Time differences between ical and iphone

When syncing ical to iphone i have a time difference of 9 hours. (dates on the iphone are always 9 hours earlier) No matter on which device the entry was made.
Time zone is set to Berlin, Germany on my iphone as well as on my G5.
Same thing is happening when syncing the iphone with my google calendar.
Any suggestions?

A restore of my iphone solved my problem.

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  • Time differences between camera and iMovie

    When I import footage from my Mini-DV camera into iMovie I am seeing a difference between the time displayed on the tape and time displayed in iMovie. The camera says 48 seconds while iMovie says 44 seconds. I thought that it might be related to the framerate of the video in iMovie, but I have changed this to 25 fps which matches the video camera and am still seeing a different time. The framerate needs to be perfect as the footage is going to be shown side-by-side with a animated graph which builds with time.
    Does anyone have any idea what could cause this time difference?

    < scratching head > we had something about a NTSC/PAL issue.. hmm.. ?
    if possible, open an existing PAL project (window titles says DV-PAL), save it under a diff. name, import into that project, delete the not wanted parts..
    another option is, quit iMovie, delete ~/Library/Preferences any com.apple.iMovie.plist file.. relaunch iM.. that 'resets' iM... sometimes, it starts to stumble..

  • Time Zone Management iCal and iPhone

    I have a vacation coming up from California, to paris, to london, to Ireland, to Chicago,to Detroit and finally California. I think that's 5 time zones. I have all of the events schedule in times that would reflect the time zone that I will be in. But there are lots of settings in ical and the iphone (no/yes time zone support, floating time or time zone of the event.
    How do you travelers set this stuff up and use it effectively?

    A restore of my iphone solved my problem.

  • Execution time difference between Statspack and DBM_Monitor trace

    Hi Everyone,
    We noticed that output of query execution time is quite differ between statspack and session tracing (DBMS_MONITOR) report. The query execution time in Statspack was 1402 sec and in session trace file was 312.25 Sec. FYI database version is which is installed on platform OL 5.8
    Both of the following reports (Staspack/tracing) was executed on same system and at the same time. Could you suggest why execution time is differ in staspack and session tracing?
    Staspack execution time :-
    Elapsed Elap per CPU Old
    Time (s) Executions Exec (s) %Total Time (s) Physical Reads Hash Value
    1402.50 1 1402.50 9.1 53.92 256,142 3247794574
    select * from ( select * from ( select resourcecontentslocati
    Session tracing time:-
    call count cpu elapsed disk query current rows
    Parse 1 10.58 256.44 43364 153091 0 0
    Execute 1 0.01 0.08 0 0 0 0
    Fetch 143 2.09 55.72 25440 32978 0 1000
    total 145 12.69 312.25 68804 186069 0 1000

    First of all, please read the [url https://wikis.oracle.com/display/Forums/Forums+FAQ]FAQ page and find out how to use the code tags to format your output properly so that it's readable.
    I don't want to work out the stats formatting but I'd guess that if you ran the query first time and the data was not cached, it would be slower than the 2nd query when it was cached. The stats should confirm this so please format them so we can see it properly.

  • Time difference between physical and logical standby

    I have just been tasked on getting some info and setting up dataguard for some users for read-only/reporting purpose.
    The 3 questions I am being asked are:
    1. What is the time difference in applying changes from primary to physical standby compare to logical standby
    2. What is the overhead maintenance of having a standby database?
    3.What latency is involved?
    I will be glad to have your input on this.

    Physical Standy where its a read only DB.
    Logs are applied.
    Logical Standy where it can be Read / Write DB and the logs are applied in terms of SQL Statements.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Pavan Kumar N

  • Configuration Fails - Time Difference Between SA and SSO

    I know this is going to be a light-bulb moment for me but I haven't been able to figure it out yet.  I'm configuring SA and at the vCenter SSO credentials page.  I put in the credentials and get the following error:
    Installation aborted - could not authenticate to vCenter Single Sign On due to time difference.  Please synchronize the clocks of Support Assistant Virtual Appliance and vCenter Single Sign-On server and retry the operation.
    I changed the timezone for the SA appliance to match that of our vCenter server and I'm still getting that error.  I noticed that the time is off by 7 hours on the appliance so I tried to trick it by setting the timezone to somewhere in Europe (which then showed the same time as vCenter), but it still failed.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is what I have found to critical touch point when it comes to time and VAs
    -:  If you have AD.... ensure that the PDC\DC is pointing to a NTP source
    w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:<fqdn or IP ntp server> /reliable:yes /update
    -: ALL your ESXi server MUST have a NTP...make sure its the same at the AD PDC\DC.  The ESXi server may take 10mins to 15mins
    -: Configure NTP on the VA

