Unable to debug an exit in CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003

Hi Guys,
I have an exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 that is called by CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003. I had placed a break point at
CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003 and the debugger stops here but i am unable to debug inside this to reach into
the code in EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 even after setting the system debugging on & Update debugging
Can someone help me with this?

You have to include that Enhancement of that exit in the Project and Activate that project in the CMOD.
The Enhancement for the exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 is V45A0003.
Create a project in CMOD
And inclue V45A0003 in the project.
Activate the Project.
Now, it will stop at break point.
Naimesh Patel

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  • Unable to set breakpoint at statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION

    I am try to set break point at CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION , to know the exit name for VA01 screen.
    But even after setting the break point it is not stopping . can anyone tell me wht could be the problem.
    i am setting like this ,
    1) entering '/h'
    3) Enter.
    mineis Ecc 5.0 version.
    please let me know

    Here is the final answer to your problem.
    CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION does NOT call the function module if it is not linked to an active project. Thus, a break-point in the function module will be ineffective.
    So make sure you have linked it to a project.
    Also refer this nice link on wiki for User Exits.
    [Customer Exits (CMOD)|http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/ABAP/CustomerExits%28CMOD%29]
    Hope this solves your problem, close the thread if it does solve.
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  • User exit call customer function 002 is not getting trigerred

    I am using the user exit call customer function 002 in the function module idoc_input_proact to trigger and idoc.my problem is that the user exit is not geting triggered.
    please help me gurus as this the last day for finishing thw work.
    Asish dash

    it means tthat, u are applying a wrong exit in the pgm.
    try to once again search for the suitable exits for your program.
    try this:
    how to find the customer exits for a particular transaction
    check out the pgm in this thread:
    Re: Find User Exits

  • Call function and call customer function

    Can anybody let me know what is the difference between CALL FUNCTION AND CALL CUSTOMER- FUNCTION .
    i know call customer- function is used while we r working on user exits .
    but is their any specific reason of difference ...

    CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION function_exit parameter_list.
    This statement can be used in programs delivered by SAP. It includes the function module exit specified in function_exit . The function module exit is a customer exit. In an SAP program, it enables you to call a function module provided by SAP and implemented by the customer.
    The indicator function_exit must be a three-digit text field literal. A function module exit is specified by SAP using the transaction SMOD and can be activated using the transaction CMOD in customer systems.
    Specifications by SAP
    An empty or partly implemented function module must be assigned to the function module exit using the transaction SMOD. The name of the function module consists of EXIT_, the program name, which contains the statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION, and the three-digit indicator in function_exit. The interface of the function module is completely defined by SAP.
    Activation in the customer system
    The transaction CMOD enables the customer to implement the source code of the function module within an enhancement project and to activate the function module exit. If the function module exit is not activated, the statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION is ignored. If the function module is activated, the corresponding function module is called in the same way as the general function module call.
    Syntax and meaning of the parameter_list for the assignment of the actual parameters to formal parameters and for the exception handling are the same as in a general function module call. It is not possible to dynamically fill the interface.
    CALL FUNCTION func { parameter_list
                       | parameter_tables }.
    This statement calls the function module specified in func. The identifier func must be a character-type data object, which contains the name of a function module in uppercase letters during the statement execution. Each function module of an SAP system has a unique name, which is why you need not specify the function group.
    Use additions parameter_list or parameter_tables (as of release 6.10) to statically or dynamically assign actual parameters to the formal parameters of the function module and return values to the non-class-based exceptions.
    If the name of a function module is specified by a constant or as a literal, the extended syntax check can check the statement.
    Catchable Exceptions
    Cause: The called function is known but not active.
    Cause: The called function is unknown.
    Cause: The type of the actual parameter does not fulfill the requirements of the function interface.
    Cause: The actual parameter does not have the length expected by the function.
    Cause: The actual parameter does not have the type expected by the function.
    Cause: Only those functions can be called in the update task that are intended for it.
    Runtime Error: CALL_FUNCTION_NO_VB
    Cause: An actual parameter does not fulfill the alignment requirements of the respective formal parameter.
    Cause: The function expects a parameter, which has not been passed by the caller.
    Cause: The caller has passed a parameter, which is not known to the function.
    plz reward points if it helps

  • Can we call custom functions in view objects?

    Can we call custom functions in view objects?these custom functions are from my backing bean...
    Please help.....

