SCCM2012: Can you create a Query-based "User Collection" using an IP Subnet (or IP Address range) in the Query?

The topic says it all (I hope).  I am new to 2012 and I have tried to accomplish this feat all day, which includes researching online, but I have had zero success in finding anything helpful.
Obviously I can create "Device Collections" based on the IP Subnets, and I can do a "Direct Rule" in "User Collections" for the desired IP Subnet, but I do not want to do this because I need the results to update if/when
any changes occur during a "scheduled/incremental update".
The only thing I could find for the "User Collections" was this:
select *  from  SMS_R_User where SMS_R_User.FullUserName = SMS_R_User.UserName and SMS_R_System.IPAddresses like "111.11.1%"
EXAMPLE (Query for Devices):
select *  from  SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.IPAddresses like "111.11.1%"
Is there a way to Query SCCM (2012) and display the Usernames of computers that login to the (sole) Domain through a specified (or desired) IP Subnet?

Why do you want to install software by location for a user? Why do you care?
Why would you want to create a collected of Users with software installed? PCs have the SW install not users so how would you use it?
Garth Jones | My blogs: Enhansoft and
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I was asked to setup these (Device and User Collections) in this manner so we can limit future distributions/deployments of Applications (and/or Packages) and (OS) Images by these groupings.  Apparently there will be occasions where deployments will need
to be segmented as such because the company wants to have them grouped in this manner.  If there is a better option available than this, which I would not doubt since I am new to SCCM 2012, then I would appreciate the information.
IMO, you need to go back to the person asking and get and better understand of exactly what they want and more importantly why.  Making a collection, just in case doesn't make sense.
Garth Jones | My blogs: Enhansoft and
Old Blog site | Twitter:

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    class CustomerGroup
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    class Customer
        Map<Integer, CustumerValue> customerValues;

    If you write a custom ValueExtractor, which you need to create an index, then you will not need a custom Filter.
    Depending on how efficient you need to be you custom extractor can use POF and not have to deserialize the entries to create the index, or it can deserialize the class, which will make the code more straight forward.
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    Rasmus , I think you laid out a real good scenario for every one to contribute
    I may be very late but just updating this forum for benefit of everyone who visits this.
    In addition to all the points above one must also consider following things if one decides to add more server nodes to one dispatcher
    1.Garbage collection time
    2.Dispatcher would keep on sending request to node S2 if it is not completely bad and there by impacting all the servernode       so  you might end up restartiing the entire cluster.
    3,Debugging also becomes diffculy as you are not sure on which server node you are within the cluster.
    4.If you have something like F5 which does hear beat monitoring even one server node goes bad F5 will not report anything.
    So in my view one server node per dispatcher is an ideal configuration.
    Over All Dispatcher does not consume more resouces (Disk Space + CPU + memory ) at the same time it will give you maintenance flexibility.
    Nothing is right or wrong ,all these things are based on how your infrastructure set up is.
    Cheers !!
    Manish Jain

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
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