Shifting from system administration to sap basis

hi friends,
i am 3yr polyetchnic diploma holder in electronics & communication engg.
i have 6 yr exp in system administration on windows platform. now i want to learn sap
basis. for diploma holders how much the chances currently in india , malaysiya and singapure. pls help me.if possible pls give me ur mobile numbers.
thank u
suresh 9848070847

Dear Suresh,
System Administration Knowledge,Networking Knowledge, Database Administration Knowledge is Important for Basis.
Have you done any certification courses. Qualification ( Basic Degree) is also important in SAP.

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    Thanks for your help.

    Did you try to bounce Apache and see if it helps?
    Please see the suggested solutions in the following threads.
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    Hi All,
    In OIM 9.1.x apart from System Administrator who else can delete user? Can we configure something so that only particular User/Group can delete user?

    Hi AGIAM,
    Sorry I can't recall the exact way to configure it (dont have a 9.1 instance running), but you can try adding the user to the OIM Groups with privileges to manage/delete the users.
    "An OIM Account can be granted additional permissions including delegated administration of various entities, such as users, organizations, and roles, and the ability to define workflows"
    Creating and Managing Users
    Hope it helps.

  • Should i Swap my career from hardware engg to Sap Basis Consultant?

    I am into computer hardware and networking since last 14 years. Now i am planning to go for SAP basis certification. Will it be helpful to obtain a good career? Or i should proceed towards microsoft certification only?
    What are the basic requirements to become a SAP Basis consultant?
    Thanks in advance

    SAP Certification is always an added advantage those who are seeking a career in SAP. Just check with the Education Partners like Siemens / Genovate / Yash etc for the pre-requisites... One more important thing is SAP Certification is much difficult that Microsoft Certification. Hope this helps

  • Access to EHS data from system outside of SAP

    We are creating a Formulation tool in a SQL database with a Access front end which will need to use EHS Specification data and eventually push the Formulation data back into the SAP EHS Spec database.
    I would like this new database to have Real-Time access to SAP data. We currently are using RFC connections with tools such as EASY-Expert and a external Rules based program Atrion as well, so I know it is possible to feed this data back and forth using XML files.
    Any advice on how I should proceed and maybe some external tools for purchase that will help me do this.

    Hi Beverly,
    it is possible to access EH&S data from outside SAP by using the standard SAP BAPIs (e.g. BAPI_BUS1077_GETDETAIL for reading EH&S data) which are RFC enabled. Another possibility would be to develop your own RFC enabled function modules in the SAP system and call them from outside.
    From your access database you can use VBA to perform the RFC call.
    Best regards,

  • How to shift from ERP tester to SAP Functional Consultant?

    Hi friends,
    I'm currently working as a Software tester and have worked with ERP applications(Not SAP) for more that 2.5 years now. I do have a decent domain knowledge of ERP at present.
    I want to learn SAP and make a career as a functional consultant.
    My question is:  If i do a course in one of the functional modules of SAP will i be able to get a job in SAP with my prior experience of ERP?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Dear Mr.Arjun Nair,
    Welcome to the world of SAP. Congrats for choosing sap as your career platform.
    I appreciate your interest on SAP ERP.
    Based on your interest you can choose any module ( technical / functional ).Each module has its own importance in real time.
    If you want learn more about any / preffered module, you can always access which will give you a list of results and among them you can choose whichever link you want to start studying on that subject.
    Based on your research choose a right module which suits you better.
    It might depends on your Interest also, Like if you are interested more on Programming side then think about Technical module ABAP.
    Or if your interest is more on Functional side ( Requires business process knowledge on various / any industries & configuration skills in ERP ).
    Based on your experience I  believe that the  below functional modules will be more suitable for people who has some Business / Domain / experience . Just think & try to follow the SAP Help to take a right decision.
    MM – MATERIAL MANAGEMENT  ( More about Purchasing related activities  / Goods receipts / Inventory Management / vendor management )
    SD – SALES & DISTIBUTION ( All sales related activities)
    PP – Production Planning
    Wish you all the best.

  • SAP BASIS - Can System Admin experience (Non-SAP) transfer into SAP Basis?

