"Skip" in Import Format not skipping some rows

We are currently using FDM and we have a problem with skipping lines based on currency (which is our AccountDescription).
We first extract 28392 lines from Oracle EBS (27921 CAD and 471 USD). No mather what we put in the skip condition, the generated .dat contains exactly the same data (file compared with UltraEdit).
If we set our import format to skip USD lines, 11 of them are still imported. It's the same behavior if we set the import format to skip CAD lines (1136 of them are still imported).
For example this line still load
while this one don't
***(Skip is on field 36 (USD))
I looked at some of the lines still loaded in hexadecimal to find any invisble character or differences in codes used to display characters but they are the same as lines that are skipped.
Three persons has been searching for pattern in data that could lead us to the problem without success.
Any ideas on why thoses lines are still imported ? Where should I look at ?
This may be easy to solve, but I'm new at this stuff (I actually had to learn FDM by myself as all technical administrators knowing it left the company).

Thanks for your help. It works fine with the script. Now it return only the rows I need.
I only inverted the condition so if it's CAD, the function return the value, else it skip the line (to exclude USD, EUR or any other currency it may encounter in the future).
Thanks again.
My script looks like that :
Function SelectCADLines(strField, strRecord)
'UpStream WebLink DM DataPump Import Script:
'Created By: Francois Robineau
'Date Created: 2/19/2013 10:35 AM
'Purpose: Select only CAD (skipping USD, EUR or any other possible currency)
Dim strAccount
'Store first value of account
strAccount = strField
'Check to see if value is CAD
If strAccount = "CAD" Then
'Return line
'Skip line
End if
End Function

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  • Skip in import format

    Hi Everyone
    We have a requirement our source file is CSV file ( Delimter file) in that we have below records
    Account     Currency        Costcenter          Amount
    1001         USD              C001                  1000
    1002         INR               C002                   2000
    1003         EUR             C003                   3000
    From the above data we want only USD  data records  to be imported in FDM .like this
    1001     C001       1000
    In import format i have used skip  and  i have written import script  for Skip like this
    Dim strAccount
    'Store first value of account
    strAccount = strField
    'Check to see if value is empty
    If strAccount = "INR","EUR' Then
    'Skip Line
    End if
    End Function
    When i am importing its importing all the records . its not skipping INR and EUR records
    Can anyone help me in resolving this

    Thanks for the quick reply SH
    We don't have currency dimension Filed in the import format. below are examples of our source file and import format
    Currency column is in source file , but it will not be in import format
    Account     Currency        Costcenter          Amount
    1001         USD              C001                  1000
    1002         INR               C002                   2000
    1003         EUR             C003                   3000
    Field Name            Field  Number    Numberof Fields           Expression
    Account                    1                      4
    CostCenter                3                      4
    Amount                     4                       4
    Skip                          2                       4                             Script=Skip.uss
    After your reply i have corrected my script and written below script
    Dim strSkip
    strSkip = strField
    If strSkip = "INR" OR strAccount = "EUR' Then
    End if
    now also its importing all the records it not skipping INR AND USD records data
    Can you please explain me now how to resolve this issue

  • Skip a member in import format

    Hi All,
    I'm creating an import format for a location to load a csv file.
    In that I need to skip an entity(actually 20+ entities) related data while importing.
    But "SKIP" is not working here.
    Skip                         3                              4                                        2219
    Above combination is not working while import. All record with 2219 got loaded and failing at validation.
    Is "SKIP" mentioned for the same purpose?
    Is there any possiblity to skip a particular combination member as well using SKIP? (EX:- abcdxx1234, ijklxx5678 - member contains xx should be skipped)
    Target is Planning Application, Adapter ES 11x-G4-H
    Facing one more issue.
    This is first time i'm using essbase adapter.
    When I try to import map, import completed successful from excel. But no map got updated.
    Map not getting updated even with a single member.
    Thanks in advance.

    Those entities should be skipped as long as the value 2219 is found in Field3 so it must not be matching 2219 against any values in that field. Are you sure there are no whitespace characters in the source field? Another option would be to map the Entity 2219 (and other entities you are not interested in to a target of IGNORE in youe Entity mapping. You can Skip based on a particular combination but this would require an import script to define the more complex criteria and execute the skip.
    In terms of your mapping import issue are you sure that the Location ID specified in your Excel mapping template actually corresponds to the Location ypou are trying to import the maps to? 

  • Music imported from CD skips on Computer and IPod

    After I have imported an album into iTunes, some of the songs skip while playing. It's as if it has a bad case of hiccups.
    I have tried re-synching with the iPod; restoring the iPod to defaults; deleting iTunes and reloading.
    The CD does not have any skips.
    Any suggestions??

