Time Capsule vs. Other Mass Storage Device

I am a Mac newby seeking advice.  I recently purchased the MBA below to replace my personal PC.  My previous setup was a desktop with plenty of storage to handle my needs (including iTunes) and I backed up data directly to an external hard drive (I know pretty basic).
After purchasing the MBA, I realized I do not have enough internal hard drive space to store all of my music and my current external drive is too small for all the media and backup of the MBA.  Also, the point of the MBA is to be mobile. Also, I would like my Sonos music system (with an application similar to iTunes) to be able to access the music library.  Lastly, I have far to many songs purchase outside of iTunes to use iTunes Match.  Therefore, I started seeking wireless alternatives to store my music and backup my MBA.  Although an NAS would probably be ideal, I have found out through trial and error that the basic systems do not work with a MAC and the only ones with a prayer are the more expensive ones (i.e. Synology and QNAPS).  Therefore, I have decided to pursue a more simplified approach.
My Internet and TV provider is CenturyLink.  Their router is very basic with only 802.11g speed and without any USB ports.  The following configuration has been suggested to my by some more experienced Apple users to provide wireless data access and backup.
Requesting CenturyLink provide me with a basic modem.
Purchasing an Airport Extreme (or similar wireless n router with a USB port).
Connecting the Airport Extreme (or other wireless router) to the basic modem.
Purchasing a Time Capsule (or other mass storage device).
Partitioning it using either the specific one for the Time Capsule (or Disk Utility for other mass storage devices) to provide one volume for my media and one for backup using Time Machine.
Moving the media from my old external drive (which is catalogued with folders for each artist, subfolders for each album and the songs in the subfolders) by connecting the old mass storage device and Time Machine to my MBA and using Finder to do this (see the questions below regarding this).
Moving/cataloging the media from the Time Capsule (or other mass storage device) by dragging it into the iTunes window.
Connecting the Time Capsule (or other mass storage device) to the USB port of the Airport Extreme (or other wireless router).
Setting up Time Machine to use the volume partitioned for backups.
Possibly having to move cataloging files from my iTunes, Music folder to the external drive and pointing iTunes to the Time Capsule (or other mass storage device) through Preferences, Advanced to access the music.
Overall, I am concerned with the total cost.  I just spent a lot of money, not only purchasing the MBA, but also the iPad 3 and upgrading my cell phone to the iPhone 5 (I skipped the 4).  It seems that by the time I purchase an Airport Extreme and a Time Capsule, I could also have just bought a NAS like the Synology 213 with 2 X 1TB drives, connect it to the existing wireless router via ethernet connections and have a more comprehensive solution.  Based upon these instructions and cost concerns (and bad experience), I have several questions related to this.
Does this configuration and these instructions make sense, including those for moving and accessing my music files through iTunes (i.e. will it work)?
Are both the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule necessary to make this work easily or can I purchase alternatives to either or each and if so, what is recommended?  If they are necessary, would you recommend doing this or buying one of the aforementioned NAS's to a Mac newby?
Given the file structure for my music on the old external mass storage drive, can I simply move the folders over with the subfolders containing the musice files in them or do I have to literally enter into each subfolder, select all and move them subfolder by subfolder (i.e. album by album)?
Am I missing something totally better and easier solution?
I would be massively grateful to anyone who can provide some good answers, advice and guidance.  I am about to pull my hair out!!!!

They both said about the same thing except the Apple Store business tech said to buy an Airport Extreme and just attach a partitioned external third party HDD to it.
Except that is flakey for TM backup..
And slow as the proverbial dog.. although I guess the dog is old.
And totally inadequate as a media store or server.
Apple's pricing is pretty cunning.. I really doubt you are going to find a cheaper unit to do both wireless and TM backups than the TC. And it is a perfectly good device to do that. It is good to have in the network. And Apple sure make their products work with other apple products.. so it does work better than other similar cost products.. although you miss a lot of features that Apple predecided for you.
But I don't think anyone has the ideal solution to your problem. Apple believe in cloud. And if you have fibre internet that will work really well.. forks out your money and apple will store your stuff. But for the real world most of us do not have internet connection even a fraction of speed required. And it can be another decade before we will. We need a box that is half way between a TC and media PC, a file store and a NAS. Will Apple make one.. ?? I don't think so.. They believe in cloud..
You can make the missing link one yourself. If you are so inclined.. A HP microserver running freeNAS can do TM backups and makes an excellent media store because it can do AFP. You can put a graphics card in it and plug it into your TV. You can use it with a airport extreme. But you will need a degree in Geek.. !! The synology is a preconfigured form of that.. No Geekdom required. Synology seems to have the upper hand.. this week.
Let me make a suggestion.. Figure out if you are going to jump into the Apple way of doing stuff.. which is basically itunes on computer as a server.. and the whole network.. working as part of this.. so any media is pushed from a store in itunes.. whether local or internet..  if you want to do it that way.. getting something other than the air to run itunes is well worth it. That is what a NAS cannot do.. it cannot be a media player.
Or you do hybrid.. ie you don't use put all your media into itunes, you use a bit of this and bit of something else.. As long as that can play files.. stored on NAS or even on the TC without the itunes requirement.. It won't be as pretty. But it isn't hard to get working.. as long as you accept this isn't going to be the perfect Apple solution.