    Greetings everyone, I hope you are well this weekend.
    I've heard how great SAP careers are for the dedicated and I'm doing my research to find out if an SAP career is viable and if so which is a good entry point. I've read a book by John Von Aspen and in his book he suggests starting out in a customer service rep position for an SAP company as an end user to use as an entry point, but for my background is there another way?
    I'm a computer science graduate of DeVry in Atlanta with Technical Support experience and I'm currently working in an IT customer service position. My career has only begun and I'm in the process of mapping out the best route to start in SAP. I'm looking into BASIS as a starting point out of all the functional modules and technical roles available but I am open to all areas. If the next point in my career map were a System Administration role, and if I were to have a few years experience in that role, could I transfer the skills gained into an SAP BASIS administrator? Between now and then I would have done much self study from books and any online courses I could afford. However would I still be short of what a hiring manager is looking for if I don't have an direct experience with SAP Basis?
    If such a path would not be viable, what would be the next best step to take coming from Tech/Customer Support?
    Thank you,

    Hi Sabir
    I have not read his book so cannot comment too much on that. However, I did a quick search and saw his background is CRM. Perhaps his recommended career path was an example based on his background?
    It sounds like you are a planner which is a good trait to have if you are determined to switch over. What sort of technical support are are you doing? If you are a recent graduate you might be able to look to apply to graduate programs in some consultancies (I won't mention names but if you google SAP consultancy graduate position you will find a heap of names).
    As far as getting across to Basis the sort of research you could do is look at the SCN communities for System Administration and see they times of themes of the questions. To transition from general system administration to SAP you could look at skilling up with Databases (e.g. Oracle), Operating Systems, Networks, etc. These skills will compliment the Basis skill set but also protect your investment should a SAP job not work out - you still have skills to be valued elsewhere.
    In relation to training and education, you want might to research about the SAP Learning Hub. If you are good at self-teaching and learning online this would be a good way for you to invest in training and go at your own pace and keep your cost down. There is a free discovery edition for you to see what the course content it like but it does not give you much of the system administration component.
    I would hold off going for any certification (cost) unless until you some experience (unless ofcourse, it becomes a requirement for the job).
    The final bit for getting into SAP is investigate the companies that use SAP. Keep looking out for job opportunities to join one of them and then find a way to move into the SAP system administration area.
    Good luck with it all and if you have any specific question let us know

  • System copy tools for SAP Basis 46C.

    Hi All,
    I need to do system copy for SAP Basis 46c. I have a query regarding the tools used for system copy. It is written in the SAP Documents and we need to use the latest version of the system copy tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans).
    I need to do the Heterogeneouse system copy
    Source :- Oracle , AIX 5.3
    Target :- Oralce (Or if possible) , Sun Solaris
    So my question is
    1) Am i suppose to use only the tools (i.e. R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) which are compatible to relase 4.6C (Kernel 46D_EXT, latest path level is 2541)  or
    2) Can i download and use the Latest version of system copy tools (i.e. Withe release 7.00 for R3load,R3check,R3ldctl,,R3szchk,R3trans) to do the herogeneous system copy of SAP Basis 4.6C ??
    Please reply.

