Since switching from Chrome, I can't print .pdf attachments directly from my gmail. Please help.

It used to be (in Chrome) that I could view a .pdf attachment in gmail and from there print. Now in Firefox, when I view a .pdf attachment the print option is there and the print dialogue box comes up when I click it, but once I hit "OK" nothing comes out of the printer. I can print emails and other items, so it's not a printer connectivity problem or a problem with the print setup in Firefox. The only items affected are .pdf attachments in my gmail account. I've tried switching .pdf readers and turning off Protected Mode in Adobe. Please help!

What PDF reader r u use and what version is it?

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  • ? Can't print PDF attachments to gmail since installing 11.06

    I am on Windows 7 and Firefox,  Since installing 11.06 I can't print PDF attachments to gmail messages.  I get a (false) message that file cannot be printed, because no pages have been selected.  I tried uninstalling 11.06 and downloading and insatalling it again,  Same result. Any way to download a backlevel version for the time being?  Would appreciate any other sugestions.. 

    Disabling Protected Mode as suggested solved the problem.  It seems to me the impact of Protected Mode should have been highlighted with a warning at the download site.  Alternatively, and in my opinion preferably, Protected Mode enabled should not have been made the default. -shel488

  • Orarrp can't print pdf file directly to printer

    oracle remote print utility (orarrp) can't print pdf file directly to printer.
    we expect orarrp utility can handle ".rrpa" file (i.e. pdf file generated on the application server) by directly print the file to the client's printer, i.e. invoke the acrobat reader on the client side, display the the printer selection dialogue, after confirmation print the pdf file, then the acrobat reader close automatically nicely.
    However we are disappointed as the acrobat reader startup and display the pdf file content but does not print and does not close.
    After testing the problem several times, there are some findings:-
    Finding (A):-
    (a) for the success of direct printing of pdf file, a physical path must be provided; we have tried 2 methods:
    1) using drag & drop to copy the pdf file directly to the browser
    2) open pdf file in the browser directly using browser menu-->File-->Open.
    (b) for the failure of direct printing, a virtual path is involved and we have also tried 2 methods:
    1) when web.show_document() is used
    2) enter the url to the URL bar of the browser,
    eg. (this is a virtual path/url)
    Finding (B):-
    (a)when the physical path is used, a temporary pdf file is generated in the same directory where the rrpa file exists in the application server,
    e.g. in application server: d:/printout/yyy.pdf is generated for d:/printout/xxx.rrpa when direct print occurs
    (b) however when the virtual path is used, there is no such temp "pdf" file generated and direct print failed.
    May be when virtual path is used, orarrp utility don't know where to generate the temp "pdf" so direct print doesn't occur.
    So, anyone has similar experience or further queries or has solutions, please join.
    Thanks for your attention.

    It is really late to give response this post. But still who ever refering to this post for the same issue this solution is useful for achieving same in background:
    Even same can be used in smartforms, for getting spool request in PDF format as well which will decrease the size of file when printing in SAP printer.
    ct_tline is PDF output:
    DATA: lv_pdfsource TYPE xstring.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS:<p> TYPE x. " <p> type any.
    LOOP AT ct_tline INTO cs_tline.
      ASSIGN cs_tline TO <p> CASTING TYPE x.
      CONCATENATE lv_pdfsource <p> INTO lv_pdfsource IN BYTE MODE.
    * ->Create spool request in PDF format
        printer  = 'LOCL'            "Printer name supporting PDF device type
    *   DEST     =
        pages    = 1
        pdf_data = lv_pdfsource        "XSTRING internal table
    *   NAME     =
    *   SUFFIX1  =
    *   SUFFIX2  =
    *   COPIES   =
    *   PRIO     =
        IMMEDIATE_PRINT         = 'X'
    *   AUTO_DELETE             =
    *   TITLELINE               =
    *   RECEIVER =
    *   DIVISION =
    *   AUTHORITY               =
    *   LIFETIME = '0'
    *   SPOOLID  =
    *   NO_DATA  = 1
    *   NOT_PDF  = 2
    *   WRONG_DEVTYPE           = 3
    *   OPERATION_FAILED        = 4
    *   CANNOT_WRITE_FILE       = 5
    *   DEVICE_MISSING          = 6
    *   NO_SUCH_DEVICE          = 7
    *   OTHERS   = 8
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Implement suitable error handling here

  • How can I print PDF attachments from ABAP report in transaction ME23N?

    Users attach PDF files using "services for objects" in transaction ME23N.
    How can I print the PDF attachments from ABAP report ?
    Thanks in advance,,

      check this link,this might help you to solve your problem
    Kiran Sure

  • Can't Print PDF files exported from Pages

    I spent all weekend creating a 25 page document - exported it to PDF and it won't print at all. Sent it to 50 customers before I discovered the problem
    I used the same fonts and template last year in a document in Version 1 of Pages and had no problems.
    I can print directly from Pages and also no problems printing if I export to Word but not PDF which is of course the format I require!
    I checked the security setting in Acrobat and none are set so it sould be fine!

