Usb hard drive connected to AirPort Extreme 5th gen not detectable

I connected a exFAT formatted HD via USB to my AirPort Extreme 5th gen.
I'd like to have access to it via my iMac as well as my gf's win laptop.
I only can se the drive in Airport utility but am not able to use it (copy files, read files I put on directly connected to my iMac).
so what could I do?
thank you in advance!
cheers Chris

Thank you!
That was a great hint. I can now access the external HD via my iMac.
on the other hand I'm no longer able to go online with my gf's win laptop.
there's no way to get an internet connection working.
I can see the wlan of the airport extreme but I am not able to log in...
I have no glue!
any help is highly appreciated.

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  • HT204057 Time machine back up via USB hard drive connected to Airport Extreme.

    Why did Apple stop supporting time machine back-up via USB hard drive connected to Airport Extreme?  It worked very well.

    Why did Apple stop supporting time machine back-up via USB hard drive connected to Airport Extreme?
    Time Machine backups are supported via USB hard drive connected to the AirPort Extreme"ac" version.
    Time Machine backups were not supported via USB hard drive connected to earlier versions of the AirPort Extreme.
    Some users who tried this on earlier version AirPort Extremes seemed to have some success with Time Machine backups....some had moderate success and some had no success with this. Count me in the "no success" category.
    See the topic about Time Machine support for USB disks in this Apple Support document:

  • XP sp3 cannot see usb hard drive connected to airport extreme 802.11n

    I have a sata drive that the airport utility recognizes. I attempted to follow the instructions from post HT1331 but no luck yet. I also reformatted the drive from ntfs to fat32 using vista but with the same result.
    I found another post while writing this one which solved my problem. It turns out how I formatted the drive wasn't usable by AEBS.
    Connecting Large USB Hard Drives to Airport Extreme
    I needed to format the drive using the instructions found below.
    After doing this and plugging in the drive I was able to use the drive intended. Since I had started the post I figured I would list the solution.

    I don't think two problem are related. Now, for PC, try to disable the firewall software if you ave one. Some firewall can block it, like for ex PC Tools firewall, or ZonaAlarm. Some of them you can configure to work with disk agent.

  • How do I access external hard drive connected to AirPort Extreme via iPad

    How do I access external hard drive connected to AirPort Extreme via iPad / windows laptop.
    I donot have a Mac and I use windows laptop.

    For your iPad, you will need an app, like FileBrowser, to access the external drive.
    For your Windows laptop, you would access the drive like any other network share. The basic format is: \\<servername>\<sharename>, where, in this case, the servername is the base station name and the sharename is the name of the external drive.

  • How to access a USB disk drive connected to Airport Extreme from a Windows 7 PC?

    How can I access a USB disk drive connected to Airport Extreme from a Windows 7 PC?

    ...Called it a roaming network.  Wireless mode is create a wireless network. I have checked allow this network to be extended.  Probably need to uncheck that?
    Yes, that option should be deselected as it only pertains to when both routers are interconnected by wireless. Since you have a roaming network, they of course, would be interconnected by Ethernet.
    The other important settings for a roaming network are:
    Each router must have a unique station name. For the AirPort, this would be called its Base Station Name. I believe the default station name for Linksys routers is: linksys
    Each router must broadcast a wireless network with an identical Network Name. For the Linksys, Network Name is the same as its SSID.
    Each router wireless network must use the same Wireless Security type and password. The Linksys WRT-54G is capable of up to WPA2 Personal. If you have it set to this level of security, the AirPort should be at the same setting.
    Make sure that each router is not on the same Radio Channel for the 2.4 GHz radio. In the US, there are basically only three non-overlapping channels: 1, 6, or 11. Set each so that they don't use the same channel but use of those three choices.

  • Can i access music on my hard drive connected to airport extreme with my iphone 5

    Can I access  photos and music on my usb hard drive connected to an airport extreme using an iPhone 5? I can access theme with mac and pc.
    Thanks, Kevex.

    Yes, but not out of the box. You have to download an app like FileBrowser.

  • Using Time Machine w/external hard drive connected to airport extreme

    I hooked up an external hard drive on my airport extreme. I see it in sharing, however, Time Machine doesn't recognize it as a back-up drive unless I have it directly connected to my MacBook Pro. How do I get Time Machine to recognize the external drive when it's connected to the airport?

