Why are my pictures on my photo stream JPG format

Why are my pictures on my photo stream JPG format

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  • HT201317 Has anybody an idea, why my jpeg-picture uploaded to Photo Stream does not appear on my S4 like all the other pictures before? Ok, it's 4 years old, but JPEG and taken with a digital camera...! I'm despaired after trying since days...! Thank you!

    Has anybody any idea, why my jpeg-picture upoaded to Photo Stream does not appear on my iPhone S4 like all the other pictures before?
    Ok, it's a 4 year old picture, but taken with a digital camera as jpeg...! This cannot be the problem really, but I'm despaired after trying since days...! Thank you all for any hint you've got for me!

    If you asking me, I would suggest to additonally use a second storage service which also allows you to store your pictures over the 30 days period. I personally use Dropbox with automatic upload for that (https://db.tt/cMEgDUFZ), but there are also other storage services like Flickr for example.

  • Where are my pictures from my photo stream?

    Recently I have noticed that my pictures from my camera roll and photo stream are disappearing. Where are they and why can't I find them?

    Beware you dont let your iphone drain out.. Den u wont have any way to switch it ON..
    Connect your iphone via itunes.. In My Computer your iphone will show up.. open it n see if all ur fotos are der or nt..

  • Why are my pictures not showing up in Photo Stream?

    Ok, I have set up upgraded everything to the correct versions.  I have set up and enabled Photo Stream on my iMac and on my iPhone.  I have enabled Photo Stream on the iPhone.  I have set up my iCloud services.  I can drag pictures to the Photo Stream app, but when I take pictures they do not appear in Photo Stream.  What am I doing wrong?

    I found the problem.  AS it turns out, when I created my iCloud account I eneded up creating a NEW ID.  The process is a little bit confusing and it is apparently easy to get one ID on the iCloud on your iMac and another on your iPhone.  This is what I had done.  It was a simple matter of signing out of iCloud on the Mac and then signing back in wiht my original Apple ID (the one on the iPhone) once I signed backin, pictures starte appearing in the Photo Stream.  Easypeasy!

  • Is there a way to retrieve pictures deleted from photo stream that are not yet on camera roll?

    Is there any way to retrieve pictures deleted from photo stream that are not yet on camera roll? I used my iPhone for a camera and put pix on iPad through photo stream. But I didn't realize they were not on the iPad camera roll, and deleted them from the phone Photostream. Now they are gone. Any chance to find them in the cloud?

    No, there is no re-cycling bin on the iPad. If you deleted them from the card, and you havn't yet re-used the card, then there may be recovery software that you can get for your computer that might be able to get them back.

  • HT201317 Pictures moved from Photo Stream to another Folder are pixelated.

    I will add a picture to my photo stream and it shows up perfectly clear in the photo stream album. When I move it to the camera roll, it becomes pixelated and very unclear. This does not happen with all photos. How do I resolve this?

    I am having this problem as well on random images, except it isn't evenly distributed pixiliation like on this example, but sections of totally black pixels.

  • HT4623 Updated my ipad using 7.0.4 iOS, now my pictures in my photo stream are showing "JPG" in a grey box, how can it view my pictures?

    Just ran the 7.0.4 iOS update on my iPad & now I can't view my pictures under the photo stream album, it's showing a grey box with "JPG" where the individual pictures should be, how can I view my photos?

    I had the same issue, 
    Mine was with sync'ed photos,  not Photo Stream, 
    I opened the iPhoto Library Package and removed the iPod Photo Cache.    Then resync'ed and everything started working great!

  • My iPhone 4S was replaced yesterday due to my handset being faulty. Before I gave the faulty one back I made sure all pictures were in photo stream! All 1006 were however when I got home and set up my new handset, there's only 146. Please help??

    I received my new iPhone 4S today due to the last one being faulty. I had 1006 pictures in my photo stream however on setting my new phone up I only have 146 :( please help?

    Had this problem before. sometimes it's the network. downloading all the photos take time.If you r so sure 1006 pics are in the photo stream, then no need to worry. It'll come. Give it time. Good things take time! <wink*>

  • Why do videos from a shared photo stream not appear in iPhoto?

    why do videos from a shared photo stream not appear in iPhoto?  Within iMovie, it appears as though videos can be imported from the iPhoto library.  However, within iPhoto there are no videos that appear within the Library.  Is it possible to import photos into iPhoto from a shared photo stream?  if not, how can videos be imported into iPhoto?

