Use one account for apps and other for itunes match

Hello everybody
My question today is quite simple. I use one account for apps and tv shows, but inwant to use a different itunes account for purchasing itunes match. How can I use them both on my devices? Will it be asking for my user-pass each time i play a song? What other thing should i consider?
Thank you in advance

I would strongly recommend you not do this.  You will regret it.
I have played with this issue a lot.  You have to remain signed into match in order for it to show up on your phone. If you sign out to purchase an app or redownload one from your appstore id you use then match will be removed from your phone and when you go into your music app the icloud will not be there.  You then have to go sign back out of the store id you used for your app purchase and then sign back into match and everything will have to go though the download to your device process again.  This really is not what you want to do.
Sign up to match with the apple id that you know you will use the most or has the most purchased items and use that for all purchases, i.e. books, apps, movies, and music.  You don't want to go though the other process.
Plus apple will start not letting you sign into match because you signed out and back in, in to short a period of time.
all store purchases on an iphone are linked to the store id.  if you sign out of your match id on the appstore and sign into another account to purchase an app then itunes match will sign out in the music app.  You can't have two store id's signed into your iphone at the same time.  They are all linked together.

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    I have also noticed the same "problem".  I do not fully understand the impact of using the same ID on multiple computers and devices if I want to keep them all in sync.

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    I'm not suggesting any of this as a model, and your needs are different than mine.
    1) Go to Preferences -> Audio.  Under "Default Audio Tracks", Set "Mono Media: Mono".  Set "Stereo Media: Mono"  (Choices from the pull-down for both are Use File, Mono, Stereo, 5.1, Adaptive)
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  • Help please is there any way to have 2 iphone 4's which are updated on the same account and not have the same stuff on each phone i.e. contactsm, apps, and calendars? we like the fact if one purchased an app and other wants to get same app its free!!!!

    we updated both of our iphone 4 on the same computer and we have always shared the same itunes account which is convenient when one purchases an app the other person can simply download app without purchasing again!!! but we do not want all same contacts and app on both phones!!! after updating and setting up icloud we both had same contacts so i went in contacts on my phone and began deleting his numerous contacts on my phone well not knowing that it was deleting on his phone also!!! oops he tried restoring from backup with no luck retrieving his contacts !!! also another issue i have noticed is the manual says that in order for it to sync ur phone must b plugged into a power source well and i have noticed it saying syncing w my phone when it was not plugged anything wall nor computer and it looks as tho in the summary at the bottom where it displays capacity and free space that it is gonna take everything off of my phone but nothing changes on my phone!?! do we just need to get him a separate itunes account to be able to get full benefits from update?!                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Here's how to do it.
    1. App Store, iTunes Store should have the same AppleID on Computer and iPhones. (Free to share apps, music and books... )
    2. Person A uses the same purchasing account for everything (ie. email, contacts and ...).
    3. Person B have the same purchase account see no. 1 (for App Store and iTunes Store) but create a second AppleID for iCal, e-mail, contacts  and etc.

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    Hello SAP gurus,
    We have two pricing condition types created and assigned in the pricing procedure which has been created with reference to PR00 and condition records are maintained for both the condition types.
    But, we want only one pricing condition type to be triggered in the sales order depending on the usage of material in the sales order. As we are selling the same material individually and as well as a component in a bundle ( BOM).
    i.e, when one pricing condition for BOM component and other for individual component
    What are the configuration steps to be taken care to get this scenario?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: K.byla on Jan 21, 2010 1:20 PM

    Hi Sagar,
    Thanks for your response.
    Yes, we are maintaining only one material. The same material is used to sell individually and also in a BOM.
    As i have mentioned earlier, whenever the material is sold individually it should pick condition type say 'YR00' and when the same material is sold as a bundle ( BOM) , it should pick condition type " YR01" in same the pricing procedure.
    For both the condition types, the condition records are maintained.
    To give the scenario details,
    A material "X" is sold individually as a single component and the same material is also used for selling bundled with other material "Y" and the bundled material as "Z"
    means, Z=X+Y
    Pricing procedure used is say ZRA000 which contains currently the price cond type YR00.
    Now for the bundle (BOM) involvement i want to use the same pricing pricing proc. and add the new cond YR01 in it so that the system will pick the cond.type YR00 when the material is sold individually and YR01 is taken as the price when the material is sold as a bundle against the item X.
    Need to know the steps for this scenario and do i need to maintain a specific requirement ? please suggest.

