Unable to run Enterprise Services Builder

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration  7.1
When I  try to launch  Process Integration Tools -> Enterprise Services Builder (or Integration Builder Directory), links: http://v2:51400/rep/start/repository.jnlp and http://v2:51400/dir/start/directory.jnlp  respectively, I receive following error:
An error occurred while launching/running the application.
Title: Enterprise Services Repository
Vendor: SAP AG
Category: Download Error
Unable to load resource: http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar
java.io.IOException: HTTP response 404
     at com.sun.javaws.cache.DownloadProtocol.doDownload(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.cache.DownloadProtocol.getDownloadSize(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.LaunchDownload.downloadJarFiles(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.LaunchDownload.downloadEagerorAll(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.downloadResources(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.handleApplicationDesc(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.handleLaunchFile(Unknown Source)
     at com.sun.javaws.Launcher.run(Unknown Source)
     at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Buy the way, under Java Web Start Configuration i have changed proxy properties to u201CDirect Connectionu201D.
JNLP file looks as follows:
<jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://v2:51400/run/">
    <title>Enterprise Services Repository</title>
    <vendor>SAP AG</vendor>
    <homepage href="http://www.sap.com"/>
    <description>Enterprise Services Repository</description>
    <icon href="http://v2:51400/run/start/graphics/sap6464.gif" width="64" kind="default"/>
    <icon href="http://v2:51400/run/start/graphics/SAP3232.gif" width="32" kind="default"/>
    <j2se initial-heap-size="33554432" max-heap-size="536870912" version="1.5+"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar" part="part-9" download="eager" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.core.jar" part="part-9" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.rb.jar" part="part-9" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.client.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.core.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.rb.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.gui.lib.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.rb.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.util.lib.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mapping.lib.jar" part="part-17" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.upload.core.jar" part="part-23" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.upload.sap.jar" part="part-25" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xi.mapping.tool.lib_api.jar" part="part-21" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xi.flib.lib_api.jar" part="part-0" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.aii.utilxi.core.jar" part="part-28" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.aii.utilxi.gui.jar" part="part-39" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.util.rb.jar" part="part-28" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.aii.proxy.gen.jar" part="part-22" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/frog.jar" part="part-128" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/jta.jar" part="part-168" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/ejb20.jar" part="part-166" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcsapxmltoolkit~sapxmltoolkit.jar" part="part-83" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcexception~impl.jar" part="part-123" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcloggingjavaimpl.jar" part="part-130" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcblguidgeneratorimpl.jar" part="part-124" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/jperflib.jar" part="part-59" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcblniimpl.jar" part="part-127" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcjeclientlibimpl.jar" part="part-63" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/sap.comtcbljarmjarm.jar" part="part-132" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenComposite.jar" part="part-135" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGraph.jar" part="part-144" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGraphics.jar" part="part-157" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGenerics.jar" part="part-136" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGui.jar" part="part-134" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenGuiResource.jar" part="part-159" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.maestro.jar" part="part-9" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/tenSkeleton.jar" part="part-160" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/iaik_jsse.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/iaik_smime.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/iaik_ssl.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>
    <jar href="http://v2:51400/run/repository/w3c_http.jar" part="part-164" download="lazy" main="false"/>
  <application-desc main-class="com.sap.aii.ibrep.gui.appl.ApplicationImpl">
Itu2019s not a problem with host or port inaccessibility (I already got access to start page, sld, Runtime WorkBench, etc.).
Letu2019s look closer to, for example, library url : http://v2:51400/run/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar (taken from jnlp file content). When I paste it to the browser I get error u201CThe requested resource does not exist.u201D (as I expected). So I have changed root in the url from u201Crunu201D to u201Crepu201D (correspondingly to XI 3.0 and PI 7.0) u2013  http://v2:51400/rep/repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar  and I succeed  in downloading single library file!!!!.
But!!!! I canu2019t change jnlp file content either on client (because itu2019s overwritten every time I launch the application) and server (because  it is generated form template and system properties every time I launch the application) side, so itu2019s not solution but shows that there is something wrong with library resources or/and with jnlp script generation on PI 7.1 platform (why urls in jnlp script points to resources which does not exists in expected location?).
The question is : How to run properly Enterprise Services Builder and Integration Builder Directory on PI 7.1 platform and what is the reason of errors I have described above.