    > Yes we are aware about the certified consultant. But before going for such a big project we wanted to find out the possibilities how we can minimise system downtime and optimize the process therefore wanted to have some information earlier.
    Exactly that is the use of that consultant Those are experienced people who have done lots of migrations in the past, they know the possibilities of the tools and versions.
    > So now i am very sure that we can use 10.2 while installation of new target system while doing heterogenouse system copy from oracle 9.2.
    > 1) Migration Monitor (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > The Migration Monitor is downward-compatible. As new features and bug fixes are only implemented in the latest version, SAP urgently recommends that you always use the latest version available.
    You can use it of course but support of it is not "built in" - there's no clicker to check as is in newer versions of sapinst. You will need to modify the R3S file at the "correct place" to make use of it.
    > 2) Distribution Monitor (Source :- Distribution Monitor (version 1.9.1) Usersu2019 Guide)
    > Restrictions:-The following restrictions apply to the current implementation:The DM does not support system copies of releases lower than SAP_BASIS 6.20
    So you can't use that option.
    > 3) PACKAGE SPLITTING (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > The package splitting option is available and integrated into the system copy tools R3SETUP and SAPinst since SAP R/3 4.0B SR1.
    The "old version" is a perl script, you'll need to make sure you have perl installed.
    > 4) TABLE SPLITTING  (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > Table splitting can be used for ABAP systems with SAP kernel 6.40 or above
    So that is also not usable.
    > 6) R3LOAD OPTIONS - (source :-System copy & Migration optimization.pdf)
    > R3load option '-fast' (<= 4.6D) or '-loadprocedure fast': These options are available
    > u2022 from SAP kernel release 6.40 for - DB2/UDB - MSSQL - Oracle (see SAP Note 1045847 - Oracle Direct Path Load Support in R3load)
    So it's also not built in for Kernel 46D_EX2.
    > Request your final comments on the above points and Need to know whether parallel import and export can be done for 4.6C (46D_EXT Kernel)  release using migration monitor. Please reply.
    As I said before and as is written in the documentation, it can be used but not "by default", you'll make sure you stop at the right place with your migration to configure it manually (or the consultant will do).


    Hi GURU`s,
      My Self Tirupati.A   2 + years core Knowledge and hands on Experience in Oracle Database, i.e Oracle 9i & Oracle 10g with RAC Production db`s environment. Now last week i join one of TOP 5 MNC in India. But my profile on SAP BASIS (System Administrator) + Database admin. am getting traning from my company on SAP BASIS. But am so confuse and tension for this profile. Can any one advice me for this same plz.
    If any one have good docs for SAP BASIS so plz forward me on [email protected] ..
    awaiting for your golden advice.

    hi Thriupathi,
    welcome to SAP world and SDN.
    Before you post questions, please search the Forum, Weblogs, and documentation.
    Regarding your SAP Basis role, there is already a thread running.  SAP Basis roles

  • SAP BASIS Certification course

    Hi, Again
    What is the certification course for SAP NW2004 BASIS?
    If anyone knows please let me know refrerence URL as well

    the current name of SAP Basis is "SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION WITH SAP NETWEAVER 7.0", specified by the database you are expert in:
    The Certification Course is always:
    - 10 days TADM10
    - 10 days TADM12
    plus the Database System Course. If you select Oracle:
    - 5 days TADM51
    In Details:
    - ADM100: SAP Web AS Administration I
    - ADM102: SAP Web AS Administration II
    - ADM200: SAP Web AS Java Administration
    - ADM110: Installation SAP ECC 6.0
    - ADM325: Software Logistics
    - ADM315: Workload Analysis
    - ADM505: Database Administration Oracle I
    - ADM506: Database Administration Oracle II
    Find more details here:

  • Outlook 2013 since last patch (Dec 2014) gives error: System Administrator - Undeliverable

    After installing the latest round of patches from Microsoft in our environment, we have had numerous users having this issue.  When sending an email, internally or externally, they get the following message.
    Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.
    From: System Administrator
    Subject:  Undeliverable: Email Subject
          Subject:    Email Subject
          Sent: 12/16/2014 9:21 AM
    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:
          Person#1 on 12/16/2014 9:21 AM
                This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator.  Error is [0x80004005-00000000-00000000].
    The problem is sporadic and sometimes just closing Outlook and reopening it will fix the problem.  The problem does happen both when the users are in the office and when they are out.  There isn't any pattern that we can identify.  It
    happened to me once and a reboot resolved it for me.  We thought that maybe a specific patch that was installed just needed another reboot but we still have other users that are having the problem even after numerous reboots.
    A little more about our environment:
    Exchange 2010, fully patched with all service packs and updates (single server)
    Running on a Windows 2008R2 server with all service packs and updates
    Outlook 2013 with all updates installed
    Happening on both Windows 8.1 (fully updated) and Windows 7 (fully updated)
    Again this just started happening after the last patch cycle and we have never had this situation occur prior to that.  
    Steve Eason, MCSE FM:Systems

