Where has the 'send a gift' section gone in iTunes?

A while ago I sent a piece of music as a gift to a friend. It was done by clicking a link on the iTunes page when I selected a song and went on to pay.
I tried to do this again today but the link doesn't seem to be there.
There is one for vouchers, etc but not individual songs.
Any ideas anyone?
Many thanks

I just took a look at several albums chosen at random in the UK iTunes Music Store, and every one had the Gift This Music link. So the feature has not gone missing, at any rate. Select the album and it's right under the album title. If you want to gift just a particular track, each track (unless it's an album-only track) will have a button for "Gift Song".

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  • Where has the backup to disk option gone in iTunes 10.4?

    The option to backup your library is gone from iTunes 10.4 (or at least I cannot find it) and that was a feature I used regularly as a secondary backup solution.  Where has it gone?  Is there no easy way to backup your library to disc now?  Is the only way to backup now with time machine?

    I logged a case with iTunes support and received a call back yesterday. The agent had no clue that 10.4 did not have the backup to disk function. After i insisted that it was gone, I was put on hold, and he came back with an amazing explanation. All he could tell me is that it was because the "iCloud" would now be the way for users to backup, but at a cost of course. He was unable to give any details or point me to any refrence material on this change. in my opinion, this is an amazing change in the way apple does business. Like the US congress, they changed the rules in the shadows, and did not tell anyone they were doing it. OK, i understand that tech savy users will see this as no problem, but how about good old normal Joe who is not a techie and uses the backup to disk function as his primary backup? Joe will now have to wait for the iCloud to become mainstream, wait for instructions that do not exist today and pay for the ability to backup. Apple has gone the way of all the others now, revenue befoe the customer! This is a very shady way to change a policy and changes how i think of apple as a company. When will they come clean and tell everyone about the change, and how? Bad move Apple!

  • Where has the create aac version option gone?

    I like all my music in my iTunes to be in the same bitrate so I convert it all using the create an AAC Version option but it's no longer there. Whats going on? It has vanish over night.

    Hey shockpopdisco,
    That option is still there. Take a look at your iTunes Preferences by going to the drop menu Edit > Preferences, in the General tab you should see and option for Import Settings… and the option for AAC will be there as an option. Take a look at the article below for more information. 
    iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format
    -Norm G. 

  • Where has the colored fringe removal tool gone in ACR 6.7?

    Having just updated ACR to ver 6.7 ( I am surprised to find that the colored fringe removal tool in the Lens Correction palette has disappeared. All that there is now is Transform, Lens Vignetting and the relatively useless Defringe.
    I thought updates were supposed to provide enhancements, not remove things. What else has been taken away?
    I use this tool a lot and would like to get it back. If it has been replaced with something supposedly better, then what and where is it? Have I missed something?
    Any advice on this would be appreciated.

    Yes, there is lots of useful information here, and thanks for directing me to it. The claimed improvements to fixing chromatic aberrations in digital cameras, including ability to fix LoCA fringing, are impressive
    However, the article seems to apply only to ACR 7 (which I presume is exclusive to CS6) and LR 4. My question was really about ACR in CS5, which installed via Adobe Updates, during the past week. On my system, this update appears to have removed the manual fringe removal tools in the Lens Correction palette.
    There is nothing about this in the release notes, so has something gone wrong here?
    However I have discovered that my lens is now supported, and that applying the (semi) automatic adjustments via the Lens Profile tab does a reasonable job of fixing chromatic aberrations (as well as geometrical aberrations) and is a lot quicker to use. However the manual tool should still be there to fix problems with unsupported lenses as well as a means of applying finer adjustments, perhaps to selected parts of an image, or to accomodate variations in manufactured lens quality.

  • Snow Leapord - Where has the "Always on Top" feature gone?

    I like to have my ichat windows stay always on top, but after upgrading to the new snow leapord, I have no clue where this feature has gone. Any help?

    Did you have Chax installed in Leopard.

  • Where has the 'checking for mail' icon gone?

