Scuffs on iPad from smart cover

Does my warranty cover this? I know that Apple says it isn't responsible for damage from third party products but where does this fit in?

Does not.  Same as if you brought in an iPad that never had a cover on it but still had scuff marks -- accidental/abuse (technical terms).

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  • I just got an iPad mini Smart Cover and it keeps locking my iPad

    I Folded the Smart Cover to the back and sometimes it just looks itself like that. Why?

    Obviously it shouldn't do this.  Either the Smart Cover is defective - or your iPad is too sensitive.   See last comment in the following similar discussion - Apple replaced the person's iPad. 
    My iPad Air smart cover is causing my screen to turn off when I flip it so that it lies across the back of my iPad

  • IPad 2 smart cover, mine is falling to bits and has stained my screen protector. Anyone else had the same problem?

    iPad 2 smart cover. Mine is falling apart and has marked my screen protector with black lines. Anyone else experienced this?

    Mine has worked fine.  What model do you have, the leather or the other?  I've read of others using screen protectors like Zagg absorbing some of the dye.  Of course considering the cost they are to produce ($12 is what I read for the leather) it doesn't surprise me some of the dye is coming out.  I have wiped my black leather down with high grade leather cleaner / oil and you can clearly see it on the rag. 

  • Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover For iPad 1

    Helo folks
    Since no difference between first and sec gen. Of pad's screen , length and width sizes, i want to get a ipad 2 smart cover for my original ipad 1 , possible ? .. It should

    The display size and resolution are the same, the iPads themselves are not exactly the same dimension. Also, the new iPad has magnets inside of it help the smart cover attach itself to the new model.
    You would be wasting your money, the Smart Cover is for the iPad 2 only.

  • Ipad 3 smart cover wake up slower than ipad 2? anyone?

    ok well i was watching youtube for ipad 2 smart cover reviews and i noticed that the ipad 2 smart cover wakes up almost instantly and then compared it to my ipad 3 and mine took 1-2 secends.
    anyone else have this problem?????? please answer

    Yes. I called Apple support today. My issue is when the iPad 3 has been in sleep mode for more than 10-15 min, it takes more than a second for the lock screen to appear when the home button is pressed. It is faster with the smart cover. Apple helped me restart and reset the device but it didn't help the situation.

  • Does the iPad 3 smart cover fit the iPad Air?

    does the iPad 3 smart cover fit the iPad Air?

    No - if you look at the specs, the sizes of the two devices is quite different. (the iPad 3 and 4 are near identical in size to the iPad 2 dimensions).

  • Scratches on iPad 2 from smart cover

    I have ordered a smart cover that I should receive in a few days. I have read in a few places that the cover leaves scuff marks on the left side of the iPad. Has anyone used one and doesn't have scratches? Or should I expect and accept that the product will leave scratches?

    An update on the Smart Cover rubbing against my iPad. After the second Smart Cover started to show signs of the metal being rubbed of its hinges I took the covers and iPad to the Apple Store. None of my friends have had any problems and I haven't seen any other reports like mine. So the Apple Store was awesome, the exchanged the iPad and both Smart Covers and now I can see the difference. It looks like the first iPad might have had some slight back case anomaly or the magnets might have been misaligned which caused the rubbing. The new iPad and Smart Covers aren't hitting each out so things look good.
    Anyway, I think my iPad was a fluke (Apple Store hadn't seen any problems come in). I highly recommend the Smart Covers. I love mine and now that they attach correctly I am a very happy customer. Plus, Apple's customer support at the store was amazing as usual.

  • Did iPad 2 Smart cover kill my laptop?

    My MacBook air suddenly died, it cannot start up. One possible explanation is that I held the magnet of the smart cover of the iPad 2 right next to the MacBook air, and thereby corrupted the HDD. Is that possible? My MacBook air is only around half a year old, but it's the previous model with HDD.

    In this university, anything is possible. However, even if your hard drive were corrupted, the entire computer would not be dead. It OS also highly unlikely that the tiny magnets in the smart cover could do any damage, there was another thread about this isse from a hypothetical perspective a month or so back, you might want to do a search for it. A number of people posting had a great deal of technical expertise.
    Meanwhile, you should make an appointment at the nearest Apple store and have the, give you a definitive answer,
    Best of luck.

  • IPad 2 Smart Cover

    When you fold the Smart cover behind the iPad so that it is laying flat against the back, do the magnets hold it there?

    While looking at a Smart Cover in the Apple Store on the 12th, I tried turning it over and mounting it on the back with the outside away from the iPad. I wanted to see if it would mount backwards like that so that when I am using the iPad on a table, I wouldn't have to worry about the inside protective fabric that normally goes against the screen being gunked up by stuff on the table when I mount it normally and close it. The answer is, "Yes" it mounts backwards. The problem newly discovered, however, is that when you mount the Smart Cover backwards like this and lay it back against the back of the iPad, it goes to sleep as if you had mounted it correctly and closed it (because the proximity of the magnet to the sensor apparently). Oh well...

  • IPad 3 Smart Cover - Different model numbers

    Hello guys :)
    I'm a bit confused about the Smart Cover
    I going to buy one but their is one with the number: MD309ZM/A
    And another with the number: MC944ZM/A
    So where is the difference, and which one is the newest (for my iPad 3)?

