Single performa invoice from multiple delivery

Dear sir,
my client requirement is they are doing one delivery and creating one performa invoice in export scnario while selling from plant and while doing export issue they have to take refrence performaa invoive .
so they want to create as ingle performa invoice from multiple delivery for which already respective performa invoices have been i want a single performa invoice from multiple delivery so tell me how to do it?

Go to VTFL and maintain as follows:-
At Header
Copying requirements:::::::::009
At Item
Copying requirements:::::::010
Data VBRK/VBRP::::::::::::003
G. Lakshmipathi

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  • Reg- Single invoice for multiple delivery docs

    Dear All,
          WIth the suggestions from the below given thread, i have changed the routines in copying control for item level as 03.
    SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
    Using delivery duelist(VF04) , I selected 2 pending docs and tried to create billing doc , but it got created as separate invoice. what is the actual process to create single invoice from multiple delivery document.

    Those deliveries having same criteria like,
    1.  Payer
    2.  Payment Term
    3.  Incoterms
    4.  Destination country
    5.  Billing date
    6.  Actual Goods issue date
    7.  Foreign data trade
    8.  Billing doc type
    9.  Shipping conditions
    10  Account assignmment group
    11. Exchange rate
    12  Billing relevance field in the item category
    13  Sold to party
    will be combined into one Billing document automatically and this controlled from the copy control table. and it VTFL  choose your delivery header  and in that at item level VBRK/VBRP should be 001
    In VF01 you can input three or more such deliveries and execute then those will be combined in to a single bill and you can do that in VF04 also

  • Single proforma invoice with multiple deliveries

    I would like to know how to create a single proforma invoice with multiple delivery numbers. Please let me know how?

    Apart from the above option, you can also use T-code VF04 i.e. Billing due list

  • Creation of one Excise invoice from multiple commercial invoice

    Can it possible to create one excise invoice from multiple commercial invoice

    I am trying in another way - creating one proforma invoice for multiple deliveries. and with that proforma invoice trying to create excise invoice.
    But i am facing problem in creating proforma with multiple deliveries because of DIFFERENT NUMBER RANGE IN HEADER (delivery)AT FOREIGN TRADE --- UNDER ORGANIZATION --- NUMBER OF FOREIGN TRADE DATA - ( which is internally assigned by the system)
    If i can get where this number is assign my problem is solved

  • Single Supplimentary Invoice for Multiple Invoices

    We are having Standardmanufacturing sales Process
    Ex: We did the sales of 1000 quantity of  goods over the period of time for Price  100 Rs/ and we had created invoices also in the system .After 3 months with the customer on mutual undersating we have decided to hike the price  110 Rs on excisting sales, Now i want to create Single Supplimentary invoice for multiple Invoices for the hiked amount 10,000 Rs( 1000 *10=10,000) along with Excise duties.
    Please help me out to map this senario in sap
    Edited by: mujubur shaik on Nov 9, 2009 8:06 AM

    Dear Mujubur,
    It is generic feature of a business that price is changed for various reasons. So excise accounting is adjusted corresponding it.
    What you do, please create a debit memo request which is a sale order type document by VA01 with reference of all commercial inovices against which you want to create the single supplementory invoice. Then create a debit memo which is a bimming document by VF01 with reference of that debit memo reuest and do the release to accounting.
        Then part A/C will be debited and all other corresponding accounts with Excise provision A/C will be creadited. Now create a billing type as proforma invoice (Bill category U) in configuration and mainatin the copy control from debit memo document type.
    It is better to do the configuration first. Then create the proforma invoice with reference of that debit memo. It will be like a image document of the debit memo. Then create excise invoice by J1IIN with refernce of that proforma invoice with different number series if you want tom maintain. Then excise account will take place -  Ex provision Dr ,  ED payable Cr. That Excise document is  your desired supplementory excise invoice. It will also come in the scope of excise utilisation in J2IUN. The proforma invoice is to be created other wise excise document with transaction type DLFC will not vecreated as it creates only from proforma inovice , not from any other type of billing document.
        Don't go for Excise JV. Apparemntly it is seemed that will be easier but your accounting will be wrong and there will be no track of data which will lead a problem for long run.
    Please do it.  If more help required then inform. I have implemedted the same process.
    Hope this will serve your purpose.

