Why do I have SOS ONLY on my screen?

Why do I have the text " SOS only" next to the wifi symbol top left of ipad2 screen? I don't use sim card!!! Can someone assist thanks?

Do you have a sim in there that you have not activated?  On a cell phone, that means you can make emergency calls only.  Not sure what it means in an ipad! Unless you have a sim from a old phone in there.

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  • Why do I have sound only in one headphone, stereo and docking station?

    Why do I have sound only coming out of one side of headphone, car, stereo and docking station when playing itunes?

    Try cleaning out the headphone jack with a cotton swab.

  • Okay so i have been trying to contact apple for days now but i was just thinking why do we have to only choose between white or black for the digitizer? would i be able to send my ipod into apple to get it customized to a different color besides that?

    okay so i have been trying to contact apple for days now but i was just thinking why do we have to only choose between white or black for the digitizer? would i be able to send my ipod into apple to get it customized to a different color besides that?

    Apple does not offer custom colors. I'd suggest you get a skin for your iPod. Those are available in hundreds of colors and patterns and since they're not permanent, they don't affect the iPod's warranty and you can change if you ever get tired of the skin you chose.

  • Why when I have installed only adobe flash player my web browser displays still error plug shockwave flash. If it possible please reply in Poland language

    Shockwave Flash plug may be busy, or no longer responding. You can stop the plug-in now, or continue whether the action is completed

    Shockwave Flash plug may be busy, or no longer responding. You can stop the plug-in now, or continue whether the action is completed

  • Why Photoshop still have objects out of our screen?

    Can you tell me why our objects which are out of project after crop are still there? It's a rubbish every time.
    For example. I have 100 objects in my project, then I cropped to only 4 objects, but look at my layers. There are still here and there are completely useless.
    Why Photoshop is still catching useless objects? There are even not an "objects" because we can't touch and move them, we can't see them. We can only see their names.

    rkelly0137 napisał(-a):
    Just because you crop something doesn't mean you want that information to disappear; many people may still want that information
    Please, tell me who and why? For example, what for that information would be useful for you? Because I don't get it.
    rkelly0137 napisał(-a):
    Or just export/save to a format without layers, such as a JPG
    We don't talk about this. About exporting files, we talk about working in project
    rkelly0137 napisał(-a):
    If I assume correctly you want to take a bunch of crops of different parts of this document? If that's the case I wouldn't use the crop tool, I would use the rectangular marquee. Select the area you want, then copy merged (Ctrl+alt+C), then open a new document (the size will be to the size of your copy) and paste the single layer into the document. You can then save that as your cutout. If you plan on doing this a lot I would simply make an action that copy merged, open new, paste, and save for web
    Thanks for advice but I don't want to do that.
    I only want to all of it be like in this video:

  • Why do I have green lines across the screen

    This morning hubby turned on iPad and it has green lines through the screen. It is also circling the apps. Could this be a pixel problem.

    There is no need to bang or drop the iPad!!  Read this solution.  Read the whole thing.
    If your iPad is still under warranty, I have heard that Apple will simply exchange it for you.  That is not necessarily an ideal option, as many people do not want to have to bother with transfering all of their files to a brand new device.
    My problem, however, was that my iPad was no longer under warranty when this occurred.  I was so sad, because the warranty is supposed to be for a year.  My mother bought it for me as a gift last Christmas, so it had not even been out of the box for a whole year when this happened.  Nevertheless, since my mother bought it in October, the warranty had *just* expired, since they go technically by the purchase date.
    Apple offered to fix it for me for $300!!!!  A ridiculous price for a loose wire inside.  I simply am not in a position to spend that kind of money, and if I was, why not get a new device at that price (NON-Apple!).  I was very upset, but I didn't give up on it.  I scoured the Internet for an affordable solution, I found one, and it worked!!
    The problem is caused by a loose cable on the inside, simple as that (can you imagine they ask $300 for the fix!!  After all I have invested in the App store, and buying the Apple keyboard to boot!!!).
    The fix I found is simple, I did it, and it worked for me.  It is the same repair a professional would do in this situation.
    The following video demonstrates how to open your iPad.  Warning!  This is a do-at-your-own-risk solution!  But I found it quite easy.  Watch the video (which actually demonstrates the entire process of replacing the screen),
    Obviously, for our issue, you will not remove your screen.  Simply disconnect the two cables as shown in the video, and reconnect them!!  Simple as that!  Then just reassemble it according to the video.
    I purchased the prying tool and screw driver and latches from sw-box.com -- for under $20.  I think it comes from Hong Kong, but it only took 8 days to get to me in TX, USA.
    I hope this helps someone else.

  • Why my ipad have problem with the rotation screen

    i have a problem with the rotation screen is locked, i try everything but nothing is happening help

    If you see a lock icon in the upper right corner of the screen - then the screen orientation is locked.
    Try the side switch above the volume rocker first and see if that unlocks the screen. If that doesn't do it, double tap the home button and swipe to the right and look for the lock icon all the way to the left.
    If the screen is unlocked but still will not rotate, reset the iPad.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the button

  • Why is everything have a shadow on my screen????

    For watever reason, everything on the screen has a shadow 1mm to the right of it. It's like there is another layer underneath that is shifted just to the right.
    I'm not sure how else to describe it.
    It makes the screen blured and text is harder to read.
    What gives? Is there a setting I am unaware of?
    Please help!!!

    Not normal. Take it to an Apple Store for evaluation.
    Make a Genius Bar Reservation
    Do you have your brightness set at max?
     Cheers, Tom

  • Why does PE11 have poor resolution on Retina screens?

