TV Box hookup

The back of 6416-2 does not match the diagram.  It has an RF in but no RF out (cable to TV).  The diagram is showing two cable outlets, our receiver only has the one.  What am I missing?

 The paper placed in the box is indeed incorrect. Since the CoAx can not transmit the HD signal to the TV it would not serve your needs to have a CoAx “out to TV” outlet on that box.
Connect the box to your TV using “Component” cabling (the 5 little RCA jacks, blue, green, orange, red and white)
HDMI (the square USB looking one, if Samsung or Sony Bravia TV “Component” might be better)
Either of these cable choices will deliver 1080 HD video to your TV.
If the TV is an older one and can not accept these 2 types of input, use “Composite” cabling to connect the box to the TV (3 RCA jacks, yellow, white, and red)
In both methods of RCA jack use, Component and Composite the red and white are for audio.

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  • How to hook up Wii, DVD player, using a Sony Bravia TV and Time Warner Cable Box

    Does anyone have any insight? Do I need to buy a component cord to hook up the Wii? Should I run it through the cable box or dvd? The TV doesn't have enough hookup spots for everything so I have to reroute things and just trying to figure out the most efficient way to do it. I am clueless and the Time warner person that hooked up my TV was no help (as usual).

    cscheer222 wrote:
    Does anyone have any insight? Do I need to buy a component cord to hook up the Wii? Should I run it through the cable box or dvd? The TV doesn't have enough hookup spots for everything so I have to reroute things and just trying to figure out the most efficient way to do it. I am clueless and the Time warner person that hooked up my TV was no help (as usual).
    You don't HAVE TO run a component cable from the Wii to the TV, but it will look better if you do. You don't run game system "through" your cable box or DVD. Each source should have its own input.
    If your TV is a modern HD set, you should have more than enough inputs to accommodate a Wii, HD cable, and DVD player.
    Disclosure: Former BBY employee.

  • Hookup MacBook to Toshiba LCD

    I'm trying to hookup my MacBook to our HDTV. On the back of the TV, there is a slot for a SVGA/VGA terminal. I have a cable to run from the TV to the iBook along with a Mini DVI to VGA adapter. After the cables are hooked up and the MacBook is powered up, all I get on the TV is the MacBook desktop. It there a setting on the MacBook that you have to set inorder to get the icons to show on the TV. I would like to be able to watch movies from the MacBook on the TV. By the way the TV is a Toshiba 26AV502U LCD. Any help in trying to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks......
    Is it better to try hooking up a Mini DVI to DVI adapter and DVI to HDMI cable to TV?

    There are two options. One you could hook the laptop up to the LCD and close the lid but you would need a bluetooth or USB keyboard or mouse to wake it up, you will also have to have the computer plugged into the power source to make it work. The other option is to hook up the monitor to the LCD then go to, system preferences>displays>arrangement, there you should see two blue boxes. One box will have a white line across the top of it, that will be the screen that is the primary screen. To make your Toshiba LCD the primary screen just drag the white line to the other blue box and everything should switch over to the LCD. This method will allow you to use both displays if you need to and allow both of them to run at there native resolution. If you choose mirror it will limit you to the same resolution as your macbook. Your LCD probably has a higher resolution than your macbook so mirroring might not give you the best quality.

  • Hooking up a Cisco digital box to a standard Def. TV. How to

    How to hookup a digital boc, Cisco 150N, to a standard def. TV

    jjg111 wrote: How to hookup a digital boc, Cisco150N, to a standard def. TVIf the box doesn't have an RF out jack, use the Component or Composite video jacks along with left and right audio. If the TV doesn't have inputs for those, you'll need something that can convert the signals to channel 3 analog, like maybe an old VCR. Or change out the box for one that has an RF out connector. Or replace the TV.

  • Hdmi hookup

    I just purchased a new HDMI capable tv and neeed info on hookup to mu verizon motorola qip2500-2. I dont see a way to hook up directly, do i need to buy a converter or switch.

