Sql-loader error, help!!!!

Recently I found the following error message in the sql-loader log file.
ora-704 , I can't find corresponding explainatino in oracle documentation. I use sql-loader 7.3 to load .dat file extracted from our ERP system. This error can't be monitored by pl/sql and quite dangerous . Please kindly help me to solve this problem.Many thanks!!

The ora-704 error message is pretty serious. It's a boot-strap kind of message that you usually get on db startup when something is seriously wrong. What version of db are you running? If it's pre-8.0 then you might check to see if the sys.bootstrap$ table was set to unlimited extents (one of those weird issue things). Although I wouldn't suggest modifying the sys schema's objects to set the extents to something other than unlimited, this might open some doors into something else.
If you're truly getting this:
ORA-00704: "bootstrap process failure"
Cause: Failure in processing bootstrap data - see accompanying
Action: Contact your customer support representative.
Then you really need to contact a CSR for technical help that is supported by Oracle itself.
Good luck

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  • SQL Loader Error using regexp_replace

    Hi Guys,
    i am trying to using sql loader to load data and one column in control file is
    XYZ POSITION(736:745) CHAR "regexp_replace(substr(:XYZ,1,9),\'[^1|Y|N|U|W]\',\' \')||regexp_replace(substr(:XYZ,10,1),\'[^Z]\', \' \'))")
    But at last part i am getting error
    SQL*Loader-951: Error calling once/load initialization
    ORA-02373: Error parsing insert statement for table TDESAI_DBA.HAJI_CLM_A.
    ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
    I know the error is with XYZ Column but where. Or am i doing something wrong?
    Can you guys help me

    Please see the discussion on the Semantic Technologies OTN form at SQL*Loader error 350 using SDO_RDF_TRIPLE_S constructor

  • SQL*LOADER ERROR 비교 (ORA-2359, ORA-1401)

    작성날짜 : 2002-04-09
    SQL*LOADER ERROR 비교 (ORA-2359, ORA-1401)
    SQL*LOADER 를 사용하는 경우 ORA-2359 ERROR가 나는 경우와
    ORA-1401 ERROR가 나는 경우를 비교한다.
    table 의 desc가 다음과 같다고 가정하자.
    SQL> create table test5(a varchar2(1000));
    이 경우 delimiter 가 comma 인지 position 으로 구분되는지에 따라 error
    message가 달리 나타난다.
    1) ORA-2359 : field in datafile exceeded maximum specified length
    load data
    infile test.dat
    into table test5
    fields terminated by ','
    (a char) 로 실행 시 발생.
    ---> a char(1000) 으로 하면 error 해결이 가능하다.
    2) ORA-1401: inserted value too large for column
    load data
    infile test.dat
    into table test5
    fields terminated by ','
    (a position(1:2000) char)
    ---> 이 경우 a position (1:1000) char 로 하면 해결 가능하다 .
    * 참고로 + , - 기호와 comma 를 load 하기 위해서는 decimal external을
    사용한다. (a position decimal external (10))
    Reference Documents

    You hit Bug 3531336
    Run the script catcio.sql from $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory.
    Run this in sys schema.
    And then load the data with sqlloader.

  • SQL Loader error: SQL*Loader-926. Please help

    While loading some files to my database table, I am getting the following error. I am using 'Truncate' option while loading the file:
    SQL*Loader-926: OCI error while executing delete/truncate (due to REPLACE/TRUNCATE keyword) for table LOS_STAGE_DS4
    ORA-01426: numeric overflow
    Here's the loader properties(excerpts from load log)
    SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Fri Nov 26 04:54:18 2010
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Control File: d:\Prod\rent_Load\Bin\rent_Load.ctl
    Data File: d:\Prod\rent_Load\Data\rent.704
    Bad File: d:\Prod\rent_Load\Bad\rent.704
    Discard File: none specified
    (Allow all discards)
    Number to load: ALL
    Number to skip: 0
    Errors allowed: 1000000000
    Bind array: 64 rows, maximum of 256000 bytes
    Continuation: none specified
    Path used: Conventional
    Table LS_STAGE, loaded from every logical record.
    Insert option in effect for this table: TRUNCATE
    Column Name Position Len Term Encl Datatype
    Could someone please help and advise what is the root cause of this error?

