Account determination error in Billing

Dear Expert,
I create one billing doc(1840000318) based on SO:1810000296. But in the posting status it is showing "Posting document not created(account determn error) in billing. I did not found any FI relavant docs for this billing in open item customer list.
*Anyone can advice me why the FI docs not created automatically..???
**Do you think there any missing configuration set?
***Or if I cancel the billing docs then it will okay or not ?
Thanks & b.Rgds

Hi Bishnu,
Check Points for Account Determination.
1. Ensure Cutomer master (Xd02)Sales Area Data- Billing Tab-- Acc Assign Grp  ---Should be maintained
2. Material Master -
Sales Org-2----
Acc Assign Grp..Should be maintained.
3. In VKOA maintain
Application- V Chart of Accounts--Sales Org ---Acc Assgn Gp Of Cust -Acc Assgn Gp of Material-Acc Keys (ERL,ERS,ERF)----& G/L Account.
4. In ur Pricing Procedure i.e V/08... Maintain Reqt -2 corresponding to ERL,ERS,ERF. & Subtotal =9 in front of net total.
Revert  for further clarification.
Amit Gupta

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  • Account determination error at billing level

    for Account determination error at billing level
    i checked the line item level for the material by highlighting the item, then GO TO > ITEM > ITEM DETAILS. here 5 line items are there , 4 line items have same "Acct asgnmt grp" and 1 line item is different at order level. i gess this is the problem if am wrong please correct me.
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    Hi Pandu
    A/c deterimation error. 1st you check in customer master sales area data billing tab page with account assingment and go to material master u select particular material see in sales organization 2 tab with account assignment. and go to T.Code VKOA check the combination which is assiged A/c assingmnet group of customer and matrial account assingment group. If it is not come goto VFX3 and specify the customer execute and click on RELEASE FLAG. If it is error go to log see the digonsis.
    Kind Regards
    Chandra Mouli A

  • Account determination error in FI doc during SD billing doc posting.

    when I create one billing doc ref to s/o,
    I check account determination in condition type:
    G/L account no.: 110000
    Provision acc.   : 120000
    in FI doc,
    should debit 110000 and credit 120000
    but current status is credit 110000 and debit 120000
    Please help.

    One of the following could be the reasons for the Account determination error.
    Please check.
    1.Incorrect account assignment group entered in the customer and material master
    Resolution:Maintain correct account assignment group in customer and material master,Eg.External Domestic,Z1 - External Foreign,Internal Foreign,etc,.
    2.GL account not extended to the respective company code.
    Resolution:Extend the required GL account to the company code.
    Sophia Xavier

  • Account determination error during intercompany billing invoice

    Hi experts,
    I am getting 'Account Determination Error' shows in red during 'intercompany' billing.
    I tried to release to accounting but didn't help.
    Pls advise

    Hi Sushant,
    The error during the invoice creation. This document is for intercompany billing.
    I checked in Account Determination Analysis --> Revenue Accounts
    When I click on the Item no., it shows as 'No G/L account found in KOFI' & messege 121.
    In VKOA, there are few tables but I am not sure how & what to compare between these two.

  • Third party billing document ,''account determination error ''

    i got problem, After creating the billing document, account determination error is coming.
    Please help,

    Go to OB40 and assign you account to your combination if its not there.
    It should be assigned to your chart of account number and sales organization.
    Just do these setting and go to VF02 and press the green flag after giving you billing document number.
    If everything is right then accounting document will be generated.
    Otherwise some error will pop out then post that error over here.

  • Accounts determination error is coming while create billing.

