Sql developer 3.0 - SQL Server tab missing

Hi There,
I use SQL Developer 3.0. I only see two tabls in New Database connection screen, Oracle and Access, I need to connect to Microsoft SQL Server, but there is no tab on this.
How do I get this resolved.

wvu1999 wrote:
Jim, I've tried this. Downloaded the official JDBC drivers from MSFT
[Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 2.0|http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=99b21b65-e98f-4a61-b811-19912601fdc9]
Pointed SQL Developer to the .jar (actually MSFT gives us 2 to choose from)
SQL Developer shows nothing new on the Connection dialog.
The microsoft driver is not supported.

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    Hi All,
    I cant see the SQL Server tab in the new database connection window. I have added the SQL Server jdbc driver using the Tools->Preferences->Third Party JDBC Driver, but all I can see are the the Oracle and the Access tabs.
    I am using version 1.5.4.
    Any pointers is highly appreciated.

    I have SQL Developer Version 1.5.4 Build MAIN-5940.
    I downloaded JTDS from SQL Developer Migration page and unzipped.
    I added the driver in SQL Developer through tool/perference/database/third party vendor
    I still cannot see SQL Server tab.
    What else do I need to do to see the tab?

  • Sql Server connection - missing / invalid key information for tables

    Not sure if this is a known issue (couldn't see one) or simply poor JDBC behaviour ... I'm connected to a Sql Server 2000something instance and I see the Users, and I see the Tables and Columns for the user of interest. BUT for Keys for each table, I only see the Primary Key. No other keys (especially Foreign Keys). There is nothing under Constraints. And also, for the Primary Keys I do see, the list of columns is "messed up" (some columns appear twice, in a different order, etc).
    - Yes I'm using the jtds jdbc driver off of sourceforge.net
    - Yes I used the "add 3rd party driver" wizard to add the entry
    - Yes I am connecting using the "sa" account, and it has a password (which I supplied to the Connection definition)
    - Yes the Connection then asks me for a database, I see users in that database, I see element types for each user
    --- so most of it is working.
    I'd really like to get this working, to migrate data from the Sql Server database into an Oracle database (and yes I pulled down the Migration Tool plugin). But I need to understand the Foreign Keys in order to set up the target database and perform the migration.
    Any ideas as to why it doesn't pull info on Keys correctly ??

    Cos its not there. Right now, the SQL constrained the keys tab to just Primary keys. I'm removed that restriction so FK's should appear here now, the same as it does in SQL Server EM

  • Sql server 2014 -missing performance monitor counter

    In sql server 2014  , many performance counters are missing .
    I need  " Buffer cache hit ratio " under "sql server :buffer manager " .Is there any way to get it back or removed form sql server2014 ?

    Shanky ,
    Thanks a lot .it worked for me.
    One thing ,for me Restarting Microsoft SQL Server was not enough ,it needs to restart the machine itself sometimes.
    then i got the missing counters back . :)

  • SQL Server 2014 missing registered server

    I am trying to use a new install of SQL Server 2014 on my laptop for the first time.  I just want to run an instance of a local server so I can work on a school SQL project.  However, there is no server to select in Management Studio, and during
    the install process (which I have done twice now), it never gives me the option to select a default name or custom server instance name.  There is no service called SQL Server running.  I am out of ideas and could use the assistance of someone who
    knows more about this.  Thanks in advance!

    Please find these links for sql 2014 installation for named and default instance...
    SQL 2014 64 & 32 bit express software free download...
    I have tried few days before and its working as expected.. hopefully it should work.
    Raju Rasagounder MSSQL DBA

  • SQL developer connect to SQL server database

    Hi Friends,
    I have a sql developer 3.2. I download jtds1.2 as a thirty part driver in window. It works and SQL server tab appear on connection window.
    But Retrieve database button does not work and not able to enter a sql database name.
    Without database name , I got error message as failure 0 test failed:unknow server host name 'CACI1111\SQLEXPRESS'. I use defolt 1433 port.
    However, I can open SQL server 2008 express in my local PC.
    What  do I need to do it?

    my syntax to connect to a non-local SQL Server 2005 Express database is nn.nn.nn.nn/testdb in the hostname field, where nn.nn.nn.nn is the IP address of the other PC and testdb is the name of the database.

  • Connecting to a specific SQL Server instance?

    Hi all,
    I create a new connection for SQL Server, specify the host and the port number that SQL Browser is listening on (my servers have dynamic ports, not static), and I can connect succesfully to the local SQL Server Instance on that machine, which is SQL Server 2000. However, I also have a SQL Server 2005 and 2008 running on that machine as well, and wish to connect to them.
    The SQL Server tab doesn't ask for an instance name at all, so I don't know how to do that. I suppose I could make my ports static for each instance, but the point of using SQL Browser is that you don't need to do that. SQL Browser acts almost like a DNS server for any sql requests coming to that machine.
    Is there any way to specify which instance name you want to connect to rather than a port #?

