VAT/CST need to round off in MIRO

Dear All,
I want vat/service tax values should get round off while doing MIRO
Is it possible?
In our system withholding tax is getting rounded off in MIRO so my client is asking for these G/L's too..
Please let me know if it can be done or not

Please do the following-
assign calculation type 17 (roundin off) to the VAT/CST condition type in tax procedure.
and check the scenario again.
sujit borse

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  • Problem in VAT Round off during MIRO

    Hi Friends,
    I having problem in VAT round off during MIRO. We have created PO with excise +VAT. VAT amount has been rounded off. After GRN, we are trying to post the Invoice in MIRO, the VAT amount shows with Decimal.
    We are using TAXINN, in the tax pricing proceedure i have mede 17 for call type for VAT condition type. in OB90 we have mede the rounding rule as 100 for currency INR.
    When i create the FI direct invoice using the same Tax code it works fine, but having problem in MIRO. I want the decimal should be rounded to the nearest value.
    Can any one help me is there any standard set up where we can arrive this?? OR is it required any user exit??

    Check whether you can use the user exit function module KR_USER_EXIT_ROUNDOFF

  • VAT Rounding off during MIRO

    Dear SAP Guru's,
    I would like to know what has to be done to round off the VAT amount during MIRO. We have configured the rounding off rule 17 in our Tax pricing procedure and it works for PO. I could the amount gets rounded off in PO pricing procedure. But during MIRO the VAT amount shows in decimal that I donu2019t want. I tried my best to find out the configuration part.
    I have tried the Company code setting in the SPRO -> Logistic General -> Goods movement. But there is option for Excise related settings there, not for VAT. The condition types master also maintained for commercial round off.
    Where is the configuration for MIRO. I could see some forum threads for writing the Routine. Is it we need to go for Routine?? There is no standard setting where we can define it??
    Your inputs are valuable for me.
    Devendran Dhanapal
    Edited by: DEVENDRAN DHANAPAL on Aug 16, 2011 10:35 AM

    Dear NAresh,
    Thanks for your comments, I have checked this thread. We have did all the settings mentioned in that. The rounding off rule 17 will work for the FI direct entries and PO pricing. But it does not work for MIRO.
    But I don't have much Idea about writting a Routine. Is it advicable to for it??
    Devendran Dhanapal.

  • Table to read VAT, CST amount at item level form MIRO

    I making a purchase register in which all amount rdetais are required at item level but from tables , RKPF, RSEG, I am getting the base amount at item level, but in which table I can get the vat amount which is posted for individual item in table BSET i can see the all tax amounts which are posted but how to link this with item number there is no ref. field for this.
    is there any table for MIRO entry with item wise tax details.

    find following logic
    Table EKPO
    Field u2013EBELN =po number
    VAT FOR PLANT FOR 4 %,5% AND 12.5%
    LIKE 12.5 % YOU WILL GET 125%
    Value for field =FWSTE
    tax base amount= HWBAS
    Kailas ugale

  • MIRO Round off value

    I need to Round off the value in MIRO. Example, we have Rs.1000/- as the price and tax as Rs.12.36/-, system should round off this 12.36 to Rs.13 and display the tax amount as Rs.13.
    Is this possible in Standards?
    If so , where do we need to make the settings?
    Please help.

    Please refer the below links..
    MIRO-Rounding off
    Rounding in MIRO
    Rounding off MIRO for decimal

  • Rounding off Miro Values

    Hi ,
    I having problem in VAT round off during MIRO. We have created PO  +VAT. VAT amount has been rounded off. After GRN, we
    are trying to post the Invoice in MIRO, the VAT amount shows with Decimal
    We are using ZTAXIN , in the tax pricing proceedure i have made requirement 13 &  call type 16 for VAT condition type.
    If i am doing 13 and 16 then vat is not calculating in PO
    I want the decimal should be rounded to the nearest cost.

    What I understand that you want to roundoff the amount during invoice posting. If my understanding is correct then please set  tolerance limit for BD. While posting  invoice fill the Invoice Amount (Basic Data) as 100 instead of 100.13
    Now 0.13 will be posted to GL account maintained in OBYC-DIF