  • What is the difference between ical and cloud calenders

    I am just a user and not a geek but I am challenged at the moment with the move from mobile me to icloud.
    At the moment my ical syncs wirelessly with my iphone but I don't know if these are mobile me calenders or icloud.
    How can I check this
    If they are still mobile me, how do I migrate my calenders to the icloud?
    Hope someone can help me

    Cloud Drive is an online storage service provided by Amazon, accessed through an application for Macs and an app for iOS devices. It provided 5GB of online storage free, with more available at a cost, to which you can upload photos and movies. The 5GB is not on your computer, only a relatively small application.
    All this has no relation to iCloud, which provides a different set of facilities, mostly syncing data between devices.

  • Difference between iCal events & iPhone calendar after syncing

    Events created on iMac iCal with a complex repeat (i.e every 2nd Tuesday of month) change their 'repeat' pattern on my sync'd iPhone calendar.
    On the iMac calendar it continues to be correct but on my iPhone it now defaults to iPhone calendar's standard 'every month' repeat.
    Why the difference??

    I have this question too

  • Response time difference between copy and original

    I have make an export of my database like that :
    EXP system/[email protected] owner=myowner file=exp_mybase_myowner.dmp
    and an import in new session (on same server):
    IMP system/[email protected] full=y file=exp_mybase_myowner.dmp
    To increase performance of my two databases, i have drop all indexs and recreate them.
    But, response time is significantly different between databases.
    How can i solve this problem ?

    1. Analyze all the tables that are used in your query by using command:
    Analyze table <table_name> compute statistics;
    You can alsp use package DBMS_STATS.GATHER_DATABASE_STATS to calculate the statistics for all object in DB.
    2. Have you checked the DB_BLOCK_SIZE for both the DB? Is it same? Command "SHOW PARAMETER DB_BLOCK
    4. Is the SGA size same for both the DB? Command "SHOW SGA"
    3. Was there sufficient RAM to create the SGA? I hope you are not using SWAP space for the SGA

  • One hour time difference between Palm and Exchange calendar items

    Calendar items on Exchange and Palm are off by one hour.
    Exchange server, desktop PC and Palm are all set to PST with the same time. Versamail account on Palm has been deleted and rebuilt.
    See screen shots at http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/kPKBDS28rhdVsextLM1PPQ?feat=directlink
    What is interesting is the appointments entered in Outlook show up on the Palm one hour early however they show the correct time in (parenthises) so the Palm seems to be somewhat aware of the problem.
    This same issue occurs on different Palm T/X 's with different Outlook accounts.
    Any suggestions are welcome
    Post relates to: Palm TX
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    You need this update:
    DSTUpdater.zip (0.01MB)
    Double-click the downloaded file to decompress it. Your computer will unzip the file to a folder containing several individual files.
    Message Edited by IrreducibleM31 on 03-26-2009 05:12 PM

  • Page load time differences between IE and Firefox

    Hello all,
    I have a problem with page loading time in IE 8. My page contains tabular form, classic report and some other items. I use some javascript code(placed in HTLM Header section) and also dynamic actions. When I try to display the page in IE I have to wait for 40 seconds (100 rows in tabular form). I realized that the performance is dependent on the number of displayed rows in the tabular form. But decrease the number of visible rows, using pagination, is not an option, because all needed rows should be visible for the users. During the tests I have tried to remove all the JS code and disable all the dynamic action, but the loading time was more or less the same.
    When I try to run the same page in FireFox then it is displayed in 4 seconds!
    I have already try to search some tips or advices how to speed up the page loading, but only what I have found out is, that every web browser is different. The javascript is handled differently, page rendering is done differently and so on.
    Maybe there is something what I have missed, and you experts can help me. Is there anything general what I should check or change to speed up the loading time in IE?
    Thanks in advance!
    APEX v.
    IE 8.0.7600.16358
    FF 19.0.2

    Thanks Denes for your reply.
    I use HttpWatch tool to measure the loading times. Reports are mostly the same for IE and FF. I can see from the report, there is three times shown error 404 Not Found for the items below.
    The last action which caused 404 error started 2 seconds after the page was asked to refresh. The next action http://......../i/libraries/jquery-ui/1.8.22/ui/i18n/oracle/jquery.ui.datepicker-cs.js started after 38 seconds (hanging in the same place for 36 seconds). Does it mean that the problem is caused by http://......./images/sReportBG-Standard.png action which returns 404 error?
    How can I add the missing images?