    Ok, that worked. Now for another question, why isn't the connection retreiving the database I selected in the SQL Server tab? It's only retrieving the master database if I connect as sa (master is the default database for SA). How do I set it up to use a different database, or do cross database queries? I suppose I could make a user for each database, but that doesn't fix the second issue.
    I think I might just be stuck using two different tools for these two very different products.

  • Missing SQL Developer functions when connecting to MS SQL Server 2005

    Hi all,
    I've connected SQL Developer to a ms sql server db. Now I can't use the functions from SQL Developer like
    - Drag&Drop tables to the sql-sheet,
    - autocompletition of attributes (Strg+Space).
    Is this function not supported or do I have to change some preferences?
    THX Steve

    Unfortunately most of the advanced functions of SQL Developer are supported only for oracle databases, so on ms sql, or almost anything else you can do little more than browse data.

  • SQL Developer - Export Data menu missing for SQL Server databases

    The Export Data menu only appears for Oracle databases in this version, it does not appear for SQL server databases.
    To demonstrate:
    Press F9 to run query
    Right click on Query Result data
    For Oracle an Export Data sub menu appears
    For SQL server no Export Data sub menu appears
    This worked in previous versions.
    Is this functionality going to reappear?

    Looks like this is exactly the same problem for third party connections as I have the exact same issue for mySQL.
    I had to apply 1.5.5 version to fix it.
    Hope we're going to have this solved !

  • Unable to connect to the 2014 SQL Developer's Edition Report Server

       I have been through the wringer trying to gain access to my report service.  I have to admit that I am something of a neophyte with regards to SQL Server but I am pretty good with Windows 7 management in general.  I have just installed
    SQL 2014 Developer's Edition under Windows 7 SP1.  I have connected to the database engine server and loaded a couple of databases.  I chose windows authentication and can get into the report configuration manager and the SQL server configuration
    manager with no problems.  I have registered the URLs for both the web and report manager.  I can connect to all of the other instances (database engine, analysis services, and integration services).  I have to run with administrator privileges
    to connect to the integration services but it does not make any difference when attempting to connect to the reporting service either through report builder 3 or connect through object explorer.  I can find no relevant errors in the RS log even after
    enabling logging.  I have been through many of the articles I could find online but nothing seems to resolve the problem.  When connecting it shows Windows Authentication and the correct domain\user.  I also browse to find the service so the
    URL should be correct. The error that I am getting is as follows:
    "Unable to connect to the server at CALYSTO\ReportService. The specified URL might not be valid or there might be a problem with the report server version or configuration. Specify a different URL, or contact your server administrator to verify that
    the report server runs SQL Server 2008 or later. Additionally, if you are trying to connect to a SharePoint-integrated report server, verify that SharePoint is installed on the server and that the report server uses SharePoint integrated mode. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)"
    Program Location:
       at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient.RSClientConnection.CreateConnection()
       at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient.RSConnectionInfo.GetRSConnectionObject(Boolean ensureOpenConnection)
       at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient.RSConnectionInfo.RSTypeImpl.ProceedWithConnection(UIConnectionInfo ci)
       at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.ConnectionDlg.RSType.Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.ConnectionDlg.IServerType.ProceedWithConnection(UIConnectionInfo ci)
       at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.ConnectionDlg.Connector.ConnectionThreadUser()
    I have tried fixing the installation with the installation disk, removing the report service instance and reinstalling it, using the administrator account instead of mine (with is of course an administrator).  I'm at a loss right now.  I have spent
    about 12 hours trying to track this down and so far nothing has worked.  I'm about ready to reinstall the entire operating system and start all over.  I thought that I would try this venue before going to that extreme.
    Any thoughts, questions, or ideas would be much appreciated.
    Tom L

    "Unable to connect to the server at CALYSTO\ReportService.
    Hello Tom,
    It should be "ReportServer" in the URL, not "ReportService".
    In "Reporting Service Configuration Manager" look up the correct URL. Open Internet Explorer with right-mouse click => "Run as Administrator" and open the URL, this should work. Navigate to "Side setting" (on top right side),
    go to tab "Security" and add your account with role "System Administrator". Afterwards you should be able to open the URL without running IE as admin.
    Olaf Helper
    [ Blog] [ Xing] [ MVP]