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  • ITunes recognizes other mass storage devices/network but not iPod

    When I plug my iPod into the computer, Windows and iTunes recognize that the iPod is connected. A windows bubble from the sys tray tells me that a mass storage device was detected, and a iPod icon appears in iTunes. However, iTunes does not connect to the iPod; for some reason it connects itself to the network (ethernet connection) or to my external hard drive (USB connection), in that order. It will recognize the network as the iPod, unless it is disconnected, and then it will recognize the hard drive as the iPod. If neither of these devices are connected, then the computer doesn't recognize the iPod at all unless I restart it. Thus, to get the computer to recognize my iPod, I have to disconnect my network, and my external hard drive, restart the computer and plug in the iPod. After this point, I can reconnect both devices and everything works. What's going on?

    hi ephmike!
    that sounds like classic symptoms of a Windows drive letter confusion problem. let's see if this document will help:
    keep us posted.
    love, b

  • Use time capsule drive for mass storage instead of time machine

    I'm considering buying a new Airport Extreme with the time capsule drive.  I'd interested to know if I can use the built in drive as an additional HD verses using it for a back up drive with time machine?  I'm aware I can plug in a USB external drive for network storage, but would like to use the built one for storage as well.  Anyone know if this is possible?

    I just got a 2TB time capsule a few days ago to use as a "poor man's file server" for my iTunes library. Bob makes valid points, and I am aware of the limitations, but I think it will meet my needs for awhile. I am in the process of ripping a large DVD collection and my iTunes library is over 350gb which was starting to feel crowded on my MBA's 512gb SSD.
    I have plenty of external USB and thunderbolt drives, but I wanted wireless access to the libary anywhere in the house. With the AC wireless on my 2013 MBA, I wouldn't really classify the time capsule as "quite slow", I'm seeing about 30MB/s for FInder file copies. I have a 1TB USB2 WD Passport drive and the speed is very comparable - about 35MB/s. Sure, it's not as fast as my thunderbolt drive at 190MB/s or SSD at 700MB/s, but it seems to work well for my content (I don't use HD video in iTunes).
    The only noticeable issue is that the TC disk spins down almost immediately if it isn't in use, so you get a lag of a few seconds if you pause a movie for a minute. And it takes longer to start iTunes of course. For me, these were acceptable trade-offs to allow my library to grow to 2TB without any directly connected external storage.
    I wanted an AC router regardless and the TC gives me a wireless disk for $100 more. In the future I can always add a "real" media server and let the TC do backups. But for now I'm happy with the way it works.

  • USB Ports - Mass Storage Devices - Unknown Device

    Model: Satellite A135-S2276
    OS: Vista
    I recently tried plugging in my media card reader that I've had for several years now and has worked many dozens of times.   Windows responded with an 'Unknown Device'  response.  I thought this was odd, so I changed and tried each USB port.  To no avail the device wasn't recognized.  I tried it in another computer and it worked fine. 
    I began to try two other mass storage devices that I know used to work, up until recently, on the laptop.  Both now are 'Unknown Devices'.   I now have a strong feeling that someting was wrong with windows vista.  So I search around and find methods to force the driver (inf) cache to reset which should reload any corrupted drivers.   Tried many methods, nothing worked, same results.  I saw that Vista Service Pack 2 just came out, I installed that hoping that it would fix.  Nope.  
    I gave up on it being a software issue after I did a fresh reinstall of the OS and with the base OS with no other software installed same results. 
    Is there a way to diagnose if the USB is malfunctioning from a hardware standpoint?  Is it possible the USB, even thought windows recognizes it, is dead on the motherobard?  If so, how do I get this fixed?  Motherboard replacement?

