Startup problem 10g

Hai All,
I am using oracle10g. Inorder to use oraclestreams, we have to run database in archive mode. So i shutdown (SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE & STARTUP MOUNT)the databse and trying to restart in archive mode, then its not restarting . some people saying that this is known issue in oracle 10g. is there any way to start database in archive mode with out shutting down the database.
Please help me out.
With Regards

There are no "known issues" with "starting" a database that uses archivelog mode.
When you want to start using archive log mode, you STARTUP MOUNT and then ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG. If you do nothing else, then Oracle will set the parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_10 = 'LOCATION=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST'. This requires that you define a size and location using the appropriate init.ora parameters. Alternatively, and smarter in my opinion, is to manually define init.ora parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 to a valid value, in which case Oracle will stop using dest 10 and negate the need to set the other parameters. For example,
LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1='LOCATION=C:\ORACLE\ARCHLOGS\MYDB1' where MYDB1 is the name of my database.
Note in 10g the parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_START has been deprecated. If it's in your init.ora when you set archivelog mode, then the db won't start.

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    luoie wrote:
    This thing happend,, it say Disk utility stopped repairing "Macintosh HD" disk utility can't repair this disk
    Sorry, possibly you need a new hard drive or try reformating. First
    you can try something like  it has been known to repair disk that DiskUtility could not. YMMV and they don't give it away.
    If Disk Warrior can not repair then you need to Reformate the drive. Make sure you have a back-up in place no matter what.
    Disk Utility will tell you something about it's SMART status:

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    I have a model 53135LL/A = mid 2010 MacPro with 8 cores, DUAL monitor cards and monitors, 24GB memory, running Lion 10.7.3.  It is important to note that I am also using the Apple bluetooth Magic Mouse and the smaller, bluetooth keyboard (no numeric keypad).  This unit was supplied with Lion in December 2011 and has had a startup problem from the beginning as follows:
    1 - when starting from a cold start the dual monitor positions are reversed from the correct position
    2 - additionally the USB and firewire connected devices (e.g. Wacom tablet, 2 card readers) do not function properly.
    The workaround for me has been to start the system, wait for the logon screen, then click restart. Upon restart everything comes up and functions correctly.
    Specifics on my setup and starting problems:
    1 - My main monitor (Monitor #2) is a large gamut monitor that is located to the right. This monitor is connected to card slot 1 as that is the faster card slot (pcx16). The second monitor (Monitor #1) is an ordinary unit and connected to card slot 2 (pcx4). The monitors are set up as an extended desktop.
    2. The Wacom tablet (Intuous 3 wide) is connected to USB port on rear of machine. CF card reader by Delkin is connected to Firewire on rear of machine, and an SD card reader is connected to USB on the rear of the machine.
    3. My dock is positioned on the left side of the left monitor. The menu bar is along the top of the left monitor, and all desktop icons are on the left monitor.  The right monitor has no items on it.
    On a typical cold start, as mentioned above, the apple logo appears on the right and then the logon screen appears on the right. 
    If I proceed to logon at that point, all the desktop items move to the right monitor and the computer thinks the positions are reversed.  In other words, it behaves as though the right monitor (#2) is on the left of the desktop and left monitor (#1) is on the right. 
    Additionally, the Wacom tablet using either pen or mouse does not map over the full desktop range.  If I use either card reader and then eject the card, no further card insertions will be recognized.
    To fix this, I simply restart the machine thru the apple menu and everything comes up correctly.
    I had discovered, that instead of completing the logon on a bad cold start, I could simply restart from the logon screen and all would work correctly.
    On occasion, the logon screen would come up on the left monitor (as it should do) and in that case, if I log on all works correctly.
    I have worked with Apple support on the phone, clearing setup ram etc. Have had the unit in to Apple store for hardware check, all OK.  Next suggestion was reload OS and start over - no thanks.
    SO - Here is the latest.
    If I turn off my keyboard and mouse before starting the machine, then wait for the logon screen to appear - It starts correctly, with the logon screen on the left.  I can then turn on my keyboard and mouse and all works as it should.
    Bottom line - there appears to be a startup issue with Bluetooth devices from a cold start.  Note that once the machine has been used for a bit, I can turn it off for short periods of time (e.g. 30 minutes) and it will start correctly even with the mouse and keyboard turned on.

    mkaito wrote:
    That's how dwm behaves. I believe dwm's multihead support is rather lackluster out of the box. You might want to check out some of the patches they have, and ask around in the dwm hackers thread.
    I currently have dwm simply draw status on all monitors, but I'm investigating separate status bars per monitor. We'll see where that takes me. Dwm is a tinker's WM!
    i found the patch , thanks!

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    After a startup problem with my macbook pro i put it as slave and formatted the internal Hard drive. Now i want to install OS X Mavericks from USB
    How can i do that?

    What did you "put as slave?" What Mac model do you have, exactly?

  • Can anyone diagnose my startup problem from this screen pattern?