Hi Szymon,
thanks for the suggestion.
I had a a bit spot of bother, too.
I found out that my Java didn't inherit browser proxy settings, even if corresponding flag was checked (I don't know why...).
I manually set proxy properties in Java and now ESB run
hope this help someone else

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    as explained in the link above, i find the com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar but i don't understand where i have to put it!!!
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://PI-CIPRGIA1:50000/rep/">
            <title>Enterprise Services Repository</title>
            <vendor>SAP AG</vendor>
            <homepage href="http://www.sap.com"/>
            <description type="one-line">Enterprise Services Repository</description>
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            <j2se version="1.5+" initial-heap-size="32m" max-heap-size="512m"/><!-- ==================================================================
            ATTENTION: When modifying references in this file, remember to update
                       the corresponding files from the test-apps too!
                      (see repository_test.jnlp in &quot;_ibrep_test/webapp/start&quot; )
            =================================================================== ><!Do not define parts or packages! This will be done automatically ><! XI jars -->
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.client.jar" download="lazy" part="part-69"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.core.jar" download="lazy" part="part-69"/>
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            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mt.util.lib.jar" download="lazy" part="part-81"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.mapping.lib.jar" download="lazy" part="part-77"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ib.upload.core.jar" download="lazy" part="part-83"/>
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            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xi.mapping.tool.lib_api.jar" download="lazy" part="part-81"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xi.flib.lib_api.jar" download="lazy" part="part-60"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.aii.utilxi.core.jar" download="lazy" part="part-88"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.aii.utilxi.gui.jar" download="lazy" part="part-99"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.util.rb.jar" download="lazy" part="part-88"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.aii.proxy.gen.jar" download="lazy" part="part-82"/>
            <jar href="repository/frog.jar" download="lazy" part="part-192"/><!-- Engine and other components -->
            <jar href="repository/jta.jar" download="lazy" part="part-263"/>
            <jar href="repository/ejb20.jar" download="lazy" part="part-261"/>
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcsapxmltoolkit~sapxmltoolkit.jar" download="lazy" part="part-146"/>
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcexception~impl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-186"/>
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcloggingjavaimpl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-195"/>
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcblguidgeneratorimpl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-187"/>
            <jar href="repository/jperflib.jar" download="lazy" part="part-119"/>
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcblniimpl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-191"/><!-- required for CSN-connection -->
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcjeclientlibimpl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-127"/>
            <jar href="repository/sap.comtcbljarmjarm.jar" download="lazy" part="part-197"/><!-- Tensegrity Libs -->
            <jar href="repository/tenComposite.jar" download="lazy" part="part-229"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenGraph.jar" download="lazy" part="part-238"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenGraphics.jar" download="lazy" part="part-251"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenGenerics.jar" download="lazy" part="part-69"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenGui.jar" download="lazy" part="part-8"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenGuiResource.jar" download="lazy" part="part-253"/><!-- Maestro><!jar href=&quot;repository/maestro_ib.jar&quot; download=&quot;lazy&quot; /-->
