Use of phone during iCloud backup?

My very first iCloud backup is going to take about 4 hours. My question is, can I "lock" the phone and/ or use other apps while the download is in progress or will this "interupt" the process and cause it to stop?

It's possible to use the phone while it is restoring a backup (after it restarts), but I haven't seen any documentation on whether or not it's an issue when you are backing it up.  If you have to use it I suppose you could try.  If the backup fails, back up again.

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  • I cant use my IPad because iCloud Backup

    I cannot Use my Pad because iCloud Backup says there was no backup since 2 weeks. When i say ok to this message my iPad loggs off. What can  do to use my Pad further more? Is there perhaps a person who speaks german?

    Have you tried a soft-reset ? Press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider if it appears), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • "CellSet" in my airplane that integrates smart phones with the avionics so I can use my phone during flight.

    I have a BB 9000 issue.
    My issue is that I use a "CellSet" in my airplane that integrates smart phones with the avionics so I can use my phone during flight. I do not listen to music while flying, so I have no audible indication at all that I'm receiving a call.  The RF output by BLackberry's is so bad, that I have to mount it on the other side of the cockpit to avoid the RF interference thus making the vibrate notification no good.  My older Blackberry's channeled the phone-ring through the earphone jack just fine.  Who knows what BB/RIM was thinking, or the lack there of by not designing this option into their phones!

    I don't see any question in your message ?
    anyway, oneway of having a better situation is to use a car mount like the one from BlackBerry or a Parrot one :​isor_mount.jsp
    The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:

  • With just ONE inatentive sweep of my finger one page of my note was disappeared! Is there any way it can be recovered without using the help of iCloud backup?

    1. With just ONE inattentive sweep of my finger one page of my note disappered. Further more, the same page in my iPad was deleted automatically too! How could this happen? Is there any way it can be recovered without using the backup feature from iCloud? The data is vey important to me?
    2. I havn't connect the power code to my iPad yet, the backup copy in the iClout was before the accident as I checked in iPad. Is there any way that I could open my notes in iCloud backup so that I can copy the missing page and move back to my iPad and iPhone?
    Thanks a lot for any help!

    Sorry, no. The only way to restore this note is to restore from a backup that contains it.

  • Noisy background noise when using speaker phone during calls

    Phone: sony experia z3
    Does anyone have the same issue as me when you use the speaker phone during calls?
    There is a lot of background noise.The caller's voice also sounds echoish
    When I turn off the speaker and switch back to normal call it noise disappeared, the the caller's voice is clear.

    See if speaker voice enhancement is enabled.
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  • Can I still use my computer during a backup with Carbon Copy Cloner?

    just as the title says

    In general yes, but you may notice a slowdown of the app you use due to competition for CPU.
    An exception, though, to the 'yes' would be that it is not advisable to have a database open during cloning.
    Depending on your Mac and its RAM you may get a growth of swapfiles. Keep an eye on the contents of /var/vm/. If you experience unexpected sluggishness you may need a re-boot to clear all but swapfile0.
    A suggestion: set a schedule for when you are in bed asleep! 
    Andreas (a moderator at the bombich forums)

  • How do i contact someone about my satisfaction with my iphone? im not able to use my phone during the day because im at work

    I bought an iphone 4 in august of this year, i had to have another one sent to me because it was freezing up on me. The new phone i recieved is doing the same thing and I have a hard time getting the phone to charge. I didn't pay all that money for a phone to not work like it is suppose to. I am not trying to be difficult and complain however I just feel that I payed too much money to be having all of these problems with this phone.

    There is a Contact Us link at the bottom right of every forum page.
    Best of luck.

  • HT1296 can I use my computer during iphone backup

    Can I use my desktop mac computer (ios 10.6.8) at the same time my 3gs iPhone is backing up in iTunes?


  • Does camera roll save during an iCloud backup?

    I just purchased an iPad and trying to restore it with the apps and photos from my iPhone. I backed my iPhone up through iCloud and them restored my iPad with that backup to transfer my photos. The on,y photos that transferred were from my photo stream which weren't many. I was under the impression that camera roll photos saved also during iCloud backup. Am I wrong? Does anyone know how I can get my camera roll photos back? They're not on iTunes.

    iCloud backup will save your Camera Roll as long as you tell it to.
    Here is where you choose what items to backup with iCloud:
    Settings > iCloud > Storage &Backup > Manage Storage > Select your device > all the apps will be listed. From here you can toggle on the items you want backed up with iCloud.
    If your photos were never transfered to your computer and you have no iTunes or iCloud backup of them then I don't know anyway of getting them back.
    It is always best practice to transfer phots/videos from your phone to your computer so they can be backed up.

  • Can I use my computer during a My Password backup?

    My first backup using My Password is going to take hours. Can I use my computer during the backup?

    Yes. But expect it to be sluggish at times, especially when trying to read from or write to another disk.

  • I tried to install the new iOs 7 on my iphone 4, but it wasn't completed (showing error 4005). Now, my iphone is stuck on the itunes' logo with the usb cord, and I can't use my phone. And itunes doesn't detect my iphone when I connect it on my computer.

    Hi everyone! I tried to install the new iOs 7 on my iphone 4, but it wasn't completed (showing error 4005). Now, my iphone is stuck on the itunes' logo with the usb cord, and I can't use my phone. And itunes doesn't detect my iphone when I connect it on my computer, so I can't put it in recovery mode or someting like that... What can I do?? I tried everything they tell me to do in the apple support but nothing seems to work. Thank you!