    That cable box won't do HD and so it won't connect with an HDMI cable, BUT you can still get a picture if you follow the below wiring diagrams. 
    If you want to take advantage of that HDMI Cable hook up and the better picture quality, then you need to drop by a store or call VERIZON And place an order by calling 1-800-VERIZON
    Wiring Diagrams for the Motorola 2500 SD Set-Top Box
    Below are wiring diagrams to help connect equipment like your stereo TV, VCR, and audio receiver. 
    Motorola 2500 SD Set-Top Box
    Connection Diagrams
    Standard TV cabling setup
    Standard VCR cabling setup
    Composite Video and S-Video setup
    Composite VCR setup
    TV to Stereo setup
    VCR to Stereo setup
    Audio/Video setup for Dolby Digital
    Audio/Video setup for Dolby Digital (Baseband)

  • X1 Xfinity Set-Top Box

    Does Comcast have a X! Box with Component Cable Hookup?  My TV doesnt have HDMI, but the Xfinity User Guide show a box with Component Cable hookup as optional equipment if needed. The Local Comcast Office here in Stafford VA states No, Not available. That's not very good Customer Service. Why would a product be shown in a User Guide if its not Available.???? Looking for some answers??

    They do exist, and they are available. It is just that Comcast does not feel like getting you one.Maybe one of the mods here will offer to help you.

  • X-Box Live

     I like Linksys but might have to give it up if I can not figure out how to hookup my X-Box 360, can anyone help me.   I am getting an MTU failure and unable to connect to live.  
    Message Edited by byerlyd on 01-30-2009 05:20 PM

    So if you to Open the Ports on the Router please follow these steps:-
    Hard Wire 1 Computer to the Router with a Ethernet cable to any one of the 4 ports on the Router.
    Open an Internet Explorer page and in the Address bar just type the Number and hit Enter.
    It will ask you for a username and password, keep the Username blank and the Password type admin.
    You will get a Linksys setup page.
    Then click on the Application and Gaming tab, then click on the sub tab Port Triggering.
    In the Apication name type the Name XBOX without spaces with dahses...
    Across it you have 4 boxes for Triggered Range Start and End Port and in the Forward Range Start End Port.
    So in the Start port type the number 53 and End port Number 3074, similarly for Forwarded Range Start port type 53 to End port 3074 and check the Enable box and then click on save settings and then on continue.
    Please follow this steps the ports will be open for your XBOX.

  • Contact form check boxes will not work on a Tablet

    Hi there,
    I created a website (Desktop) and a mobile version (Phone).  I did not create one for a tablet but have relied on the Desktop version if someone views it on a Tablet.
    Here's the thing, I created a contact form with checkboxes.  It works great on a desktop (because people check the boxes with their mouse), however, it doesn't work on a Tablet, when you try and check the boxes with your finger.

    Please share the site URL.

  • Expand Text Box? "Advanced" text options not hidden?

    The title text box/editor is very small in the 10.2 update.  It's just big enough for 2 lines of text.  I find it fairly inconvenient to have it so small (I am referring to the text box in the inspector).  I'm guessing there is no way to expand this to fit more lines of text in, but if anyone knows how that'd be sweet! Otherwise I'm just crossing my fingers it gets a quick update since I'm using it every day for work.
    Also, the "advanced" tab always being collapsed in the basic text editing tools is annoying, too.  I use this every time I make a title(which I'm making two videos a day, so it's a little more tedious now after the update).  Personally, for a professional program I would consider the options in the "advanced" section to actually be basic and fairly necessary...based on how I use it, so maybe I'm not a normal case.
    Nothing is broken, just less convenient...
    Thanks y'all!

    That is a wonderful idea if I could find where to do that (maybe another feedback will be to make finding the feedback area easier (: ). Where can I find the feedback area?  Thanks for the quick reply as well!

  • The edit text options box not displaying

    The Font family, size, alignment box does not appear anymore. What happened?

    Hi champsters,
    Is this occurring with a specific pdf?
    What version of Acrobat are you using?
    Have you tried updating it to the latest patch and checked?