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.maestro.core.jar" download="lazy" part="part-69"/>
            <jar href="repository/com.sap.xpi.ibrep.maestro.model.jar" download="lazy" part="part-69"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenSkeleton.jar" download="lazy" part="part-204"/>
            <jar href="repository/tenLookAndFeel.jar" download="lazy" part="part-8"/>
            <jar href="repository/jaxb-api.jar" download="lazy" part="part-264"/>
            <jar href="repository/jaxb-impl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-0"/>
            <jar href="repository/jaxb-xjc.jar" download="lazy" part="part-0"/>
            <jar href="repository/jsr173_1.0_api.jar" download="lazy" part="part-265"/>
            <jar href="repository/activation.jar" download="lazy" part="part-199"/><!-- end Maestro><! Aris Client -->
            <jar href="repository/arismethod.jar" download="lazy" part="part-24"/>
            <jar href="repository/JimiProClasses.jar" download="lazy" part="part-206"/>
            <jar href="repository/jide.jar" download="lazy" part="part-40"/>
            <jar href="repository/client.jar" download="lazy" part="part-14"/><!-- Aris Core -->
            <jar href="repository/jaxb-api.jar" download="lazy" part="part-264"/>
            <jar href="repository/jaxb-impl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-0"/>
            <jar href="repository/jaxb1-impl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-0"/>
            <jar href="repository/jsr173_1.0_api.jar" download="lazy" part="part-265"/>
            <jar href="repository/jh.jar" download="lazy" part="part-204"/>
            <jar href="repository/js.jar" download="lazy" part="part-289"/>
            <jar href="repository/y.jar" download="lazy" part="part-302"/>
            <jar href="repository/cl_locale.jar" download="lazy" part="part-14"/>
            <jar href="repository/cl_locale_de.jar" download="lazy" part="part-14"/>
            <jar href="repository/cl_locale_en.jar" download="lazy" part="part-14"/>
            <jar href="repository/y-utils-2.jar" download="lazy" part="part-39"/>
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            <jar href="repository/y-guiframework.jar" download="lazy" part="part-25"/>
            <jar href="repository/y-graphics-3.jar" download="lazy" part="part-25"/>
            <jar href="repository/y-lipo-1.jar" download="lazy" part="part-34"/>
            <jar href="repository/y-reportdesigner-client-2.jar" download="lazy" part="part-37"/>
            <jar href="repository/y-reportdesigner-common-2.jar" download="lazy" part="part-38"/>
            <jar href="repository/jdom.jar" download="lazy" part="part-10"/>
            <jar href="repository/y-graphlayout-2.jar" download="lazy" part="part-26"/><!-- only for repository, when build is adapted
            &lt;jar href=&quot;repository/sapjco.jar&quot; download=&quot;lazy&quot; component=&quot;aris&quot;/&gt;
            &lt;nativelib href=&quot;repository/sap-rfc-windows.jar&quot; download=&quot;lazy&quot; component=&quot;aris&quot;/&gt;
            ><! end Aris ><! ssl libs -->
            <jar href="repository/iaik_jsse.jar" download="lazy" part="part-13"/>
            <jar href="repository/iaik_smime.jar" download="lazy" part="part-13"/>
            <jar href="repository/iaik_ssl.jar" download="lazy" part="part-13"/>
            <jar href="repository/w3c_http.jar" download="lazy" part="part-13"/>
            <property name="jnlp.log.initialConfiguration" value="FILE, SIMPLE"/>
            <property name="jnlp.com.sap.boot" value="rep,native"/>
        <property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.ibrep.core.cms.enableTransportWizard" value="false"/><property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.ibrep.core.transport.doubleFormatExport.showFlag" value="false"/><property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.docu.url" value="null"/><property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.connect.landscape.httpport" value="50000"/><property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.ib.client.content.languages" value="EN,DE"/><property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.ibdir.core.transport.doubleFormatExport.showFlag" value="false"/><property name="jnlp.com.sap.aii.ibrep.core.aris.AllowBroadReportAccess" value="false"/><property
    [missing part due to post limits......]
        <application-desc main-class="com.sap.aii.ibrep.gui.appl.ApplicationImpl">
        &lt;application-desc main-class=&quot;com.sap.aii.ib.gui.applcomp.BootLoader&quot;&gt;