    Whenever I used to check my mail manually (Comand-Shift-N) an icon to the left of the Inbox would come up to show that mail was checking. If I remember correctly, it was a couple of triangles in a circle that would spin while the process was being executed. It's disappeared now - nothing come up and there's no way of knowing whether Mail is checking for mail or has finished doing so now. Any ideas where this visual indication of when Mail is busy checking for mail might have gone and how I can get it back?
    By the way, what do you call that icon - the one that comes up when a process is being exectued to show you so?

    Yes, that's right - no, it doesn't appear in the mailbox list. Where it used to be, e.g. if you're in Inbox and it's darkened to show it's the folder being viewed, it used to be the right of of 'Inbox' - where, when Mail is NOT checking for mail, there is a circle with a number in the middle of it to show how many unread messages are in the folder... It's that circle (the one showing the number of unread messages when Mail is idle) that used to turn into two spinning triangles when Mail was checking for mail. It's gone, but the circle displaying the number of unread messages is still there.
    It certainly is checking for mail, and receiving everything and doing everything else perfectly. In fact, that's the problem - it's such a reliable and well-behaved program that it seems such a waste of time to worry about silly, niggling little things. But still... Would be nice to have it back. I liked it and miss it.
    Nope, no enhancements; just as it was installed when I took delivery of the computer. Is it possible Firefox has somehow corrupted it?
    All current Apple and Mozilla (Firefox 3.0.11) updates are installed.

  • Where has the close tab in File gone, it makes life really difficult?

    The close tab option has gone from the file menu. This makes searching the web really difficult. I wish I hadn't upgraded the new Mozilla.

    Some menu entries in the main menu bar are hidden if you use the mouse and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu (Bug 626825).
    You can see the difference if you use Alt+F to open the File menu or Alt+B to open the Bookmarks menu and compare that to what you see if you use the mouse to open the menu after you have made the menu bar visible by tapping Alt or by pressing F10.

  • Where has the Setup and Load Guide gone?

    Hello experts,
    In the past I helped implement our CRM 3.0 and 4.0 systems.  At the time we had some very helpful guides (.pdf) which allowed us to configure the basic exchanges between R/3 and CRM.  They were called:
    Implementation and Configuration Step by Step
    Setup and Load Guide
    We are now going through a new CRM 7.0 fresh install and I am looking for those very same guides but updated for CRM 7.0.  
    At first someone pointed us to the building block guides "http://help.sap.com/saap/sap_bp/CRM_701_XX/Html/index.htm" but those do not appear to be the same content from what I recall in the older versions.  They look to help you establish a quick "default" type system even telling you values to plug in.  This was very different from the older versions where it explained step by step how to connect to R/3 and pull in values.
    Someone then told us that "those guides are in Solution Manager now" but not being overly knowledgeable in SOLMAN I cannot seem to find a way to locate them.
    Even in IMG in CRM 7.0 we see several references specifically saying "CRM Setup and Download Guide".
    Can someone please help me locate the latest versions of those guides.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Thank you for your response.  You are the second person to mention "Solution Manager documentation" as a way to obtain such information.  Can you elaborate on how you go about obtaining that type of information through Solution Manager?
    We were given guidance to find such documentation through the "accelerator tab" under Project Scope -> Roadmap but we are unable to find that tab.
    Please advise if that was what you might be referring to or something else.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Where has the text in my module gone?

    I have a project that has been working fine since I inherited it months ago, which uses the Flex3.0.0.477 sdk.
    Previously, the modules that it loads were not being optimized for the parent application. I changed that setting with no noticiable repercussions a month ago.
    Yesterday, the text suddently began disappearing from modules. When I test in debug mode, the text reappears (because the modules are not optimized when testing), but as soon as I clean the project and grab the optimized modules, the text disappears.
    I understand that there's some issue with the embedded fonts (that are declared in a global css file in the assets folder), but I am stumped how to fix it and even more why it suddenly started happening.
    Also, returning to a previous git commit, from a month ago or more, does not seem to change the behavior, suggesting that it has nothing to do with any recent changes I've made but is being caused by something within flash builder or the flash player.
    Any suggestions welcome!