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    I already own one and using it as Time Machine and wireless router. If I decide to purchase another TC would it have any conflict with the one that I already have?
    Is it possible to use one as Time Machine and wireless router and the other to just expand network and storage only (not as Time Machine)?

    If I decide to purchase another TC would it have any conflict with the one that I already have?
    Is it possible to use one as Time Machine and wireless router and the other to just expand network and storage only (not as Time Machine)?
    Yes. The important thing to remember is that the "extending" Time Capsule must be located where it can receive a strong wireless signal from your "main" Time Capsule.

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    With all the notes i have read i have understood that i need to basically install 2 instance of Apache in 2 different Oracle Homes. but my question is how can i just have one portal repository. or rather i should say if somebody could guide me from installing the 2 instance of Apache.

    You left out Twixl.

  • "securely" use one ethernet interface for WAN and other for the LAN

    I am reconfiguring our dual 2.7 Intel Xserve running MacOSXServer 10.5.4, and had a question.
    Is it possible (or advisable) to use en0 to perform LAN services, and then configure en1 to only allow access to very limited service. VPN, FTP, CALDAV and later Mail.
    I imagine that this is possible via a firewall configuration, but first I do not know how to specify interface in addition to ports, and second I don't know how advisable this would be.
    Currently I have a DSL package from ATT with 5 static IP addresses. I have an Airport Extreme set up as one of those addresses providing DHCP and NAT to the LAN. I am using the LAN ports on the back of that to bridge my three switches (2 managed [clients and oce print server 100 base-T] and 1 unmanaged [ laser printers and copier 10 base-T]).
    I have the LAN based on 192.168.0.x, with the Xserve at I have DNS configured and working (Thank you Antonio Rocco)
    I have 20 LAN clients, 18 mac 1 PC and one PC via Parallels. I will have no more than 1 or 2 WAN clients at any one time
    I provide AFP, SMB, Directory Services currently. As part of the reconfigure, I desire to take better advantage of the collaboration tools to provide wikis and CALDAV services. I also want to allow our employees to publish their individual calendars, so that they can subscribe to them at home, or vice versa.
    I would like to configure VPN, one for me to access configurations when I am away using Remote Desktop (I have used command line to some extent, but still feel more comfortable with the GUI tools) and second for limited access to content for certain users.
    It would also be very helpful for us to have a FTP site. It is unnecessary for this the be a FQDN service, sending the IP address is perfectly acceptable as we only use a service like this 10-15 times a year.
    (Related but unimportant in the grand scheme, is there a way to generate a link to the FTP server that you could email that not only is a link, but also a temporary username and password?)
    Thank you in advance,
    Ion Webster

