Sustained use of Cinema display audio results in noise, choppy audio, then cutting out

When I play a sustained audio stream through my 27" LED Cinema display – for example, listening to my music collection on iTunes – for a couple hours (since I powered on my computer), the audio suddenly gets very noisy and after a few seconds really choppy (+ noisy), and waiting another few seconds it's barely audible (just repeated hints of noise). After this happens, I can press Pause in iTunes, wait a few seconds, then press Play, and the audio is perfectly fine again.
Then, after only a half hour or less, the same thing happens, and I have to do the same thing to fix it. I am always able to fix the audio perfectly fine, but it inevitably craps out again after 5-30 minutes.
If I power off my computer or let it sleep overnight, then come back and play iTunes again, the audio will be fine for a few hours before this inevitably happens again.
I've followed the advice of an Apple support technician of resetting both my NVRAM and SMC, and that had no effect. The Cinema display audio continues to behave the same.
I have the USB for the Cinema display plugged directly into my MBP's USB port (no other USB hub in the way).
I have the latest version of OS X and thus the 27" Cinema Firmware 1.0 update has already been applied (I tried applying it by downloading the firmware update manually, but it refused, saying I do not need this update).
This should go without saying, but this never happens when I play music through my MBP's built-in speakers, or when I play music through external speakers plugged into the line-out port. It's behaviour that happens exclusively through the 27" Cinema display's audio interface.
Thoughts, anyone?
I'm especially curious whether anyone else has had precisely this kind of audio problem with their 27" Cinema display. I've seen many people post audio issues relating to their 27" Cinema display, but most of those problems were remedied by the 1.0 firmware update, and besides none of the problems were described quite like mine (specifically, audio that becomes noisy, then mostly cuts out - it never completely cuts out - and that can be reliably [temporarily] fixed by pausing and playing the audio again).

Can an MBP Sound preferences output to the display as opposed to through usb?  I use a mac pro and have those two choices for my mini-displayport 27" apple display. 
I am not suggesting this as a fix but only testing various other paths to try to diagnose the problem.
What first came to mind in your description was that you are having some kind of temperature problem.  And I think the temp problem lies with the MBP and not the display.  To that end you might consider adding one of the temp monitor utilities like iStat Pro, iStat Menus, Temperature Monitor, Temperature Monitor widget, Hardware Monitor, etc.  See if there some correlation with the temps shown in some of the readings and your sound problem.

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    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Logic Pro X
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    I am using a MB Pro and a 23" cinema display. Have a wired USB keyboard and a USB wireless mouse connected through the keyboard. When the MBP is closed and when I restart it, the wireless mouse is frozen and the keyboard does not respond. I have to reopen the MBP, use the trackpad mouse, restart again and hope it will work closed. There doesn't seem to be a consistent way to make it work.

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    Your 2014 MacBook Pro should have 2 Thunderbolt ports and 1 HDMI port.  We need to find out what plug your Cinema Display has.
    Does the Plug look like this:
    If so, then its a DVI connector.   And you would need a Thunderbolt/Mini Display Port to DVI adapter.
    If not, look on the underside of the Display's frame or base/stand, there should be a model number there.

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    I am interested in purchasing a 2010 Apple 27 inch Cinema Display monitor. I have a mid 2011 imac 27 inch computer, and am wondering what I will need to connect the Cinema Display to the iMac.

    If it's a 27", that would the LED Cinema Display and it uses the same Mini-DisplayPort your iMac has, so all you need to do is plug the monitor into the appropriate ports.

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    I've just cracked the screen on my macbook pro and want to know if it's possible that i could use my 23" apple cinema display as the primary screen, so that when I load up my dock etc will appear on the external monitor rather than the laptop monitor.
    Is this possible, and how do i achieve this?

    I think so.
    Click on system preferences, and choose displays.
    From here, click on arrangement, and you can choose to have the dock on your external display.
    If you don't see the "arrangement" option, be sure you have an external keyboard or mouse attached to the computer, and close its display lid. The computer should go to sleep. After it's asleep, wake it, using the attached mouse or keyboard, but keep the lid closed. The external display should illuminate with your desktop.

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    For some strange reason if i attach my 2  apple cinema displays to my iMac to make a triple  screen set up msn messenger video chat does work but it uses the apple cinema display inbuilt webcam and not the iMac webcam. Its annoying as i have to turn sideways to get into the video call view.
    So i have  a set up like this: an apple cinema display thunderbolt, then in the middle an iMac new then to the right of the iMac another apple thunderbolt cinema display. WWhen i use MSN messenger to make a video call it uses the inbuilt webcam on the far right apple thunderbolt cinema display and not the inbuilt webcam in the iMac in front of me, its annoying any ideas please.
    If i unplug both side cinema displays MSN messenger uses the inbuilt camera on the iMac like normal but when  i use extra screens it uses the webcam built into those and not the iMacs webcam.

    I would try with another client like skype or something
    and if it's only msn messanger which have the problem it may
    be more of a question for ms's forum?

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    I have been watching tutorials but haven't been having much luck. I have a 50 inch 1080 HD TV and a late 2009 8 core Mac Pro. I bought a DV to HDMI adapter but can only see the the back ground when I have every thing hooked up. When I try to mirror the displays, I lose my 2560x1008 display on my 30 inch cinema display.
    Is there something I am missing to add a second monitor to my 8 core for more real estate, or am I going to have to use the mirror function only and have two displays with the same content?
    I was hoping to have more real estate when editing with FCP and Pro Tools.