    Hi all,
    trying to fix the problems above with Enterprise Sercvice Builder i have made a mistake:
    i have undeployed SAP_XIESR  and now i can't find it anymore!
    the link where i find the ESR and Service Registry is no more accessible!
    is the undeploy reversible?
    these are the details:
    from NWDS , deployment perspective, from tab undeploy view i selected SAP_XIESR added in the list of things to undeploy and run undeploy
    this SAP_XIESR  is now vanished, when i make that action i thought that it was reversible, but now i can't find SAP_XIESR  in no place around!!!
    how can i reverse that action?

  • Unable to start Enterprise Service Builder

    ES builder for Netweaver CE
    Current SP installed: SP05
    Hi... even with SP5, i still could not start the ES builder from client side.
    FYI, it can be started from the mahcine which CE is installed, however, the machine is a VM, 4Gb of RAM assignmed. 
    Anyone solved this issue?

    Can you make sure there's JRE/Java Webstart in the client system where the ESR is tried to be started? Because JRE/Java Webstart is mandatory to start the ESR.

  • ESB(Enterprise Services Builder) access error after PI 7.1 install

    We have installed PI 7.1 system. Everything went well with installation.
    We can access all the components such as RWB, Directory, SLD,...
    However when we try to access ESB(Enterprise Services Builder) we are geting the following error:
    "Cannot connect to server using message server: ms://si5host:8106/P4"
    We checked the exchange profile parameters and  com.sap.aii.connect.repository.mshttpport is having 8106 value.
    Did any one face such an issue. Please respond.

    The problem is resolved for us.
    The problem was caused because we did nt have a "FULLY QUALIFIED SERVER NAME" in the exchange profile parameters on the JAVA side.
    Once we had the  FULLY QUALIFIED SERVER NAME the issue was resolved.
    Hope this helps other people who run into the same issue.

  • Enterprise Services Builder

    Hi all,
    I have a got a problem with opening Enterprise Services Builder, I'm unable to Open ESB of PI.
    I'm getting the below error after i entered User name and Password of ESB
    Could not Initialize class com.sap.aii.ibrep.gui.xiitem.InternalXiItemServiceForTypeObjects
    Internal problem occured(INTERNAL_PROBLEM)
    Please help me in resolving this issue.

    Hi Preethi,
      You can go to integration builder page and there in the right hand top corner you can see administration tab just click on that and then login with your user credentials,
    go to Repository tab in the left hand side and then javawebstart administration -->Reinitialization and also click on Reinitialization force start
    FOLLOW the Same for directory tab also.
    It should work if still it is not working you can try uninstalling your java/j2sdk and reinstall j2sdk 1.4.2....

  • Problem with models in the enterprise service builder

    Hi all,
    I get this message from the enterprise service builder, when i double click on one of the models on the tree on the left of the builder itself.
    the message says:
    Error Initializing Business Modeling
    Initialization of business modeling cannot be started. You cannot work with business modeling. Check tht all required configutarion objects are available
    i made all the wizards suggested in /people/werner.steyn/blog/2008/03/03/how-to-look-like-a-hero-with-netweaver-ce-esr-sr
    please someone can help me to understand what the massage means?
    what is a configuration object? what can i do to fix the problem?
    thank you very much


  • Logon Error Message - Enterprise Services Builder address not maintained

    Hi Experts,
    I'm about to start the configuration on PI PROD (PI 7.1) server, but I keep encountering an error, saying "Service cannot be reached"
    Service cannot be reached
    What has happened?
    URL http://hostname:port/nwa call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    The termination occurred in system PIP with error code 404 and for the reason Not found.
    The selected virtual host was 0 .
    What can I do?
    Please select a valid URL.
    If it is a valid URL, check whether service /nwa is active in transaction SICF.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    HTTP 404 - Not found
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team
    What's more weird is that I can't launch sxmb_ifr because 'Enterprise Services Builder address not maintained'.
    I already made some RFC Destination such as AI_DIRECTORY_JCOSERVER, AI_RUNTIME_JCOSERVER, LCRSAPRFC, and SAPSLDAPI and when I test the connection, here's the error message said 'Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=2 thRc=67'
    Thanks for the reply.

    Check if you have more than one system. If so, check whether host, port and URL of startpage are maintained on the correct one.
    Also, please follow the MANUAL steps of the SAP Help link below:
    Ensure you have created the RFC Destinations in the ABAP and Java Environment
    You need to create the following RFC destinations in transaction SM59
    (ABAP) and the Visual Administrator (Java):
    Last, please check whether, In tcode SM59, the destination INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI.
    The user maintained in the Logon tab should be PIISUSER
    and ensure he password is correct,and check if the destination will test successfully.
    All of those will solve this issue
    Caio Cagnani

  • Steps:- Import SWCV from SLD into  Enterprise service Builder

    Hi All,
    I have created new SWCV in SLD.
    What are the STEPS  :-mport SWCV from SLD into  Enterprise service Builder

    I am using PI 7.1. And there is no option showing  Tools --> Transfer from SLD .
    It has only Import Design Objects option.
    Please advice.