    It sounds like it is working enough that it can recognize that soemthign is plugged into it.
    You say you did a fresh install of Windows.  Did you use the recovery disk or a retail Windows copy.  If oyu didn't use the recovery disk then maybe you are missing a driver.  Best woudl be to use the recovery disk.  If a USB mouse doesn't work after that then the hardware has an issue.  Assuming the BIOS is OK.
    This signature left intentionally blank.

  • Time Capsule as Itunes Media Storage

    I'm thinking about buying a Time capsule, but I want to know if that's what I really need.
    1) My main problem is that I can't use my MacBook to hear music, watch movies or sync my Iphone 4 through my apartment 'cause my Library is in an External hard disk that needs electric power to function, so every time that I need to buy/hear music, watch a movie from my MacBook I have to be connected to my External HD. So, if I buy a TC can I sync/stream wirelessly my devices?
    2) Also I have an Apple TV and much of the times I buy music/movies/videos from there. If I connect the Apple TV to the TC, My library stills in just one folder in the TC?
    3) The TC is always on? or it starts up when a device is trying to connect to it?
    Thank you very much in advance...

    Please check out the following article to get one author's opinion on using the Time Capsule as a Media Storage device: theAppleBlog: Using Time Capsule as a Media Drive

  • Mass Storage Driver Severe Crash - USB Mass Storage device useless

    I am running the latest, updated version of OSX Leopard; Hardware Growler; and Parallels Desktop. Today, as I was doing a very resource-intensive task on Windows XP - via parallels - I plugged in my Samsung M610 to try to access the memory card. I then closed Windows XP, and noticed that my cpu was still registering at 100% output. Opening Activity Monitor and looking at the processes there, I saw that Mass Storage was taking 100.00 units of CPU output, and was not responding, I immediately clicked end process. Much to my dismay however, Activity Monitor then proceeded to lock up, so I forced it to quit, which caused finder to lock up in turn. Throughout this time, my cpu was still working overtime, so I decided to power the computer off. Upon rebooting and much "whew"-ing I tried to plug my Cell Phone in again; as usual Hardware Growler notified me of the connection and it's details, however, confusingly finder had no knowledge of any mass storage connection. After multiple connects and reconnects, testing all USB ports on my MBP (and being annoyed by the system telling me to properly find and eject hardware before removing it, which I suppose I should take as a good sign) my memory card remained invisible to finder. Hardware growler continues to perfectly recognize the device connection.
    The most odd thing about this particular problem, is that other USB devices are recognized... at least one other Mass storage device is, but I have only one other device to test at the moment.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Check the following link and find the part of the text "Common resolutions for Code 10 error".

  • Can anyone recommend an external storage device to supplement my mac book air?  I already have a time capsule but want the new device to replicate the data on that so ideally would like a device that i can connect to the time capsule through a cable.

    Can anyone recommend an external storage device to supplement my mac book air?  I already have a time capsule but want the new device to replicate the data on that so ideally would like a device that i can connect to the time capsule through a cable. 

    Hi CJR
    I'm not sure how Time Capsule can be replicated onto your external drive but there is a USB port on the back of TC that can be hooked up to any recent external drive.
    Another thing to think about , besides a Time Capsule failure, is the theft of your Time Capsule, so it might be a good idea to consider separating any redundant back-up from your Time Capsule or both my be stolen.
    TC will back up until full and then begin deleting the oldest back-ups.  Mine is a 2TB Time capsule.
    My back-up plan is as follows:
    1.  Macbook Air back-up on Time Capsule though Time Machine backs up everything - I think it's about every 30 min or so.
    2.  Contacts, reminders, appointments, notes, email are backed up through iCloud.
    3.  iTunes and non-itunes purchased music is on iMatch (and no need to back-up) and any non-iTunes music is backed up on an HP external drive (in case Time Capsule dies)
    4.  Photos are on my MacBook Air and are backed up on my HP external drive.
    5.  Office documents (Excel, Powerpoint, Access etc) are stored in a Skydrive app (like iCloud) and Skydrive syncs these docuemnts with the MS  cloud and my old PC and does not alter their native format like storing in iCloud would do.

  • Time Capsule Disconnects OTHER devices on wireless network during backup?