    Hello BrJL,
    Thank you for contacting Apple Support Communities.
    The following two articles should help you make sure you have your photo sharing set up correctly.
    iCloud: Set up iCloud Photo Sharing
    iCloud Photo Sharing FAQ
    Jeff D.

  • How to retain my pictures in My Photo Stream in IOS8

    Hi, I am using Iphone 4S and I have upgraded to IOS 8 recently. After this upgrade, I lost all my pictures in My Photo Stream. Please help me out, how will I get my pictures back, I need them.
    Or else please tell me the process to downgrade to IOS 7.
    I have verified in Moments also, no pictures added from My Photo Stream and I ahve around 500 pictures in My Photo Stream. I want my pictrures back.
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    Mr ckuan, Read my question properly. You are keep on giving the same reply.
    Pictures were there for last 2-3 years and they never got deleted from my phone and I am using 2 Apple Iphones. For the first time it happened now.
    THANKS A LOT Mr. CKUAN. You just made us[many other people have the same problem] understand the problem.

  • HT201077 Can I add older pictures to my photo stream?

    Can I add older pictures to my photo stream?

    There are a couple of ways to do this:
    Open the photos one at a time and take a screenshot.  This will add a new low resolution copy of the photo to the camera roll, which will then upload to your photo stream;
    Email the photos a few at a time to yourself, then save the attached photos to your camera roll.  This will add a copy of the photo at full resolution to your camera roll (if you choose to send them as Actual Size) and upload to photo stream;
    Use an app like PhotoSync, which will allow you to wirelessly transfer copies of all your old photos to your computer all at once.  Then delete these photos from your camera roll and use PhotoSync to transfer them back from your computer to your camera roll.  These will be the original resolution and will upload to your photo stream.  (You need an app like this because iTunes will not transfer photos back to your camera roll, where they must be in order to add to your photo stream.)

  • Why are my pictures grainy (not clear)?

    why are my pictures grainy?

    The resolution of the cameras on the iPad are very low, something like 1 meg, and they are mainly for things like Facetime. If you have very good light then you may get acceptable photos from it, but you are probably better off using a digital compact or even your phone for photos

  • I have so many pictures on my photo stream and camera roll. I synced them to my computer, the ones on my photo stream. can I delete the pictures in my camera roll? and still have the pictures on my computer? or do i have to save them from icloud folder to

    Hi, i am an idiot when it comes to this. I have so many pictures on my photo stream and camera roll. i cant even take anymore pictures or even update to ios7. I synced my pictures to my PC, i think. can i know delete my camera roll or will my pictures disappear from my computer? im so confused!!

    If you delete photo stream photos from your phone they will be deleted from the my photo stream album on your PC.  Before doing that, be sure to copy or move them to a different folder on your computer.
    Deleting camera roll photos won't delete anything from your computer.  If you import them to your computer using your usb cable as explained here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083, you will get an option to delete them from your phone after they are imported.

  • TS4036 I deleated pictures from my photo stream that were in albums.  I did not know that when I deleated from photo stream they would automatically deleat from the album.  Can I get them back?

    I deleated pictures from my photo stream that were placed in albums.  I did not know that by doing this I removed them from the albums as well.  Is there any way to get this photos back?

    Not unless they are still in your camera roll, or backed up on your computer.  Photo stream photos are not automatically backed up anywhere.

  • New photos taken with my iPhone 4s are not being uploaded to photo stream...

    Last weekend I tool a few photos with my iPhone and they were uploaded to photo stream as soon as I connected to wifi. I was able to see them on my iPad and MacBook Pro as sooon as I opened iPhoto...
    Today I took a few more but they were not uploaded to photo stream when I connected to wifi... I reset photo stream and now it will not update...
    I havent really changed any settings on my iPhone... What can I do???

    Me too, I'm looking for help for that kind of problem.
    Two months ago, I posted this:
    Once Icould control panel is opened on my computer, how can I send the files from my phone ? Because they are not coming by themselves.
    When I click on "Manage", I do see a back up made made in end 2013. How can I access to it from my computer ?
    And another question: In "photo stream options", when they say: "...and upload photos you add to your photo stream from this computer", the upload is only for photos which are inside the Icloud folder "photo stream", right ?
    If there is a photo on desktop or in "my pictures", it won't be uploaded ? Because I share my pc with someone and I don't want other things end up on my Iphone.
    Thank you for you help.

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