    FWIW, the AEBS has known problems sharing a directly connected HD. Take a look over in the AEBS forums, and you'll see that this is a very common problem. Perhaps Apple will update the firmware and rectify this problem.

  • I have linked my seagate hard drive to my airport extreme but can not seem to find it in finder any ideas

    Hi Help Please
    i have just linked an external hard drive to my airport extreme but it does not seem to appear in finder under shared !!!! any ideas

    i have plugged the hard drive into a usb router which in turn is plugged to to the AEBS it is visible in airport utility but then can not find it anywhere else!!
    First, the drive must be formatted correctly to work at the USB port of the AEBS. That means a format of Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or FAT32. NTFS will not work.
    You need to have a powered USB hub, even if the hard drive has its own power supply
    Next, you may not have configured the Finder Preferences to display a connected hard drive. Please follow these steps:
    o Click anywhere on the open desktop so that the Finder menus appear at the top of the screen
    o Click Finder, then click Preferences
    o Click the General tab
    o Under the heading of "Show these itmes on the desktop", make sure you have a check mark next to Connected Servers
    Restart both the AirPort Extreme and your Mac
    Open Finder and check under the SHARED heading for your AirPort Extreme icon
    Click on your AirPort Extreme and a folder will appear in the window to the right representing your hard drive
    Double click the folder to mount the drive on the desktop
    Hopefully, you are not planning to try to backup files using the Time Machine application, as this is not supported by Apple.

  • Connecting to an external hard drive connected to airport extreme via usb

    I have two computers running off my airport extreme base station. I have a desktop computer connected via an ethernet connection and i have a laptop that connects wirelessly. I have an external hard drive connected via the usb on my Airport. I installed my airport disk utility software on my desktop as it is the computer i store all my itunes material on and it syncs to my ATV. I am able to see my external hard drive as a networked drive on my desktop, and it works fine. However i am not able to see the networked drive on my laptop. I am running Norton 360 on both machines and both machines are running Windows Vista.
    Do I have to install the Airport Disk Utility on both machines? I have read thru lots of threads about this and have not been able to solve this problem. I have gone into my firewall settings and allowed file sharing on my laptop. I cannot think of anything else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is the main reason I purchased my Airport Extreme.

    I have exactly the same set-up, but I can see the portable drive with my MacBookPro but not with the PC connected by an ethernet cable to the Airport Extreme. How did you get the PC to see the portable drive on the Airport?

  • Can a PC share a hard drive connected to Airport Extreme?

    I have a new Airport Extreme with a Seagate FreeAgent Desk for Mac 1.5 TB hard drive connected via USB. The Airport connects to the internet via a Linksys Vonage router, and two Macs are set up to use the Airport via wireless. The FreeAgent drive has 4 partitions: 1 for a TimeMachine backup from both Macs, 2 for SuperDuper backups of both Macs, and 1 for home video files and other backups. I also have a Dell PC running Windows XP SP2 hardwired to the same Linksys Vonage router.
    I'd like to use partition 4 on the FreeAgent drive to backup the PC. Is this possible, and if so, how do I get the PC to recognize the FreeAgent drive?
    Thanks very much for your help.

    dwhewlings, Welcome to the discussion area!
    Yes, you need to use Bonjour for Windows.

  • Two hard drives connected to Airport Extreme. How to include one of them in TimeMachine Backup and use other disc as Time Machine backup disc?

    the title says it all. I've got an airport extreme and two hard drives connected to it. My idea was to use one as my additional storage (say DISC STORAGE) and the other one as my backup drive (say DISC BACKUP). I would like to backup my mac AND DISC STORAGE together to DISC BACKUP using time machine. My mac has 256 GB HDD, DISC STORAGE is 1 TB big, DISC BACKUP 2 TB. So there are no space issues.
    Problem: DISC STORAGE is not included in Time Machine's backup to DISC BACKUP. At the moment, only the mac is backed up to DISC BACKUP.
    Does anybody know if and how I can include DISC STORAGE in the backup process?
    By the way, DISC STORAGE is not listed in the "exclude from backup" list in Time Machine.