    Hi Experts,
    Accounts determination error is coming while create billing for Account Assignment Group A4 . In some cases only this error is appearing . I m a ABAPer I got this case and I  m debugging the code  . Can anyone  suggest me what all the things i need to check to know the root cause . This error is coming very  rarely but I want to find the reasons.  I saw some of scn post bt it was not clear .
    Please suggest briefly what w'd be the probable cause of this error and how to correct it.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Dharmkrit,
    In one of your earlier posts, you have mentioned that you have assigned G/L accounts by selecting table 1. This is probably where you might be going wrong.
    Please follow the below steps to cross check your entries and you should hopefully have a solution.
    (1) First of all, start from the account determination procedure and check which procedure is assigned to the billing type.
    (2) Check the account determination type that is maintained in the procedure.
    (3) Check which access sequence assigned in that condition type
    (4) Check which table/tables have been maintained in the access sequence
    * In most probability, you would have maintained a different table in the access sequence while you are trying to assign your G/L accounts to some other table
    * Also, since you say that this error is only for a particular account determination type, check if you have maintained the correct combination of application/chart of account/Customer account assignment group/material account assignment group/G/L account in the correct table. However, this combination of fields depends on the table that you have used in the condition technique.
    I suggest that you write your entries down while checking the flow. This will give you a clear picture if a connection is missing somewhere in the condition technique.
    The customer/material account assignment groups are just keys (two digit codes) and their determination has nothing to do with Z1/Z2/A1 or any other code that you have defined in the system. The main determination is purely based on the condition technique and how correctly you have maintained the connections between the tables, access sequences, types and procedures. Just recheck these entries and you should be able to resolve the issue.
    Hope this helps
    Sumita Mittra

  • Account determination error in Invoice document posting

    Problem - When generating the invoice document to customer, an error is displayed - Document is saved (Account determination error). As a consequence of this step, the invoicing is not able to create FI document
    My Analysis-
    Account determination is done in G/L account assignment (VKOA screen)
    For my billing document, the system is not able to find the GL account (below are screenshots)
    In VKOA screen, I already defined the GL account determination using KOFI procedure.
    I initially defined in table 2 Cust.Grp/Account Key and it didnt work.
    So I defined in both the tables 1 as well - Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey
    But still system is not reading the tables and obtaining the GL account no
    Any advice on why its not working?

    Hi Nikhil,
    As per the screen shots i could observe that you didn't maintained acct asst grp of customer.
    check the acct asst grp of customer field in billing tab is maintained or not.
    other possible reason may be in your pricing procedure -check whether the accounting keys are maintained or not.
    This could solve your issue.

  • Account determination error

    when i a creating a billing document for third patry sales with refernce to sales order
    while saving the doc i am facing error called account determination error
    can i now where i am wrong
    do i have to amitained ant record in VKOA
    if yes what
    Screen shot

    The access you are using for maintaining the condition record. The screen shows the first two accesses which means that there is something wrong with that.
    If your acct determination is not carried out then it will say acct. det has not been done . \
    Looks like your condition records and the acct. determination seems to be a problem.
    GO to acct. det. in BAsic functions- revenue acct detemination I think its VKOA and check your account determnation to see if your account keys and accounts have been correctly maintianed.
    Check your pricing procedure to see if all the relevant condition types have been assigned to the account keys.
    check if your condition records have been maintianed in the correct accesses. It will solce your problem.

  • Account Determination Error - Discounts - ERS

    Dear All,
    When I am releasing my Billing Document, I am getting the "Account Determination Error".
    My Requirement: Sales Discounts should not post to ERS Account Key.
    Price          -     PR00 - 10000 ERL GL Account (10000)
    Discount    -     K004 - 10%
    Base Price                   9, 100 INR  
    In the Accounting ENtry - it has to show only Customer Account 9100 Dr to Sales Revenue A/c 9100.
    I don't want to show Sales Discount 900 Rs.
    For this in pricing procedure configuration - i have removed ERS Act key (for not posting), becoz of this - I am getting the Account Determination Error.
    Any Idea on How to Configure the above scenario?
    Ganesh Varma G.

    In pricing procedure
    STEP  COND TYPE                FROM             TO         STAT     ACCT KEY
    10       PR00                                                                             -
    20       K004                                                                 X          -
             price after discount      10                  20                        ERL

  • Account determination error for Account key

    Hi Everyone,
    I have maintain one condition manual pricing e.g ZMRG where i m manually putting the margin of sales price
    this condition is only for calculation and i dont want to post it to account. But at the time of bill it is giving me account determination error. In VF02 i check it is showing error due to not assigning the account key for that condition but here i dont want to post that condition to accounts.
    Please suggest me the best possible way.

    You said that the condition is manual.
    Now you saying:
    i maintained the condition for it instead of only text in PP
    Have you got the solution? Then please update.