    If you installed Exchange 2010 SP3 RU8 then you need to update to the 2nd revision of that update, as the first one had that very issue.
    Update 12/12/2014:
    Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8 has been re-released to the Microsoft download center resolving a regression discovered in the initial release. The update RU8 package corrects the issue which impacted users connecting to Exchange from Outlook. The
    issue was insulated to the MAPI RPC layer and was able to be isolated to quickly deliver the updated RU8 package. The updated RU8 package is version number 14.03.0224.002 if you need to confirm you have the updated package. The updates for Exchange Server
    2013 and 2007 were not impacted by this regression and have not been updated.
    Update 12/10/2014:
    An issue has been identified in the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 8. The update has been recalled and is no longer available on the download center pending a new RU8 release. Customers should not proceed with deployments of this update
    until the new RU8 version is made available. Customers who have already started deployment of RU8 should rollback this update.
    The issue impacts the ability of Outlook to connect to Exchange, thus we are taking the action to recall the RU8 to resolve this problem. We will deliver a revised RU8 package as soon as the issue can be isolated, corrected, and validated. We will
    publish further updates to this blog post regarding RU8.
    This issue only impacts the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8 update, the other updates remain valid and customers can continue with deployment of these packages.
    DJ Grijalva | MCITP: EMA 2007/2010 SPA 2010 |

  • Choose From List From a UDT in SAP Business One 2005 A

    Hi All
    How to develop a Choose From List from a <b>User Defined Table</b> (not from System Tables) in SAP Business One 2005 A.
    I need the Choose From List should display the records stored in the UDT.
    Any Idea ?
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Asutosh,
    You can add a CFL to a User Defined Object, not a simple User Defined Table.
    In order to do it you only have to set the object type of the CFL to the code of your UDO.
    Here you have a simple:
    oCFLCPuo = SB1_App.CreateObject(SAPbouiCOM.BoCreatableObjectType.cot_ChooseFromListCreationParams)
    oCFLCPuo.ObjectType = "MY_UDO_CODE"
    oCFLCPuo.UniqueID = "UserObjectCFL"
    oCFLuo = oForm.ChooseFromLists.Add(oCFLCPuo)
    Hope it helps

  • MDM Administration from the SAP Basis perspective.

    Hi MDM Experts,
    I am sap basis administrator and now i need to administer SAP MDM. I need to know what are the things that SAP Basis administrator needs to know to administer SAP MDM from the SAP Basis perspective?
    It would be great if somebody can give a list of things that BASIS guy must know if he has to administer SAP MDM systems.

    Hi Deepak,
    I need to know what are the things that SAP Basis administrator needs to know to administer SAP MDM from the SAP Basis perspective?It would be great if somebody can give a list of things that BASIS guy must know if he has to administer SAP MDM systems.
    Please go through Console guide which covers most of basis activities.
    I am listing down links to guides which can help you administer :
    After skimming through the functionality part of Console guide,you can go through this guide for Administration Cockpit,this also contains activity level details:
    You can go though this very useful document on MDM administration:
    For monitoring of inbound files:
    For further details refer to the MDM documentation as prescribed in above post.

  • Shift from SAP-Basis to SAP-BI

    Hello Friends,
    I am a SAP-Basis consultant and my company wants me to shift to SAP-BI. Can you please tell me if this is a good move and if anyone has actually moved from Basis to BI please do share your experience. Let me know approximate time it would take for a SAP-Basis consultant to shift to SAP-BI.
    Are there any techniques which will help me in smooth transition to this module.

    Hi Zaheer,
    Welcome to SAP BI forums.
    First of all there many people who have changed from one module to another module in SAP. You can see many ABAPers who shift to BI. To get into BI first you need to have knowledge of SAP BW, once you learn BW then you can go to BI. There are few differences between them. I think you can easily get accoustomed with. In BW/BI also we have some authorizations. In BW/BI there are three main areas. 1.Modeling 2. Reporting and 3. Extraction. In future the reporting that is the Bex part will get changed to SAP BO according to the road map. Once you learn BI then you can shift to SAP BPC which is a part of EPM (enterprise performance management) which have BPC in the front end and BI at the back end. Its always good to learn new modules to keep ourselves tuned in.
    Hope it helps.

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