    I had problems importing audio CDs into iTunes. The imported tracks would skip during playback. To rule out faulty playback by iTunes, I used Windows Media player to playback the imported files (MP3, AIFF). The same skipping was there also. This meant the problem was in the way iTunes imported the tracks.
    To rule out a problem with the CD/DVD ROM drive or CD media, I experimented with importing the audio CD tracks using Windows Media Player (creating WMA files). I found no skipping, no glitches during playback.
    I read a few threads online that pointed towards system configuration, system load, and quality of the optical drive. But why would Windows Media Player work and iTunes not work on the same system? The problem still seemed to be with iTunes, not with my system.
    Making matters worse, the problem was elusive because the skipping and glitches were slightly different from trial to trial, but the file size would be exactly the same each time. Also, the first track imported during a session seemed to have more errors than subsequent tracks. This left me suspicious of all imported tracks.
    I disabled "Play songs while importing or converting" but that alone did not make a difference.
    Finally I found something that worked. When I originally configured iTunes for CD importing, I selected "Use error correction" even though I had not experienced any prior problems. I had selected it as a precautionary measure. When I finally disabled error correction, the skipping went away. Just to check, I re-enabled error correction and the problem returned.
    Edit > Preferences > Advanced Tab > Importing Tab
    Option "Play songs while importing or converting"
    Option "Use error correction when reading Audio CDs"
    If the problem reoccurs, I will replace my CD/DVD ROM drive. One user said that worked.
    I still have more testing to do. The first track imports fine. I still have to test importing an entire CD and listening for errors. But I am fairly confident that the problem is fixed.

  • BUG? "Convert to DNG" is not skipping current DNG but instead converting DNG to DNG.

    I selected 50k images to convert from NEF to DNG. After DNG conversion, I have it selected to delete the NEF. Among the NEF in the archive are DNGs that were previously converted by LR upon import. ISSUE: I'm seeing DNG files in the trash (mac 10.9.3) meaning LR is not skipping the current DNG files but actually converting the DNG to a new DNG then trash the original DNG. This has to be a bug.
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37390809/dng-to-dng.mov [35MB] (in action - select DNG, "convert to DNG", DNG is made and original tossed in trash)

    OK - It makes sense that LR would convert a DNG to a new DNG if it's
    1) going from lossless to lossy
    2) if the embedded JPG preview changes (xmp changes require JPG update OR JPG embed size has changed)
    Hope that Adobe considers ammending the spec or using the spec to check for flags that would note what state the current DNG is and compare to the command given so that DNG->DNG conversion when "convert RAW files" is selected would SKIP over files that already fit the target output.
    My current solution is to simply filter my library for "file type" = Raw then apply DNG conversion to this filetype effectively skipping all DNG files in my 200,000 shot archive.

  • Is it possible to repair imported tracks that skip?

    My old iMac had a faulty CD drive, so when I imported my CD's, some of them skip in one or two songs. I now have a new iMac and I want to repair the tracks that have skips. Is there software that will do this for me? Can I repair them manually from the original CD that I still have? What is the best way to do this?

    It would be best to just re-import the tracks from the original CD. I can't say that there isn't a way to repair the tracks, but you'll probably get the best results (and it's almost certain to be easier) if you just import the CD again.

  • Imovie is limited to its import formats and does not allow for storing video in any rawformat.  Which means all videos will contain lossy compression applied to the video-.with no way to edit full format video.  Is this statement true?

    Imovie is limited to its import formats and does not allow for storing video in any rawformat.  Which means all videos will contain lossy compression applied to the video….with no way to edit full format video.  Is this statement true? Does iMovie support HD 1080p @ 60 fps?

    Iggy826 wrote:
    …   Is this statement true?
    yes and no!
    using the intended Import from Camera routines, iM converts automatically in its very own AppleIntermediateCodec. so, answer is yes.
    but …
    a) Apple claims , aic is non-lossy intermediate codec. working with proRes in FCPX taught me, there are even less non-lossy-ness codecs
    b) iM offers an Archive feature, which is basically a simple Finder/copy operation which 'clones' your SDcards content into some folder on your harddrive; e.g. you can later use these untouched  'raws' in another editor such as FCPX. so, answer is no.
    c) when you 'override' the import routines by manually re-wrapping mts into a mov container, iM handles the 'native' h264s ... so, answer is no.
    d) adding any effect, transition etc. reduces any interlaced source to 540p. (if you're working with 720p source, res is kept) … so, answer is yes. or, in 720p case, no.
    < Johnny Depp's voice >… savvy?
    Does iMovie support HD 1080p @ 60 fps?
    via Import from Camera? No.
    via re-wrapped mts>>mov? I was told yes, some say no.
    one thing to be kept in mind when talking about these 'issues':
    iM, this 12€, is meant as a CONSUMER toy tool.
    it supports AVCHD vers1 (=no 1080/60p, no >24Mbps, no 3D).
    fingers crossed, we'll see soon some iM/QT/FCPX update for support of AVCHD v2 ........
    the main consumer devices are within the specs, iM supports.
    using professional equipments makes usage of professional software (FCPX, AP) optional.
    sorry for lengthy answer.