  • Account Determination Error:  How to properly cancel the invoice/ cr memo

    Hello SAP Guru's,
    What is the correct procedure in cancelling an invoice with Account Determination errors and subsequent credit memo?  The error is a result of the user entering line items that are not permitted for the order type thus we suspect caused the Account Determination error.  We were however unable to verify or correct that.
    We now want to cancel the invoice and all the subsequent credit memos.  What is the correct procedure in doing so?
    I think we start off by VF03 then select the billing and select Display Document then Cancel?  Is this correct?
    Thank you.

    If you want to block specific line items in the sales order then you could enter a u201Creason for rejectionu201D in those line items and save the sales order. This can be done by going to the tab "Reason for Rejection".
    If you want to stop delivery creation for the entire sales order then you could enter a delivery block in the sales order. Delivery block field can be found on the main "Sales" tab.

  • Accounting Determination Error

    I am getting the below error message in VF02.
    "Account determination error".
    Accounting document has not been released yet though SAP billing documentcreated.
    Please let me know where the configuration happens.

    Hi Venkatesh,
    We can determine the GL accounts through access sequence.
    Access sequence is nothing but SAP terminology of determing the GL accounts.
    Basically the FI- SD integration is for picking up the revenue accounts or the discounts and surcharges.
    The account key determines whether it is a revenue or a surcharge or discount.
    Actually Goods issue and billing generate account entries.
    Goods issue:
    Cost of goods sold account                          Dr
    Inventary finished goods account                 Cr
    Customer               Dr
    Sales                     Cr
    Please check configuration GL account VKOA
    ERL               Sales revenue
    ERS               Sales deductions
    MWS             Sales Tax    etc.....
    and also please check automatic account determination in OBYC. In OBYC need to maintain offsetting entry.
    GBB       -
    >              Inventary stock account
    I hope you are understand.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Haribabu Bodapudi

  • Report on Account determination errors

    Normally, when billing sometimes you get the account determination errors and then users have to investigate and find solutions.  My user wants to run a report prior to billing to detect any possible errors that prevent the posting to accounting document.  If it is, does anyone know of such report.

    There is no standard report for checking SD account determination, as there is no specific reason for account determination error, possible Account determination error reasons are account group is not maintain in customer master, new condition is not mapped in COPA. Finished product Sales, Account view is not maintain properly, Account key is not assigned properly to condition in pricing etc. If you need a report better you can develop based on above checks.

  • Account Determination error while goods receipt

    I am trying to receive a Purchase order thru MIGO transaction. I got an error message saying "Account Determination for entry IPGL FR1 0040 not possible".
    This error message came only when i had "FRB1" condition type in Purchase Order Conditions. Without FRB1 condition type in conditions i am able to receive the Purchase Order thru MIGO.
    IPGL is the chart of accounts in our company.
    What is FR1 in the error message ?
    What is 0040 ?
    What is the connection between condition type FRB1 and Account determination?
    What do i need to do to fix the issue?
    I greatly appreciate any help from you guys.

    I would encourage you to search the forum before posting any question (if you have the time, interest etc). It is likely that youu question (or a similar question) would have been answered previously.
    Please search the forum with 'account determination error' for instance. I get 11 hits. You can try searching with other similar terms. Read the hits and then come back if you still have questions.
    I don't intend to be unhelpful but I felt the need to point this out (although most people don't seem to care).
    H Narayan

  • Account determination error for EK02

    I am using EK02 for unit costing in quotation used specially for PS.
    I have assigned EK02 in the quotation doc type and have added the same to the pricing procedure (marked it manual & ststistical) and assigned it SubTotal-B.
    It is working perfectly in the quotation but while in Sales Order it is giving account determination error for EK02.
    I am unable to understand when there is no account key assigned to it, how is this error ?
    Please advise immediately.

    Check the Requirement class in order - in procurement tab.
    when you use the EK02 cost estimation condition type, Controlling documents get generated once you save the sales order.
    i.e. the reason, in VKOA for the all the access keys maintained in order pricing procedure, should have valid record with Costing conditon type:KOFK.
    maitain entries in table:005- Account key for all the account keys maitained
    such as;
    Application / Condition type-KOFK/ chart of accounts/ Acct key - G/L account ( here maintain same G/L account which have you assigned with Condition type KOFI)
    it will solve your issue.

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