDR2 (800MHz), 250GB (5400rpm) SATA, 15.4" Wide XGA CSV HB, DVD-Super-Multi (+-R DL), ATI M82XT (256MB), Realtek 802.11 (b/g) 13ch-RTL8187B,Bluetooth,,integr. 1.3Mpix WebCam/Mic w/o auto macro,,,,10/100MBit BTO, 6 Cell BTO, 6 buttons BTO,,Works&Office_HST_Trial_DB,Vista 32bit Home Premium)...
    So Ive reinstalled my Windows Vista, but graphic driver (downloaded from official website) dont works. I downloaded drivers from similar website...same problem....Vista, function.
    Help me someone please (and dont recommend me other systems, like Linux etc... ;-) Thanks!!!

    The Toshiba ATI graphic card driver from the Toshiba European drive page works!
    I dont know what you did and what notebook you have but usually there are different A300D series and you should firstly ensure that you have chosen the right series in the driver download form before you would download any drivers!!
    After you have downloaded the driver, unzip it and then execute the setup file.

  • Few questions about Satellite A300D-14P functionality

    I have model Satellite A300D-14P for one month. Warranty 2 yrs. I have few questions, and asking for help, and suggestions what I should do?
    *My camera quality * is VERY poor, Only with very much light on, I can get generally ok picture quality. Indoor, beside turned on both options, night mode or backlight compensation I hardly can see my face, very dark and poor quality. Second problem is blue led light, it is annoying because half of picture is always blue, somehow that light taking half picture which is always blue:((( I used notebook model from L300 series ( cheaper than mine) with same camera and that blue light, it is working perfectly :(
    *Battery life and start up Vista OS*? ??In power save mode hardly 1.5h ??? Just surfing and nothing else....I asked Toshiba support here in Serbia about that and they told me that it is normal, and measuring of battery life (2, ...h) by specifications, is when my display is off and computer don't do anything ??? They also told me that normal start up time for Vista OS is around 1.45min maybe more???
    If I install win XP is it possible to get battery life longer?
    Do I need to go in Toshiba service or what?
    Thank you very much and sorry if I am boring :))))

    Hay Nikola
    You are not boring at all and welcome on this forum.
    I don't know where to start. ;).
    I have Satellite A300-1LI in front of me and I use it about a month now. Start-up time is very interesting theme and with right configuration you can optimise it and make it much shorter as with factory setting. Please read one very interesting thread about it under
    Do the same with your Satellite and I hope you will be satisfied.
    Battery running time? I must say that information about two hours is realistic and I can confirm it. The same on my Satellite. But to be honest for mobile computing it is OK. I have changed several notebooks and just business notebook Tecra has had linger battery running time. What you can do is to check Toshiba support site and pick up info about more powerful battery. I am not sure but you can use Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 9 Cell, 6000mAh).
    About cam I cannot say much. On my Satellite it works OK and I am satisfied. OK the quality is not the same like on good external webcams but for integrated cam it is OK.
    If you are not satisfied try to talk with nearest service or try to compare it with some other Satellite by your local dealer.
    So Nikola, if you have more questions please post again.

  • Satellite A300D restarts all the time

    My Toshiba Satellite A300D 14P restarts all the time and i cant do anything!
    I turned it off last night and today when i pressed the power button it worked for 1-2 secs and then did a restart again and again.
    My display doesn't show anything (because it works only for 1-2 secs).
    Any ideas?

    On this virtual way it is not easy to say what the problem is and Im afraid you need professional help with this issue. Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and let them check your notebook.
    Problem is that your options are very limited and all you can try is to check if notebook will starts with or without RAM, HDD or battery. Problem is that nothing is shown on the screen and you dont have even access to BIOS settings.
    It must be some serious hardware related issue.

  • Memory upgrade on Satellite A300D-15B

    Hi all,
    I am having upgrading the ram on my laptop from 4gb to 8gb. First I will post the full details of my laptop then explain the problem.
    (Original Configuration)
    Satellite A300D-15B
    Model : PSAKCE
    Bios Ver: 3.30
    AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor ZM-86 (Upgraded from ZM-80)
    Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
    4096 MB (2048 +2048) PC2-6400 DDR RAM (800MHZ)
    Right then, I installed Windows 7 32bit on it ages ago and upgraded the CPU and have never had any issues as i work with computers.
    I did some checking and found out my Motherboard supports uo to 8gb of ram and decided to buy two 4gb ram modules. I made sure I got the correct ram for my laptop.
    I upgraded the ram and it recognised it without any issue and even stated that 8gb of ram was installed under 'System'in contol panel and in the bios. As it was a 32bit OS it only utilised 3gb of the ram. I then decided to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and thats when the fun began.
    Basically my laptop will not boot if I have more than 4gb of ram installed (In any configuration) and get a BSOD. I have had a few different Stop Error codes but I cant seem to find a solution. Also there arent any/many options to change in the bios so Im stumped.
    I have tested the ram modules with Memtest several times without error and have also tried them in different laptops without issue. I know my laptop suppors the 8gb as I had no issues running the 32bit OS.
    All my drivers and other software are to date and work fine and have installed all windows updates to date.
    Has anyone else had this issue and is there a patch/fix available?
    Any help, ideas or suggestions are welcome and hopefully I can sort this problem out. Many thanks in advance.