  • Automate creating single PDF file from multiple documents

    Hi everyone ! I am testing the Adobe XI version, especially because I need it for a very specific function.I haven't found it yet, maybe you guys can help ?
    Basically, I need to make a user friendly system, that in one click will create a single PDF document from multiple files :
    To be more precise : I have in a folder on the network 25 different documents (Word and PDF mainly). Some of these documents change weekly. What I need as an end result is a single PDF, that combines these 25 ones in a specific order, and the tricky part is I need to automate this so that someone with absolutely no knowledge of Acrobat can perform this task, with just a click.
    I have found of course the procedure to manually build such a combined PDF, but as you can see it does not fulfil my needs.
    So that's it, as simple as that
    As a bonus question : I am still struggling with the construction of these documents : in the Word documents I use, there are both internal links within the document, and links between the documents (pointing to other Word files, or PDF files). I keep losing those links when I combine, is there something I am missing ?
    Second bonus question : I would like to have multiple levels of signets, but for some reason all my signets are at the same hierarchical level. Anything I am doing wrong ?
    A free electronic doughnut for anyone giving me a hint !

    When you combine you have many PDFs together in one, new PDF.  Your orignal links are from one specific file to another specific file. A combine does not change the link in the original file. So the link is now from the  PDFcombined  to the second specific file. However, "second specific file" won't be present - so, "broken link".
    Be well...

  • DTW : How to link an invoice to multiple delivery (BaseEntry or other)?

    Hello experts,
    With DTW, How to link an invoice to multiple delivery (BaseEntry or other)?
    In other words, How to link a target document to more than 1 of base documents, can i use 2 or 3 numbers in BaseEntry, to readjust the quantity exceeding problem found in the existing system.

    Yes effectively. this detail efcaped me even though I knew it. I thought otherwise. When an invoice is based on two deliveries for the same item and this invoice contains a single line grouping the 2 quantities, I forgot that it's 2 different lines of the same item.
    Delivery No  1 | Item A | quantity: 1000
    Delivery No. 2 | Item A | quantity: 600
    Invoice No. 1 based on delivery No 1 & 2 | Item A | Quantity: 1300
    Thank you, now my vision is clear

  • Single billing document for multiple delivery documents

    Can someone tell me how to configure or proceed to make single billing document for multiple delivery documents.
    Document flow: Contract--> Order---> Delivery----> Billing

    Being an old member of the forum, there is no need to stress the importance of adhering to forum rules where it has been clearly spelled out to avoid posting repeated queries.
    If you search the forum or Google it, you will find lot of documentations available on the same topic.  Take the inputs and try on your own.  Still if you face any issue, update here.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Excise Invoice from Multiple GRPO

    How can we create a singe incoming excise invoice from multiple GRPOs? While creating one, when we use the copy from button, it allows to select only one GRPO and not multiple unlike A/P Invoice which can be created from multiple GRPOs.

    It's SAP B1 functionality. I don't know why they have restricted this.
    Thanga raj.K

  • Creating Excise Invoice from Sales Delivery using DI API.

    Hi Experts,
    I have been searching a lot for any Business Object for creating Excise Invoice base on Sales Delivery using DI API.. But have not yet found any one.
    I want to create Invoice for excisable items from Sales Delivery using DI API.,for Excisable items we cannot create standalone A/R Invoice . We need to create Excise Invoice also . But How to create Excise Invoice based on Sales Delivery using DI API. Is there any Business Object for that.
    Please suggest me.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pooja Singh.

