Airtunes no longer working with AirPort Express? can anyone help?!

so i recently bought a refurbished airport express and i loved how i could stream audio over the wireless network via airtunes but the delay was a bit annoying so i took it upon myself to try and find a solution to this.
I bought a reverse audio splitter (1 female to 2 male) thinking that i could plug my speakers into the female end of the splitter, leave one of the male audio jacks plugged into the airport express, and the other male end into my computer so when i was at my desk the audio would go straight from my computer to the speakers (bypassing the airport altogether) and the delay problem with airtunes would be solved.
this worked for a little bit, but the next day when i went to play a song via airtunes it didnt work.. no error messages, just no sound.. i did some investigating and found that there was a red light coming from the audio jack on the airport express which i found out could mean that either it is in optical mode or that it is just dead..
But here's the real weird part!! so i also have the program called AirFoil to transmit audio from the internet to my speakers via the airport express, and the speakers connected to the airport can play itunes when AirFoil is connected to itunes even though the light is still red inside the airport audio jack!! weird huh?
Anyways, i just wanna know if there is anything that i can do to fix my AirTunes sound output since it seems like the audio jack on the airport express isnt totally dead??

I'm in the same boat. I can still get on the web with it, but neither airport utility or itunes can see it. disappointing to say the least.

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  • MacBook Pro late 2008 no longer working with Airport Express

    since a few days I have big problems with my MacBook Pro (late 2008) and my Airport Express. The MacBook can't find the airport express anymore, even not with the airport utility...
    The Airport Express is correctly configured as my Ipod, Blackberry and Dell pc are connecting to it and do have internet access...
    I can only manage the Airport Express when I'm directly connected to it with an ethernet cable.
    My brother has an airport expreme, I tested it with my MacBook Pro and there it just works fine...
    Can anyone help me? Has it something to do with an update for Mac OS X or the firmware from the Airport Express?
    Many thanks in advance!

    Thanks for the response,
    1. I live in Atlanta, close enough to an Apple store. But I just know that going there will probably mean I'll have to get the logic board replaced.
    2. The only thing I noticed before the first USB port started acting funny was that my battery status changed to "Service Battery". I plan on replacing it this week too.
    3. Nope only difference is that my battery drains kind of fast. After about 3-4 hours of my normal usuage with it (Internet, music, videos, and sometimes using Logic) it will be time to hook up the charger.
    Would replacing the battery do anything? I'm not thinking it would but figure it'd be worth a shot since I've got to replace it anyway.
    And to goofyziggy,
    I too noticed that most people who had this problem had some version of OSX 10.8.x

  • BBC Radio Player no longer works with Airport Express

    This weekend I've been unable to get connected to the BBC Radio Player (from This has worked for the past year, and suddenly stopped.
    I have narrowed the problem down to the airport express. Radio streaming works without a hitch when I plug in the ethernet cable direct to either mac, or when I connect to another local Wi-Fi connection. But when I use Airport Express, the radio streaming always times-out.
    I even set up one of the computers to share internet over the airport, and was easily able to stream the radio connection to the other computer: so the airport cards themselves are working perfectly.
    I wondered if anyone else had the same problem. I've noticed it since I upgraded to 10.4.3 and included the 2005-01 Airport Update, though I didn't notice the problem for several days (I did no streaming in that time).
    I've tried downgrading to Airport 4.2, and even Airport Express Firmware 6.1.1, but nothing has solved the problem. There isn't an obvious setting I've missed - is there?
    If anyone else can stream BBC Radio with all the recent updates applied through Airport Express, I would be interested in hearing from them...

    Well, I found the answer to my problem. I'll add it here, in case someone else ever has the same problem.
    My Speedtouch modem was set to distribute DHCP addresses. But my Airport Express was ALSO set to do this. This had the strange effect of allowing everything to work, apart from Real Player radio/video streams. I have no idea why this was the only effect.
    The solution was to set the Airport Express to do nothing, and let the modem do it all. Now both computers can stream radio at the same time, and everything is fine. But it took many hours to find the problem.