    Can you open and print the the file in Preview? I found Acrobat Reader a little flakey with X and deleted it from my system. I use Preview for everything.
    Instead of the export feature have you tried printing to pdf? See if it makes any difference.

  • Can I print Dymo labels directly from Address Book?

    That would be cool. But I end up launching Dymo's crap app and cutting and pasting every address into a label I want to print.

    I agree with the previous posts that Dymo's Label Software is satisfactory when you choose to use Apple's Address Book app. However, I frequently want to print a single label from Address Book, and I don't like to waste time launching Dymo's app and scrolling (no search function!) through my addresses.
    Here's the solution I have used to print a single address label from Address Book (v. 3.1.2) to my LabelWriter Twin Turbo:
    (1) With the address selected in Address Book, got to File > Print ...
    (2) Choose "Dymo Labelwriter" from the Printer drop-down menu
    (3) Under the "Layout" tab (not "List"), be sure "Dymo" & "Shipping Labels" is selected from the Page drop-down. (It seems counter-intuitive to select shipping labels when you're printing address labels, but it's the only workaround I've found, and you'll modify the margins in step #4.)
    (4) Now select "Define Custom ..." from the Page drop-down menu and give it a new name (e.g. "Dymo Address") (+At this point, the label preview on the left should look like a big shipping label still+.)
    (5) Modify the margins of your custom page layout (in inches) to Top=1.200 Bottom=0.000 Left=0.500 Right=0.250
    (6) Print a sample copy and adjust margins to suit your needs
    If you wonder why this circuitous route works, +so do I+. If you don't want to read my proposed explanation, simply follow the steps above and stop reading. If you'd like to know what I think is happening, feel free to read on:
    As best I can discern, Address Book is sending the print job to the Labelwriter, assuming the label spool is *centered on the spindle*. As you know, that's not the case. However, when you tell Address Book you're printing on a large shipping label, which takes up most of the spindle anyway, you can then adjust the margins (esp. the top margin) to print only on the "bottom half" of the shipping label. That means you've defined margins suitable to print on the actual address labels installed on the left side of the spindle.
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  • Print pdf file directly from a folder, Adobe Reader X in  Windows Server 2003

    In previous versions of Adobe Reader we were able to print pdf files groupwise directly when selected in a folder.
    Now I've installed Reader X on the Windows Server 2003 environment. Logged in as administrator I can still select <Print> by selecting the right mouse button in a folder. Logged in as a user, this is not available.
    I checked user-rights and permissions and made sure they have full control.
    Someone who can help us in this matter?

    Thanks for your reply.
    The file menu doesn't show the print option either. We used to work this way, after installing the 9.0 and Reader X version, this option has disappeared from both the File menu and the right mouse button. For other filetypes, for example Excel the Print option is still available and works properly. Logged in as administrator on the serverconsole, there is no problem. So it seams to be something specific to pdf-formats in a server 2003 environment. The userrights are all set on full control (same as administrator).
    Thanks again

  • I'm not able to log into my gmail! If I sign in, it just flickers. I can use Facebook though. I really need gmail, please help! Thank you!

    hello, I'm not able to open my gmail. I can sign but it does not open the Mail box, it only flickers! Please help, I really need gmail. Thank you!
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    It's been reported that Apple's servers are having problems tonight. Just try again later.

  • Hoe can i print pdf report(created from jasper report) without preview

    <%@ include file="jsp_connect_db.jsp" %>
         //Report Exporting
         File reportFile = new File(application.getRealPath("rno0700.jasper"));
         Map parameters = new HashMap();
         parameters.put("pcourt_running", request.getParameter("pcourt_running"));
         parameters.put("ppost_running", request.getParameter("ppost_running"));
    parameters.put("ppost_seq", request.getParameter("ppost_seq"));
    //parameters.put("ppost_status", request.getParameter("ppost_status"));
         //parameters.put("pnotice_type_id", request.getParameter("pnotice_type_id"));
    parameters.put("pnotice_date", request.getParameter("pnotice_date"));
         parameters.put("BaseDir", reportFile.getParentFile().getPath());
         byte[] bytes = JasperRunManager.runReportToPdf(
         //JasperPrint jasperPrint = JasperManager.fillReport(reportFile.getPath(),
         ServletOutputStream ouputStream = response.getOutputStream();
         ouputStream.write(bytes, 0, bytes.length);

      check this link,this might help you to solve your problem
    Kiran Sure

  • How to print PDF files directly from SAP?