  • Tables missing in SQL Server 2008 for Hyperion Application

    Hello Experts,
    I am cuurently working on Hyperion Finacial close management (Account Reconciliation Manager) application version, O.S is Windows 2008 R2 and relational database is SQL Server 2008.
    When I am trying to copy Account Profiles to a period say go to Manage->Periods->Right Click->Copy to Periods, I get the error:
    Object arm_access is missing.
    When I open SQL server studio, I can clearly see table 'ARM_ACCESS' but when I did a search on oracle support and google, I found out that it is a case sensitive issue and the table has to be in small letters.
    So I created a new table 'arm_access' with all columns as there are in 'ARM_ACCESS' in SQL Server 2008, but it is not fetching any data.
    Can anyone provide me the query that I can run to display the same structure and data for 'arm_access'?
    If anyone is using the instance, he/she should be able to provide me the query that I can run in SQL server 2008 to populate the 'arm_access' table.
    Appreciate your help as this is stopping my development work.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sumit,
    Its just a wild guess am not sure with this.
    i dont have idea about query in sql server. but it oracle it would be something like create table targettablename as select * from sourcetablename.
    Ideally it will not allow to create you a table with that name if its already exists i mean its case insensitive (. Even if you have created manually make sure the db user you created with has select privilage granted for all users or the user you configured in Financial close management) or the DB might not be having select privilage .
    Note:Have backups in place when you are manually to manipulate or changing the database user.

  • Cannot establish connection with SQL server from SQL developer

    Hi, I recently downloaded SQL Developer version 3.0.04 and am trying to establish a connection to a remote SQL server. The database was created on this server by someone who is no longer working on the project. I have been given the username, password and server name. Is there another piece of information I am missing? I keep receiving the error:
    Status: Failure-Test failed: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection.

    Check out the SQL Server network configuration. When instances are used the port on which the SQL Server is listening on might be different. Use the networking utility from the SQL Server and check out the SQL Server network details.

  • SQL Developer 1.5 and MS SQL Server

    Can I use SQL Developer 1.5.1 to access MS SQL Server, just like it was possible in the previous versions of SQL Developer? How can it be done? MS SQL Server does not appear in the 'New Connection'....

    The SQL Server node will only appear if you have installed the third party jdbc drivers.
    You can download the jdbc driver through check for updates and then you need to register the driver in Tools | Preferences|Database|Third Party JDBC Drivers.
    The relevant connection tab should then appear.

  • How do I install the jdbc driver for sql server 2005, in sql developer 4.0 ?

    Hallo together
    I need access to tables in a MS SQL Server 2005 database.
    One possibility is the JDBC driver.
    How do i install this driver ?
    Thank you very much for your postings.

      This is from the documentation -
    Database: Third Party JDBC Drivers
    The Third Party JDBC Drivers pane specifies drivers to be used for connections to third-party (non-Oracle) databases, such as IBM DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Sybase Adaptive Server. (You do not need to add a driver for connections to Microsoft Access databases.) To add a driver, click Add Entry and select the path for the driver:
    For Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase Adaptive Server: jtds-1.2.jar, which is included in the jtds-1.2-dist.zip download
    To find a specific third-party JDBC driver, see the appropriate website (for example, http://www.mysql.com for the MySQL Connector/J JDBC driver for MySQL, http://jtds.sourceforge.net/ for the jTDS driver for Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Adaptive Server, or search at http://www.teradata.com/ for the JDBC driver for Teradata). For MySQL, use the MySQL 5.0 driver, not 5.1 or later, with SQL Developer release 1.5.
    You must specify a third-party JDBC driver or install a driver using the Check for Updates feature before you can create a database connection to a third-party database of that associated type. (See the tabs for creating connections to third-party databases in the Create/Edit/Select Database Connection dialog box.)
    As an alternative to using this preference, you can click Help, then Check for Updates to install the JTDS JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server and the MySQL JDBE Driver as extensions.

  • Problem when connecting sql server 2005 using SQL developer

    I installed Sql developer and I am trying to connect sql server 2005 using windows authentication. I had previously the SSO folder problem saying the path is missing in java.library.path. I copied the SSO folder into Sqldeveloper directory. I changed the settings under computer management->services and applications->sql server configuration manager->sql server 2005 network configuration ->protocols for sqlexpress->I enabled TCP/IP.
    Now I am getting an error saying "Failure-can not open user default database.Login Failed. Login failed for user ...".
    I am able to connect thru ODBC driver using windows authentication.
    Any help on this is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Martin,
    Your solution has solved my problem too. Thanks for posting these workaround fixes :-)
    However, there seem to be a problem with datetime fields. The query:
    select getdate()
    returns something like: [email protected]
    Is there a way to get around with this? Otherwise, using SQL Developer as a client for SQL Server doesn't serve the right purpose when we cannot access simple date fields :-)

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