Some times the "x" to close tabs won't appear in safari when in full screen mode. Is this a Bug?

I put Safari in Full screen some times, and open some tabs to navigate in all off then togeter, jumping betwen then.
But the x on the tab to close one by one, won't apper some times, and i need to click on other tab and then come back to the one i want to close to appear the x to close that. This is a bug?

You can try to '''Reset toolbars and controls:''' and '''Make Changes and Restart''' in the [ Safe Mode] start screen.
If the problem persists, please try a [ new profile]. You can later copy [ needed data] from the old profile to this.
[ Firefox Profile Folder & Files]

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    I'm running 10.9.2 but I've had this issue since I got my MacBook Pro (2012 retina display), When I launch Safari it isnt there, but when I switch tabs or open the tabs card-like viewer thing it appears and it's really annoying and I have to get out of full screen mode and back in for it to go away.

    Here's a pic..

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    Try this code in the file [ userContent.css]
    <pre><nowiki>html,body { overflow: hidden !important; }</nowiki></pre>
    * ChromEdit Plus:

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    Hi I'm having a hard with my title showing when in full-screen mode for imovie.  It shows up on the edit screen but not in full screen. Why and how to I change it?

    yours is showing all the time? mine only shows when my mouse is at the bottom of the screen.
    However it also shows for me in non-fullscreen mode after i've switched to a different Space (in Leopard) and back. Have to go into fullscreen and then out of it to make it disappear.

  • When safari is in full screen mode and I move the mouse to the top of the screen to bring up the menu bar and the bookmark bar, it does nothing.  Is anyone else having this issue?

    When safari is in full screen mode and I move the mouse to the top of the screen to bring up the menu bar and the bookmark bar, it does nothing.  Is anyone else having this issue?

    I just tested that since I hardly ever use full screen mode, this was the first time since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, and it worked fine for me.
    Try shutting Safari down and see if that changes anything.
    If that doesn't change anything, try shutting down and then rebooting.

  • I was using the newest version on OSX 10.7.5 and I was in full screen mode and viewing a photo and it was impossible to exit full screen. This happened at 11:03pm on Friday April 12, 2013. How to fix

    I was using the newest version on OSX 10.7.5 and I was in full screen mode and viewing a photo and it was impossible to exit full screen. This happened at 11:03pm on Friday April 12, 2013. I deleted this from my apps and then deleted iphoto from my purchases in macbook app store the search it the app store and it says it has still been installed. What can I do to fix it?

    Well deleting it from your machine was not the way to go.
    Deleting it from your Purchases List was definitely not the way to go.
    So, I'm not really sure how you're going to reinstall it.
    But figure that out and we can try help. Contact App Store support. There's a link on the right hand side of the App Store Window. They should be able to get it back on your purchases list so you can reinstall it.

  • Keep the editing controls at top + bottom when in full screen mode??

    hey all,
    so... is there a way anyone knows of to keep the editing controls at the top and bottom when in full screen mode? i know they slide away so i can see the whole image, but what if i don't want to?!
    20 2GHz iMac G5; 15 1.5GHz Powerbook; Airport Express; Wacom Intuos 3; Motorola RAZR   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    never mind, just figured it out, duh. o, um, go to the top, the menu bar will appear, under View, click on Show Toolbar.

  • Why is one of my dual screen grayed out when in full screen mode on the other?

    I just added a second monitor for an extended desktop. When I go into full screen mode on one the other greys out. Is there a way to fix this or am i stuck? thanks!!!

    No that is just the way it is. Apple still can't figure out how to do full screen apps. When you put any app into full screen mode it make a second desktop to run that app on. When that happen the second monitor, in a dual monitor setup, has nothing to do as everything is on the main monitor in different desktops.
    You'll have to just expand the app to the max window size instead of going into full screen. Then you can drag/place different apps on each monitor.

  • Why won't my adjustments hud open in full screen mode.

