The timekeeping system we use does not like HTML 5 so what is the latest version of Firefox that does not use HTML 5?

We have been told by our timekeeping system provider that the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome and IE are not compatible with their websites at this time. I was told that it was because of the use of HTML 5 by the more recent versions of these web browsers. I need to download the most recent version of FireFox that does not use HTML 5. Can anyone tell me which version this would be?

It isn't "Timesheet Next Generation", is it? We had a thread on that here: [ Websites using php and mysql stopped sorting drop down lists properly starting last week. Did something change?]
Unfortunately, HTML5 is a large specification with a lot of parts that has been implemented in pieces over the course of several years. It would be really helpful if your vendor could indicate what EXACTLY is not compatible and then it could be researched. Otherwise, you'd have to use trial and error. Either way, you would end up with an older browser that isn't safe to run on the internet. It could be time to consider other vendors...

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  • I have windows 7 starter on my netbook and the latest version of Firefox seems to not do well. Ho do I get back to Firefox 4? Or is there another version/customizations that is better?

    The latest version of Firefox tends to not agree with my windows 7 starter netbook. I get a lot of hangups and crashes. I would like to download Firefox 4 again but can't seem to find it on your site in order to download it. Do you have any other suggestions that would be a good fit for windows 7 starter?
    Also, I keep getting messages saying that Firefox is causing high CPU and memory usage on my netbook.

    Due to security vulnerabilities, rolling back to Firefox 4.0.1 is not recommended. Version 3.6.18 would be a safer choice.
    Here's the process to roll back:
    First, I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See [ Backing up your information]. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)
    Next, download and save Firefox 3.6 to your desktop for future installation.
    Close Firefox 5.
    You could install Firefox 3.6 over it (many have reported success) or you could uninstall Firefox first. If you uninstall, do not remove your personal data and settings, just the program.
    Unless you have installed an incompatible add-on, Firefox 3.6 should pick up where you left off. If there are serious issues, please post back with details.
    Note: If you don't have Firefox ask you before updating, you may need to set that to prevent an automatic update back to Firefox 5. Tools > Options > Advanced, Update mini-tab

  • When are you going to make GOOGLE TOOLBAR compatible with the latest version of firefox, i will not update to version 8 until its compatible

    When are you going to make GOOGLE TOOLBAR compatible with the latest version of firefox, i will not update to version 8 until its compatible

    It's not going to happen. Google announced withdrawal of their Google Toolbar.
    Using Google Toolbar features without toolbars - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
    The Google Toolbar will not be updated for Firefox 5 or later Firefox versions. ([ reference]) Google finally decided that their [ problematic extension] is beyond repair for the little benefit added for Firefox users. Google as with other browsers is eliminating or making toolbars less accessible.
    Consider the features that you are using and see if you can match up features from the list created by Google and by Firefox users.

  • In the latest version of Firefox, I am not able to open a new tab neither by Ctrl+T nor from the File Tab nor by pressing the '+' sign next to the last tab

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    hello, can you try to replicate this behaviour when you launch firefox in safe mode once? if not, maybe an addon is interfering here...
    [[Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems]]

  • What is the latest version of iMovie that I can use?

    What is the latest version of iMovie that I can use?
    Where could I buy it?

    iMovie 09, oddly numbered 8.0.6 (go figure)
    you get it through the iLife Suite
    I suspect an iLife 10 should be forthcoming, but that is just a guess on my part.

  • What is the latest version of firefox that foxy tunes will work with

    what is the latest version of firefox that foxy tunes will work with

    It is compatible with Firefox 9
    foxytunes are here

  • Why is the latest version of Firefox 33.0.2 using 100% of my CPU?

    Just like the last update to Thunderbird, with no changes on my system, the latest version of Firefox uses 100% of my CPU where it didn't before. I've run every test, disabled my anti-virus, run in safe mode and it makes no difference.
    Since there was no useful answers when I posted about the TB problem, I doubt there will be any here.
    Sorry Mozilla, but you're about to lose my support. I already moved away from Thunderbird. Now that FF has the same problem, I'm about to switch my browser to Chrome, even though it is not as good.

    Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problem.
    See "Creating a profile":
    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a previously used profile to the new profile, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over problems.

  • Help - the latest version of firefox 12 will not open or view pdfs?

    Help - I upgraded to latest version of Firefox 12 2 days ago and will not open pdfs or view.. worked fine before?

    Isn't that beta/nightly build? Why did you install it, uninstall it and reinstall 11.

  • Where can I download a new version of Firefox that does NOT automatically install in Croatian language

    I'm new to Firefox. I specifically went to an English download page and downloaded the latest Firefox in English. I installed it, and it automatically changed to Croatian, where I live, without any warning.
    Then I searched for an option to change it back to English and didn't find it, so I uninstalled it and went back to an older version of Firefox, that I new was in English.
    Now, of course, the program is warning me that there is un update, but I'm affraid to install it so that it doesn't automatically change to Croatian again.