    Hi everyone,
    I need help here. I have a 500gb TC as my wireless base station as well as my backup for a new-ish 2.8 iMac. I have 2 laptops on the network as well as 2 airport express stations that just serve speakers. The house is a small 1-floor 3-bedroom.
    Every time my iMac does a time machine backup (which is often), the airport express bricks lose their music streams, and the laptops (a original Macbook Pro and a previous gen. MacBook) lose their internet and network connection - BUT they still show full signal strength and show that they are connected to the network.
    The only thing that seems to "solve" it is for me to turn my computer airport off then back on and wait for it to re-join the network.
    I have tried resetting my Time capsule - which only resulted in a VERY slow initial backup which took over 2 days to back up 200gb worth of data and then back to the same problem.
    I have the TC set up as a mixed n/b/g network, and I have one express brick extending the network ('cause I thought a weak signal might be the problem but it appears not), and the other brick joining the network. All firmware/ software is up to date. Any help is appreciated!
    Many thanks,

    While it doesn't directly relate to your connectivity issue, might I suggest not storing other files on the TC. Use and external disk attached to the TC via USB.
    *Using a Time Machine Hard Disk (or Time Capsule) for Other Files*
    Here is Apples’ line on this: “Time Machine works best if you use your backup disk only for Time Machine backups. If you keep files on your backup disk, Time Machine won’t back up those files, and the space available for Time Machine backups will be reduced.” [http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Mac/10.5/en/11430.html]
    This hasn't stopped some from successfully partitioning Time Machine hard disks and storing data on the other partition. As long as the Time Machine backup has its' own partition, you avoid any potential opportunities for conflict.
    However, this is not an option for Time Capsule users as there is no easy way of partitioning the Time Capsules’ internal hard disk without elaborate effort. Granted, the Time Capsule is advertised as being able to perform both as a Time Machine backup destination and as a shared network drive [Apple Store (U.S.) - Time Capsule - 500 GB]
    Nevertheless, some have experienced problems with maintaining files/folders occupying the same disk as Time Machine backups. In this case, they use the Time Capsule hard disk solely for Time Machine backups. Then attach an external hard disk to the Time Capsules USB port and store additional files there. This added disk will still be available to all Macs that can access the Time Capsule. (Note though, that any USB disks attached to the USB port of the Time Capsule can not then be backed up to the Time Capsule via Time Machine. Time Machine will only backup your Macs internal hard disk or any external hard disks physically attached to the Mac. Time Machine can not backup one remote device to another remote device.)
    Hope this is helpful.

  • Can I use iCloud like a mass storage device - pc free

    I am living on a boat and I am using my iPad w a camera connector kit. Can I back up photos that won't all fit on my iPads internal memory(16G), using iCloud like an external hard drive?  I don't have a pc w me and don't want one.

    With iCloud and photo stream your photos are automatically syced to the cloud, but the photos will only stay in the cloud for 30 days which is enough time by Apple's standards to download them from the cloud to a mac or pc so I guess the answer to your question would be no, you cant use iCloud as a mass storage device.

  • USB Mass Storage Device won't Eject/Unmount

    My brother bought a Sanyo ICR-B180NX digital voice recorder last year to use with his iBook. It was working very well up until about August of 2005. At that point, the recorder would mount on the desktop, and he could get all the files off (it records direct to MP3 format rather than WMV, so he can edit his files very easily), but when it came time to eject it, the device icon would disappear and then immediately re-appear on the desktop. The display on the voice recorder remained static at the "Connect" screen.
    I believe this happened in conjunction with some sort of OS update, as it was a "sudden" thing. We can't quite recall what happened between the times it worked and the time it stopped working.
    I have tried the device on a PC, and it works the way it should, so I don't believe there's anything wrong with it.
    Now, I know the system requirements on the website say that you must have Windows, but a statement from a support company (we returned it to the place where we got it, and they sent it out for repairs, and it came back with a letter) states that the device does act as a generic Mass Storage device, and thus may work with most systems.
    All my other USB storage devices (ie. SanDisk 12-in-1 card reader, SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB, iPod Photo), and FireWire devices (ie. WiebeTech TrayDock Extreme) work fine and unmount fine.
    Does anyone know of any changes to the way Mass Storage devices are ejected in the current iteration of the OS? I haven't had a chance to test the device under an older OS, but will soon.
    Alternately, if anyone has any suggestions regarding replacements (not really looking forward to that, given this recorder cost almost $300CAD), let me know. We need a device that can plug in via USB and transfer files to his iBook which he can edit together (he's a newspaper reporter in training, and needs to edit the interviews to take out such things like dead air, etc).
    Mike Ma.