    Also, look for image size settings in the TV, such as pixel-to-pixel, 100%, etc.

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    My system will not respond at this point, I have to turn off the computer and replace the Apple monitor with my old CRT model. Then my system immediately runs normally.
    Has anyone else dealt with anything like this?
    Thanks for any help that might be offered.

    I've now seen there are postings on the topic so please ignore my query.  I've looked to delete this but so far can't see how....Thanks

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    Howdy, is there a nice way to switch source for my Cinema Display?
    I currently have an Air that i just connect to the cables of my cinema display when i come home but I have ordered an iMac that i wan t to keep connected to the cinema display but when I need to I would like to connect my Air without unplugging my iMac.
    I read an old thread with same name but it was closed and had no apparent solution.
    - Rautakanki

    KVM switches are not the most aesthetically pleasing devices. You'll just have to keep looking until you find one that appeals to you. Last I looked Belkin seemed to make the least grotesque models. No clue if they are still making them though.

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    I have an iMac 27" i5 - and having an audio problem in FCP 7.
    There is a delay when I press start/play. At first there's no sound and after about two seconds I can hear the sound. Also when I play my sequence my sound comes and goes (cutting out) - not always at the same spot. Scrubbing is also giving me hassles - I first have to press previous- and next frame a bit (to move the play head up and down the time line) in order to hear the scrubbing frame by frame. This happens when I use internal or external speakers.
    What can this be - maybe a driver update? But I'm up to date with my upgrades.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    LOL - no worries
    I don't have anything else connected to the iMac. Sometimes I have Safari or Firefox open - but I have also tested it without those programs open - no luck. I have not deleted my preferences - what's a safe way of doing that. My sequence setting matches clip settings.
    Will keep a close eye on it when I start a new project - with fewer media on the timeline initially.
    Thank you for your replies.

  • Premiere Pro CC audio pops then cuts out. HELP PLEASE.

    Driving me nuts...
    Read all the forums. Tried reinstalling, deleting .cfs files, changing audio inputs, everything.
    What is happening is that when I play back, the audio will "pop" (like feedback, loud, distorted, sounds like its hurting my speakers) then just not play anything. Levels monitor will be firing away, waveforms are there. Matching back to source monitor does nothing. Totally silent.
    When I quit I hear another pop as the program exits.
    The rest of the computer has sound functions (iTunes, internet, everything)
    Macbook pro 2011 - 10.8 - 16 gigs of ram - playing off secondary internal SSD drive. 4 tracks of sync sound. Thanks.
    PS - just noticed a little warning triangle at the bottom right of the program that says "Audio Dropout Detected at 1:11.442 in Adobe Player" - no idea what the hell that means.
    PSS - I have a feeling its because of the video. I'm editing RED (4k) - when the video is just on one track its no problem, but as soon as I put it above another clip, then it pops and cuts out.

    I dropped 8K on a new mac pro, thinking, foolishly, to just throw some computing power at it...
    My friends, Adobe just hates macs.
    Both my D700 GPUs are kinda useless to Premiere. nVidia won and I guess Adobe could give two sh*ts about anyone on a new mac. I was hoping to go to premiere after Apple decided to drop FCP. What's amazing, as a commercial editor in NYC, EVERYONE was either on FCP or Avid (much more FCP) so there was lots of business to pick up... but the more I talk to people, and stories like this get shared, the more people are moving over to Avid, even FCPX if you can stomach it. Such a shame because AE, PS and the rest should work so nicely together... they just couldn't make it easy for non nVidia people or mac people.
    I've tried contacting them (I'm even on their customer review panel) but no one seems to be able to patch this up. I've done 2 clean installs on my new mac, because I've gotten to the point that every premiere freezes, its a restart. Unreal. Been editing for 10 years and never had problems like this... even when we started putting Avid on a mac.
    Failed and quite pissed. Not for nothing Adobe, if you're listening, I've got a real mind to use every piece of my social media platform to bring this to your attention - this program has wasted so much of my time (and money, jeebus) that it's almost immoral what's been going on.

  • Using 23" Cinema Display and VGA to DVI adapter??

    I have 4 computers (2 deskop PCs, 1 IBM thinkpad laptop and 1 MAC). I have a DVI switcher. 3 of my PCs work great. My IBM thinkpad (T23) has an old style DVI connector on it that I cannot use (I thought I could until I got the Apple Monitor). I have tried a passive (no power) VGA to DVI adapter...but the monitor just ignores the signal. Do I need to purchase a $299 powered VGA to DVI adapter? I was thinking of looking for a PCMCIA (PC Card) video card with DVI out for my laptop, but havn't found anything when searching via google. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
    PowerMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   23" cinema display

    The VGA to DVI adapter sounds like it's just an adapter that re-routes the pins to make the cables connect. The DVI connector can carry both analog and digital signals, so all the adapter would do is make a VGA cable with its analog signal go into a DVI cable that still carries the same analog signal. If that's the case, it won't work with the Apple display since the Apple display doesn't accept an analog VGA input even if you get the cables and adapters to hook it up. So yes, you would need the expensive VGA to DVI "converter" rather than just an "adapter".

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