    Hi all,
    I have not received any reply for this thread. Does this mean that there is no provision for creating Excise Invoice from Sales Delivery ? Actually I was asked to create sales delivery and then Outgoing Excise Invoice and then Sales Invoice using DI API.
    But I don't find any Business Object for this in SDK ? Is it really not possible to create Outgoing Excise Invoice from Sales Delivery using DI API.? If possible then how?
    Please reply me if anyone has got any idea in this regard.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pooja Singh.

  • Creating Invoice from a Delivery Note using SDK

    I am working on SAP 2005 A Patch 4 with SQL 2000 SP 4. I am using VB.NET (VS2005). I am trying to create a Invoice from a Delivery note which is created based on a Sales order.
    I am getting the following error
    Error occured while saving Invoice: 0 - '15' is not a valid value for field 'BaseType'. The valid values are: '-1' - '',  '0' - '',  '23' - 'Sales Quotation',  '17' - 'Sales Order',  '16' - 'A/R Returns'
    The Code that i used to create the invoice is as follows
    Dim oInvoice As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
            oInvoice = pcompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oInvoices)
            oDelivery = pcompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oDeliveryNotes)
                If oDelivery.GetByKey(iDlvNo) = True Then
                    sTaxCodes = sTaxCode
                    oInvoice = pcompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                    oInvoice.CardCode = oDelivery.CardCode
                    oInvoice.SalesPersonCode = oDelivery.SalesPersonCode
                    oInvoice.DocType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDocumentTypes.dDocument_Items
                    oInvoice.DocumentSubType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDocumentSubType.bod_None
                    oInvoice.Address = oDelivery.Address
                    oInvoice.ShipToCode = oDelivery.ShipToCode
                    oInvoice.Address2 = oDelivery.Address2
                    oInvoice.JournalMemo = "Invoice - " & oDelivery.CardCode
                    oInvoice.Comments = "Based on Delivery  " & oDelivery.DocNum
                    oInvoice.PaymentGroupCode = oDelivery.PaymentGroupCode
                    oInvoice.DocDueDate = Now.Month & "/" & Now.Day & "/" & Now.Year
                    For iRowNo = 0 To oDelivery.Lines.Count - 1
                        If iRowNo > 0 Then
                        End If
                        oInvoice.Lines.ItemCode = oDelivery.Lines.ItemCode
                        oInvoice.Lines.Quantity = oDelivery.Lines.Quantity
                        oInvoice.Lines.Rate = oDelivery.Lines.Rate
                        oInvoice.Lines.BaseType = SAPbobsCOM.BoAPARDocumentTypes.bodt_DeliveryNote
                        oInvoice.Lines.BaseEntry = iDlvNo 'DocEntry of Delivery Note
                        oInvoice.Lines.BaseLine = iRowNo
                        oInvoice.Lines.TaxCode = sTaxCodes
                    iReturnValue = oInvoice.Add()
                    If iReturnValue <> 0 Then
                        pcompany.GetLastError(iReturnValue, sErrorDescription)
                        Throw New Exception("Error occured while saving Invoice: " + _
                                           iErrorNo.ToString() + " - " + sErrorDescription)
                        MessageBox.Show("Invoice created succesfully")
                    End If
                End If
    Since in the error message it has specified that i have given the BaseType as Delivery which has a value of 15 i changed that from bodt_DeliveryNote to bodt_Order which has a value as 17.
    When i tried creating the invoice again it gave the error
    Error occured while saving Invoice: 0 - Target item number does not match base item number.  [RDR1.TargetType][line: 2]
    I am not able to proceed further ... can any one help me
    thanks in advance