  • Enterprise Service Builder

    When i am trying to open the ESR(http://<hostName>:<PortNumber>/rep)
    when i click on Enterprise Service Builder there i can i find a pop-up repository.jpnl to SAVE
    Please let me know do i need to install anysoftware to open Enterprise Service Builder?

    as far as i know You do not need to install any additional software and you have to follow these steps
    in CE 7.1 have you to execute the esr.
    http://<host name>:port/nwa >Configuration Management>scenarios-->configuration wizard
    -->Configuration of ESR in CE
    and you have to add 3 .sca files and to add those sca files refer the wiki

  • Imported Object Enterprise Service Builder

    when Imported Object Enterprise Service Builder
    Connection data for the R/3 import is incomplete
    Open the software component version SAP BASIS 7.10 and
    enter the system and the client
    can not import MATMAS object
    How to resolve that problem

    Double click on teh software component version in ESR for which you want to import idoc. Then select the raido button import of idoc interface from sap systems permitted. Then give the R3 system information like the system name, client and then try once again. It is nothing related with technical and business system.
    step by step:
    double click on SWCV->
    Interface Import ->you have to provide system name , client  then ll try to import
    pls refer : http://forums.sdn.sap.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2143371&tstart=0

  • Import of Software Components to Enterprise Services Builder in XI/PI 7.10

    I'm searching for a way to import software components into the Enterprise Services Builder. My system is a XI/PI 7.10.
    I created the software component in the System Landscape Directory. Can anyone tell me a way how to import those components into the ESR?
    I cannot find import from system landscape directory in the tools tab.
    Thanks in Advance,

    <b>Hi Carsten,
    Its simple mate...just open "Enterprise Service Builder" page.There go to menu option "Object --> Create" or click on "Create Object" icon, then you'll get a window from where you can choose radio button "Import from SLD".
    And to create local software component from ESR itself  then click on radio button "Local Software Component Version".

  • Design Objects created in Enterprise Services Builder not appearing in Integration Builder

    I am fairly new to PI, so hoping someone can help.  I have created a number of design objects (DataType, MessageType, ServiceInterface, MessageMapping, OperationMapping).  I had also imported an RFC object successfully as well that is used in the creation of the design objects.  All have been saved and activated, and there are no apparent errors listed. 
    After saving and activating the objects, I went into Integration Builder, and created a new Configuration Scenario.  However, when trying to add in the Interface Determination, Receiver Determination, Sender Agreement, and Receiver Agreement, I do not see the the RFC object or design objects that were created in the Enterprise Services Builder.
    Can someone advise as to whether or not I have missed a step somewhere?  Or perhaps there is something else that I need to do before I can get the design objects and imported RFC object to appear in the Integration Builder?.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Tuan,
    Are you using Business System or Business Component.  If your using Business System you need to assign Software Component Version to Business System in SLD.  If your using Business Component you have to add the Interface Name Manually to the Business Component.  Please see the Below screen shot, you have to add Sender or Receiver Interface manually to proceed further step.

  • I canu00B4t work with Enterprise Service Builder

    I try to work on Enterprise Service Builder of PI 7.1, but I can't.
    1. Firstly, I access to log in by http:// <server>:50000/dir/start/index.jsp. Then I can log on to Enterprise Service Builder, on this step I don't have problems.
    2. Secondly I wait to open the application on my laptop.
    3. Then windows 7 try to open the application but I only see the preview view on my desktop of my laptop
    NOTE: I can work with Integration Builder, without any problems, it works perfectly.
    I have this characteristics
    SAP PI 7.1
    Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox 3.6
    JAVA 6
    Windows 7 Home Basic 32 bits
    I don't know if i need configure something on my computer or on my OS

    From Control Panel, go to Java -> General tab, Temporary Internet Files
    -> View... -> Delete all the content there.
    Then go to:
    > Integration buider page http://<host>:<port>/rep
    > Administration
    > Tab - Directory (Repository as well)
    > Java Web Start Administration
    > Restore Archives and Generate New Signature
    If that does not helps, then you may try re-deploying the XITOOLS components
    by using the JSPM and whe deploying, update it to the latest patch level.
    Caio Cagnani