    After failing to startup my Mac on about 8 consecutive attempts today, I finally got it to boot up, and now I'm afraid to turn it off for fear that I won't be able to re-boot.
    Here's a photo of what kept happening:
    This screen came up immediately, along with the spinning cog and the apple logo, both rather faint. But then those two disappeared, and all that was left was the gray screen with the pattern as shown in the photo. And that's as far as I got each time.
    The display itself seems to be fine, because even when I couldn't use it with the Mac Pro, I was able to hook it up to my MacBook Pro and it worked fine.
    Can anybody tell me what's happening?
    Bruce Siegel
    Message was edited by: Bruce Siegel

    To be honest, though, I was hoping that the pattern in the photo was so specific and common that someone would look at it and say, "Oh, of course! I've seen THAT one before. Do this and your problem is solved."
    I have seen graphics cards produce that type of screen as a result of a few of situations.
    One, if the card is miss seated.
    One other is if a capacitor on the card has failed, while VRAM failure is another cause.
    The first case is easy to fix; remove and reseat.
    The second and third require replacement of the failed graphics card.
    Cleaning the gold contacts with 99% isopropyl alcohol and thoroughly dusting the card while it is out is a good idea.
    I have been able to replace a bad capacitor to restore a card, but luck was a big part of determining which one it was....

  • Startup problem with Lion OS 10.7.3

    Just recently, I've been experiencing a startup problem with Lion. I don't usually have any issues running my Mac, so I'm at a loss why this is happening now.
    I have an Intel Mac Pro running 10.7.3. I usually leaving my Mac running all the time and only restart when the need arises. In addition to being my main computer, this mac alsocontrols a MacMini that serves as a music server thru screen sharing.
    This past weekend, I restarted my Mac and could not get past the grey screen. The mac chimes, the apple logo appears with the spinning gear, the blue screen briefly appears, but instead of progressing to the desktop it reverts to the grey screen with a repeating cycle of the spinning gear appearing (spins for a while, stops, disappears, reppears spinning, stops, disappears, over and over) - never progressing beyond that stage.
    I decided to reinstall the system and things have been fine for the past few days. Today, restarting again resulting in the same problem.
    I've tried several things without success. I disconnected all peripherals, reset the PRAM/SMC, ran Disk Utility from a install volume and ran repair and permissions (no problems reported). Tried safe mode startup - a progress bar appeared but never fully progressed and could not get to the desktop.
    Recent changes included updating the OS to 10.7.3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 - no recent hardware changes. No bluetooth devices connected.
    Any thoughts? Thanks -

    Thanks -
    I've reinstalled the OS today and am back up and running.
    But, since this is twice this has happened within the past week, I'm worried about might be causing this issue - besides bad luck. My Mac is usually rock solid - can't remember the last time I've had to reinstall the OS in the past few generations of OS X.

  • Httpd startup problem

    iAS 9i on Sun Solaris
    Oracle 8i (8.1.6) on W2000
    http port = 7777
    After installing iAS 9i on Sun Solaris, i get startup problem with Apache http:
    'Syntax error on line 14 of /export/home/ias/isuites/Apache/Apache/conf/mod__ose.conf: AuroraService - directive already in effect for this server'
    'httpd could not be started'
    After disabling the 'AuroraService inst1_http' in mod__ose.conf file, the Apache http did startup without any problem.
    But unfortunedly i can't open http://<host>:7777/pls/portal30.
    Any help will do...

    Thanx Mukul,
    You're right, mod__ose.conf appears twice in oracle_apache.conf.
    Apache http started now.
    But still i can't start the page:
    The DAD for portal30 is configured with Oracle username: portal30
    Oracle password: portal30
    connect string: tml000 (is the same as in portal30_sso and is defined in tnsnames.ora)
    error message:Internal Server Error
    Instead the page http://myhostname:7777/pls/portal30_sso is starting well.
    These messages are in error_log: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at org.apache.jserv.JServServletManager.load_init(
    org.apache.jserv.JServServletManager.loadStartupServlets(Compiled Code)
    org.apache.jserv.JServServletManager.init(Compiled Code)
    org.apache.jserv.JServServletManager.start(Compiled Code)
    org.apache.jserv.JServServletManager.main(Compiled Code)
    Please help.....

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    I have an imac G5 that I bought last February. In the last few weeks I've been experiencing serious startup problems. When turned on, the screen goes gray and the lines and pixels fragment and shimmer. It takes a long time to go to the main screen and often the screen isn't stable and freezes. It takes me eight to ten startups to get the system stable.
    I've repaired disk permissions, repaired h-drive, reset Pram. Still a mess. My husband wants me to just get a new one and get something that is not an Apple this time. I'm resisting that.
    I don't want to lose all my data and I've backed up what I can but I'm worried the data is corrupted and if I load it on to a new machine, I will experience the same problems.
    Any advice? I'm not even sure if this is a hardware or software problem. I'm out of warranty so I am on my own, but I'm frustrated to be having these problems with such a new machine.
    Thanks for any advice,
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Cassandra, in addition to Barbara's excellent suggestion: looking to see if you qualify for the program, please make sure that you have an external FireWire drive and clone your drive, (SuperDuper is an excellent choice for backing up, cloning and making scehduled backups).
    Let us know how you made out,
    Rev A 20" iMac G5, 15"iMac G4, 15"iMac G3 DVD Mac OS X (10.4.6)

  • Startup problems w/ Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002) M8667LL (dual 1 GHz)?

