Why are my photos desaturated when I export out of Lightroom 5 and editing with VSCO Film filters?

I have been excited working with VSCO Film presets, however when I apply them and go to export out of Lightroom 5 on my Windows 8 computer, my images are previewing very desaturated and muted in color. Some images are below. I thought it was a Color SPace issue, but when exported as sRGB as well as in its original space of Adobe RGB1998 it is still desaturated. Any help?? In Lightroom the colors are right, but my preview application is different.
Thank you!
Screenshot of Lightroom preview on Left and Pictures preview on the Right.

Hi ssprengel,
Here's some clarification:
Here's a screenshot of my raw image in lightroom without any presets:
Here is a screenshot of my raw image with the presets (the way I want it to look upon export):
Here is a of the jpeg exported out of LR:
(on my screen the jpg looks like what it should when I attach it, but I know once I post this it will not look like it. That's something I noticed when I posted my question previously)
I took you suggestion and re-imported the sRGB exported JPEG and it looks like how it is supposed to be with the correct saturation. Here's a screenshot of the jpeg reimported.
Here is a screenshot comparing the LR5 preview to the Photos preview on Windows 8. The LR5 (left) is more saturated, the correct way I want it:
I cannot use Windows Photo Viewer because this is how my photos look like in it:
Hope this all makes sense! Thank you so much in advance!

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    I read your article Bill, and that just seems like a massive amount of work for the average individual who wants to put together a movie. Is all of that really necessary?
    With PS, or PSE, and Scaling Actions, one can do batch processing of entire folders of images in moments. That linked article gives setup tips for doing batch scaling very easily, and the Action, plus Automate to Batch, will work on entire folders. My workstation will automatically process ~ 500 4000x3000 pixel images to 720x480 in about 2 mins.
    There are two benefits when Scaling stills in an image processing program, prior to Import into an NLE (Non Linear Editor) program:
    The processing overhead is greatly reduced
    The quality is greatly improved, as the Scaling algorithms in an image processing program, are much better *
    If one wants to let the NLE program do the processing, and one has many large images (especially at still camera resolutions), then they WILL need a very powerful computer.
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    * PrPro, as of CS5, has improved the quality of Scaling, but the overhead issue still exists.

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    That doesn't sound right at all. My exports looks fine. I wonder if it could be some kind of glitch or something...
    Just out of curiosity, what do your export preferences look like? What quality setting do you have for jpegs, and what dpi for external editor file format? How about the dpi in your export presets you've been using? How about your RAW Fine Tuning sharpness sliders? (although that would affect how your images appear in Aperture, although it is subtle)
    Aperture has limited (but effective) sharpening options, and by default rendering the images are softer than what you might be used to if you used to process your RAW images with ACR (Photoshop, Lightroom). But I was able to match the default ACR rendering (in terms of sharpness, I mean) with Aperture by maxing out the sharpness sliders in RAW Fine Tuning and applying a Sharpen Edges adjustment with only mildly aggressive sharpening.
    Oh, that reminds me, which sharpness adjustment are you using? Sharpen is from the previous versions of Aperture, and is included for legacy/compatibility purposes with images that were processed in Aperture 1 & 2. Sharpen Edges is much more advanced and is generally recommended over the other.

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    A really easy fix in Windows XP, which I think will work fine in Vista if you can get to the right place. Open File Manager (my computer) and go to the folder with the photos, choose the thumbnail view, select and right click on photo files that are rotated sideways, you will see a rotate option on the right click menu - select it and the photos will rotate & sync correctly next time with a slight letterbox effect on your iphone. You may want to copy the folder first as the rotated photos will be clipped if you view them full screen on the PC.

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    Are you travelling towards the object you are photographing at a spectacular speed?  If so, you may be experiencing the doppler effect!

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    (not sure how this forum will notify me of any answers-so could those who answer-please e-mail me at:  [email protected]  Thanks.)

    The screenshot would have made a comparison possible if it showed the image both in the browser and in Photoshop.
    What Color Space are the images in?
    Do you embedd the ICC Profile when saving?

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    Read the link in this post.  Should help you.

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    If they are synced to iCloud and appear on icloud.com, they will reappear on your phone when you sign back into your account.  As a precaution, you could use an app like My Contacts Backup to back them up before you restore if you wish.  I would also recommend as a precaution that you import your camera roll photos and videos to your computer before restoring, as explained here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083.

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    Files that I have previously rated with stars in Bridge appear in my Lightroom catalog after DNG conversion without them. I am having to select all the images and use the 'Update DNG Preview and Metadata' command after ever import. Interestingly, this did not used to occur. What preference do I need to reset?
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    I'm still not sure I understand.  When you say the develop module changes every picture, do you mean adjustments get applied?  In LR4, the "Basic" panel (top right in Develop module) all the sliders are zero (centred) unless adjustments have been applied.  If they're not centred, then maybe an auto adjustment has been applied?  See Jim's post above. 
    Also, in Edit menu, Settings, Presets tab, make sure "Apply auto tone adjustments" is NOT checked.
    If you want the pictures to look the way the camera jpegs look, then apply a "Camera..." profile.  In Develop module, bottom right, "Camera Calibration" panel, there's a drop-down adjustment "Profile:".  The default is probably "Adobe Standard".  A better match for the Canon picture profiles is to choose "Camera standard", "Camera neutral" etc.  These match closely the equivalent profiles in Canon cameras (Standard, Neutral etc). 
    Lightroom can't read what was set in the camera, but you have to apply this in Lightroom.  However you can automate it by creating develop presets (see the help).  You can apply presets when you import images. When you import, there's a "Apply During Import" panel to do this. 