    The root cause is in the error ora-1426, which you can look up in the online error documentation at http://tahiti.oracle.com . No one knows every error message by heart. This means it is expected you look up the error prior to posting, and you don't expect any volunteer in this forum to look up the error on your behalf.
    Also this is a typical candidate for being a known problem, and known problems can be found on My Oracle Support.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Need help on sql loader error

    A similar issue is posted on http://www.dbforums.com/database-concepts-design/927987-using-sql-loader-load-data-multiple-files.html, but not a solution yet there, any help on this issue is highly appreciated.
    an alternative solution is also appreciated?
    Hi All,
    I have a peculiar error while I try to load 2 tables(table name: enroll_emp_back & enroll_dep_back) using SQLLDR, the source file is a .csv file.
    INTO TABLE enroll_emp_back
    WHEN (1:8) = 'EMPLOYEE'
    (type NULLIF type= BLANKS,
    enrollstmt_ctl_cust_seqnum NULLIF enrollstmt_ctl_cust_seqnum= BLANKS,
    pctl_employee_seqnum NULLIF pctl_employee_seqnum= BLANKS,
    pctl_lot NULLIF pctl_lot= BLANKS,
    pctl_counter NULLIF pctl_counter= BLANKS,
    first_name NULLIF first_name= BLANKS,
    last_name NULLIF last_name= BLANKS,
    mi NULLIF mi= BLANKS,
    ssn NULLIF ssn= BLANKS,
    cssn NULLIF cssn= BLANKS,
    emp_id NULLIF emp_id= BLANKS,
    pin NULLIF pin= BLANKS,
    addr1 NULLIF addr1= BLANKS,
    addr2 NULLIF addr2= BLANKS,
    addr3 NULLIF addr3= BLANKS,
    city NULLIF city= BLANKS,
    state_cd NULLIF state_cd= BLANKS,
    zip NULLIF zip= BLANKS,
    country NULLIF country= BLANKS,
    birth_date NULLIF birth_date= BLANKS,
    hire_date NULLIF hire_date= BLANKS,
    adj_service_date NULLIF adj_service_date= BLANKS,
    elig_date NULLIF elig_date= BLANKS,
    smoker_ind NULLIF smoker_ind= BLANKS,
    spouse_smoker_ind NULLIF spouse_smoker_ind= BLANKS,
    partic_grp_id NULLIF partic_grp_id= BLANKS,
    enroll_window_start NULLIF enroll_window_start= BLANKS,
    enroll_window_end NULLIF enroll_window_end= BLANKS,
    total_ee_cost NULLIF total_ee_cost= BLANKS,
    total_er_cost NULLIF total_er_cost= BLANKS,
    emp_custom1 NULLIF emp_custom1= BLANKS,
    emp_custom2 NULLIF emp_custom2= BLANKS,
    emp_custom3 NULLIF emp_custom3= BLANKS,
    emp_custom4 NULLIF emp_custom4= BLANKS,
    emp_custom5 NULLIF emp_custom5= BLANKS,
    custom1 NULLIF custom1= BLANKS,
    ctl_ins_dttm NULLIF ctl_ins_dttm= BLANKS,
    ctl_upd_dttm NULLIF ctl_upd_dttm= BLANKS,
    ctl_trans_seqnum NULLIF ctl_trans_seqnum= BLANKS,
    ctl_upd_seq NULLIF ctl_upd_seq= BLANKS,
    ctl_deleted_ind NULLIF ctl_deleted_ind= BLANKS,
    ben_year NULLIF ben_year = BLANKS,
    activity_id NULLIF activity_id= BLANKS,
    client_name NULLIF client_name= BLANKS,
    doc_type NULLIF doc_type= BLANKS,
    environment_type NULLIF environment_type= BLANKS
    INTO TABLE enroll_dep_back
    WHEN (1:9) = 'DEPENDENT'
    (type NULLIF type= BLANKS,
    enrollstmt_ctl_cust_seqnum NULLIF enrollstmt_ctl_cust_seqnum= BLANKS,
    pctl_employee_seqnum NULLIF pctl_employee_seqnum= BLANKS,
    pctl_enroll_dep_num NULLIF pctl_enroll_dep_num= BLANKS,
    pctl_dep_num NULLIF pctl_dep_num= BLANKS,
    first_name NULLIF first_name= BLANKS,
    last_name NULLIF last_name= BLANKS,
    ssn NULLIF ssn= BLANKS,
    birth_date NULLIF birth_date= BLANKS,
    relation NULLIF relation= BLANKS,
    sex NULLIF sex= BLANKS,
    student_ind NULLIF student_ind= BLANKS,
    disabled_ind NULLIF disabled_ind= BLANKS,
    ctl_ins_dttm NULLIF ctl_ins_dttm= BLANKS,
    ctl_upd_dttm NULLIF ctl_upd_dttm= BLANKS,
    ctl_trans_seqnum NULLIF ctl_trans_seqnum= BLANKS,
    ctl_upd_seq NULLIF ctl_upd_seq= BLANKS,
    ctl_deleted_ind NULLIF ctl_deleted_ind= BLANKS,
    den_covered NULLIF den_covered= BLANKS,
    deplife_covered NULLIF deplife_covered= BLANKS,
    empadd_covered NULLIF empadd_covered= BLANKS,
    med_covered NULLIF med_covered= BLANKS,
    supadd_covered NULLIF supadd_covered= BLANKS,
    suplife_covered NULLIF suplife_covered= BLANKS,
    vis_covered NULLIF vis_covered= BLANKS
    Error I get:
    0 Rows successfully loaded.
    0 Rows not loaded due to data errors.
    1 Row not loaded because all WHEN clauses were failed.
    1 Row not loaded because all fields were null.
    I dont know why the 'ENROLL_DEP_BACK' table is not getting loaded. If i change the above ctl file in such a way that it first loads ENROLL_DEP_BACK table, then the 'enroll_emp_back' table is not getting loaded.
    Please help me on this?
    Source File:
    EMPLOYEE,2322,181340,1,1,Gervaise,Babic,,704345064,704-34-5064,10223914,12345,123 Felton Street,Building 1,Suite 1,Marlborough,WI,53121,USA,11-May-60,9-Mar-09,7-Jan-04,1-Jan-07,N,N,FTNES,15-Apr-09,22-Apr-09,$0.00 ,$96.78 ,9-Apr-09,,,,,,15-Apr-09,15-Apr-09,1103597,4,N,2009,OE,NESTLE,ENROLL,D
    SQL command used: SQLLDR wedb/[email protected]_10_sd1 CONTROL=AENUSA2.ctl data=ENROLL.csv LOG=AENUSA.log DIRECT=y
    Thank You
    Edited by: HarinathArasu on Oct 7, 2009 6:26 AM
    Edited by: HarinathArasu on Oct 7, 2009 7:17 AM
    Edited by: HarinathArasu on Oct 7, 2009 8:24 AM
    Edited by: HarinathArasu on Oct 7, 2009 8:24 AM