    My adjustments hud will no longer open in full screen mode. 

    Did you follow the instructions to delete your Aperture User Preferences?  Did your problem remain?
    Does the problem occur if you log on as a different user?  (Log on, open Aperture, open the Inspector HUD in Full-Screen mode.)
    How did you upgrade from v.2 to v.3?

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    I'm using a iPhone 5c and I have been trying to get the tab to appear by uninstalling it and then re installing it. This happened after I updated to the version. Please someone help.
    Thanks in advance
    I'm using Windows 8.

    Never mind figured it out..

  • Deactivation of click to call with the tag meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" doesn't work when in full screen mode.

    these two tags don't seems to work fine together. When I add <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" /> , the application auto-detect the numbers as phone numbers.
    <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />
    <meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

    well, it seems that i solved this problem by putting
    and it now works... but why????

  • How to hide the bar below where editing is, when in full screen mode?

    Having the picture too big make the bar annoying . Can I hide the bar or make the pic a little smaller?

    Or do you mean the floating message that describes the current activity of the browser (for example, Waiting...) or shows the URL of the currently hovered link?
    That can be suppressed using custom style rules. Here is an example of a past thread on how you might do that:
    [ How do I disable the link address popup at bottom of the page?]
    That was as of Firefox 25. Does it still work in Firefox 30?

  • At times the camera on my iphone gets struck n returns to a grey colored screen..Is thr any problem with the phone

    At times the camera on my Iphone gets struck and returns to a grey colored screen.. does this indicate any problem with the phone.. and are thr any chances for virus getting into the phone..

    Thank You, thank You much......that feature made me crazy!  
    Ocean20 wrote:
    This can be turned off in settings/accessibility/zoom. Then on the next screen turn off

  • In Full Screen mode Safari only opens new tabs?

    Safari 5.1 has a preference that lets you set whether or not targeted links open into new tabs or new windows.
    In regular screen mode, this preference works as expected.
    In Full Screen mode (Lion), this preference seems to be ignored, and Safari always opens targeted links into new tabs.
    Is there a preference I'm missing to set this behavior for Full Screen mode?
    The reason I ask is that I would love to use the swipe gesture to switch between different web pages I have open, and so far Safari only seems to use gestures in Full Screen mode to switch between windows, not tabs.

    Hi there i tried... I think prey locked my computer..:(
    Infact i know it did because i just got out...after making changes in prey ...**** that is one **** of a program...
    Im across the bay... Its cold tonight. :).

  • Aperture 3.1 - Love Full Screen Mode, Hate The System Lock-Ups

    Hi Guys,
    I don't know if I'm the only person encountering this issue but Aperture 3 is driving me nuts. While I absolutely love the program and the full-screen mode, what I hate is the frequent lock-ups that force me to completely restart my iMac. Having the application lock-up is highly annoying but at least in "normal" mode I could kill the application from the Dock or Activity Monitor. However, when I'm operating in full-screen mode then I can't switch out of the application and seem to have no option but to completely restart my computer. This problem, which I first started experiencing with version 3.0 but which does seem to have been addressed in version 3.1, is happening so often that I'm afraid now to even use full-screen mode.
    This problem only, to my memory, seems to happen when making adjustments but it does not seem to matter which adjustment. In the most recent occurrence the lock-up happened when I cancelled the application of a Crop by clicking the X icon on the Crop HUD.
    Does anyone know either a) what might be causing the lock-ups, or b) how I can kill Aperture without having to completely restart my computer?

    You could also set up SPACES to see if that works when lock up occurs in full screen
    Apple Icon > System Preference > Desktop & Screen Saver > Hot corners
    I have bottom left set to spaces
    Then drop the mouse to bottom left, 4 windows appear, drag aperture to a seperate window and run there, you desktop is in a different space and can be accessed by bottom left of screen mouse movement (if the mouse works when A3 locks up)

Maybe you are looking for

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