    Hi TP1999,
    It would appear that the current model Smart Cover for the iPad 2nd Gen, iPad 3rd Gen, and iPad with Retina Display is part number MD306LL/A. You may find the following page helpful:
    Apple Store: iPad Smart Cover - Polyurethane - Dark Gray ray?
    Note: Part numbers can vary over variations in the life of a product and from country to country.
    - Brenden

  • IPad 2 Smart Cover Design Flaw

    Am I the only one to recognize that the Apple Smart Cover's greatest feature is also its fatal flaw? The Smart Cover’s “innovative” feature is that it folds to prop the iPad up for typing or better viewing, with its primary function to serve as a cover to protect your treasured iPad’s glass screen. However, hasn't anyone noticed that when you fold the Smart Cover into either of the two propping positions that the inner portion of the cover (the micro-fiber that supposed to "protect" the screen) comes in contact with whatever surface it is that you're using as a base. So, when you fold the cover back onto the iPad, any nastiness (e.g., dirt, dust, food, etc.) that was on the surface of the base (e.g., table, desk, airplane fold-out tray, etc.) has now attached to the inner portion of the cover and will then be in direct contact with your iPad's precious screen.
    I love Apple, but this is one case where I believe they missed the mark and added fuel to the argument that they sometimes put too much emphasis on form and not enough on actual function. And, for the price that they’re asking for the Smart Cover, I, for one, expect more from Apple.
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    It takes an extra moment of thought, but my Smart cover can be folded either direction and still can be used in the two positions. But as others note, I would never set my iPad down on any surface that I had not checked to see if it was clean. Just as I do not use it with dirty fingers or hands.
    I think that folks are expecting much more from a Smart Cover than it was actually designed to meet. It is for protecting the display, and incidentally was given the ability to hold the iPad in the two display positions. But it is only a cover, it is not a case. If you need the facilities of an actual case, this is not the product for you. It was made to apply and remove in a second. It facilitates its application by self-adjusting its position with the magnets.
    But I am happy with mine as a cover to protect the glass display when not in use and nothing more. I remove the cover when I use the iPad. I have bough the Compass tripod stand by 12 South for positioning the iPad for serious use. I love using it with my Apple BT keyboard when I am using it for serious writing. However, for casual use like lounging in a comfy chair or in bed to read, surf or watch videos, I use it without the cover or anything else. If I am watching videos it is paired with BT headphones for the audio channel.
    Rather than finding all the flaws of each accessory that does not meet your needs, why not look for the ones that other geniuses have devised that perhaps do?

  • IPad 2 Smart Cover and Airport Xray

    Is there any ill effects when you send your ipad 2 with a smart cover (which contains magnets) through the airports Xray scanners?
    Just curious since xray scanners use magnets to scan correct?

    Mine has skated through several airport scanners with no bad effects.   A a matter of interest, while they still want you do put your laptop in a seperate bin, there is no problam putting a pad thru inside a briefcase or suitcase.  They seem to know what it looks like on the scanner, and i have not had to get it out at all.

  • IPad 2 smart cover sleep/lock problems?

    Been using my iPad for a good month now.  I'm loving it.  I have noticed that using the smart cover, you have to have the pass code on in order for the cover to put the device into sleep/wake.  When I have the passcode setting off, the smart cover aligned to device fine but does not give the audible click upon closing.  When passcode if off, I also notice a higher battery drain versus the lock code turned on and I hear the sound click.  Do I have a defective cover?  Suggestions??

    Mine has worked fine.  What model do you have, the leather or the other?  I've read of others using screen protectors like Zagg absorbing some of the dye.  Of course considering the cost they are to produce ($12 is what I read for the leather) it doesn't surprise me some of the dye is coming out.  I have wiped my black leather down with high grade leather cleaner / oil and you can clearly see it on the rag. 

  • IPad air Smart Cover not aligning properly

    Is anyone else having issues?
    My nice new iPad air arrived on Tuesday, 3 days latter I received my apple Smart Cover! Why not send them together? That's another storey.
    After a days use, I notice that the cover is not aligning properly, then I read online that it could be an issues with the actual iPad not the cover, anyone else having these problems?
    Experienced outcomes?

    You don't have this option?
    Open Settings->General->Lock/Unlock...make sure it is toggled on.
    Also, try restarting the iPad then check Settings again.
    When the iPad recognizes that the cover is installed that setting should appear and as I can recall, it defaults to that setting being ON.  Are you using an Apple Smart Cover or a third party cover.  If it's an Apple cover & that setting doesn't appear, take the cover back to the store & exchange it,  there may be a problem with the magnet placement in the cover.  If that doesn't fix the issue then you may have to make an appointment at a Genius Bar to have them run a diagnostic on your iPad.

  • My iPad 2 smart cover keeps making scratches and damages my iPad

    Help this smart cover scratches and damages my iPad 2
    It started out fine when I got it but after a while it got dirty and well u know the rest

    Agreement with skyupi. To clean mine, I just got my hands soapy and rubbed it on both sides. Rinse it off and I'd set it to dry. Cleans real well.

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