    First, I missed a zero in the network speeds, I have two managed GbE switches that have all of the GbE capable machines connected to them, and an unmanaged GbE switch that has all the 10 or 100Base-T connections. My apologies for the mistake. That was one of the reasons I went with the GbE capable Airport to bridge the switches.
    Ok, I had been leaning towards a separate hardware firewall, but here is also where there is a hole in my knowledge. Do I need to look at something like the Linksys RVS4000 which bills itself as a +"4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN. Secure, smart Gigabit networking for growing business"+ I would like easy configuration, as I take care of these systems in addition to my job, rather than full time. This will be the first time I have set up a VPN connection, so even though I have spent a lot of time researching the manuals, and reading Schoun Regan (Apple Training Series) I don't have real world experience here. So if I buy more hardware, I want it to be the product that will provide the protection, and also allow me to configure it so that I can get these services running. All my VPN clients are running Macs, most on an AIrport connection and have their IP ranges in the 10.0.1.x range. all but one is on OS 10.5.x so I have a fairly homogeneous set of machines to make work together.
    I will review the links you provided regarding static routing, but I do believe the hardware solution is a better one, and wish to pursue it, for all the reasons you give, and that in the brief perusal of the links, it is more than I want to tackle.
    As far as FTP vs sFTP, I have no preference. I simply want a way to have online storage for transfer of large files on occasion. Ideally I want a folder, or a series of folders that are accessible for my LAN users to put items in and take them out, and for my (s)FTP users to do the same
    So long story short, the hardware solution I would like to purchase, I need to be able to do the following:
    VPN connections for content access and ARD access ( knew about and will ensure differing IP ranges)
    Calendar publishing
    mail(at a later time)
    Thank you for your help thus far.
    Ion Webster

  • Is it possible for two people to use one iMac with iPhone and iPad separate iTunes and iCloud acc?

    Apologies if this is a very obvious question. I have one iMac that my husband and I use, he has an iPhone that he syncs with the iMac via iTunes for app such as docs to go. I recently purchased an iPad, I want to also sync with the iMac. Is it possible to use two iTunes and two iCloud acc to one iMac? We would like to pick and choose what we sync as we keep separate docs etc on the iMac, can this be done?

    Yes.  Just set up your own account in System Preferences > Accounts (User &groups in Mountain Lion).  You'll have your own seperate everything including mail.

  • How do I use my SSD for apps and HDD for documents?

    Hi, everyone.
    I just installed (myself) an Intel 120GB SSD into my 2011 iMac (3.4Ghz Quad-Core, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD). I kept the HDD.
    I run Logic Pro 9 and have around 200GB of additional sample plugins (VSL Solo Strings, Ivory Grand Pianos, Superior Drummer, etc..) and
    I want to know how I can successfully transfer the Apps (Logic, Sibelius, Pages, iTunes, etc...) onto my new SSD while keeping the plugins on my HDD and using them simultaneously.
    I having been searching for a way to do this all day to no avail.
    Thanks! If you can help.
    p.s. since some of the apps require registration, I cannot simply drag them to my SSD from the HDD and expect them to work. I get an error.

    My suggestion is to move you entire home directory on to the hdd and leave the ssd for the os and your key applications.
    How to Move the Home Folder in OS X – and Why
    Move your home directory to another location

  • Connect 2 iPhones with 2 different apple ids to the macbook for updates and backup through iTunes match and iCloud. How can i make that happen?

    We have a mac book pro and 2 i phones 4S. We both have different Apple Id's. But we would like to connect both phones to the mac book in order to update photos and itunes match. I subscribed with my apple id to itunes match and it automatically updates apps, music, books etc. However the apple id of my husbands phone is not recognized so his music, apps etc are not automatically updated. The same happens with icloud.
    How can we make the mac book recognize both phones?

    I believe because you migrated from a Nokia to an iPhone you need to register the Bn phone number with your Apple ID so it can be used for iMessage. The Pn number seems to be the only one registered
    Go here >
    Manage your Apple ID and see if that does the trick
    Hope that helps

  • Dual monitor use audio output for movie and other for MBP

    is it possible im watching a movie on one and wated to answer factime call or watch youtube on my mbp and just screamed out my tv speakers.....i want fual monitoring but separate audio any help?