  • How to get ALL values as default for  a drop down box in JSF

    I have a drop down box in JSF page which retrieves values from I have values like Company, Client, User, ALL in the drop down box.
    By default blank value is selected for the drop down box. I want to make ALL(which retrieves data for all the values) as default value for the drop down box.
    Could any body help me? Any help must be appreciated.

    Thanks Nikhil. But I am fetching the values from the
    I am using <af:selectManyChoice>. Is there any way I can use value for selecting default values instead of hard coding?
    I mean to say can I write
    where LOVCache.entityTypeSelectionList is used to populate the drop down box.

  • New VMS/IPC boxes - speed and pricing

    For the most part, I've been a very happy FiOS customer. The internet side has gone out exactly once in the year I've had the service, and it was restored within an hour. TV has dropped out twice, both times very late at night (I assume for head-end maintenance). Reliability is better than every other ISP I've ever had, combined.
    That said..
    I wanted to snag another STB for the house - found out the local stores had all been closed (I can understand why from the financial aspect, but it was still a shock pulling up to my old store to pick up another STB.. and finding a "for lease" sign, when I'd been by there 2 months prior), so I looked at options online. The new VMS + IPC boxes looked promising, especially since they added the ability for the entire house to pause, rewind, schedule recordings, etc, from any TV - instead of only the DVR being able to do that (though the old boxes could stream recordings from the DVR).
    My chief complaint so far - while the VMS box itself is responsive, the IPC boxes are painfully slow to respond to anything. Picture quality is fantastic, but using them feels, to put it in nerd terms, like using a Pentium 90 with Windows XP and 128MB RAM. They take 5+ to respond to anything more than a channel change (and even that takes up to 3 seconds), and frequently "lose" remote key presses if you try to, say, hit guide, hit page down, then try to arrow down to the channel that you know is on the next page. It literally feels like a throwback to the earliest digital set top boxes from Comcast/Time Warner - the first ones with built-in TV listings in the mid 1990s. The speed is right on par with them; the only thing faster right now is they don't shut down for 30 minutes a day to update the TV listings.
    I've gone through the built-in diagnostics on the boxes to verify signal levels - they're decent (not perfect, but this is a 20 year old house with mostly original coax), but we have no pixelation or picture drop-out, so I would think they could carry the basic stuff between the IPC boxes and VMS pretty easily. The router certainly has no problem handling the 75/35 on the same coax (speedtest shows 85-90 down, 35-40 up, with a ~5ms ping, no matter which cable outlet it's plugged into)..
    My other complaint - why did Verizon move to "rooms" for pricing? I thought I was getting a DVR plus 3 STBs (since I ordered 3 STBs and asked for a DVR), instead of a VMS + 2 STBs - and I'm paying much more than I did for the old DVR + 2 STBs.
    With the griping out of the way - is there a reasonable chance that firmware updates will help with the speed of the IPC boxes? Or is there a chance it's a cabling issue? (I have no problem pulling new coax or cat5e, and I can provide signal levels if that'll help) If not, is there any chance of getting the old QIP7232 DVR + QIP7100 box back (and adding another 7100), and switching back to what I was paying before? I know they're a bit antiquated (especially the 7100s), but they were much more responsive, and didn't make me want to throw the STBs through the window. It just seems really rediculous that I'm paying such a large premium (plus the "upgrade fee") for equipment that, in terms of the user experience, is much worse.
    Again.. been a happy customer for a long time, but the new terminals are super painful to use.

    If this is the case.  I think I will wait till the bugs are worked out
    Question what were you paying before and after for the boxes.   So what was the old DVR + 2 STB's and the new DVR plus 2 stb's
    Trying to get an idea of what you meant by way more.  Most people said same pricing and a small $20 or so upgrade fee

  • New Black BT Vision box - what is missing, a discu...