  • The latest iMovie do not seem to be working properly.  the photos and videos become distorted whenever i attach them to the templates.  in one case (Blockbuster Trailer), the video skips thereby making it not in-synch with the music.  what should i do?

    the latest iMovie do not seem to work properly.  the photos and videos become distorted when i attach them to the templates.  in one case (Blockbuster Trailer), the video skips thereby making it not in synch with the music. what should i do?

    bnjr86 wrote:  There have been times when I've walked in there, that I really don't want to deal with VZW anymore and just take my business elsewhere.
    I  wonder if another provider would really be much different?  Read some of the other carrier forums - seems to be the same story everywhere.
    I'm not disagreeing with you - I've found that I am usually more informed about Verizon policies and procedures than some of the reps in our local store.

  • I have produced my Family History in Appleworks over several years. This morning I tried to open some documents and  now get the message "Import Error not a Presentation" so I cannot open the documents. Those that will open appear to be in PAGES layout. n

    I have produced my Family History over the past few years in Appleworks. This morning I tried opening several documents and got the message 'Import Error Not a Presentation. Some that did open were in a different layout. KEYNOTE and PAGES in the Dock flashed as I tried to open my documents. How can I regain my documents in their original format ?

    You do not have the properties in the Bookmarks Manager (Library), but you should have it if you right-click a bookmark the Bookmarks Toolbar or in the bookmarks sidebar.
    On Mac you probably do not have it if you right-click an item in the Bookmarks menu (this menu is under control of the Mac OS), but I assume that this should work if you click the "Show your bookmarks" button on the Navigation Toolbar that is next to the star to bookmark the current tab and right-click an item in the bookmarks list that opens.

  • Can't open sequences or import clips - File format not supported

    We have an iMac workstation here running Premiere that will not open projects or import clips.  Here's the sequence of events that led to this:
    1.  Premiere was locking up on the splash screen whenever it got to "ImporterQuicktime.bundle".  I tried trashing preferences and launching with plug-ins disabled and received the same freeze.  Based on forum recommendations I removed "ImporterQuicktime.bundle" and "ExporterQuickTimeHost.bundle" from the plug-ins folder inside the package.  The software launched fine - but none of the Quicktime files in the project were working.  So I then took copies of the above 2 files from the iMac next to this one, with the exact same configuration, and pasted them into the plug-ins folder.  Since then - launching the software has generated the below errors.
    2.  Attempting to open any project gives a long error that starts as:  The preset used by one or more sequences in this project requires third-party components that could not be located.
    3.  Starting a new project and attempting to drag any Quicktime ProRes media into the project gives the error:  File Format not supported.
    I have trashed the preferences, re-installed the Pro Apps Quicktime Codecs, de-authorized the computer and re-authorized it, and upgraded Adobe Premiere from 7.0 to 7.2.  None of which fixed the issue.
    I'm thinking about trying a complete re-install of Premiere next.  Any other ideas?
    Here's the details:
    Premiere Pro CC 7.2
    Mac OS 10.8.5
    iMac late 2012 model, 32Gb RAM, 2Gb video card
    Don Hertz

    I seem to have figured out a work around.  It appears the 7.2 upgrade is making it so that our Quicktime XDCAM 422 clips are not properly recognized.  Clips both currently in a project and new clip imports do not work.  Attempting to import clips using this codec generates the error message:  Unsupported format or damaged file.  This has happened on both an iMac system running 10.8.5 OS and a Macbook Pro running 10.9.1 OS - both of which were upgraded to Premiere 7.2.  In both cases - uninstalling and re-installing Premiere resolved the issue.
    Don Hertz

  • Cannot import .fcpxml from Final Cut Pro X to Premier Pro 6 ...'file format not supported'?

