Suitable BW InfoObject for EBAN-ERNAM (Name of Person who Created the Objec

Hi guys.
I would like to bring the content of <b>EBAN-ERNAM</b> (Name of Person who Created the Object) field into BW. As such I am looking for a suitable BW InfoObject for this particular field name. FYI, I am doing a report in MM-Purchasing area.
Appreciate your help very much.

I think I'll just use <b>0CREATEDBY</b> for this.
Correct me if I am wrong though...

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    *Ralph Johns* writes:
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    Obrigado por contactar o fórum Microsoft Technet!

    Hi Hezequias,
    You can get the ProjectModifiedDate column in MSP_EPMProject_userView in the Reporting DB where you can
    get the data based on the projectUID. 
    The "last saved" date in the draft DB (be aware that querying in the draft DB is not supported by MS).
    For the "last modified by", I think it is not stored in any place.
    But you can develop custom code upon publishing the project (Event BeforePublish), writing the current
    date and username automatically into a custom enterprise field.
    Hope this helps,
    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MCP, MCTS |

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    Try inserting one text object stating "Designed by XXXX" at the footer before creating a template so that when ever the template is used for a report the text object will be printed with that Description

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    Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve the deleted data. If you have made the changes to the response and closed the response window; new data must have been saved automatically. In future, if you accidentally overwrite any data; please press ctrl+z to undo the change.

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    100's of people have had this problem, it is inevitably caused by multiple entries. Set your memory in use to phone memory only, then check your contacts, you will have ore than one name associated to a number, when this is the case the phone doesn't know who is calling so just shows the number. IE if you have Jon Smith, Johnnie, and John Mobile all with 0877********** as seperate contacts (even though they are the same person) the phone will not recognise the caller, it's easier to check and edit your contacts using Ovi suite rather than the handset, but you WILL find multiple entries, you can attach as many numbers as you like to ONE contact, home, work, mobile, fax, email etc, but if you have more than one name attached to a number caller ID will not work !!
    Good Luck
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  • Wiki for home user connecting with ISP who blocks the port 80

    I setup a Standalone Wiki at home with a connection to an internet router but the ISP blocks the default port 80. I'm not experienced in Advanced Server mode and wants to get it done in server preference instead of Server Admin.
    I did a risky procedure by run the Admin server to tweak the Web service - change the port from 80 to 16080. And managed the users sometimes in workgroup Manager and sometimes in Server preference ->groups. It runs well in the first days but then I restart the server I found, "Not Found
    404: No group with that name (mac) hosted on this server" error.
    the folders were still there but the server reports this error. I attempt to delete and add in Server preference for another group but in vain. the user blog is prefect. you can try
    username: mac1 password: mac1
    What I want is getting my old wiki group back and I can create new group.

    It's likely Server Admin being referenced.
    You can change the port using the Apache configuration (text) files and setting up a virtual host on an alternate port, or you can use Server Admin to set this up for you. The Apache files are pretty clear around how to do this, and SA is itself pretty easy.
    I'd probably not use a direct connection into the Apache port (16000 + the "real" Apache port) for web access (when the performance cache is enabled) as the base reply here has used, I'd tend to stick to the designated port. I'd tend to use one of the "traditional" alternate ports for the web server. These can be 81, 8080 or 8000. There's no tweak for 16080, as that port is part of how Apache works when the performance cache is enabled on port 80.
    The other aspect here is usually dynamic DNS, as most folks that are seeking this lack static IP address, and the lack of a static IP makes dynamic DNS a requirement for in-bound access. The IP addresses on some ISPs can shift fairly frequently. This was mentioned earlier.
    And FWIW, Mac OS X Server generally wants a static IP address.
    I'll leave you to deal with the terms and conditions and requirements for your ISP. Some will explicitly disallow server access. Many will monitor network traffic. Most want you to purchase static IP and related.

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    I went to set up an ITunes account and entered the WRONG e-mail. After everything was complete it sent the Itunes conformation number to the wrong e-mail. I dont believe they can use it because they dont know the password it will ask them for that e-mail for the account. How do i redeem the itunes back? When i enetr the code to try and use it for my correct e-mail it says it already has been redeemed.

    Go to ; select 'iTunes' in the first column; 'iTunes Store' in the second column then see if there is an appropriate place to report the problem.

  • How to know the User name and date, who executed the report last time.

    Hi All,
    We are collecting a list of reports which are not executed for past 3 months. Can anybody tell me how to know the username and date they executed the report last time.
    Is there any table to look ? or is there any process ?

    Use SE16 - then look at rszcompdir.
    We look up Version = 13 for queries.

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    Then it simply was NOT Brand New. Doesn't matter what the box looked like when you got it or if you went through the setup pages when you first turned it on. If it is registered to some other Apple ID then someone else had originally registered it and locked it to there ID.
    Type in the serial number of the system into this page.
    And see when it was originally registered.
    Then send it back to Amazon as Used.
    LordRavenWolfe wrote:
    So I bought a brand new macbook from Amazon, and it came factory sealed (Not my first time buying a macbook, last one I bought was from Apple directly) but after I got this, I put in my apple I.D. and it told me there were updates available. I told it to go ahead and update, and it updated about half of the list, but the essential stuff (pages, notes, etc) it says "This software was installed using another Apple I.D. Please logon with that I.D. to install the software."  I'm a bit baffled by this as it is a brand new mac and so I don't know why anyone else's I.D. would be logged into this mac.  I'm not really worried about it though, as I don't really need to update my pages, etc, as I like what I have, but I'd love for this stupid "updates availble" popup to stop popping up every freaking day!!!
    Anyone have any suggestions on finding out how to either gain access to update, or get rid of that "other" i.d. that is somehow associated with my brand new macbook?
    I'm running OSX 10.9 if that is of any consequence.

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    My payload filed value "file name in the target file".
    Now my filename  "file_name_in_the_target_file".
    How to achieve this using Variable subsitution.

    Use replaceString Function.
    file name
    Constant (" ")               --> replaceString -------> TargetField
    Constant ("_")

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    type it in the big box on the toolbar and press enter.

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    Just go to the Linksys support site, find your router model and hardware version there, and download the User Guide or User Manual for your router, and there's all kinds of useful information there.  I'm surprised that there isn't a "Quick Start" guide in with the router that gives basic instructions like go to and then how to login to set up your router.  But it is in the downloaded user manual for sure.

  • Adding keyboard shortcuts for duplicate menu names

    I wanted to make a shortcut for the "Use Default" menu item under Format/Fonts/Baseline in Pages. To do that i fired up system preferences and added a new shortcut for Pages and typed in "Use Default" as the name. Unfortunately there is a second menu item called "Use Default" under "Ligature", which gets teh shortcut since it comes first in the menu list.
    Is there a way to add a shortcut to a specific submenu subitem, so i can force the shortcut to be for the Use Default under Baseline? This applies not only to Pages but to every application which has duplicate menu names in it.
    Chris Niski

    I probably shouldn't reply and get your hopes up... but I noticed that the Shortcut setup didn't allow for specifying menu names (hah! even tho the text box is named "Menu Name" not "Menu Item") and wondered if there were apps that had duplicate menu names.
    I'm no help at all, unless sympathy helps...

Maybe you are looking for

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