Accordion navigation pane for mobile apps

       Is there a way to create an accordion pane in a android mobile app using Flash Builder? I know you could do it flash web pages. But, for mobile app, I am not sure. I apologize if this is a stupid or redundant question.
Any direction is greatly appreciated.

I was thinking about this, for no reason other than I was meant to be doing something else.
My initial idea was that you could probably achieve something that would give you reasonable flexibility in an accordion like control by creating a custom item renderer for an s:List. EG: Override public function set selected(b:Boolean):void; in the item renderer to add the display clip when selected and remove it when deselected. You could then supply your item elements as an IList with an Array of IVisualElement as its source. I knocked up a quick test and bar resizing the renderer (which I would need to think about a bit) it worked pretty effectively.
Then, although it is a bit less elegant, it occurred to me you could use a simple s:VGroup swapping the relevant child elements in and out of the display list based on clicks on the label buttons.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:View xmlns:fx=""
                    xmlns:s="library://" title="HomeView" xmlns:accordion="accordion.*">
                              import mx.core.IVisualElement;
                              protected function setClipIndex(selectThis:int):void
                                        for(var i:int=0;i<listOfClips.length;i++) {
                                                  var ive:IVisualElement = listOfClips.getItemAt(i) as IVisualElement;
                                                  if(i==selectThis) {
                                                            if(!accordionVG.containsElement(ive)) {
                                                                      // Add at item position plus one to allow for the button
                                                  } else {
                                                            if(accordionVG.containsElement(ive)) accordionVG.removeElement(ive);
                    <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
                    <s:ArrayCollection id="listOfClips">
                                        <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" toolTip="A group..." id="defaultGroup" >
                                                  <s:VGroup >
                                                            <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                                            <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                                            <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                                            <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                        <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" toolTip="A different group..." >
                                                  <s:VGroup width="{width}">
                                                            <s:Button />
                                                            <s:Label text="Different text in some other buttons..." />
                                                            <s:Button />
                                        <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" toolTip="Yet another group..." >
                                                  <s:VGroup width="{width}">
                                                            <s:Button />
                                                            <s:Label text="Some other stuff..." />
                                                            <s:Button />
          <s:VGroup id="accordionVG" top="0" left="0" right="0" bottom="0" creationComplete="setClipIndex(0)">
                    <s:Button width="100%" label="{listOfClips.getItemAt(0).toolTip}" click="setClipIndex(0)" />
                    <s:Button width="100%" label="{listOfClips.getItemAt(1).toolTip}" click="setClipIndex(1)" />
                    <s:Button width="100%" label="{listOfClips.getItemAt(2).toolTip}" click="setClipIndex(2)" />

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    Regarding the Navigation Pane.  The setting for displaying it is indeed in the Windows Registry but it is part of a binary data key and thus mere mortals like us are not able to change it. You need a macro... see this link for an example.
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    +1 for this. it's taking a while to lad on my 2 year old ipad mini, so this would probably help. though in my case, it's going to be an iOS install that needs to ho on a diet.i haven't worked out if it's the player part of the spp that's swelling or additional social aspects of the app that sre growing in size unecessarily.all things said, a music player shouldn't really need to be 75mb+.the android install on my htc m8s is about 13mb, by comparision, less than 2 thirds of the install size.

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    mobile service or normal SQL database. Which should I use or am I completely off track?

    Mobile Services uses SQL Database, nothing special on that SQL Database, its just like any other  "normal" SQL Database.
    Mobile Services provides "back-end services" that simplifies accessing SQL Database, Notification services, authentication, etc...
    Let's assume you don't use Mobile Services, to use SQL Database, you would need your app (both mobile and web) to connect to the database. In practice, you will not want to expose your SQL database directly, so you'd end-up writing some kind of a "facade"
    that your app will access instead of directly connecting to the database.
    Instead of writing that "facade", Mobile services provides that for you (you still have to write code though, but less than what you need to write if you're rolling your own).
    Both your web app and mobile apps can share the same SQL database (pay attention to the mobile service schema).
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    As far as I know, you cannot have your code under source contorl of TFS when work on the mobile app that uses "Android studio". You cannot use Android Studio to connect to TFS hence it's unavailable for your requirement.
    If your use Ecliplse, you might integrate with Team Explorer Everywhere and connect to your on-premise TFS.
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    Which Adobe product(s) (and other tools) are best for this?
    I'm guessing that Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap Build are places to start but I'm looking for input from others.
    I'm also guessing the Adobe Edge products are appropriate "IDEs" for this kind of thing?
    What does Cordova bring to the table that isn't available in native HTML5/CSS?
    I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this question but upon reviewing the list of available forums this seemed like the best fit.

    There are few routs you could go to create a Mobile App using Adobe tools.
    1. Adobe Muse then export from Muse and visit as Brad pointed out here:
    Can I make a Mobile site with Muse and then go through PhoneGap?
    "Export as HTML and the create a zip file with the contents. Go to Phonegap,s website and submit the app directly from there instead of through Dreamweaver."
    2. Dreamweaver and Phonegap build access inside Dreamweaver. Read other users experiences on this community form before you rely solely on Dreamweaver to upload your app to
    3. Manually coding and uploading your html, js, css, assets (images, audio etc) files coded either in new adobe Edge Code or Dreamweaver to
    For easier graphic editing for media devices use Adobe's Fireworks graphics software instead of Adobe Photoshop for graphics. Once you start on your project there are various workflows you can use depending on what you are trying to make.
    -Zeshan B.

  • InDesign png export for mobile app

    Dear All,
    I have put together a number of text boxes and images in InDesign Creative Cloud CS6 and exported them as one png (or jpeg) image for use in a jQuery mobile iPhone app that I'm creating in Dreamweaver.  Will this work?  Rather than inserting text box, image, text box, images, text box, images, etc. into a page of the mobile app, can I just create one png image in InDesign that includes everything, various text boxes, images, wrapped images, html active inserts, etc., and have people scroll through it as a page in the iPhone app?  The InDesign file for this one page is about 1.1 mb right now.  Will this png image be able to zoom and do everthing it needs to do in the iPhone app?  Creative Cloud CS6 - Mac - Lion 10.7.4.  Thanks.
    Small Town Gal

    Dear Jongware,
    My thinking is the same as yours.  If the iPhone app will allow you to zoom a single image, it must allow you to also zoom a compounded image.  I like the design format of InDesign better than the jQuery Mobile design page in Dreamweaver because InDesign allows you to do text wrap around images and just set things up in a more dynamic fashion.  We still want people to be able to zoom in on a single smaller image in order to view it up close, however so if the code in the iPhone app allows the viewer to zoom in on an individual image, it should allow a scroll and zoom in on a larger page that is also a png image -- makes sense to me. The scroll feature works in the multiscreen view and in Safari browser, but it doesn't allow a zoom preview -- I'll have to do that in the iPhone itself. 
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    How to implement something like this?

    I left BB for the same reason a few years back. Have spent time with Apple and Samsung and am now selling my Galaxy S3 and returning to my Bold 9700 - just loathe touch screens and I think the Apps on BB are much improved - often just under a different name than the android ones.
    Missed my BB too much 
    SusanHB on Twitter.......

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    Piotr, are you Polish? It is a pity that you did not show how to create a background. Can I get the source somewhere? Great movie.

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