    Hi there,
    The Ram I bought is the correct to the letter and is as follows:
    Komputerbay DDR2 PC2-6400 @ 800Mhz - 2 x4gb modules.
    It has exactly the same Cas latency and timing settings aswell.
    You mentioned that it booted fine in 32bit as it didnt address the full 8gb but now on the 64bit OS I have 1 x 4gb module installed and it is recognised without any issues,.
    If the ram wasnt compatible in any way then I should be getting some errors or something to indicate a problem.
    It also wouldnt boot/run properly with just 1 of the 4gb modules installed on either 32/64bit OS's, which isnt the case at all. I am certain that the ram itself isnt the issue.
    I also tried installing 1 x 2gb and 1 x 4gb module for a total of 6gb and I managed to get windows to load (once) but it then stopped responding. Im not very keen on spending loads of money on another 8gb of ram from Kingston or Crucial if the same thing is going to happen, which I fully expect it will.
    Thanks for the suggestions though, any other ideas?
    Also worth mentioning that the ram that came with the laptop wasnt even Toshiba brand, it is Samsung ram so maybe they should make a list of all the compatible makes for their laptops or maybe not lock their bios's to the point that the end user is so limited.
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  • Satellite M100-126 - Win 7 32bit indicates "only" 3GB of usable memory

    Here's the situation:
    I have a Toshiba satellite M100-126 (PSMA1E - 0PV021FR) running Windows 7 32bit.
    It originally had 2gigs of Ram, but after my brother's laptop broke down (motherboard failure) I took his 2x2gig ram and installed them in my laptop.
    At first, the BIOS only detected 3gig, so I flashed the bios using the one recommended by Toshiba Download center, i.e. v 3.0 , direct link (if it works). There is also a version 5.6, only for Windows Vista, but I did not use that one.
    So now, the bios detects 4gigs, and so does Windows, but windows indicates "only" 3gigs of usable memory.
    In Windows resource allocation, 1gig is "hardware reserved", so it's 3gig usable memory. If I replace one of the 2gig modules by a 1gig module, I get only 2mb of hardware reserved, and the 3 installed gigs of memory are usable...
    Here are the questions, now:
    I am aware of the memory limit for 32bit systems, and that I won't be able to use the full 4gigs anyway, but my brother got 3.5 gigs of usable memory on his 32bit system... Is it

    Thanks for the answer, 3.2gigs then, must have understood the little bro wrong.. :-)
    Yet, under Windows, in resource allocation, the memory used by the video card is indicated as similar whether I install 4 or 3 gigs of memory...
    Oh well, not a big loss, when I find the time I'll run benchmark tests with both installs and see if there's a difference.
    Any idea on whether I'd gain anything with Win 7 64bits or would it just be wasted on a 3y old system (Windows indicates it's 64bit compatible)

  • Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - USB message appears if BT is enabled

    Sorry if I'm one of those annoying people who has been posted something that's already been posted.
    A couple of weeks ago, my laptop a Satellite A300D-15B series (PSAKCE 00K0DEN) kept coming up with a msg - "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED" - when nothing was plugged into any of the USB ports (anything I subsequently plugged in any of them works fine).
    Today, I was wanting to use bluetooth with my phone. The icon is red and blue as opposed to the white and blue combination it usually has when ready to send files. On opening the 'add new connection' menu, a msg popped up saying "Bluetooth not ready". On the options menu, running a diagnostics reveals this msg: "Check communication with Bluetooth device: Fail".
    I disabled Bluetooth and noticed that I stopped getting the USB message too - and on enabling Bluetooth, the message would keep cropping up, indicating that there would be a link between them.
    I am a complete technology noob and I have no idea how to fix this, or even grasp what the problem is to start with, and most internet sites that seem helpful also seem full of jargon I can't understand!
    I really hope someone can help based on my minimal information, and thanks in advance.

    a possible fix maybe to uninstall all your USB devices in Device Manager (under Windows XP, I don't know the compartment name under other MS operating systems).
    It helped me, when I was using a usb hub and switched the devices on it's ports very often. After some time, some of the devices stopped being recognized by the system and I got the "unrecognized device plugged in" message instead.
    The uninstallation of the USB components also removes any profiles that Windows created for a particular device (at least that was the explanation that I've found somewhere in the Internet).
    If this doesn't help (Windows should reinstall all the drivers after you -> restart your computer), try maybe to uninstall the BlueTooth devices the same way. Write if you have any progress / solution for/with the problem.