  • Comcast Internet connection no longer works with Airport Express

    This is a little bit out of my depth, so I'm hoping that someone can help me.
    I've been accessing Comcast High Speed Internet through my Airport Express connection for more than a year. Things were great until last week when my connection stopped working. The only way I'm able to access the internet is by connecting my iBook directly to the modem.
    I tried resetting my Airport Express. I even did it manually so I could manually enter the DNS Servers and Domain Name. That worked for about two days, but now I'm back to where I need to connect directly to the modem.
    Maybe there's something I'm not doing correctly. I'd appreciate any help I could get.

    gerasco, welcome to the discussions,
    It sounds like you are doing everything right and the AirPort Express may be acting up.
    Normally, you would reset this device by plugging it in and holding in the reset button until the amber light flashes rapidly.
    This time, try a hard reset as follows:
    Unplug the AirPort Express
    Hold in the reset button and CONTINUE to hold it in as you plug in back in to power
    Release the reset button after approx 10 seconds.
    Setup the Express again and see if that helps. If you continue to experience problems with the Express, it is likely that it will need to be replaced or repaired.
    Please post back on your progress.

  • ITunes 10.5.3 no longer works with Airport Express

    I updated to iTunes 10.5.3 and can no longer play music through Airport Express.
    An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device “XXXXX AirPort Express”. An unknown error occurred (-15000).
      System Version:    Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
    I have reset and restarted the Airport Express.

    I noticed this too and think it's by design. The new master volume slider in the AirPlay window is set at the highest volume in your list of speakers. Drag either the master volume or your external speaker slider to max, and you should get normal volumes out of your Airport Express speakers.
    Unfortunately, the volume slider on the iTunes window seems to be the master volume now, rather than just the volume for the computer. So if you mute the computer using that slider, you mute all speakers. To mute just the computer, you have to do it though the AirPlay speaker list now. Unless I'm missing a preference setting somewhere... thought there used to be something in iTunes or Airport Utility that let you toggle this behavior, but I don't see anything now...

  • External speakers no longer work with airport ---- what gives please help

    Itunes 8.2 no longer shows the drop down menu where I can choose 'computer' or 'external speakers'. I've used this feature for years, and now, it's gone. Where'd it go?
    There is a green light on the Airport. The 'Look for remote speakers connect with AirTunes' is checked. The Imac is reading the wireless network. The external speakers are connected correctly.
    Where the heck did it go....and more importantly, how do I get it back?


  • HP LaserJet 1000 not working with Airport Express

    Has anyone had any luck getting a HP LaserJet 1000 working with Airport Express on Windows XP or even OS X for that matter?
    I can connect to the Airport Express device using iTunes, but its pretty muched gimped for printing. uggh.
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   D-Link DI-524

    I've no personal experience with your particular printer but these pages may help you eId=18972&prodSeriesId=45674&submit.y=7&submit.x=4&lang=en&cc=uk

  • We have a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 and cannot get the printer to work with airport express - any suggestions?

    Can anyone give us suggestions on how to get our Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 to work with airport express? We cannot get airport express to recognize the printer.

    Refresh all your devices before reconfiguring printer to connect to your computer.
    a Shutdown computer
    b Pull out printer power cord from the socket. Let it stay for at least 30 seconds then plug it back.
    c Powercycle your router (unplug your router for at least 30 then plug it back. This will not change the settings of the router. This will just refresh the device)
    d Once router is ready , put back brick at the back of the printer to turn it on
    e Wait one minute
    f Turn on computer
    Repair your disk permission:
    Run Cleanup tool
    Download updated driver from Lexmark website
    Run firmware update

  • I have a Sony Sa ns300, will it work with airport express to allow me to play iTunes in another room?

    I have a Sony NS 300 will it work with airport express?