    I am having a similar problem, only I'm doing it as suggested in Louis' reply.  In fact I copied that code and tried it.  It's giving me a 2028 error with no description.
    I had been doing it slightly differently and the error I was getting was 5002 "Item no. is missing [INV1.ItemCode][line 2]"  I don't have 2 lines and I'm certain I have an item code.  The numbers I'm putting in for baseentry & baseline are absolutely in the table and the order is open.
    Here is that code:
            oDNUpd = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oInvoices)
            oDNUpd.CardCode = CardCode.Text
            oDNUpd.Lines.BaseEntry = CInt(SalesOrder.Text)
            oDNUpd.Lines.BaseLine = CInt(baseline.Text)
            oDNUpd.Lines.BaseType = SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders
            lretcode = oDNUpd.Add
    I'm using SBO 2005 patch 7 (and the new dll).  I have similar code doing a stock transfer and it's working fine.
    Thanks for any suggestions you can offer

  • How to create an invoice from multiple sales doc.

    how to create an invoice from multiple sales doc.

    hello, friend.
    assuming that your settings in VTFA and VTFL allow, you can create 1 invoice for many sales orders or deliveries by using VF04.  choose all documents that apply and click "collective billing document". 
    you can also click on "simulation" if you want to test if the combination is possible and the system will give you a split analysis if this is not possible.

  • Function module to create Invoice from the Delivery no ?

    Hi All,
    Is there any way (function module) to create an Invoice from the Delivery no and the Billing Type ? We do not want to go with BDC for transaction VF01.
    We want to generate a pro-forma invoice while saving the delivery. We will have 'Special Function' (NAST-NACHA = 8) in the output determination and a routine would be called from there. That routine would contain the code to generate the Invoice. We will have only the 'Delivery no and the Billing Type'  in that routine. So trying to find any function module which can create an Invoice from the Delivery no and the Billing Type.
    Any suggestion / hint  is welcome.

    Hello Ashok Satapathy ,
                                        The only option  for you is to call the FM "GN_INVOICE_CREATE" .
    There is no special FM availaible to pass only the delivery number at this point.
    You need to retrieve all the delivery information details and need to pass it to the FM "GN_INVOICE_CREATE".

  • How to stop creating mutiple performa invoice from delivery document

    case -
    i am creating stock transfer performa invoice on the basis of stock trf purchase order and delivery document. i want to stop creating multiple performa invoice.
    Mukesh Kumar

    If your requirement is to generate a certain output automatically only once for a certain document, you can set it for the output type in  transaction NACE (for example - NACE --> select the application --> "Output types").
    There's a "Multiple issuing" indicator (VN_T685B-MEHRF) through which you can control the desired behaviour.
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Jul 28, 2010 1:40 PM
    Sorry, I misunderstood your question...please neglect the suggestions above...
    As per SAP online help there's no limitation how many proforma invoices can be created from one delivery / sales order:
    If you want to restrict this, I think you should follow KC's suggestion and modify your copy control routine.
    Since in standard system this function does not exists you won't find suitable copy routine. That's why - in my opinion - you should use the same copy routine which has been set till now - you just have to modify it (add an ABAP code to check whether proforma invoice is already created or not; maybe you can check the entries in table VBFA)
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Jul 28, 2010 1:46 PM

  • Wrong payer value while creating PRO FORMA invoice for multiple delivery

    Hi experts,
    I am trying to create PRO FORMA Invoice for multiple deliveries thru VF01.
    The problem here is the payer value is copied as the value of payer for the first delivery to all invoices. All other fields are picked up properly.
    Please help me to idenify the problem. Also if I create the invoices thru VF04 the invoices the created with correct payer.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ankur,
    Thanx for the input.
    Right now we have customized routine 909 for header level and std. routine 004 for item level.
    Code for routine 909 is
    SY-SUBRC = 0.
    IF SY-SUBRC = 0.
    SY-SUBRC = 4.
    SY-SUBRC = 0.
    IF VBFA-VBTYP_N = 'U' .
    SY-SUBRC = 4.
    Insert + Unicode/Upgrade Project
    Insert - Unicode/Upgrade Project
    can u please check n confirm if the wrong value is coming due to this code?
    Thank in advance.

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