Use of NI6711 card.

How I have asked before, i need generate four signal:
1) One sine- wave signal from 0 to -4 Volt, and frequency less than 100 KHz.
2) One trigger signal, amplitude 10 V, frequency 3200 Hz and pulse- width from 1 to 10 micro Seconds.
3) Two trigger signal, amplitude 5V, frequency 0.4 Hz and pulse- width 20/70 mS in opposite phase.
4) Two square wave signal amplitude 5V, frequency 2 KHz, in opposite phase.
For this application I have thought an Ni6711, used at follow mode:
One of four analog output to generate the first signal.
One other of three free analog output to generate the second signal.
Two of 8 digital I/O for generate the signal at the third point.
The counter/timers output to generate the two signal at the point four.
But Felipe in his answer (tanks Felipe) sayng that regarding my third signal requirement,
I need to have two more counters to do that. He saying that because, the digital lines
of that board don't have strobed, operation capability.
My new ask is that:
Can I use for generate the signal at the third point the two remainder free analog output?
in stead of two of 8 digital I/O?

You can do that. As the frequency of the pulse train you need is not high, you can rely on the Analog Output channels to accomplish that. That is a good idea.

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  • Use of ni6711

    I need generate two signal, the first are an trigger signal, 10 V amplitude, pulse width 10 micro-seconds
    and two possible frequency (user discretion) 500 Hz and 3200 Hz.
    The second signal is an triangular wave, amplitude between 0/-4V, this signal must be in phase with the first, and its frequency must be the frequency of first signal multiplied for 5
    (for example if the trigger signal is 3200 Hz, the second signal must be 16000 Hz, in phase with the first signal).
    Is it possible generate these signals with two analog output of Ni6711?
    Can I generate contemporary of the two signal above
    two TTL signal, one trigger 0,4Hz/70mS pulse width and one square wave 2 KHz means the two counter timer of Ni6711?
    Can I use Visual Basic to manage Ni6711
    card for this work means an DLL?

    Yes, you can do that, but to generate the triggered TTL pulse train, you will need to use a 660x board together with the 6711.
    I'm saying that because the counters of the 6711 board, don't have triggering capabilitie; and the counters of the 660x do.
    As you need synchronization, you will need to connect both boards together by using the RTSI cable. Once that is hooked up, you can definitely use Visual Basic and NI-DAQ dll function calls to accomplish that.
    Hope this helps.

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    As long as you are buying content for yourself and not trying to gift, then your balance should be automatically used for its purchase.

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    Here are the accepted forms of payment for your Apple ID. There are alternatives to using a credit card. Many people use an iTunes gift card. You can purchase one almost anywhere.
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