    I've exported a project from FCPX into a .fcpxml. Upon trying to import it in Premier Pro 6, an error appears 'file format not supported'. I have searched for possible solutions, but everything I've found is related to FCP 7. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    jessikeen wrote:
    Hi Kevin!
    Thanks for your response. 
    The codec is actually MPEG-2  -- so it's not a ProRes codec.
    Other information:
    HDV1080i60; 29.97 fps; 48Hz, 1440x1080 resolution
    Any ideas for us?
    Thanks for responding so quickly ~
    Hi Jessica,
    That is a stickier case.
    You can purchase the Calibrated {Q} plug-in to fill that gap. It might be wise to contact them and see if you can get an educational or volume discount.
    The no-cost solution is a bit more labor intensive: transcode the footage to a friendlier codec prior via the FCP Media Manager prior to the students leaving the program.

  • HT2534 why isn't there 'None' in the payment method in my iphone? I could not skip it. Please help

    why isn't there 'None' in the payment method in my iphone? I could not skip the billing info. Please help

    yes, the display is different and the sequence is different too....
    until step 9
    in step 10, i saw only 3 cards, no paypal, no 'none'
    as long as i didnt key in credit card I can proceed and not to say about verification and so on..

  • Date format not imported

    I'm trying to import a date dimension from a SQL table. The problem is that the when importing directly into Power Pivot, the date format from the date base turns into a text format and the sorting is not the same as in the data base.
    Using Power Query instead, everything looks ok in the Power Query window and the data type and sorting is correct, and when loading the data to Power Pivot or an Excel table the format seems to be correct, but not the sorting, even when I
    set the sorting in Power Query. Why is that? Shouldn't the sorting be the same when the data is loaded? And why is the format not correctly imported to Power Pivot when not using Power Query? 
    I have windows 7 with Swedish as locale and office 2013 professional plus and I have the latest version of Power Query installed.

    Yes, I tried to set the data type to date in Power Pivot and that works, was just surprised that Power Pivot don't import the format and sort order from the date base. Would be a nice feature.
    Curt, I assume this is what you mean?
        Source = Sql.Databases("XXXXXX"),
        SLAMJunc = Source{[Name="XXXXX"]}[Data],
        dbo_DimDate = XXXXXX{[Schema="dbo",Item="DimDate"]}[Data],
        SortedRows = Table.Sort(dbo_DimDate,{{"Date", Order.Ascending}})
    Also, the data type is set to Date in Power Query but when I load the data into Power Pivot it is shown as Date/Time. Non of this is a big thing and it is easy to handle, just slightly annoying when I didn't get the result I was expecting.  

  • While running how do I get my podcast to play one song and move to the next and not skip to the next after a few seconds into the song?

    I recently started running and downloaded the Couch to 5K webcasts, while running how do I get my podcast to play one song in it's entirety and move to the next and not skip to the next after a few seconds into the song?  I beleive it's the motion of the running that is causing it, is there a setting I need to change?

    Hello nowrunning,
    Is the "Shake to Shuffle" option turned on in your iPod's settings?  To check, head to Settings -> Music -> Shake to Shuffle and make sure it is set to Off.

  • I have iphoto 6 and my pictures are no longer showing.  I have tried importing them but it just give me an error msg. (file format not recognized) I have tried rebuilding the iphoto library but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

    I have iphoto 6 and my pictures are no longer showing.  I have tried importing them but it just give me an error msg. (file format not recognized) I have tried rebuilding the iphoto library but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

    How did you rebuild?
    Try these in order - from best option on down...
    1. Do you have an up-to-date back up? If so, try copy the library6.iphoto file from the back up to the iPhoto Library allowing it to overwrite the damaged file.
    2. Download <a href="http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/iplm/"><b><u>iPhoto Library Manager</b></u></a> and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one.
    3. If neither of these work then you'll need to create and populate a new library.
    To create and populate a new *iPhoto 6* library:
    Note this will give you a working library with the same Rolls and pictures as before, however, you will lose your albums, keywords, modified versions, books, calendars etc.
    Move the iPhoto Library to the desktop
    Launch iPhoto. It will ask if you wish to create a new Library. Say Yes.
    Go into the iPhoto Library on your desktop and find the Originals folder. From the Originals folder drag the individual Roll Folders to the iPhoto Window and it will recreate them in the new library.
    When you're sure all is well you can delete the iPhoto Library on your desktop.
    In the future, in addition to your usual back up routine, you might like to make a copy of the library6.iPhoto file whenever you have made changes to the library as protection against database corruption.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Apple have not yet, so far as I can tell, posted a downgrade from 7.0.3. Can anyone state that this is because it corrects the bugs which cause problems with OSX 10.3.9 (and possibly iLife4) or is it because they haven't got around to it. In other wo