    Other alternatives include
    I know on mackbooks I've seen firewire used as an input for a Weiss Dac if you're into two channel audio.  Do any reiceivers take firewire as an input for hometheater?  Has anyone tested Firewire outputs on their W series?  I'm told that firewire is sometimes preferable to USB, I'm not sure why this would be, can USB support passthrough of DTS encoded signals?
    In the case that firewire works and you Do not have a firewire source, maybe something like this would be of value  It converts firewire to digital coaxial s/pdif and allows passthrough of DTS and AC3.
    As I'm into audio the critical thing here (and what you're paying for when you purchase blue-ray, is maintaining the digital information from the disk in an unconverted form.  You want a direct bit pass through, and you want as little jitter introduced to the signal as possible.  You most certainly don't want the sound card getting in the way, Digtital to Analog converting and then reverse packaging it up and putting it out over the soundcard digital out.  My problem is I'm not familiar enough with computer audio to know how exactly the sounds is transmitted from your blue ray drive to the digital interface you've chosen.
    Anyone know why USB digital out would not be a prefered method?
    Moderator note; comment removed which contravened forum rules

  • Need 2 options; one for fullscreen and other for window

    I have an application that needs to run fullscreen if the
    monitor's resolution is set to 1024x768, and in a standard window
    if the resolution is any larger. For the fullscreen mode, it needs
    to take up the entire 1024x768 space - so the taskbar needs to go.
    The problem I'm having is that when I enter fullscreen mode, the
    movie won't take over the entire screen, it leaves a space at the
    bottom eventhough I've hidden the taskbar.
    What I need is for it to function just as it would if I
    selected "fullscreen" from the publisher settings. Any idea? Here's
    the code I'm using now:
    if baScreenInfo("width") = 1024 then
    displayType = "fullscreen"
    _movie.displayTemplate.titlebarOptions.visible = false
    _movie.displayTemplate.resizable = false
    _movie.stage.drawRect = rect(0, 0, 1024, 768)
    _movie.stage.rect = rect(0, 0, 1024, 768)
    displayType = "window"
    _movie.displayTemplate.titlebarOptions.visible = true
    _movie.displayTemplate.resizable = true
    end if

    I was actually able to solve this problem with a free xtra
    called fullscreen.x32. Now what I do is through the publisher
    settings I set the movie as a standard window, and then only if the
    screen is set to 1024x768, I reset it to fullscreen. So the code is
    simply this (using buddyAPI to get the display indo):
    if baScreenInfo("width") = 1024 then
    fs = new(xtra "fullscreen")
    setScreenMode(fs, 1024, 768,16,0, 0)
    end if
    It displays over the taskbar just like the fullscreen setting
    does in the publish settings. Works great.

  • Graphics For GPU and GPI for Da Vinci

    I want to run Da Vinci Resolve 9 in MAC PRO 6 core. I need a Graphic card for GPI and other for GPU. I think i can use 4 slots bcoz i cant afford a PCI expander. So 1 for capture, 1 for raid, 1 for GPI and 1 for GPU.
    Does ATI Radeon 5770 or 5870 and Quadro 4000 work well together or which 2 graphics work for my purpose. Plz suggest

    I confess, I am not sure but...
    GTX 670 4GB for graphics processing and no need for 2nd GPU with 10.8.2+
    You do realize there are two 6-pin power ports for GPUs but ways to finangle more power w/ 2nd small PSU.
    Avoid Apple RAID but if you want hardware RAID6 for instance, fine.
    A single slot gpu not double wide means also having to look outside for say GTX 650 or 5xx maybe?

  • Cannot update my keynote, pages and numbers from my ipad. I have different accounts, one for app store and other for icloud. What can I do?

    Cannot update my keynote, pages and numbers from my ipad. I have different accounts, one for app store and other for icloud. What can I do?

    You can't merge accounts or transfer iTunes purchases from one Apple ID to another: but there is no problem about using two IDs.
    Use your iCloud ID for iCloud for syncing email, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and PhotoStream.
    Use your other Apple ID as before for iTunes, iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match.
    There's no conflict about doing this, and you won't even notice as Keychain will log you in with the correct ID in each case. It's also better security not to have your iTunes login also your email address, given the number of complaints about hacked iTunes accounts.

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