    +USB mass storage device. An error occurred during the installation of the device the data is invalid+
    This typical error message appears if the installation of external USB devices failed.
    Why? This is not easy to say
    What you could do firstly is to clean your registry using the freeware software called CCleaner (Google for that).
    Install it and clean your OS and the registry entries.
    After cleaning access the device manager and remove all USB root hubs and all USB Host controllers from the device list and reboot the notebook.
    New reboot should cause a new installation of USB drivers.
    Finally try to connect and try to install your external USB devices again.

  • Mass storage device and portable device ERROR code 31 41 HP PAVILION s5123w Desktop PC

    I am using windows vista home premium 32 bit First time I pluged nikon camera into computer. Says installing device driver software but it does not install. Device manger under portable device digital still camera yellow question mark error code 31 under mass storage device error code 41. The device driver loads and installs on my daughters Laptop so ther is some thing wrong with my PC Every time I reboot computer  windows need to intall driver software for your Microsoft WPD file system volume driver. Loacate and install driver software recomended says installing driver says successfully installed. I have to click Safely remove hardware usb mass stoage device multi flash reader usb device generic volume f  I click stop says safe to remove I do not have a reader plugged in my computer. this happens every time I reboot> If you don't understand what I am talking about Let me know.
    thanks Scott

    Hey poochokid,
    I'm sorry you're running into this issue. For the camera, if it's newer (made in the last 3 or 4 years) you may need to go to the Nikon website and find the camera software that is made for Vista. I could try to help you find that, if you could give me the model of camera you have. 
    For the Microsoft WPD file system volume driver issue take a look at this thread from another forum. 
    I hope this information helps! Let me know what the results are

  • USB Thumbdrive causes "Mass Storage Device Not Responding"...

    Everytime I connect a thumbdrive to my MBP, I cannot eject it. I always get the "disk in use" message.
    When I go into Activity Monitor, I see "Mass Storage Device Not Responding" and it's eating up a lot of system resources.
    After a short period of time, the fan will come on full blast, and stay on until I force the program to quit.
    The only way I can eject the thumbdrive is to force quit through Activity Monitor.
    I've tried multiple thumbdrives on every USB port and I get the same result.
    I've searched through the Support site, but haven't found a solution.

    Hi @Eman_Gamal 
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    It is a terrific place to find answers.
    For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide Learn How to Post and More
    I grasp that your USB ports are no longer functioning correctly.  When you checked Device Manager under device status you see this message" cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device".
    As they were previously working have you tried rolling back the drive in Device Manager?
    Have you ran the   HP Support Assistant  to acquire any HP updates?
    Have you tried using  MS Fix it ?
    Here is a link to the recommended drivers for your notebook.  HP Pavilion dv6-6c45se Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers Please ensure you have all the latest updates installed.
    If the above has not helped as it was previously working you could try a restore back to a known good date.
    Using Microsoft System Restore (Windows 7)
    Lastly you could do a recover back to factory.
    Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 7)
    There is an opportunity during the recovery to backup your personal files to prevent data loss.  Now is the time to do one if not previously done.
    Restoring Files that were Backed Up Using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 7)
    At any time you may contact HP support for assistance. They can remotely access your system tto help you overcome difficulties.
    Please call our technical support at 800 474 6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get a support number for your region.
    World Wide Phone Support
    Good Luck!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • Windows Drivers cannot view Blackberry as a mass storage device

