Three sender systems and one receiver

Hi Experts,
In my scenario I have three sender R/3 systems and one receiver file system.This is Idoc-XI-File bypass scenario.
Idoc can get trigerred from any one of these R/3  systems and reach the file system via XI without any mapping or routing.So I didn't touch any of the IR objects.
In ID,
I have created three business systems for three senders and one business service for receiver  file system.
I have created three receiver determinations,three interface determinations and three receiver agreeements.I have created one receiver communication channel.
All the ALE configurations are correct.
The Idoc is reaching XI system when I trigger from any one of the R/3 systems but the error it is showing is <b>no receiver could be determined</b>.
Can any one of you through light on where I have done the mistake .

Can you pls. try these two different options & let us know the result -->
Option 1.
Design this scenario as 1 Sender & 1 Receiver and check whether you are able to create the IDOC xml in Receiver System. With this atleast we can say that rest of the configuration are correct.
Option 2.
For the Receiver System, create 3 different Business Services & now map each of them with 3 Senders individually. I mean in this case also you will create 3 Rec. Determinations but now receiever is going to be different in each of them. Then in File Adapter you can actually mention the same location path.
- Lalit -

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    I have One Sender system and two receivers system scenario.
    My sender is RFC (sync) in nature.
    My one receiver is RFC (sync) in nature.
    My second receiver is RFC (sync) in nature.
    Pls tell me and send me links/docs for this scenario.

    Hi Rick,
    For two receivers you require 2 interface determination, receivers determinations etc.
    Go through these threads for one sender and multiple receivers:
    one sender and two receiver
    Then configure your RFC communication channel in XI system + activate it and after that using all same parameters make an TCP/IP RFC destinatioon on R3 side.
    Rewrads if found helpful.

  • I have One Sender system and two receivers system scenario. Pls help

    I have One Sender system and two receivers system scenario.
    My sender is RFC (sync) in nature.
    My one receiver is RFC (sync) in nature.
    My second receiver is RFC (sync) in nature.
    How to proceed with this.
    If my second receiver is async then how to proceed with this.

    Hi Rick !
    Depending on your requierements, you can create a BPM that
    1) receives request from sender
    2) sends request to receiver 1 / receives response from receiver 1
    3) sends request to receiver 2 / receives response from receiver 2
    4) do some processing with both responses
    5) sends response to sender.
    If your second receiver is async, just use an async send step in step 3. As far as I know, you cannot use multimapping with sync scenarios.
    ps: please award points if helpful

  • Two senders and One receiver for File to SOAP scenario

    Dear Friends,
    I got a new requirement like we have a to different ECC systems from there they will send the Two different Files to XI, XI will send the same file to receiver, but we have only one receiver.
    for soap adapter purpose they provided only one webservice url.
    Please suggest me how to do multiple senders and single receiver.
    Shalini Shah

    shalini shah wrote:
    > Dear Madhu,
    > I am receiving the files from two different ECC servers.
    > ECC1 will send the files at different time
    > ECC2 will send the files at different time
    > but receiver webservice is only one .
    > two sender Communication channels are required for pointing to two different ECC servers and one receiver CC is for receiver purpsoe.
    > Regards,
    > Shaini Shah
    BPM ....not possible to collect the messages otherwise!

  • Two Sender System and two Recievers Systems

    Hi .
    1) In my scenario I have 2 sender JMS  systems and one JDBC receiver and one File receiver system in a single scenario.
    2) Based on a key field SEND_FLAG in the JMS message of the sender,data will be forwarded to  either JDBC or File .
    Hear i can use BPM by using 2 receiver steps i can collect messages and send to either JDBC or File .
    Client is very Specific in Neglecting BPM,
    Can any one tell me is their any other method in which a single   sender communication channel will be designed to fetch data from the two JMS servers.
    thanks in advance

    Without BPM you can not receive 2 messages to a same interface.
    Hence use the BPM and proceed further. The interface detemination condition works based on Sender Message Interface. As here there are 2 sender you use BPM here..

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    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Nilanjan,
    thanks for the immediate response!
    I understood that you can access different BPC servers using one client. That would be achivable entering different servers withtin the connection wizard?
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    Kind regards,

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    First, ensure that Cellular Data is turned on.
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  • Sender system and Receiver system

    I have installed xi on on the server name is XI1 and there is two client 001 and 300. i have created xisuper user on 001. Pls tell me which is sender system or receiver system and xi system.
    Please give me some secnario

    you can Use Either (001 or 300 )one of the client for XI Perspective.
    And you can send the data through this Client in Xi to any Application
    if you want to send the data from FTP Server to SAP R/3 (100 Client)means
    Here You can use either 001 or 300 client of XI as Middleware to send the data to SAP R/3
    in this case
    Your sender is the FTP Server(File Adapter)--XI is the Middleware--SAP R/3(100 Client) is the Receiver

  • One Sender system and two receivers system(Sync) . Pls help

    Hello All,
    Help required to make one scenario in XI.
    Currently there is one interface (XI is not used) that is already in place.
    CRM sender system
    DM and ERP Receiver systems.
    CRM RFC call DM RFC directly and same CRM RFC call ERP RFC directly.
    Result (can be error or correct)is returned back to CRM RFC from DM and ERP RFC's.
    Now I want to make this scenario in XI.
    If I make without BPM I get message 'Multiple receivers are not allowed for Sync systems in Receiver Determination.
    Pls advice how to make this scenario with Error an Exception Handling.