    You can certainly add code to your view objects to do whatever you like.
    However, it would be considered a very bad practice to call something in the backing bean from your view object. It violates the whole MVC design principle of ADF.
    Perhaps if you can share your real use case, someone will give you ideas about the best way to do it, but I, for one, would advise you to forget about calling a backing bean function from your view object.

  • Call Customer Functions.

    Hi All,
    What does the suffix "001" indicates in the command "Call     Customer Function 001" ? 
    What are different types of Call Customer Functions?
    In the Version ECC 6.0 There are some more functions which have been added such as 003, 004, 005.
    Can anyone help me out from this differences ?
    Thanks & Regards,
    Swamy Kunche.

    Hi Swamy,
    If you have seen the components (function modules) of an enhancement from transaction SMOD, you see the name of the function module is structured as
    This nnn takes values e.g. 001, 002 etc.
    Hence when you call
    CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001' ... it calls the EXIT_<main_program>_001 function module in the respective enhancement.
    Basically these function modules (components) in an enhanement are called from different pre-defined in the standard program and are there for you to modify standard processing. Hence additino of more components 003 etc. means SAP has given more support for customization/enhancement.

  • CALL Customer-Function '002' ... doesn't stop at the break-point...

    I've put a break point in one of the function module, which was called by such :
    CALL Customer-Function '002'...
    But it wouldn't stop at my break-point...
    William Wilstroth

    Hi gentlemen,
    I am still analysing on this issue. Will get back to everyone on this....
    I suspect most likely is the naming convention in the function group and the function module is conflicting. There was an information from my colleague that there is background internal (customized) checking on the function group and fm naming convention checking...
    So I will see how my analysis goes on this... that is affecting my breakpoints...
    Thanks for all your help and advices..,
    William Wilstroth

  • Unable to debug user exit in CRM BW  (EXIT_SAPLRSAP)

    Hi Gurus,
    Please help me to debug user exit in CRM BW.
    I am using below enhancement
    RSAP0001 (Customer function calls in the service API)
    Datasource is ZSTAONESYS0_TEXT
    The extract structure
    I have modified is "CRM_BIW_ST_T"
    Data Source "I_CHABASNM"
    CASE i_chabasnm.
    ZSTAONESYS0_TEXT -- Data source name
        CLEAR l_s_crm_biw_st_t .
        LOOP AT  c_t_texts   INTO  l_s_crm_biw_st_t .
          l_tabix = sy-tabix.
          SELECT SINGLE * FROM crm_jest
                   INTO   wa_status
                   WHERE   inact  =  ' '.
          SHIFT wa_status-stat LEFT DELETING LEADING space.
          CLEAR l_stat.
          l_stat = wa_status-stat(1).
          IF  l_stat  = 'E'.
            l_s_crm_biw_st_t-bwstoppt   = wa_status-stat+3(2).
            MODIFY  c_t_texts  FROM l_s_crm_biw_st_t
                                  INDEX l_tabix.
    Should I use a BADI?
    It would be great if you could give me
    relevant definition name for creating new BADI.
    Can I use "CRM_BWA_MFLOW" ?
    I promise to return and reward the answers.
    Really heart warming
    to see the dedication/ participation of
    Bhanu Gupta / A.H.P / Pizzaman and many others
    Thanks in advance, :-D
    AbyJacob, Bangalore

    Dear SB,
    I was able to Debug my user exit successfully.
    ==>include ZXRSAU02. "EXIT_SAPLRSAP_003"
    You guys are really a big help
    Keep up the good work.
    Special Thanks to SDN community
    warm regards,
    Aby Jacob, Bangalore

  • Issue with calling custom function in merge command -10g

    I have ran into issue while calling a custom function in merge command.
    It throws error 'Invalid identifier'. Oracle doesnt understand that it is a function and take the function name as column name.
    Since no such collumn name exists, it throws 'Invalid identifier'.
    Interestingly, merge command works fine when it has a oracle function (replace, decode).
    The oracle version is
    It is very urgent.
    Any pointers will be helpful.