    We have created output that is being saved in a PDF format. We can store it on any drive or send it through email. However, we would like to be able to print a PDF file directIy without any manual intervention. Now users still have to open the file and hit the print button and we want to avoid this. So basically we want to be able to create e.g. a sales order, generate an order confirmation in PDF format and send it directly to the output device that we stored in output master data. I have a feeling it is not possible to print directly because output device has to be like a PDF1 to create the PDF file itself and there is no space left somewhere to store the physical output device. We use ECC 5.
    kind regards
    Angelique Heutinck

    You can use this custom FM -:)
    *"*"Interfase local
        INTO (T_TSP01-RQIDENT)
        FROM TSP01
        APPEND T_TSP01.
                  SRC_SPOOLID              = T_TSP01-RQIDENT
                  NO_DIALOG                = ''
                  PDF_BYTECOUNT            = NUMBYTES
                  PDF_SPOOLID              = PDFSPOOLID
                  BTC_JOBNAME              = JOBNAME
                  BTC_JOBCOUNT             = JOBCOUNT
                  PDF                      = PDF
                  ERR_NO_OTF_SPOOLJOB      = 1
                  ERR_NO_SPOOLJOB          = 2
                  ERR_NO_PERMISSION        = 3
                  ERR_CONV_NOT_POSSIBLE    = 4
                  ERR_BAD_DSTDEVICE        = 5
                  USER_CANCELLED           = 6
                  ERR_SPOOLERROR           = 7
                  ERR_TEMSEERROR           = 8
                  ERR_BTCJOB_OPEN_FAILED   = 9
                  ERR_BTCJOB_SUBMIT_FAILED = 10
                  ERR_BTCJOB_CLOSE_FAILED  = 11
                  OTHERS                   = 12.
        IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
                    BIN_FILESIZE            = NUMBYTES
                    FILENAME                = FILENAME
                    FILETYPE                = 'BIN'
                    DATA_TAB                = PDF
                    FILE_WRITE_ERROR        = 1
                    NO_BATCH                = 2
                    GUI_REFUSE_FILETRANSFER = 3
                    INVALID_TYPE            = 4
                    NO_AUTHORITY            = 5
                    UNKNOWN_ERROR           = 6.
          IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.

  • I can't print no matter what I try.  Please help.

    I bought an Airport Express and installed it successfully. I use it with my iMac OS X 10.5.8. I previously used my HP Officejet 5610 with the iMac through a direct USB connection. I've tried printing to the Officejet via Airport but can't get it to work. I've done everything in the "Printer Troubleshooting" posts including deleting and re-adding the printer as well as re-installing the drivers through a direct USB connection. The printer shows up in the print list but it won't print. I have run test prints and diagnostics on the printer and it works fine. Any help?

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost       
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Unsync/delete all music and resync
    - Reset all settings                  
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                                
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes
      - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

  • Cannot print .pdf attachments in Outlook 2010 on local usb printer using the lastest Adobe Reader

    We can't print pdf attachments from Outlook 2010 on a users local printer via usb with the latest Adobe Reader but it can print to a network copier. We can print from the local printer emails, webpages, regular pdf's on the hard drive.
    Please advise and thanks.

    What is the behavior that you are seeing? Are you getting some error or is it simply failing to print with Reader 10.1.2.
    casper milktoast wrote:
    Update 2-7-12
    When doing a quick print with a right click on the pdf attachment, it will print.
    Also, please let me know that if a simple Right Click > Print operation is working, then what exactly is the operation that is failing.

  • I can't print PDF docs since Reader XI update

    Help!!!!!!!  I can't print PDF documents since updating to Reader XI.  Had no problems before this update.  I have read other users posting and tried one "fix" that was suggested suggesting user try to print docs as "image," but that choice was not active to select.  I can't print even older PDFs that are on file in my computer.  Please advise - this is interfering with my business.  Thanks.  I get an error message indicating "no pages selected to print" even though it defaulted to Print All.  I selected by one page, pages 1-5, etc. with no success.  Windows 7 system.

    Pat, that did not fix the problem.  I still get the messages that the document cannot be printed and that no pages are selected; the print dialogue box shows that “all” pages are selected.  I get the message even if I manually select “pages 1-7” etc.  I tried deleting Adobe and reinstalling it but I get a 1311 message that seteup.exe cannot be located.  I tried downloading just the Adobe Reader printer drivers from your site and get a message saying that the download was not successful.  Please help.
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  • How can I print out my contacts from my ipad

    HHow can I print out my contacts from my iPad or iPhone?

    Hi Ken, there is an app, Contact Sheet ( that will not only print your contacts, it can also print the pictures!  This app can be used to back up, share, or extract information from your contacts.  You can select which contacts to use by creating a group and you can choose which fields to include.  So, for example, if you were creating a phone list to distribute to your bowling group, you could just include names and phone numbers and not include address or other information that people may not want shared.  It can even be used to send group emails and group text messages.  Please check it out!

  • Hi, how can I print a weekly view from my iCloud calendar?

    Hi, how can I print a weekly view from my icloud calendar?

    There is no way except to take a screenshot of the calendar and print it. Send a feature request to Apple via and

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