    No problem, glad to help!
    Update: my PC USB hub was connected to a USB 3 port, I connected the 30 pin cable directly to my PC, And the restore worked just fine. Restored phone from iCloud backup and seems to be working fine.

  • How can I restore my latest iCloud backup from my iPhone 4 to my new iPhone 5?

    How can I use the my latest iCloud backup from my iPhone 4 to update all my apps on my new iPhone 5?  I just registered it and it is a later version of the backup.  Can I reboot it now that I have a more current backup from my iPhone 4?

    Restoring to an iCloud backup has to be done in the initial setup process.  If you have already set up your iPhone 5 you will have to erase it and go back through the setup again.  If you have any data on your phone now that is not in the backup that you are restoring to you'll need to do that first.  Then go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  You will then go through the setup screens as you did when the phone was new. When given the option, choose Restore from iCloud Backup (see image below).  Be sure you are connected to wifi and your charger as this will take some time to finish.

  • Can't delete old iCloud backup

    Had a phone set up to back up to iCloud. That phone went dead, and was returned to Apple and exchanged with a new one. Because the screen went dead -- thus rendering the phone inoperable -- I was unable to shut off iCloud backups and delete the old backup.
    Right now, I can't delete the old phone's iCloud backup, and I don't have enough space to start backups on the replacement phone. How can I resolve this?

    If you registered your old phone with Apple, try unregistering it by:
    Going to:
    Loging in if not already logged in.
    Clicking on ">" to the right of the phone listing
    Clicking "unregister"
    This may take a day or two but hopefully will then allow you to remove the backup. 
    If it doesn't, then one option is to create a new iCloud account and migrate your data to the new account.  To do this, go to Settings>iCloud and turn all data that is syncing with iCloud (contacts, calendars, etc.) to Off.  When prompted choose to keep the data on the iPhone.  After everything is turned off, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  (This will only delete the account from this phone, not from iCloud, in case you ever want to re-use the account in the future.)  Next, set up a new iCloud account on this phone using a different Apple ID and turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On.  When prompted, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to this new account.

  • TS4009 setting up phone from iclud backup, it loaded 372 of 3,000 photos and stopped what do I need to do

    I am loading a new phone from icloud backup and it loaded 372 photos of the 3,000 on icloud and stopped
    what do I need to do

    Lightning is a problem for you because it hooks into Thunderbird at a low level and you need a version compiled for the platform Thunderbird is running on. So you can't do the preferred solution, which is to put your whole profile in a shared folder and have both instances of Thunderbird reference the same profile. (Ditto for Enigmail). Lightning may become an integral part of Thunderbird in an upcoming release, at which point this limitation due to Lightning should disappear.
    And if you can't use a shared profile, you can't set your Lightning, or your Address Book, to share a common set of files. Put another way, the linkage from Thunderbird to its address book files and calendar data is hard-coded, and not exposed where we can adjust it. :-(
    The halfway house is to place your mail stores in a shared place, and use the Local Directory setting in each account's settings to connect to it. They don't need to be in the profile; what's more important in your case is that they are in a folder accessible to both operating systems.
    Look in your profile; everything under Mail and ImapMail needs to be moved out to a shared folder. Note the entries in Thunderbird under Local Directory before you do this, and reconstruct those pathnames in Thunderbird, but adjusted to suit their new locations.
    (You can see here that you need to make many adjustments, one per account, in each instance of Thunderbird, so it's a high-maintenance solution and this is why we don't recommend it when the alternative, moving the whole profile, is possible.)
    I share address books and calendars between Thunderbirds on various computers (and my phone and tablet) by syncing to something in the cloud; Google Contacts and Google Calendar are my choices, using gContactSync and CalDav.
    Having made the break myself some years ago, I'd recommend you break away from Windows. ;-)

  • My wife and I both have iPhone 5, I have iPad 1st gen and have set up iTunes w my iPad. I attached my wife's iPhoneto my PC (sorry) and tried to backup her phone to iCloud but it sync'd to my icloud. How do I set up her phone w iTunes using one PC?

    My wife and I have iPhone 5. She has iPad ver 3, I have iPad ver 1. I set up iTunes on my PC w my iPad and iPhone and ICloud backup. I tried to backup my wife's iphone to the iCloud by hooking up to my PC. I checked the new iPhone box but it sync'd the phone to my accoount. How do I set up her iCloud account to backup her phone then sync w her iPad?

    iTunes on your computer has nothing to do with an iCloud backup.  If you wife's phone is backing up to your iCloud account it's because you are sharing the same account.  Migrating her phone to a separate iCloud account will fix this.
    If you want to mirate her iPad to a separate account, start by saving any photo stream photos that she wishes to keep on your iPad to her camera roll by opening the my photo stream album, tap Edit, then tap all the photos you want to save, tap Share and tap Save to Camera Roll. 
    Once this is done, go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  (This will only delete the account her iPad, not from iCloud.  your devices will not be effected by this.)  When prompted about what to do with the iCloud data, be sure to select Keep On My iPad.  Then sign back in with a separate Apple ID to create her new account and choose Merge to upload the data to her account.  Note: you can continue to share the same ID for iTunes, it does not need to be the same as the ID used for iCloud.

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