The disk is locked when I tried to download Mountain Lion

I have macbook air which is less than one year old. So few days ago, I turned on the computer and there is this flashing folder with a question mark on it. Went to the service centre, and they concluded that everything is okay except that there is a software error and suggest I reinstall the OS through internet recovery. The internet recovery systen require me to have disk to download Mountain Lion. Tries to use my 8 Gb usb drive and it says that it requires to be in gpt format. Finally, made my usb drive to be in gpt format using my windows computer. Then tried to use it again but now it says that my usb drive is locked. Anyone knows to fix this problem? I don't have another Mac so I can't fix it using Mac.

I wasn't able to load to Disk Utility using commad R. I could go back to the main menu of the internet recovery and select Disk Utility to make any changes to the USB drive like making it GPT formatted. Thanks!

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