    When this error occurs it usually means there's some underlying schema changes taking place when you're trying to add a new article
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  • Help Needed regarding SQL Loader Error

    I am trying to insert some records into two tables using same control file.
    I am using the follwing command to load data
    I am getting the error: SQL-LOADER - 350: Illegal combination of non-alphanumeric characters
    Please suggest me what I need to do.

    it appears that you are using this line code in your korn shell script. if you try to do a manual run on the unix command line do you still get the same error?
    also can you post a sample value for all the parameters you have.

  • Sql loader error

    I am using sql loader command line sqlldr to load 141306 records into my table. It ended with an error message --
    SQL*Loader-605: Non-data dependent ORACLE error occurred -- load discontinued.
    Checking for data load failures
    Checking Log data for clinic_biotox table data load
    90970 Rows successfully loaded.
    78 Rows not loaded due to data errors.
    And moreover (90970+78 = 91048) which is much less than 141306
    Any ideas as to what might have happened ?

    Have you checked the sqlldr log file (the name of which you should have supplied at the command line)? This sometimes provides additional information as to what occurred.
    I would also say that the reason why your record counts do not tally up like they should would be because the error occurred before sqlldr was able to complete the load.
    The last thing I can offer would be for you to check what your allowable error threshold is within your logfile. It could be that you exceeded the allowable number of bad records and as such caused the load to fail.
    Hope this helps...