    There were a confluence of issues/bugs crashing together to cause the issues. I'll try to sort them out here.
    1) The primary bug was being caused by a static variable in one of my subclasses that I was typing with the name of the application. The only noticeable effect of the error was that the fonts no longer loaded, though I'm not sure why. I fixed this issue by removing the type declaration on the variable and leaving it blank. I'm setting that variable in the main application, which simply references itself (ie Subclass.app = this). Other suggestions on how to do that within a class whose static methods are called without instantiation would be appreciated (meaning, I need to reference the parent app from within a static method in that subclass).
    2) Returning to a previous git commit for the project was unreliable because of an apparent flash builder bug that required me to open and close flash builder 2x to get it to correctly complile the application. Before switching to a previous commit, I would close flash builder. Upon reverting the codebase and re-opening flash builder, the application would still not compile correctly. However, if I closed and reopend flash builder a 2nd time, the application would work. I'm guessing that it has to do with how flash builder (or eclipse) save settings when exiting the program, so that I had to exit the correct code base after reverting to a previous version and then reopen to get the correct settings.
    I hope this helps someone in the future. Too many hours spent on something that should have been straightforward.

  • Where has the user defined variable pod gone?

    Last week I used the User Defined Variable pod to define some
    user defined variables in a project.
    Today I click View > Pods > User Defined Variables and
    nothing appears! Furthermore, on the Insert menu, the User Defined
    Variable option is greyed-out.
    Has anyone experienced this before? What is the solution?
    Ian Saunders

    I'm not the great and powerful Peter, but hopefully youl find this helpful.
    Right-click the menu and choose Customize... Then from the General tab, ensure the Menu Bar is selected and click the Reset... button.
    Dismiss the dialog and see if things are better.
    If it helps, I've spent time with Peter on a few occasions. Perhaps that helps my credibility?
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  • Where has the secure connection gold lock gone?

    How do I know now whether a page I am visiting is secure? Just by looking at the https header? This doesn't tell me whether there is a problem with the integrity of the connection, like the old golden lock did. I will feel very insecure using Firefox for online shopping and banking from now on. Removing the status bar was extremely stupid. I guess I'll have to give old IE another chance.

    The padlock has been replaced by the site identity button, for details on using it see https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Site+Identity+Button

  • Where has the print "POP UP" menu gone in 'Address Book?'

    I have been able to print several address books in different formats and sizes before. Maybe not in 10.5, but never the less its always been very straight forward and no fuss.
    Please help! I simply can't print anything??? No 'pop up menu' appears when you click >file>print? is this due to a new default pref setting in 10.5?
    I see others have had the same problem, but can not find an answer.
    Can some one shed any light on this or just point me in the right direction.
    Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

    Not sure if I follow you but, when you click File>Print and the print dialog comes up, what do you see? Do you see a field to select your printer and a field for Presets and not much else? If so, you can click on the down arrow next to the printer selection field and it should reveal much more information for you. Including a way to print envelopes, Address Books and Labels.
    I hope this is helpful!
    <Edited by Moderator>

  • Where has the mobile emulator for windows gone?

    Posts going back a year or so, refer to the mobile emulator for windows. Those links don't seems to work/be there, is there currently a version for developers?

    No. Those tools were for old versions of Fennec that are now deprecated and essentially dead. All current development is geared towards the Android platform.

  • Where has the preview on 'File, Open' gone?

    It was a useful double-check and now means another program must be open to check the image details. Why not just show thumbnails for all the images PS CS6 can recognise, not just jpegs? If Picasa can do it with ease for free why is it such hard work for such a pricey program?

    I agree, Adobe should be providing codecs for the file types they manage.
    See this thread for some potential workaround info:

  • Where has the support forums search function gone?

    I'd like to search for my question before posting it to see if it's answered already, but the search box up top right on the header bar searches the whole **** apple. Am I missing something? I'd be keen to just search iWeb '08.

    _Read This_ it's the announcement posted at discussions.apple.com in case you missed it

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