  • Satellite A300D-15B - Switched off and charging issue

    I have a Satellite A300D-15B, running Windows 7 32bit, which bought quite recently used. I have encountered a couple of problems which I hope someone can help me with!
    Firstly, the day I got the machine, it switched suddenly, but turned back on immediately and seemed to be ok. Afterwards, 3 weeks later (saturday 2nd July) I was installing some software when I got a virus warning from AGV, within a few moments the machine again turned off suddenly. Unfortuanetly this time it would not turn back on and the charge/AC supply lights would not come on. After doing some research I found that disconnecting the BIOS battery and dissipating the power enabled me to turn the machine on. Is there any known issues which could be causing this?
    Secondly, once I had got the laptop to turn on after the sudden shutdown on staurday, I have found the charger still wont register as being plugged in unless i use the folling procedure.
    1) diconnect the mains fuse cable from the transformer block
    2) remove the battery
    3) plug in the DC jack
    4) reconnect the mains cable to the transformer which causes the mains light on the laptop to turn on.
    5) reconnect the battery
    The laptop then charges normally, I am using it to write this post.
    I have to use this process everytime the machine is unplugged from the the mains or charger, which is irritating and also a worry that there could be big problems on the horizon.
    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    I upgraded it to 7, the first time it shut down was the first time it was switched on after the recovery disc had been used. Could that be an out of date driver on original settings? Then upgrading to 7 giving similar problems?
    I upgraded to 7 not a fresh install, which I never usually do.
    The charger is a genuine unit not a 3rd party, I won't use them as I've had issues in the past. I'm just concerned it's a mainboard problem given the shutdown and subsequent strange charging behaviour. Do these have EEPROM's in the chargers and maybe clearing the CMOS has caused a recognition problem?

  • Satellite A300D-15b: Where to get Chicony cam software for Win7

    I have recently done a clean install of windows 7 64bit on my Satellite A300D-15b and was wondering were i can download the Chicony camera assistant software from?
    Cheers Avo

    Hi Avo,
    If you cant find Windows 7 driver at the moment you should try the Vista driver. I have also Satellite A300D and Im still using the Vista driver for Chicony webcam it works really well.
    You can download the driver here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    If you have more questions, please let us know! :)

  • Satellite A300D-15B - Upgrade from Windows 7 32bit to 64bit?

    I've added an extra 4GB of memory to my Satellite A300D-15B (PSAKCE). When I try to run the Windows 7 64bit upgrade it fails with a blue screen.
    Is it possible to upgrade this model to 64 bit Windows 7?

    Hi ronchennells,
    Theoretically it should be possible to upgrade to Windows 7 64bit You can do/install everything what you want but the important point is drivers
    On the official Toshiba website there are no Windows 7 64bit drivers but you can try the Vista 64bit drivers. Normally they are compatible
    Generally speaking its not necessary to upgrade to 4GB RAM or more for using Windows 7 64bit. You can also use the 64bit version with 2GB only.
    What happens if you start the upgrade with original memory module only?

  • CPU upgrade on Satellite A300D-15C

    Satellite A300D-15C - What CPU can i uppgrade to?
    I have a AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core-processor QL-60 : 1.9 GHz
    can i uppgrade to a higher cpu freq 2,1
    or can i use a
    AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core mobil processor RM-72
    2.1 GHz
    or this
    AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobil processor ZM-82
    klockhastighet : 2.2 GHz

    Those cpu i have note here is from same model sattelit a300d
    Why i ask i must change the fan becuse it broken and i think the cpu has gose warm
    therefor i had think that i can put one off those in to my comphuter
    i have over 15 years experince off comphuters so can replace hardware
    but i must know if it posible to uppgrade to one off those i have write down here
    other wise i must put a cpu as the original
    Regards Thomas
    my is A300D-15C with cpu
    typ : AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core-processor QL-60 fr brbara datorer
    klockhastighet : 1.9 GHz
    2:a nivns cache (2nd level cache) : 1 MB
    next is A300D-16Q with cpu
    typ : AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core mobil processor RM-72
    klockhastighet : 2.1 GHz
    2:a nivns cache (2nd level cache) : 1 MB
    and next one A300D-21W with cpu
    typ : AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobil processor ZM-82
    klockhastighet : 2.2 GHz
    2:a nivns cache (2nd level cache) : 2 MB

Maybe you are looking for

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