  • SQL Loader error while loading a date field

    I am getting the below error while I am trying to load a table with a date field using SQL Loader
    Record 1: Rejected - Error on table RPT_HOST_USAGE, column USAGE_TIMESTAMP.
    ORA-01861: literal does not match format string
    My input file is as below
    1,12,1,8,'2009-08-01 00:00:00',0.000000000,23875.000000000,0.000000000
    My Loader.ctl is
    load data
    infile 'C:\rpt_Host_Usage.txt'
    into table RPT_HOST_USAGE
    fields terminated by ","
    I have tried options like USAGE_TIMESTAMP TO_DATE(USAGE_TIMESTAMP,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') but didn't work...
    Can you please tell me how to resolve this issue?
    Any pointers on this will be helpful

    I went back and looked at some of my old *.ctl files and I did something simlilar to what you mentioned and it worked for me, but I had surrounded the option in double-quotes and included a colon in front of the item. Example:

  • Sql loader error with date format

    Hi everyone,
    I have table and have a data in one coulmn RECORDED_DATE like '20090224' and my client is asking me to load this coulmn data in 'yyyymmdd' format.I am strucked up with my ideas.I used to_date('20090124','yyyymmdd') in control file.but it is also not working Here it is my control file
    INFILE 'C:\xxxx\SQLLDR\HE data\HE_data_Feb.txt'
    BADFILE 'C:\xxxx\SQLLDR\HE data.bad'
    DISCARDFILE 'C:\xxxx\SQLLDR\HE data.dsc'
    fields terminated by X'09'
    If i excute like this i am getting the error like
    Record 1: Rejected - Error on table LSCCMGR.FASTPAY_HE_DATA, column RECORDED_DATE.
    ORA-01843: not a valid month
    Getting for all records,what i need o change to get the RECORDED_DATE as dateformat.Ple any one help me in this issue to resolve
    How can we perform this using sql loader pls let me know,Thanks in advance.

    &gt;&gt;(RECORDED_DATE "TO_DATE(:RECORDED_DATE,'mm/dd/yyyy')"
    *Change this line to*
    (RECORDED_DATE "TO_DATE(:RECORDED_DATE,'yyyymmdd')"Regards,


    Hi EveryBody,
    I have useless lines in my file csv which I do not want to load in my Oracle table,
    1- some one knows a means to leave the control file of SQL LOADER to load that the data which I want?
    2- Another thing I want to insert my lines in the file
    csv that under a condition that the sum of the lines
    of a column amount in the file csv is different than 0 ?
    for example:
    date|amount |Currency
    2006-05-19 18:35:53|12.74|Euro
    2006-05-19 18:35:53|23.24|CAD

    Executing this script :
    CREATE TABLE admin_ext_emmanuel
    (NUMS     VARCHAR2(200)     ,          
    NB_UNIT     NUMBER     ,               
    REVENUE     NUMBER                    
    DEFAULT DIRECTORY admin_dat_dir
    records delimited by newline
    badfile admin_bad_dir:'emmanuel%a_%p.bad'
    logfile admin_log_dir:'emmanuel%a_%p.log'
    fields terminated by ';'
    missing field values are null
    ( employee_id, first_name, last_name, job_id, manager_id,
    hire_date char date_format date mask "dd-mon-yyyy",
    salary, commission_pct, department_id, email
    LOCATION ('20060619_emmanuel_01.csv')
    I have these errors :
    ORA-29913 : error in executing ODCIEXTTABLEOPEN callout
    ORA-29400 : data catridge error
    KUP-04043 : table column not found in external source : NUMS
    ORA-06512 : at "SYS.ORACLE_LOADER" , line 19
    can u help please?


    I was trying to load arabic data using sql*loader and the datafile is in .CSV format.But i am facing a error Value to large for a column while loading and some data are not loaded due to this error.My target database character set is..
    Characterset : AL32UTF8
    National Character set: AL16UTF16
    DB version:-10g release 2
    OS:-Cent OS 5.0/redhat linux 5.0
    I have specified the characterset AR8MSWIN1256/AR8ISO8859P6/AL32UTF8/UTF8 separately in the sql*loader control file,but getting the same error for all the cases.
    I have also created the table with CHAR semantics and have specified the "LENGTH SEMANTICS CHAR" in the sql*loader control file but again same error is coming.
    I have also changed the NLS_LANG setting.
    I am getting stunned that the data that i am goin to load using sql*loader, it is resided in the same database itself.But when i am generating a csv for those datas and trying to load using sql*loader to the same database and same table structure,i am getting this error value too large for a column.
    whats the probs basically???? whether the datafile is problemetic as i am generating the csv programmetically or is there any problem in my approach of loading unicode data.
    Please help...