  • Why are 16x9 photos from PSE8 not filling screen when exported to PRE8?

    I batch cropped a bunch of photos to (JPEG) 16x9 and created a slideshow in PSE8 (about 100 slides, 3.2 sec duration, random pan/zoom, random 1 sec transition). I had to click on each photo "properties" and choose "fit on slide" since it was defaulting to "crop to fit" (which was further cropping my 16x9 photos down to something not desirable).
    When I "Output to PSE8" it shows up in the sceneline as not filling the entire space. If I click on this slide show in PRE8 and use the "properties" then "motion" and increase the size of the pictures, they come out blurry. However, if I insert one of the 16x9 photos directly into PRE8, it fills the entire screen and is perfect focused.
    PLEASE tell me there is an easier solution than having to create the entire slideshow in PRE8. I really like the random transitions, easy batch duration pan/zoom, control.

    Thanks for such a quick response Steve. I will attempt to add more information to help clarify your addtional quesitons
    The pan and zoom I am using is the default (very minor- just enough to give the perception of movement).
       If I import directly into PRE8 the picture(s) look perfect. It just seems to occur after I port to PRE8
    I am not sure what workflow I am following but will be a bit more specific as to the steps I have been taking:
    1. I open the PSE8 workspace and choose "organize" (not edit)
    2. I click on "create" then click on "slideshow"
    3. Next I set my specific defaults (for this project) 3.2 sec interval, 1 second Random transitions, apply pan and zoom to all slides and leave the "crop to fit slide-landscape" checked ( thanks for the tip to uncheck this next time, so I dont have to do it to every slide!!)
    4. I then import my media from "add media" "photos and videos from folders" place the photos in the order i am looking for then save the project.
    5.I next click "output" and "edit with Premiere Elements" - which open PRE8
    6. in PRE8 setup I choose the "HDV 1080i 30" configuration.
    The slideshow has now ported over to PRE8. The slideshow bundle does not utilize all of the space in the sceneline, hence my problem (black bars top and bottom of screen). Ironically, when I import via get media (directly from PRE8) the same pictures from my computer file (not in the organizer), they fill the entire space in the sceneline (no black bars on top or bottom).  I have this problem regardless of whether or not I am using the pan/zoom or the unchecking of crop to fit slide landscape in PSE8.
    I can send a screen print if you think that might help??
    I sure hope this helps, all the other video items that are not related to this slideshow are perfect and this is killing me!!
    Thanks, again, Mike

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    Generally I would not use Facebook for sharing any photos, it compresses the photos substantially, and when you have shadows and dark colours you get visible "bands" where there should be subtle gradients, ie at sunsets and sunrises.
    It sounds like you are using two methods to upload to Facebook:
    1. Sharing from within Aperture, which basically syncs Facebook with your Aperture album, so any changes made at either end gets synced, hence the deletions from Albums, although the original file should still be in your library, just removed rom the album. It is like a playlist in iTunes.
    2. Exporting pics and uploading to Facebook from the browser.
    I am not sure how method 1 gets compressed, but I know that uploading hi-res jpegs to Facebook using method 2 results in poor quality images.
    I wouldn't even bother comparing option 1 or 2, and they will both be poor images once you view them on Facebook, as opposed to viewing uploaded images on proper image sharing / hosting sites.
    Your problem is not with Aperture, it is using Facebook for showing your work.
    If you export pics form Aperture at high res jpegs or TIFFs your images will be fine.
    If you insist to use Facebook as your way to share your work, then your workflow should be this:
    1. Right click images you want to share.
    2. Select Export version.
    3. Export as 100% size and ensure the export settings are set at 100% quality.
    4. Upload this pic into Facebook.
    This will get you the best image size and resolution on Facebook.
    See how you go.

  • Why are the photos I copied onto a DVD from I-Photo not viewable by a Windows PC?

    Why are the photos I copied onto a DVD from iPhoto not viewable on a Windows PC?

    Because you did it wrong? It's hard to know unless you tell us what you did.
    What should work:
    Select the photos you want to share
    File -> Export and export them to a folder on the desktop. Burn that to the disk with the Finder.
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.

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    You really will need to give some information before anyone can help. Is this in the Finder? Or some application? What on earth does "scrambled" mean?

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    The 'features' you refer to are not anything that a customer should really care about, so why don't you just turn them off.
    Do you really care about "Location-based iAds" - I've hardly ever even seen iAds!
    Do you really care about the time-zone updating based upon your international location - unless you are a very frequent traveller, this 'feature' is pretty useless and can be turned off without losing functionality that matters.
    The specific features to turn off are indicated in my post above - they are all in one place, they can all be turned off in about 20 seconds, and your problem will go away, and you will not lose any important functionality.
    Obviously I would agree with your point if you had to refrain from using the phone or making text messages, or playing games, or taking photos... all of which are genuinely useful features of a phone.
    But I disagree with you that you should deny yourself reasonable battery life on the basis that you need the specific features that made you buy this "Apple product and not an Android one" when these features are in fact not first-line, or even-second line features... they are just 'things' that make very little difference to how a person would use their iPhone at all.
    Anyway, that's my thoughts on it. Yes of course it would be great if Apple could fix the bug but as it isn't showstopping, I find it hard to get worked up about it

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