    On my Macbook Pro Retina photographs that look stunning viewed in Preview, PhotoMechanic or iPhoto are all pixellated and blurred when viewed in Photoshop Elements 11. Anyone know of an answer to this?

    That's actually not quite the reason. 1024 x 768 is the minimum resolution for all the features to fit on your screen. You can run PSE at a much higher resolution (my monitor is 1920 x 1200 for example, and PSE looks fine). However, the retina display packs in a lot more pixels than that and programs must get new graphics to look optimized on those screens. Even photoshop didn't till fairly recently.
    You can try viewing photos at 50 or 100% for best results, but any current version of PSE, like many other programs, is going to be like watching standard def TV on an HDTV. Since PS CS6 was the first version of PS to have an update that optimized it for retina displays, I would not expect PSE to be until there is a version of PSE based on CS6 or higher. PSE 11 is based on CS5.

  • Why do I have to sign in after screen lock and/or sleep?

    I use Skype, YIM, Facebook, etc., and I want to stay signed in all the time. Whenever my ipod is awakened from sleep or brought out of screen lock, everything is signed out and has to sign back in. I miss calls and messages this way. I appreciate the screen lock and wish to keep it operating, so how can I keep everything signed in after the screen locks?

    You need to change the settings in each app. I don't use YIM, but Skype and Facebook I do use.
    Under Settings >> Skype, make sure "Sign In Automatically" is on, "Go Offline" is set to never, and notifications are active. The "Don't Auto-Lock" only applies to calls made.
    Under Settings >> Facebook, tap "Push Notifications" and make sure the notifications you want to be notified about are set to "On".
    Under Settings >> Notifications, make sure they are on, and the types of alerts are on (Badges, Alerts, and/or Sounds).
    Under Settings >> General >> Auto-Lock, make sure it is set to "Never".
    For some reason, there are a couple of things that still won't happen correctly: Facebook will place a badge for activity, but it still tends to take minutes (or may NEVER) update your page to show you what occurred (I often get Notifications on wall posts that never show in the notification tray). Skype WON'T notify you of a call unless you are actively on the iPod, but you can receive messages, so I would tell whoever calls you to message you first to make sure you are actively able to receive the call (since any chat messages will alert you).

  • Why do I have to manually slide my screen to see everything in the window? It's like the window became to large for screen

    It's seems like the window became to large for I pad screen. I have to slide screen with finger, both sideways and up & down. Can someone advise me?
    J. Norfolk

    Go to
    Settings>General>Accessibility and look for zoom
    also, three finger double-tap should undo the setting.

  • Why SharePoint 2013 have only 2 level global navigation ??

    I just want to know why SharePoint 2013 have 2 levels of global navigation hierarchy by default. Is it possible to make it up to 3,4 levels.
    For example:
    Main Site -> Subsite -> Subsite Nodes -> Subsite Nodes Subsite -> Child Nodes & so on
    Something like above hierarchy.
    Thanks in advance for your answers..!!

    Yes, you can absolutely have more than 2 levels of navigation. You will need to update your master page through to allow for more dynamic levels of navigation.
    You might find the following thread helpful.
    Also be aware that there was a bug in SP2013 where only two levels of navigation would ever show. This was fixed last year.
    Eric Overfield - PixelMill -
    ericoverfield.com -

  • HT1711 Why do I have to pay extra for something that I already bought? Shouldn't I be able to have access to my music even if its not through apple? This is ridiculous when I go to the store and buy a CD I'm not relegated to only playing it on one CD play

    Why do I have to pay extra for something that I already bought? Shouldn't I be able to have access to my music even if its not through apple? This is ridiculous when I go to the store and buy a CD I'm not relegated to only playing it on one CD player

    iTunes Plus is the name for the option in iTunes that allows customers to buy music at the iTunes Store that is free from digital rights management, or DRM.
    Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is designed to prevent unauthorized sharing of files. This especially became a big concern for the music industry after the rise of Napster, Limewire, and Kazaa.
    DRM, even the DRM used by Apple on iTunes Store content, prevented that. Apple's DRM allowed users to share files on only up to 5 computers.
    According to TUAW, the new iTunes Plus songs have information embedded in them that identifies the user who bought and shared them by name.
    This means that if you share your music and record companies want to track you down and sue for you copyright infringement, it's going to be easy.
    This may help you understand why you would need iTunes Plus - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1711.
    It may be that Android required that type of file to be able to let it sync.  See here - http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/media-formats.html.

  • Why do i have duplicate notes on my iPhone even so en settings on all is iCloud the only one check?

    Why do I have duplicate notes on my iphone all my settings are check for the icloud only on iphone, ipad and macbook?

    This is not due to malware on your iPhone. There is no known malware capable of infecting an iPhone, unless it has been jailbroken (ie, hacked to run apps from outside the App Store).
    Someone hacked your e-mail remotely. Changing your password should remove access, but the spammer can still spoof your e-mail address on the From line and continue sending messages that look like they're coming from you. There's not much you can do about that except alert your contacts and wait for the spammer to stop and move on.
    Alternately, some e-mail accounts provide features that can allow a hacker continued access even after you change the password. GMail, for example, has a delegation feature that can be used to give someone else access, and hackers have been known to use this feature to maintain access across password changes. I am unfamiliar with Windows Live Email, but you should check for any similar delegation features.

  • Why we can have only one public class in one source file

    why we can have only one public class in one source file

    When the java compiler is run it looks for classes referenced by the classes you are directly compiling. When looking for these referenced classes it looks for source as well as class files and compiles them automatically if the coresponding class files are missing, or older than the source.
    In order to do this it must be able to work out the source file name for any given class which might be referenced from another (the rule also applies to package level access).

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