    Unforrtunately, Time Machine cannot backup from a network drive to another drive. Time Machine will only backup a Mac and a drive that is directly attached to the Mac, via USB or FireWire.
    You will need to use an application like Carbon Copy Cloner or SupoerDuper to be able to backup from DISC BACKUP to DISC STORAGE.

  • How do I access my hard drive connected to airport extreme?

    I've already imported video to my hard drive. I had it previously connected via firewire. It's there in an imovie 08. However, when I open up imovie in the "Event Library" panel, my hard drive has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point on it. Does anyone know how I can access this?
    Do I have to choose "import" first and then copy the movie back into imovie? I think this would defeat the purpose of storing the footage on the external drive, right? I'm trying to make my first movie, so please be gentle if this is an easy question to answer. It's throwing me for a loop right now.
    Thanks again!

    sorry, the hard drive is connected via USB to my airport extreme. Here's how i can look at the files:
    Macintosh HD, under "shared" i select my hard drive, open it and then click on imovie events, then i can access the 19 different folders which contain multiple clips in each folder, along with an imovie thumbs file etc.
    However, in imovie when create a new project, then click on import, it will ask me where i want to save the files, and on the drop down arrow, the only choice is my macintosh HD and I can't choose anything else. I really don't want to save them to my computer's hard drive if i don't have to. It seems there should be an easier way to do this, but i'm overlooking something. I just want to be able to make a movie with the clips that are already saved on my hard drive which is connected via airport extreme. Thanks again!

  • Problem mapping USB external drive connected to Airport Extreme on my PC

    I am having a problem mapping my USB external drive in my PC running WIndows Vista.   Here is what I have so far:
    USB External Drive connected to my AirPort Extreme which is connected to my Century Link modem/router.
    I have installed the USB drive using the Airport Utility.  In the Disks section the Enable File Sharing is checked, Secure Shared Disks is set to With a Disk Password, I have entered the password in the next 2 rows, and finally AirPort Disks Gues Access is set to Not Allowed.  The section below named These Settings Configure Windows File Sharing is empty.  Am I supposed to put something here?
    I was also told I need to map the drive in my PC, but when I go to do that via the Computer and the Map Network Drive, I get stuck where it asks me to enter a folder name.  I read many of the posts which tell me I need to enter among other things the disk's ip address, but I am unable to find it anywhere.  Where do I find what to put here?
    Can someone please help this frustrated user?

    I had my USB drive on my APE working with Time Machine under 10.5.1 very reliably. A few days ago however, I needed to suspend a backup operation, and when I came back to restart it, time machine refused to mount the disk image on the drive. After several attempts to get it to connect with no luck I decided to delete the image (the sparce image file) and start over. Now TM refuses to create a new image.
    BTW, on the Mac OSX hints site there have been suggestions to start a backup with the drive directly connected, then stop the backup, move the sparce image file to the root of the drive, reconnect the drive to the APE base station to get it working. I tried this again, but I think Apple has changed something in 10.5.2, because when directly connected TM no longer creates a sparce image file.
    Anybody else seen this behavior after upgrading to 10.5.2?

  • External hard drive connected to Airport Extreme not working on PC

    I have a Macbook Pro running 10.9.1 and my work laptop, which runs Windows 7. I have a WD 2TB external hard drive connected to my Airport Extreme, with 1TB formatted for Mac and the other 1TB formatted in FAT format. My Macbook can connect to the drive and read/write perfectly fine, but I'm not even seeing the drive on my PC anywhere. I'm wanting to use the Mac formatted partition to backup photos and personal documents and the FAT partition to backup my work.
    Is there a setup thing I need to do on either the Airport Extreme or on my PC to connect to have the drive visible? Both drives are setup to allow file sharing and my Airport Extreme is running version 7.6.4.

    There are 3 different methods to establish a connection from your PC to the hard drive in this Apple support document:

  • External hard drive connected to airport extreme is not recognized (Lion)

    Plugged an external hard drive into the USB port on my new Airport Extreme Base Station, and it's nowhere to be found on my MB Pro (Lion). Doesn't appear in "Finder" or anywhere else.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    The drive also needs to be formatted right (NTFS and ExFAT don't work).  See
    If the drive is bus-powered (ie, doesn't have its own power supply), you need a powered USB hub, as the Airport's USB port is underpowered.  Some folks have also needed them with some large (750 GB or more) powered drives, too.

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