    I don't have privileges to create dblink, but this is working for me.
    So, i don't think function can be a issue here.
    satyaki>select * from v$version;
    Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE      Production
    TNS for Linux: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    Elapsed: 00:00:01.02
    satyaki>create table hist_tab
      2     as
      3       select * from emp
      4       where sal between 2000 and 4000;
    Table created.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.09
    satyaki>select * from hist_tab;
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO JOB1      DOB
          7844 TURNER     SALESMAN        7698 08-SEP-81       2178          0         30 SALESMAN
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    satyaki>update hist_tab
      2     set mgr = 7794;
    1 row updated.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.01
    Commit complete.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    satyaki>select * from hist_tab;
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO JOB1      DOB
          7844 TURNER     SALESMAN        7794 08-SEP-81       2178          0         30 SALESMAN
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    satyaki>create table tran_tab
      2     as
      3       select * from emp
      4       where sal between 2000 and 7000;
    Table created.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    satyaki>select * from tran_tab;
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO JOB1      DOB
          7844 TURNER     SALESMAN        7698 08-SEP-81       2178          0         30 SALESMAN
          7902 FORD       ANALYST         7566 03-DEC-81    5270.76                    20 ANALYST
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  create or replace function fun(c_in number)
      2     return number
      3     is
      4       c_out number(4);
      5     begin
      6       if c_in < 7900 then
      7          c_out := 0;
      8       else
      9         c_out := 1;
    10       end if;
    11       return c_out;
    12*    end;
    13  /
    Function created.
    Elapsed: 00:00:01.00
    satyaki>merge into hist_tab o
      2  using (
      3     select empno,
      4            ename,
      5            job,
      6            mgr,
      7            hiredate,
      8            sal,
      9            comm,
    10            deptno,
    11            job1,
    12            dob
    13     from (
    14              select k.*,
    15                     rank() over(order by fun(k.empno)) rn
    16              from tran_tab k
    17          )
    18     where rn = 1
    19     ) n
    20  on ( o.empno = n.empno)
    21  when matched then
    22    update set o.ename = n.ename,
    23               o.job = n.job,
    24               o.mgr = n.mgr,
    25               o.hiredate = n.hiredate,
    26               o.sal = n.sal,
    27               o.comm = n.comm,
    28               o.deptno = n.deptno,
    29               o.job1 = n.job1,
    30               o.dob = n.dob
    31  when not matched then
    32    insert(
    33            o.empno,
    34            o.ename,
    35            o.job,
    36            o.mgr,
    37            o.hiredate,
    38            o.sal,
    39            o.comm,
    40            o.deptno,
    41            o.job1,
    42            o.dob
    43          )
    44    values(
    45            n.empno,
    46            n.ename,
    47            n.job,
    48            n.mgr,
    49            n.hiredate,
    50            n.sal,
    51            n.comm,
    52            n.deptno,
    53            n.job1,
    54            n.dob
    55          );
    1 row merged.
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.03
    satyaki>select * from hist_tab;
         EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO JOB1      DOB
          7844 TURNER     SALESMAN        7698 08-SEP-81       2178          0         30 SALESMAN
    Elapsed: 00:00:00.00
    satyaki>You can check the final output with old output. It is working perfectly - i guess.
    Satyaki De.

  • Can we Call Custom function in Background? VERY URGENT

    Hi All,
    Can one one tell me can we call a custom function module in background. Is it possible or not. If yes plz tell how.
    In the custom function module I am updating a data base table using UPDATE statement. Can help me on this issue.

    Yes..You can call a customer function module in BACKGROUND ...
    1 Make the custom FM as remote enabled..
    2) Yes..You can write UPDATE statement..


    I need to develop the Idoc type extension for DEBMAS06.
    Following is done:-
    I have added the segments and added the extended Idoc type to message type.
    I have added the function module, message type, Basic Idoc type and Ext Idoc type.
    I have created the project also.
    Now I need to write the code in the include ZXVSVU01 of the Exit EXIT_SAPLVV01_001.
    Do I need to write the code for the extended segment data? How should I refer to the global data?
    While debugging control does not go into the Z include, why?
    The function module is MASTERIDOC_CREATE_DEBMAS.
    I will appreciate if help can be extended in understanding about it.