  • Difference Between iPad and iPhone Apps

    hello all,
    Yet recently the new idevice was launched, However, prior to the launch of the ipad, the information that i had (which requires your updates) that iphone apps can too run on ipad too. As the ipad app store was launched later than the hardware.
    So, my question is, if i am planning to buy the ipad (which has been launched in india yesterday), will my iphone apps would run on the ipad, especially the games ?

    Almost everything that runs on the iPhone will run on the iPad. But in a small window that matches the number of pixels of a 3GS iPhone. You can double the pixels to get it to fit the screen, but some people don't like the pixelaton this causes.
    The only things that won't run are things like telephony or photo apps that require use of hardware not present on the current iPad.

  • Difference between iPad and iPhone?

    I just got my first iPad. I thought that it would almost be the same like the iPhone. On the iPhone I have an "all inboxes" option, does that exist on the iPad? I can't find it anywhere...

    The two devices are on different versions of the iOS (3.2 vs. 4.0). iOS 4 for the iPad has been promised for "Fall" - then it'll also get the unified inbox.

  • Time difference between the Identity system and Access System: OAM

    I was installing OAM. Performed the below steps.
    -installed identity server
    -installed webpass
    -setup of identity system console
    -installed policy manager
    -setup of access system console
    The above steps were successfull. Then when i was logging into Access system console, i am getting the below error:
    Error:there was a problem obtaining the userid. One possible reason for this is a time difference between the Identity system and Access systems (Policy Manager and Access system console).+
    The Identity Server, WebPass and Policy Manager are installed on the same machine.
    Userdata repository: OVD
    Policy and Config Data Repository: OID
    Windows2008 - 64bit
    Found document in metalink similar to this issue. suggested to change ldapmaxofreties. but didn't help.
    Any idea on this error. Please Advise.
    Thanks in advance.

    Try this::
    Check Time Difference Between Identity and Access Manager Systems
    Check the logfile in the Access Manager install directory. The default location is <$AMinstall_dir>/access/oblix/logs/oblogfile.
    If the file exists and it contains following line "skew = slack = " that means the Identity and Access Manager Web Servers are on different machines and have not synchronized time within a minute.
    Either synchronize times between the two machines within a minute's accuracy or you can increase the slack by modifying these two files: <$AMinstall_dir>/access/oblix/apps/common/bin/oblixbaseparams.lst: loginslack: <$IMinstall_dir>/identity/oblix/apps/common/bin/oblixbaseparams.xml: loginslack: where numofseconds is more than skew found in the oblogfile.
    For example, if you have following line in oblogfile "skew = 121 slack = 60", set numofseconds in the two parameter files to 130. After doing this, Stop the Identity Manager Web Server. Then stop the Identity Server. Start the Identity Server.
    Then start the Identity Manager Web Server. Start a new browser session and see if you get the same error.

  • Time difference between Mac & Windows

    I have just successfully installed Windows XP SP2 using boot camp. But the clock in Mac and Windows are always different, for example, if i am running Mac and time is 4.00 p.m; then I restart in Windows, the time in Windows now is 8.00p.m. If then I changed time in Windows and restart again in Mac, the clock in Mac is 12.00p.m (4 hours late). I have tried several times but it stays the same. Is there anyone having the same problem as mine?
    ah, 1 more small thing, when using Windows, which button in Mac keyboard is for printscreen? In the manual for Bootcamp, it is said that using fn+f11 but it doesn't work???

    For Print Screen try using Fn-Shift-F11 combination. Also read *[_This Article_|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1220]*.
    As far as your question on the Time difference between Windows and OSx, this is a known issue with Windows and OSx running on a mac. This has to do with how both Operating Systems set the time. One way to handle this is to run time preferences as soon as you log into OSx (after logging out of Windows). Its a pain nonetheless.
    Please *[_Click Here_|http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7965906&#7965906]* for more information on this subject.
    Axel F.

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