    Startup problems w/ Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002) M8667LL (dual 1 GHz)
    Starts up with bong and then a long wait then screen comes on with old time smiley Mac and spinning beach ball then another long wait and then OS X loading bar and then a panic screen. Subsequent start, bong, and then hard drive spins for 6 or 7 minutes, then hard drive stops and then nothing. Could this be symptomatic of a hard drive failure?
    Thanks very much.

    I am pleased to report that I think the problem has been solved. Apparently the strange behavior can be attributed to overheating. After some on line research and the help of people on this list I opened the case and found that the logic board fan was clogged full of lint and dust. After cleaning it I discovered that the fan is inoperable. The computer is now operating with the case open and a small electric fan directed at the logic board heat sink. The computer has been operating flawlessly now for several hours. Will have to replace the bad cooling fan and clean the computer regularly. Thanks so much to all of the people who have responded to my request for help. Would like to mention that a firm with a canine connection charged me over a hundred dollars to report that their diagnosis is a faulty logic board.
    Thank you.

  • Troubleshooting iMac Startup Problem

    I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my mid-2007 iMac 24" where it sometimes will not startup.  I can hear it turn on when I press the power button but it doesn't chime.  I can also hear the fan.  I don't boot from the internal drive as my main drive and instead boot from a larger firewire external drive attached directly to the iMac.  When the iMac won't start up, I usually let it sit for about ten minutes and it will startup again.  Yesterday though, this procedure wasn't working but it did eventually startup after I left it alone for several hours to run some errands.
    After using it for about an hour, the internal drive unmounted and disappeared from my desktop -- I got the usual "disk was not properly ejected" warning when it happened.  I ran Disk Utility but the drive did not show up on the list.  I also ran System Profiler and it did not locate the drive either.  Instead it said "There was an error scanning for Serial-ATA Devices".
    My question is this, could it be that the internal hard drive has been slowly failing and has been the cause of the startup problem?  Does the internal HD have to be in working order to be able to startup properly and boot up from my external?  I've been told by others that it does appear to be a logic board or video card problem and I've inspected and reseated the RAM and it has not been the issue.
    My iMac is out of warranty and I'm gonna have to bring it in for repair.  If it is the internal drive that is the problem, I don't want to shut it down for any reason until I'm ready to have it repaired.  Thankfully, I have full backups.

    This sounds very similar to my situation. When I restart the computer it usually gives me the grey screen with ?-folder.  Using the Install Disc to boot, I ran Disk Utility but the drive did not show up on the list.  I also ran System Profiler and it did not locate the drive either.  Instead it said "There was an error scanning for Serial-ATA Devices".  Wait a while or repeated restarts eventually boots the system.  When I can get the iMac to boot up I used the Install disc and ran Disc Utility Repair but no errors were detected.  I have ran the extended AHT a couple of times and no errors were returned. 
    Did you resolve your problem?  Bad HD?

  • Startup Problem & "Zapping the Pram"

    Okay, I'm having startup problems, and I did the Command/Option/P/R startup.
    Next, I know that Command S, or Option S, something like that should take me to a startup equivilant of Disk Utility. It's been so long, I forgot what to do. I searched but cannot find the answer.
    Hopefully someone here can help.

    for details on starting up in various modes.

  • MacBook pro when windows 7 has startup problem and Mac os doesn't work

    I installed windows 7 on my MacBook pro and it did work well. But now windows has a startup problem and "startup repair" couldn't solve it, so I can't use both Mac os and windows and my laptop has become completely useless. Any suggestion?

    Reboot and hold down command-R at the sound of the chime, that should take you to the Lion recovery partition, if it does go to disk utility and see if you have an OSX partition at all.

  • System startup Problem grey screen is going regularly and automatically shutdown

       kindly resolve us this problem urgently
              error msg. :- System startup Problem grey screen is going regularly and automatically shutdown
    Dhaval Oza

    Boot from another drive with a copy of OS X too is always good.
    A Safe Boot at a minimum.

  • Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Startup Problem..

    Hi, I have Nokia 5610 XM startup problem with memory card.. (I tried with 3 different micro SD card also)
    I made video of problem.. video found here:​=channel_page
    If I remove the memory card, then it starts succefully.. And if I plug in back memory card, then phone restarts in 2hours or in calling time... sorry about my English.. 

    it sounds like it could be the memory card connectors or something like that if you say that it works fine without the card in, you might want to take it to nokia care point for them to have a look at this issue.
    You know what I love about you the most, the fact that you are not me ! In love with technology and all that it can offer. Join me in discovery....

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