  • Net Tax amount round off

    Hi all,
    I have a small problem,
    In sales Invoice I am having 10 items with different price and quantities,
    In PLD i have used formula concept to show tax wise break up,
    as our invoice tax amount is cumulative of its sub taxes,
    i need to round off the total of sub taxes in the document
    For Example:
    In Invoice;
    Assessable Value: 3697.20 (qty X Price)
    Total of BED 8%: 295.77
    Total of Cess 2% of BED : 5.91
    Total of HE Cess 1% of  BED: 2.95
    Total of VAT/CST 4% of (BEDCessHECess): 160.08
    So I want to round off these amounts:
    BED: 296
    VAT: 160
    1. I tried using rounding option in tax formula;
        but it doesnt give correct result as it works on row level
    2. I also tried making decimal places zero in general settings
        But it round off my assessable value also
    also round to one is also active in currency settings
    can anybody please help me to get the desired results
    Atul Joshi
    Edited by: Atul Joshi on Dec 9, 2008 1:38 PM

    If you use round off in tax formula it will bring you considerable differrence.
    You use the document level rounding in Administrattion->Setupup-Financials->Currency.
    I think this would be helpful for you.

  • Service Tax rounding-off

    Dear All,
    In one of our client service tax is rounded off to nearest paisa i.e. Rs. 145.98
    But the client need to round-off to nearest rupees i.e. 146.00
    Is it possible to round-off to nearest rupees? If it so than please explain me in detail how to do that.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hi Vijay,
    If you do what you have mentioned  - the system will round the amount irrespective of whether it is more than .50 or not.  Ex. If you select rounding rule as A it will round up to next rupee eventhough the amount is ex. 50.02 will round as 51. 
    Rounding will be configured in tax procedure against Condition type you have to select as 17 in Caluclation type coloumn.

  • Rounding Off TotalLC for Sales Order and Delivery

       Needs help, I'm using SBO2005B Korean Language. Korean money which is Won is so small that they don't have decimal. I need to round off all the linetotal into 0 decimal.
    Example: if the linetotal is 45,900.80 is should display 45,901
    or 32,765.40 it will display 32,756
    thank you

    Please go to the administration->system initialization-> general settings -> display tab, you can set the Decimal setting in the field of "Decimal Places  (0..6)"for either amount and price. Simply set it as 0.
    You can also define a decimal setting for Korean Wan only, go to administration->set up-> financials->currencies, define a currency code for Korea Wan and set the decimals for it in the decimal field
    following information about changing Decimal places for your reference
    When decreasing the Decimal Places (under Administration -> General Settings -> Display for amounts, prices, exchange rates, quantities,
    percentages, and units) you might come across with an error message when updating previous documents or when adding documents based on previous
    just for you informaition  In 2007 version the user will not be allowed to reduce the Decimal Places only to increase.
    I also attached a note1102900 for your reference.
    Wish the information is useful for you.

  • MIRO- excise and VAT duties Rounding off

    Hi all,
    A PO will have 20 items. Those 10 items will have excise duties and VAT amount. At the time of PO these excise duties and the VAT amount should not get rounded off. But while the user is doing MIRO, the value of these excise duties and the VAT amount should come to the screen as rounded off. Is it possible? If yes please suggest me.
    I am Using TAXINN procedure

    Hi girish,
    We can Bring condition  Round Down and Up but we can't do as you said.See some User Exists are available .

  • CO assignment missing at at the time rounding off material in MIRO

    Dear All,
                  Iam facing the problem with co object assignment missing at the time of MIRO,
    >when iam posting miro with higher value than PO, it should hit rounding off of material(GL)
    >it is hitting that, but it is not allowing to post into the rounding off gl, showing error like cos object missing.
    >Here we r mapped setting in OKB9 with cost centers depends upon plant wise.
    >if i assign in okb9 valuation area mandatory level(1), it is not allowing me to post,
    >but if i assigh GL at main screen in okb9, instead of selecting valuation area mandatory(1),it is allowing me.
    Please help me how to overcome the problem, is there any special setting or logic for rounding off material gl.
    >That GL has cost element, cost center is in active,field staus group setting also correct,
    Where else i have to check please guide me.

    Once you set valuation area is mandatory, then you need to do another setting in the same screen.
    Select level 1 in the OKB9 initial screeen and double click on the second screen with header " Detail per business area and valuation area". There u need to enter the value with the combination of cost center and valuation area.
    You will not have any issue once you do this setting.

  • Unplanned delivery cost picking rounding off value in sap miro

    Dear Experts,
    I have configured unplanned delivery costs to be posted to separate GL account. I have set the default tax code also. In OBYC i have set the frieght and transportation GL account against UPF transaction key. Now even though the user is not entering any value in unplanned delivery cost field, system  is automatically taking the rounding off values(manually entered by user to match the vendor invoice) from MIRO line item and is posting to the freight account.
    Query -2 - while reversing the already posted MIRO document in MR8M the rounding of value  which has been taken automatically in unplanned delivery cost is showing in the error message as :
    "Balance is not equal to zero: 0.35- inr"
    please refer below screen shot for the error message
    Please suggest.

    please read my blog it explains how to close a question, just replying "closed" does not do really this job
    How to close a discussion and why

  • Need help with a round off.