    Not from the iPad, but you can from a computer.

  • Will ipod touch work with airport express?

    will ipod touch work with airport express?

    Is your Touch running iOS 5.n? If so, you can administer the AX with the AirPort Utility which you can download directly from the Apple App Store.

  • Speakers that work with airport express?

    Hello all
    Can anyone recommend small wall mounted speakers that work with airport express?
    Thanks in advance

    I would recommend just about anything from either Bose or Audioengine that are self-powered and provide either analog or digital audio inputs. One example would be the Audioengine A2+ speakers.

  • Does Apple list available printers that work with AirPort Express?

    Just bought an AirPort Express hoping that I could print wirelessly with my HP 1350 All-in-One, and it won't work. Found out after the fact that my printer doesn't support USB wireless printing.
    I'm looking for a basic color printer to work with AirPort Express for wireless printing by other family members, and I'll continue to use my HP 1350 with USB for scanning and OCR functions.
    Does Apple provide a list of recommended printers that will work with AirPort Express?
    PowerBook G4 1.5 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   1 GB DDR SDRAM

    No Apple doesn't any more.
    I have been maintaining a community created list.
    This is an unofficial list of USB printers which are are compatible with the AirPort Extreme Base Station and Airport Express. Printers in bold have been added to the original list that Apple provided.
    Printers in dark red are in fact the only printers I have personally tested.
    Please also note that due to changes in the firmware of both the Airport Extreme base station and the introduction of the Airport Express some printers which are in this list may no longer in fact be compatible.

  • Does airport extreme 802.11a/c work with airport express 802.11n

    does airport extreme 802.11a/c work with airport express 802.11n

    "You can use the AirPort Express to extend the signal provided by the new AirPort, but the Express will not extend "ac" wireless since it does not have that capability. The Express will extend an "n" wireless signal if that helps."
    This is what I am trying to understand.
    So AXTRM w/ sep SSID for 2.4 (b/g/n) - call it SSID1 - and 5GHz (ac) call it SSID2 - WiFi Explorer confirms AC mode on 5G.
    Using an AXPRESS to extend - I have the option of SSID1 b/g/n *and* the 5GHz ac SSID2 in the pulldown (it sees both?) --> if I select SSID1, it also extends this same SSID in 5GHz (both showing b/g/n) >> so I now have 3 signals on SSID1 (XTRM 2.4G, XPRS 2.4G and XPRS 5G) b/g/n and one signal on SSID2 (XTRM 5G AC) ac
    If I select the 5Ghz ac SSID2 to extend - it prompts me "do you also want to extend (the 2.4GHz SSID1)?" --> select yes and I now have 2 signals for SSID (XTRM 2.4G & XPRS 2.4G) b/g/n and 2 signals on SSID2 (XTRM 5G 802.11ac & XPRS 5G 802.11 a//n)
    Is the 5G SSID2 actually being extended from the Airport Extreme to the Express?
    The reason I bring this up is I am having a lot of issues since iOS8 came out (especially on iPhone 6). Everything I am reading is pointing to when people have 2 AP's set to use the same SSID. When you walk to a part of the house where 5G 802.11 ac signal marginalizes, the phone does not immediately hand over to the 5G 802.11 a/n Airport Express.
    My thought was separate the SSID's but to me, if the Express can't extend 5Ghz from the Extreme, it's taking a step backwards. I am better off getting a more powerful router like an ASUS and going with one AP, drop the WiFi roaming altogether
    Any thoughts?

  • Will any non USB printer work with Airport express?

    WIll any non USB based printer work with airport express?

    If you have an iPad, you might want to concentrate on printers that are AirPrint compatible, so that you can print from the iPad.
    See this Apple support document for more details.

  • Will a TiBook with Tiger OS work with Airport Express?

    Will a TiBook with Tiger OS work with Airport Express?

    Use AirPort Utility 5.3.2 for Tiger. It will work with the current Express.

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