  • Unable to test enterprise services in SAP SRM 7.0 EhP1

    Hi experts,
    For my recent project, we have enabled "PI Independent Enterprise Services" business function in our SRM 7.01 EhP1 system. While to trying to test some of the enterprise services, we are facing some error. I am pasting the request message and the response that I got from the enterprise service InternalRequestSRMByElementsQueryResponse_in. While defining the end point, I have used basic authentication settings. Note that I am testing this ES with my own user id and password which is a valid on for the SRM system. Can someone help please?
    Request message:
    POST /sap/bc/srt/xip/sapsrm/internalrequestsrmbyel/100/sapsrm_internalrequestsrmbyel/sapsrm_internalrequestsrmbyel_binding HTTP/1.1
    Host: <host>:<port>
    Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
    Connection: close
    Authorization: <value is hidden>
    SAP-PASSPORT: 2A54482A0300E60000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000064353632326163306235363431316530383330333030303030323337663833320000000002D5622AC0B56411E0830300000237F832D562EADFB56411E0AD3800000237F83200000001000000002A54482A
    Content-Length: 753
    SOAPAction: ""
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"><SOAP-ENV:Header><sapsess:Session xmlns:sapsess="http://www.sap.com/webas/630/soap/features/session/"><enableSession>true</enableSession></sapsess:Session></SOAP-ENV:Header><SOAP-ENV:Body><ns1:InternalRequestSRMByElementsQuery_sync xmlns:ns1='http://sap.com/xi/SAPGlobal20/Global'><InternalRequestSelectionByElements><CreationDatePeriod><StartDate>2011-04-01</StartDate><EndDate>2011-07-22</EndDate></CreationDatePeriod></InternalRequestSelectionByElements></ns1:InternalRequestSRMByElementsQuery_sync></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>
    Response that I got:
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    content-type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
    content-length: 915
    accept: text/xml
    sap-srt_id: 20110723/194910/v1.00_final_6.40/4E24C49F23184117E1008000097C2FFA
    sap-srt_server_info: SRM_100,167 ,http://sap.com/xi/SRM/SE/Global,InternalRequestSRMByElementsQueryResponse_in,InternalRequestSRMByElementsQuery_sync,126
    server: SAP NetWeaver Application Server / ABAP 702
    <soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soap-env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"><soap-env:Header/><soap-env:Body><n0:InternalRequestSRMByElementsResponse_sync xmlns:n0="http://sap.com/xi/SAPGlobal20/Global"><Log><BusinessDocumentProcessingResultCode>5</BusinessDocumentProcessingResultCode><MaximumLogItemSeverityCode>4</MaximumLogItemSeverityCode><Item><SeverityCode>4</SeverityCode><Note>Abort occurred; Internal request not read</Note></Item><Item><SeverityCode>4</SeverityCode><Note>Abort The attributes of the user are inconsistent or not defined. See transaction PPOMA_BBP. on Internal request level</Note></Item><Item><SeverityCode>4</SeverityCode><Note>Abort An exception with the type CX_GDT_CONVERSION occur red, but was neither handled locally, nor declared in a RAISING clause on Internal request level</Note></Item></Log></n0:InternalRequestSRMByElementsResponse_sync></soap-env:Body></soap-env:Envelope>

    Hi Gaurav,
    Thanks for responding. Yes, all the backend config are in place since I am able to successfully run an equivalent RFC (BBP_PD_SC_GETLIST) and another RFC named BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL from SE37. The problem seems to be something very specific to the ES. May I request you to run this ES at your end (if possible) and let me know the result possibly with the input and output message similar to the one I pasted in the origincal question.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Unable to consume Enterprise services from Visual Composer

    We have implemented ECC-SE 603 add-on in our ECC 6.0 system.
    We configured to set up a connection between our J2EE engine and the ES Workplace, to consume the Enterprise services from Visual Composer.
    But, we are unable to see the Enterprise Services in the Visual Composer.
    Kindly, let us know how to resolve this issue.

    please refer the following link

Maybe you are looking for

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