    Maybe it's just me but here is a list of things which are currently missing or wrong with the new BT Vision box (black edition with new interface and OS). Thought it might be useful to keep a list of these going which people can add to.
    would also appreciate it if anyone can help with any of these issues in case i've missed something
    Red button doesn't work - believe this is  'coming soon'. you can still access the channels by going to 301 or 302
    Teletext doesn't work - the button pops up a message saying it's not available, coming soon?
    There is no way to set recordings to over run? - this used to be very handy on old box, particularly with live shows. is this being brought back?
    No signal strength tester - you used to be able to check digital signal reception strength and quality from the settings menu, not any more
    Pressing 'play' when viewing a recording doesn't flash up the progress bar - any other good way to do this, used to be handy. Fix: pressing "select" does the trick
    no HD Freeview - the box isn't capable, wondering whether they might upgrade us to YouView later on for this?
    No options to set resolution - used to be able to define 720p or 1080i for instance, not any more
    Sky Sports small white box - a small logo in the bottom right area, not sure what this is or why it's now there?
    Subtitles on iPlayer missing
    Some reported picture quality issues - both on SCART and HDMI
    On the plus side:
    Bigger capacity on the hard disc
    Faster inteface and movement between sections
    Nice new design and sharp interface resolution
    Channel logos / graphics now in the information bar menu
    When in the TV Guide there's still a small box showing you what you are watching on the current channel
    Music playlist
    Reinstatement of the 30s jump and better fast-forward / rewind (30s jump doesn't work on Sky Sports)
    Ability to jump to specific point in recordings (you need to start it first, then stop and go back into it to have option)
    Ability to reenter a recording at a time offset
    Icon to show which recordings have been watched
    HD iPlayer
    Recently viewed in iPlayer
    Ability to resume a programme on iPlayer
    Ability to resume on demand
    Disk usage on Recordings page
    Auto switching format for HDMI and SCARTOne-press toggling of Subtitles and Audio
    Previous channel facility
    'Play all' feature for On Demand series
    anything else people want to add?

    Subtitles on iPlayer
    Life | 1967 Plus Radio | 1000 Classical Hits | Kafka's World
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  • Any way to see ICONS in Open and Close Dialog boxes?

    Is there any way to see ICONS in Open and Close Dialog boxes, instead of just lists of items names?
    I know you can preview one at a time, but I'd love to see all my artwork as picture icons, just as you can in a finder window.
    Windows does this, but not OSX that I know of. Is there a third party app that enables you to see icon view in the Open and Close Dialogs?

    Thank you Steve Jobs. I guess that feature has been added in Leopard. Now there really is nothing that I'll miss from Windoze.

  • Open dialog box....

    Hi Everyone,
    I have designed a form in which user has to input the path where he wants to save his report.
    Like c:\test.PDF
    what i want to do is that when user click a button againts this field a dialog box should appear in which he can select the location, like in Notepad File > Open or File Save.
    and after selecting the path and closing the box the path should be display in the text field which i have provid to my user. Is it possible to attach the default file extension automatically in the text box?
    like if user have written c:\test it should be automatically converted into c:\test.PDF? Any Idea?
    How is this posible in Developer 6i. I will be very thankful if someone can help me solving this problem.

    use GET_FILE_NAME - it's documented in the help - client server only

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    I just inherited a Imac G4 and I want to connect it to my TV using HDMI. It looks like I need a DVI to HDMI, and the cable I bought looks right, but doesn't seem to fit. What cable to I need? This is the one I originally bought: http://www.cablewhole

  • Why does my iPad keep losing the Internet?

    I keep having to reboot my iPad as it keeps on dropping its connection to my wireless network. Other devices, iPhone, laptop etc don't have this problem so I don't think it is a problem with the network, can anyone help?

  • How to append paragraph in text file of TextEdit application using applescript

    how to append paragraph in text file of TextEdit application using applescript and how do i save as different location.

  • How to reorganise a RDA application without getting error  RSSTATMAN042?

    Hallo RDA experts, according to this [presentation|] SAP  wants us to reorganise a RDA application frequently (see slide 37): "Data has to be dele