    Here will create the segments for extend our idocs.
    Example: 'ZDUMMY'
    -> Write a short description and field name.
    -> Data element = CHAR1 (will create a new field in the idoc with 1 character extension)
    -> Save (developer permissions needed)
    -> At development object select 'extension'
    -> Write a name for object name (8 char extension). For MATMAS IDOC extension i create ZMATEX01. Click on 'create' button.
    -> Now we will select the IDOC link. Select 'create new', and link to a basic type (MATMAS05 in our example). Don't forget to write a description (will be usefull in the future for identificate correspondances).
    -> Select IDOC substructure where wich will be extended. Click on header and 'create segment' (you can paste from clipboard with 'insert' button).
    -> Select ZDUMMY segment created before.
    -> Save and fill package and transport order for this modification.
    -> Release segment from toolbar (Utilities)
    Add Message Type (MATMAS), Basic Type (MATMAS05), Extension (ZMATEX01) and Release.
    All it's done! So now you can use your new IDOC. For SAP XI, must import again to your integration scenario. Check ZDUMMY field at the segment you have selected.
    <b>Reward points</b>

  • Debug gives non-exect.,Call Library Function: no library specified error?

    I have installed the VISA 2.6 as mentioned in order to be able to see the VIs for my TDS5104 scope. The VIs are still not exectuable because of this library function call. I have followed all instructions pertaining to the labview add on, etc. I have the tektronix drivers installed. How do I fix this error so that I can actually program my specific solution?

    I looked for the instruments driver at www.ni.com/idnet and found NI Instrument Drivers Network: TDS 5054 Multi-Environment Plug and Play Instrument Driver for the instrument. This driver is developed by Tektronix.
    I don't have the driver available, but it is most likely that the Library node VIs can not find the dll. Go to the VIs that are not executable, right click on the library call node and select configure. Note the path and the name of the dll the node is configured to use. You can then look for the dll in your system. You have 2 options: change the path in the node to point at the location of the dll or copy the dll to the location the node is expecting to find it. Any of
    those should make the node executable.
    Hope this helps.
    National InstrumentsMessage Edited by Molly K on 02-18-2005 11:02 PM

  • Problem with User exits when using custom fm

    Hi everybody,
    I am processing an IDoc using fm IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM. Nos I had to copy this to Z_...
    And this fm has a sun-routine that calls User-exits. When I am using the standard fm, the UEs are being checked for active and executing the logic in the UE. But when I am processing IDoc using Z_...fm, the system is checking if the UEs are active. Its also active and now the cursor is coming to CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '014'. But here when I press F5 in Debug, the cursor moves to the next statement after this function call without executing the user- exits. I dont know why its not executing the UE.
    Is there any setting that I need to make?
    thanks in advance

    Hi Vamsi,
    User exits are specific to the object they are included in. So when you have a "CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '011'" in IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM and when you have "CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '011'" in your Z function module, they are two different things.
    The purpose of a user exit is that you can include your logic in there within the limits defined by the object and without repairing the system. If you copied it, then you don't need the user exit anymore, as that copied object is your custom object and you can incorporate anything you want within main source code itself. If you really thing you should have that user exit, then double click on the call function statement, the system will ask if you want to create the function module, say yes and proceed with the creation.
    But I don't see any reason why you will copy a standard IDOC function module(while you could have used a user exit in there) and still want to use the user exit functionality. Once you copied, it is your object and you don't need a user exit to insert code into your own object.
    Hope this is clear.

  • Call customer

    Hi Experts,
    We can find user exits by finding call customer function in the main program.
    After finding the function how can we know about menu or field or screen exit with that function?

    Yes we can.
    When you find the corresponding Customer Exit just double click on it it will go to the corresponding exhancement.
    Reward all helpfull answers.

  • Customer Exit not called upon in the Query...

    Dear Guys,
    I am working on the "Slow Moving Item(MC46)" report in BW.We need "No.of Days Not consumed" in the Input selection screen in the BW Query.We tried creating a Formula variable upon "Calday" with Data type "Numeric" and then a Customer Exit is called to the Subtract the "No. of days not consumed" from "Today's date(System Date)" and gives the result as "Earlier date" .
    (Eg: Today's Date : 04-04-08
           No. of Days Consumed : 30
           ZSlow_Mov_Date          : 03-03-08).
    But for some reason the Customer exit is not called upon when we execute the Query (RSRT-->Execute + Debug option)..Can someone take time to throw some light on this,plz?

    Hello Arun,  
    In the User Exit Code, please check at what I_STEP value the variable exit is called.
    See this link for more info about I_STEP
    [Dependencies for Variables of Type Customer Exit |http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/1d/ca10d858c2e949ba4a152c44f8128a/frameset.htm]

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