    You may still have a Croatian language pack installed if you didn't uninstall a previously installed Croatian version and checked the Firefox program folder for remnant leftover files.
    * "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome"
    If you download the full en-US version and install that version then the language shouldn't change.
    * [[Updates reported when running newest version]]

  • I inadvertently deleted and emptied the trash bin on Firefox. I have a MAC OSX-VERSION 10.4.11. How can I re-install the latest version of Firefox that is COMPUTER FRIENDLY for the MAC OSX Version 10.4.11? I appreciate any help.

    I inadvertently deleted Firefox and emptied the trash bin. I believe it was version 3.5. I have a MAC OSX 10.4.11. After several futile attemps how can I re-install the latest version of Firefox compatible to my MAC system? Thanks!

    As of Firefox 4.0 and newer the Firefox builds from Mozilla requires both Mac OSX 10.'''5'''+ and a Intel.
    Either you can use 3.6.19 from
    Though for you 3.6.18 will be safe also as 3.6.19 was to workaround a font crashing issue on 10.7 Lion that was not fixed in time on Lion before release. and pick your language and download the Firefox 3.6.18.dmg

  • What is the latest version of Firefox that will work with Windows ME?

    We were recently given an older Gateway laptop that we intend to use solely as an internet terminal. Alas, it is running Windows ME and I don't even know if it has all the specs to upgrade (and certainly not to Vista, which is the only thing we have an install disk for). It currently has Firefox, which of course contains numerous security vulnerabilities and is incompatible with most newer plugins. What is the best version of Firefox that will work with Windows ME, and is it still available for download? Thanks!

    Hmm... guess this will be just an e-mail terminal, hardly anything else works cuz I can't update Flash! Thanks for your help.

  • What's the latest version of FireFox that won't conflict, ever, with any version of Kaspersky?

    Right now, using Kaspersky and FireFox 3.6.27. Would like to upgrade both Kaspersky and FireFox, but don't want any conflict between the two versions. So would like to know how high I can go on FireFox, for starters. Using plugins AdBlock and NoScript, and want to keep those plugins.

    You need to upgrade your Kaspersky to version 2012 which fully compatible with Firefox 10, & 11,See:
    upgrade is free during license period it means you can activate latest version of Kaspersky using current license.upgrading Tips, instruction are located here
    [ Adblock Plus] 2.0.3 and [ Noscript] 2.3 are also works well with Firefox 10 :)
    Firefox 10 is here

  • Latest version of Firefox incompatible with programs used for online academic studies 1) Blackboard and 2) Turnitn. Why does Firefox not know about this given number of students studying online? What can be done about it?

    To solve problem I had to downgrade the version of Firefox from latest to an earlier version.

    I have had a similar problem with my system. I just recently (within a week of this post) built a brand new desktop. I installed Windows 7 64-bit Home and had a clean install, no problems. Using IE downloaded an anti-virus program, and then, because it was the latest version, downloaded and installed Firefox 4.0. As I began to search the internet for other programs to install after about maybe 10-15 minutes my computer crashes. Blank screen (yet monitor was still receiving a signal from computer) and completely frozen (couldn't even change the caps and num lock on keyboard). I thought I perhaps forgot to reboot after an update so I did a manual reboot and it started up fine.
    When ever I got on the internet (still using firefox) it would crash after anywhere between 5-15 minutes. Since I've had good experience with FF in the past I thought it must be either the drivers or a hardware problem. So in-between crashes I updated all the drivers. Still had the same problem. Took the computer to a friend who knows more about computers than I do, made sure all the drivers were updated, same problem. We thought that it might be a hardware problem (bad video card, chipset, overheating issues, etc.), but after my friend played around with my computer for a day he found that when he didn't start FF at all it worked fine, even after watching a movie, or going through a playlist on Youtube.
    At the time of this posting I'm going to try to uninstall FF 4.0 and download and install FF 3.6.16 which is currently on my laptop and works like a dream. Hopefully that will do the trick, because I love using FF and would hate to have to switch to another browser. Hopefully Mozilla will work out the kinks with FF 4 so I can continue to use it.
    I apologize for the lengthy post. Any feedback would be appreciated, but is not necessary. I will try and post back after I try FF 3.16.6.

  • I woud like to download the latest version of Firefox but do not want to lose all the info I have on Reminderfox?

    The last time I updated I lost all the info I had on Reminderfox and would really like to avoid that happening again, any help gratefully recieved.

    Make sure you have the latest version of ReminderFox which is compatible with Firefox 4, available from

  • Where can I download a full version of Firefox that does not require internet access for installation?

    I have a computer which needs Firefox but it does not have internet access. Could I download a full stand alone version of Firefox, copy it to a USB memory stick, and install it from there?

    Yes, the Firefox download is complete - no need for a internet connection for installation.

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