    Here's what we know from what you've posted:
    1. You may be running on an unsupported operating system ... likely not the issue but who knows.
    2. You are using some patch level of 10gR2 of the Oracle database but we don't know which one.
    3. You've had some kind of error but we have no idea which error or the error message displayed with it.
    4. You are loading data into a table but we do not have any DDL so we do not know the data types.
    Perhaps you could provide a bit more information.
    Perhaps a lot more. <g>

  • SQL*Loader Error Field in data file exceeds maximum length", version 8.1.6

    Hi All,
    I am trying to load a data file into a database table using SQL loader. I
    received the data in an data file but I saved it as a pipe delimited
    When I run the SQL Loader command no records are loaded - looking at the log
    file I get the following error:
    Rejected - Error on table FARESDATA, column FANOTESIN.
    Then I tried with substr and doesnt seem to work for values greater than 4000 chars, it only works if the field value is below 4000 chars (say doing a substr for first 3000 chars).
    see the code--------
    INFILE 'p.dat'
    Fanotesin char(4000) "substr(:fanotesin,1,4000)"
    We get the error ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column when using substr for 4000 chars.
    Please help!

    I believe the problem here is that the ORACLE database regards anything > 4000chs as a CLOB (or LONG). 4000 is the maximum length of a varchar2 field in the database, although of course you can declare larger values in PL/SQL. (Since the incoming data is > 4000 chs it is regarded as a LONG and you cannot therefore use SUBSTR on it)
    I think that you must either truncate your data before loading or load into a table with the offending field as a CLOB (or LONG)
    and then use PL/SQL to recreate it in a table with a varchar2(4000) which is otherwise identical. (You can select from a LONG into a varchar2(32000) for example and then truncate before writing out to the new table).

  • Sql loader error in offline data load

    I have done an offline schema creation using existing tablespace.
    I am trying to do an offline data load using sql loader.The CTL and DAT file are generated by the work bench.
    This is my CTL file code generated by workbench.
    load data
    infile 'Import.dat' "str '<EORD>'"
    into table IMPORT
    fields terminated by '<EOFD>'
    trailing nullcols
    When I am running the ctl file with DAT file in sql loader I am getting the following error
    SQL*Loader-350: Syntax error at line 4.
    Expecting single char, found "<EOFD>".
    fields terminated by '<EOFD>'
    My Sql Loader version is Release
    Please help if anyone has came across this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Its a long time since I have seen 8 sql loader. Check the doc. Is it resrticted to a single character delimter??

  • Where is SQL*Loader error message in oracle 8i documentation?

    I have error message which is SQL*Loader-522: lfiopn failed for
    file (D:\xiaw\Badfiles\faculty_info.BAD). I can't find the
    solution from oracle 8i documentation. Can someboday help me?

    They're in Chapter 24 of the Error Messages manual:
    SQL*Loader-00522 lfiopn failed for file (string)
    Cause: LFI failed to open the file.
    Action: Check for any possible operating system errors and/or
    potential memory problems.
    Hope this helps.

  • Oracle sql loader error

    options (bindsize=400000)
    load data
    infile '1377.bmp' "fix 17"
    concatenate 50000
    into table PER_IMAGES
    (image_id constant 2004,
    image raw(811254),
    parent_id constant 1377,
    table_name constant "PER_PEOPLE_F")
    The above is my control file
    The file I am trying to load is a bmp file of size 811254 bytes
    unfortunately the size is larger than 64 K hence I have to concatenate it
    It cannot be broken into equal pieces
    hence I decided to break it into size 50000 bytes each and tried to load 17 pieces and concatenate it as suggested by
    However it does not work
    The error message I get is as follows
    SQL*Loader-501: Unable to read file (1377.bmp)
    SQL*Loader-566: partial record found at end of datafile
    SQL*Loader-2026: the load was aborted because SQL Loader cannot continue.
    Any clues ?

    Please see if there documents help.
    Note: 1058890.6 - SQL*LOADER-524 USING SQL*LOADER
    Note: 105582.1 - SQL*Loader-524 When Loading Images

Maybe you are looking for

  • IPod detected by Windows but not by ipod apps; installation freezes

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    Dear SAP GURU's, I am very new to SDN. I have one query. I know we have the option of control double invoice against Vendor/Customer by using reference field. But here my client is asking that control has to be from GL account and reference field, be

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