    I had a hard time finding the right category to post this question to so pardon me if it has been misplaced.
    I have a rather pressing issue with my Blackberry Curve 9300 for a few months now. I have scoured a number of fourms (including this one!) and discovered similar issues with other Blackberry curve owners. Unfortunately, none of their solutions seemed to solve my problem.
    Here is the issue:
    I have a computer that is running Windows 7 SP 1 (32-Bit) with the latest version of  the Desktop Manager Software. Now, the Desktop Manager successfully communicates with my Blackberry.  However, as others have expressed, my computer then detects the USB component of my Blackberry as a "RIM Mass Storage Device" and is unable to find the compatiable driver. As a result, I am unable to utilize the Mobile Modem or Media features of the Desktop Manager. Now this may sound like just any ohter RIM Mass Storage Device problem but I assure you that there is a twist!
    I have tried multiple methods to resolve this problem:
    Clean uninstall and re-install of the Desktop Manager Software
    Downgrading to an older version of the Desktop Manager Software
    Installing the corresponding RIM USB Drivers
    Deleting the RIM Mass Storage Device from the Device Manager
    Reseting my BlackBerry Curve
    Windows Update (I installed Service Pack 1 long after I first noticed this problem)
    Consulting the Solution Articles on the RIM and Windows Support websites for fixes
    Now, I have another computer that operates on Windows XP Home Edition (SP3). It also has the latest version of the Desktop Manager installed. However, it can successfully communicate with my phone at all levels (Mobile Modem, etc.). When I investigated the Desktop Manager, I found that the phone was being viewed as a "RIM Blackberry SD USB Device," as it should. Thus, I know that my Media Card settings on my phone are configured properly.
    I also noticed that the USB Device was utilizing disk.sys. My computer operating Windows 7 also has the disk.sys file, which is used successfully by my other USB devices. However, if I try to manually associate that driver with the RIM Mass Storage Device my computer objects, stating that the driver is not compatable with my device. So, I tried to apply another of other drivers that I was able to successfully associate my USB Flash Drives in the past (USBSTOR.sys,etc.) since the phone essentially must be viewed as a mass storage device by the computer. Unfortunately, it refuses to successfully associate itself with those drivers as well. But, based on my observations from my computer operating on Windows XP, I know that the computer needs to view my Blackberry as a Disk Drive in the Device Manager.
    What makes this situation even more bizzarre is that when I restart my computer, I notice that right as the Windows 7 OS is loaded, my blackberry asks me if I would like for it to be viewed as a mass storage device, for media only, or simply charge. That is the general response I expect once the Desktop Manager is loading. However, a few moments later, the phone then announces that it is unable to charge in the USB port it is connected to.
    I am curious if anyone else has had a similar problem with the acutal Windows 7 Drivers being unable to be associated with their Blackberry. Also, I am concerned if my disk.sys file is actually corrupted. I think I might also be relevant to mention that my computer had a number of problems detected other USB devices in the past but by deleting the system drivers I was able to have them communicate with the computer once more. Unfortunately, from what I understand, disk.sys is a critial file during the startup sequence of the Windows Operating System. Thus, I don't believe my previous methods will suffice nor if there is anyway to reinstall disk.sys since the computer was purchased with Windows 7 as its original operating system.
    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    Yes indeed
    I usually try and stop this windows (7) update stuff because half my remote sensing software gives up every time - but yes indeed this time having just moved house there was a mistake and a load of ms **bleep** got installed and sadly when i thought to see if that was the route of the problem i discovered i had no restore point of any use
    SO i suppose we could say this is all my fault really because I left ms into my computer again - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  • Mass Storage Device: What!?

    When I plug my BB into the USB port to charge I get a pop-up on the BB that asks if I want to turn mass storage mode on.  What does this do exactly?  I always select "no". 
    I have  a 8GB card in it, if that helps. 
    Go to Solution.

    It asks this question because it depends on what you are doing at that time.  If you are going to be loading/removing applications, songs, pics, or videos to your Micro SD from you computer/desktop manager, you need to turn this mode on by selecting 'YES'.  But, you will be unable to access these things directly on your phone while in this mode. 
    But, if you are simply charging the phone or accessing files stored on your phone and not your 'mass storage device', and want to be able to pick the phone up and listen to songs, or some other app on the SD card, select 'NO' and you will be able to see these things on your phone while charging or syncing on your computer.

  • Satellite L100 PSLA0E and Mass Storage Devices

    I tried to recover my laptop just now and I follow all the instructions from the User's Manual.
    I press F12 soon after the computer turned on and choose CD/DVD.
    The screen shows something like "Loading RAMDISK". after it finished, the laptop directly restart and it seems nothing happens.
    Then I tried to press F6 soon after The screen shows "Loading RAMDISK".
    Then the screen shows that "Setup could not determine one or more Mass Storage Devices installed in your computer".
    How can I solve this problem?
    Thank You for your help

    Yes, I use the original recovery disk from Toshiba and this is my first time.
    Just now I open one DOS file from the recovery disk and found that the problem is from the Hard Disk.
    My hard disk is Fujitsu MHV2080BH PL. I didn't change the hard drive from the time I buy.
    I search the internet and it seems that there are several problems with this hard disk but there seems no solutions yet.
    Thank you for your help

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  • Migrate from image, copy image to harddrive

    Hi, I had to send in my macbook. I backed up the whole harddrive (74gb) on an external harddrive using the disk utilities (saved it as a dmg file). Question is now, how to get that on my new machine.