    this makes no sense - there must be some differentiation. It woudn't be necessary only if there was one function, which first calls DM and then calls ERP and both calls would be done INSIDE this one function.
    I meant, that you have only one function, which calls both systems - I mean - the same interface would call the system... Do you know what I mean?
    I have a better solution for you. Do you know what ABAP proxies are? Let's do it this way and it will be the easiest and most reliable way.
    Create 2 interfacec - one will call DM and one ERP. Develop 2 separate scenarios. No conditions - Just 2 simple scenarios. On the CRM system go to t-code sproxy. (eeee, hope you have an SAP CRM and have configured settings to be able to develop proxy objects.)
    Generate proxies and replace current functions by calling the proxy objects' methods.
    This is of course possible only if u have
    a, CRM from SAP
    b, configured settings XI<->CRM (usually does basis team)
    Ok, again one thing: CHECK how your current scenario work - how are the calls made.. I believe, there are 2 different calls in one function, so when the function in CRM is ran, first call is made and then the second. But forget this general function, because it is not the interface. The interfaces are the functions which really try to send and receive data. And they simply CAN'T be the same, otherwise it wouldn't be possible for CRM to know, to which system should be the call made to!!! So, ask you colleagues for THESE TWO calls. If they tell you, no, there is only one call, which is general (which is bullshit, because it simply can't - again, there must be at least some flag or what), then just tell them - ok, this is not possible. I need a flag to be able to differentiate the messages (and this will be the condition in receiver determination) or simply let them to develop for you 2 independent function. ! for call to DM and 1 to call to ERP. You will then create 2 separate scenarios and they will use these 2 functions in their one general or whatever...

  • Two SNC system and one execution system

    Hi Experts
    Can there be possibilty of Two snc system to co exist with one execution system ECC?
    IF yes can you folks please throw some light on the same?
    This situation is arising because:
    the Lime table in the existing system has really grown huge and the archiving is not helping becuase there are new records that are added to the system every day which are more than the archiving records
    because of this huge data the upgrade is not possible and we are planning for a new setup, now to mitigate the risk we were tryin if two SNC system can coexist with one EEC system.
    Now to add to the problem is there are certain business scenarios because of which we need to put in data in lime table every day
    so reduction in data input is not possible.
    As the data in LIME is only stock of the customer coming every day and if we just transaction data , even if we go away with all the data is not an issue with us as customer reports his existing stock on daily basis to us.
    We have even thought of truncating all the tables available in in lime objects in SARA, we are thinking of this becuase system might act erratic when we setup new system and slow try moving few customer from existing to new system. as a pilot.
    Supposing if we go ahead with it ,wht could be the issues ?
    Thanks for all your help and suggestions
    Manas Malhotra

    Hi Manas
    Two SNC systems can coexist together.
    You need to define seperate Business System Groups,RFC settings,Logical System definition
    Also you need to have seperate Identification for your master data, create your own definition in BADI
    Example:If you are sending same material XXX to two SCM systems how to diferrentiate ???
    differentiate when two ERP systems are connected to one SNC system by prefix and sufix, now you need to have your own code to differentiate
    Also big time care should be taken in defining the distrubution models (bd64) and even in XI/PI like
    Example: we have two TM systems coexisting with one ERP, so we used conditoned based mapping
    Itu2019s a condition based mapping.
    1)     When TransportationRequestSUITERequest/TransportationRequest/ShipToLocation/InternalID = BP1 or BP2 or BP3 u2026 the receiver is I5YCLNT100
    2)     When TransportationRequestSUITERequest/TransportationRequest/ShipToLocation/InternalID = BP4 or BP5u2026the Receiver is I5XCLNT100.
    Also care should be taken on master data/FICO settings which both systems use in common. like using Ztypes instead of using standard one like order type, message type. It should be easy when you troubleshoot back!!!
    The inbound message parameters should be taken care w.r.t business needs
    Good to have a matrix mapping like what business process coexit in both systems and which doesnot and then try to see what settings need to be tailored???
    Best Regards

  • Problem regarding Same Sender interface and Diff receiver channels

    Hi Friends,
    i am usina IDOC-File Scenario. I have 9 different target strctures for which same idoc type has to be mapped.
    the problem came when same business system and with one interface XI doesnt allow to create multiple receiver determinations.
    i have 9 communication channels for 9 diff structures which belong to same business system(Target) as i am using variable substitution for naming.
    How Could i over come this problem of defining several communication channels in one receiver determination..or any other alternate sollution kindly suggest please

    Later part of 9 interfaces in one interface determination has been done already..
    But while specifying receiver determination we need to enter the receiver agreement rite? out of these 9 recvr agreements what needs to be filled in there?

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  • Sender System and Counter in Receiver file

      I have a requirement of having 'Sender Sytem ID' and 'Counter' in receiver flat file.
    Please suggest, what is the best way to achieve this.
    Scenario :  ABAP --> PI ---> Legacy System
                      Proxy to File scenario

    Please refer the following threads-
    System ID in the user defined function
    /message/686478#686478 [original link is broken]
    As mentioned in the threads, use the method
    System.getProperty("SAPSYSTEMNAME"); in udf for getting SYSID.
    Counter??? DO you mean record counter..something like that??
    You can use the standard count (statistic) or counter(arithmatic) functions for that.Please check the documentation for more help.

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