    I'm trying to get a little program to work (schoolwork I admit) but the end result is a little different then what I need it to be (and not asking for spoons here please).
    I'm trying to get the end result like xx.x but for the moment it ends up with several more digits (like xx.xxxxxxxxxxxx).
    Since I want it to round off like it should (second digit) <5 down to number below and >5 to number above, is there any way to stop a double on two digits?
    I'm using notepad and JDK and not allowed to use predefined methods (for a good reason I assume :P)
    public class Swim{
       public static void main(String[] args){
       System.out.println("Please write the difficulty for your jump: ");
       double diff = Keyboard.readDouble();
       System.out.println("Please write the judges points for the jump.");
       System.out.println("Judge #1: ");
       double tal1 = Keyboard.readDouble();
       System.out.println("Judge #2: ");
       double tal2 = Keyboard.readDouble();
       System.out.println("Judge #3: ");
       double tal3 = Keyboard.readDouble();
       System.out.println("Judge #4: ");
       double tal4 = Keyboard.readDouble();
       System.out.println("Judge #5: ");
       double tal5 = Keyboard.readDouble();
    //Find highest number.
       double max = 0;
       if (tal1 >= max){
       if (tal2 >= max){
       if (tal3 >= max){
       if (tal4 >= max){
       if (tal5 >= max){
    //Find lowest number.
       double min = 0;
       if (tal1 >= min){
       if (tal2 <= min){
       if (tal3 <= min){
       if (tal4 <= min){
       if (tal5 <= min){
    //Calculate points. difficulty*(the judgepoints - highest and lowest score)
       double summa = diff*(tal1+tal2+tal3+tal4+tal5-max-min);
       System.out.println("Your jump scored: " + summa);

    i hope this helps....
    i just discovered it a few hours ago.
    if your input is double like
    double <name>=<value>;
    you can assign another variable which will convert it to int
    int d=(int)i;
    i hope it helps...=)

  • Need rounding off value for partial Goods receipt

    My requirement is that the PO value,PO tax value ,GR value and Invoice value(IR) should get rounded off.
    When I am using the PO value which is rounded off in PO, but at the time of posting partial goods receipt the value for the GR/IR clearing or the stock value is not getting rounded off for these G/ls.
    What should I do for this to get the rounded off values in GR.

    Hi Goraksh,
    The problem is that the pricing (incl. the rule 17) is not normally called at the time of GR. As Jürgen wrote, the system just uses the "net value" field of the PO.
    I have however a "wild" idea. If the price in the PO comes from the info record or from a contract (and not changed manually there), then you can set the "pricing date category" = 5 there, meaning "GR date". This causes the pricing to be called again at the time of GR and your formula 17 will fire.
    The side effect of course is that the price that you had in the PO, printed and sent to the vendor will not be binding: if you change the PIR price before the GR, the GR will be posted to the new PIR price, despite the fact that the PO printout showed something else. So the question is if the price printed on the PO is indeed binding in your business case - in many business cases it is the current vendor price that matters for the billing by the vendor, not the one that you prined on the PO. For such business cases you should have had pricing date category 5 anyway...

  • Excise Duty +Vat + CST in PO

    Dear All,
    As per my client requirement they need EXCISE DUTY , VAT & CST should come in the PO
    The Excise duty like 4.12% ,8.24%,14.42 etc ,(Set off & Non set off)
    Vat  :-    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20%
    Cst  :-     2,3,4,5,....8,
    WCT  : - 1,2,........10
    How can get the combination (Excisedutyvat or cst) of taxes in PO(Excisedutyvat or cst)
    Already more than 100 taxcodes are using .
    Please suggest me how to get the above taxes combination in the PO
    Note : Please don't suggest Create New Tax code & maintain the Condition types (If i do the new taxcodes ,it may go upto another 100 taxcodes)

    If you are using TAXINN procedure, then first select the Condition types from the Master.
    In SPROFinancial AccountingFinancial Accounting Global Settings-Tax on Sales/PurchasesBasic Settings--Check Calculation Procedure
    Here goto Define Procedure, you should map the Condition types according to your Calculation which includes Excise duty, VAT, WCT, CST etc.....
    Once the Tax procedure is completed
    Then in FTXP -- Maintain tax code for Country here enter the Values against the Condition types as per requirement.
    Like 8 % for excise, 4 % VAT, 2 % Cess etc... like
    You can create "n" number of Tax codes as per your Calculation.

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