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If I restore my phone ...still my amber update are runing or what after restoring....
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Amber or whatever version is running just before the Reset will still be there but you may need to update all the System Applications to get the features of that visible ..

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  • AT&T and Lumia Amber Update DELAYS and delivery ti...

    1) AT&T customers who are also Lumia owners now know that AT&T missed the Nokia deadline for all Lumia phones receiving the Amber update by 9/30/2013.
    2) Here is an AT&T Facebook session I had with Nicole L. yesterday. You will note their (AT&T's) best answer is we affirmatively will receive the update in a few weeks:
    My post - "AT&T Decision Makers (particularly in AT&T Mobility),
    Several hours ago we passed 9/30/2013. Over a month ago the Nokia Corporation published a statement (see​ber-your-questions-answered/ ) that Amber updates would roll-out world-wide by 9/30/2013.
    Along the past month, queries to customer care reps and social media "managers" about the release date of Amber (and GDR2) were routinely met with condescending replies that we're (AT&T) working as quickly as possible, please be patient, stay tuned, updates can be challenging to implement properly, and so on.
    Now, several thousand Lumia owners who are AT&T customers are left to ask two questions. The first requires only an affirmative or negative response, the second an actual calendar date.
    1) Are Nokia Lumia owners who are AT&T customers going to receive via OTA the Amber (Pr2) and GDR2 updates?
    2) If #1 is answered in the affirmative, then what exactly is the AT&T deadline for OTA availability? If answered in the negative, exactly why are your customers not going to receive a manufacturer certified equipment update?
    Thank you for your prompt and concise reply."
    AT&T's reply: "AT&T Affirmative, Michael. Our best answer is a few weeks. It's been a long road, but I hope you'll be happy with the update when it gets to your device. Thanks for your patience! - Nicole L. "
    In a conversation I had with AT&T Customer Care rep "LaTonya", she was unable to confirm a timeframe. I made mention of the fact that when Apple sneezes AT&T gets a cold; however when Nokia speaks AT&T yawns. LaTonya enjoyed my observation.
    Is there a way to press Nokia USA corporate into advocacy on our behalf?

    Actually what it said was:
    With Lumia Amber we expect to have the update arriving in all Lumia Windows Phone 8 phones by the end of September. Be patient – it’s coming!
    So there is no deadline like you claim and Nokia would never make such claims. That said, you bought an ATT device made by Nokia and as such ATT is the company ultimately responsible for this. It is up to them to approve the update and allow it to be made available to their product(range).
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  • AT&T Amber Update Lumia 920

    I was the first person in my state to have a white 920. It was the only one available according to the rep, to the dismay of everyone in line behind me. (I was first in line at the store ) I have been amazingly pleased with the updates, in both speed of release and quality. Up til now.
    My girlfriend liked my phone so much that she bought the 928 when it came out for verizon. But she has received the Amber update. Its been about a month since she has updated her phone to Amber but according to AT&T, its still waiting for approval!!!
    I understand that it is up to the carrier to release the update, but it is leading me to believe that either AT&T is dropping priority of Windows Phone or something isnt right with the update. They used to roll out updates almost immediately. I know i'm being impatient, but it is already early September, the latest that we were supposed to get the update. It is almost mid September.
    What's the hold up? Is Nokia fixing issues that were causing problems on AT&T's network, or is the priority of WP slipping?

    It is September 27,and AT&T still has not released the Amber update. This isn't news to anybody waiting for the update, but I want to state the facts. Nokia released a statement that all Lumia handsets would receive the update by September 30th, which gives big blue 3 more days to release the update before stated timeframe expires. It also give Nokia 3 days to address any possible issues with the update that might delay the release further. At this point, I continue to hold out hope that one or the other occurs.
    However, if neither the update is released by AT&T, nor another public statement is issued by Nokia regarding delays by the 30th of September, you will start to see posts on every public forum and social media available slamming BOTH companies for not supporting their customers.
    These are the facts. 
    If anyone from Nokia or AT&T cares to respond, consider this a formal request.
    A loyal customer and supporter of Nokia and Windows Phone since day one.

  • Lumia Amber update for 820

    Currently I am using Nokia Lumia 820(in India). I have purchased it from Singapore. My friends purchased it from India itself, they have upgraded mobile to Amber Update. But I Tried many times to find Amber Update on my Lumia 820. It shows "Your phone is up to date". Can somebody help me to get Amber Update on my phone? In settings my mobile shows manufactured in Israel. Please help me...

    Availability doesn't depend on where you are located but what Variant the phone has.. Go to settings-->about-->carrier ...and then based on what you have, search HERE which gives you the latest update availability status ..There is nothing else that you can do but to wait and keep checking ...

  • Just download the Amber update for my 820 - proble...

    Just downloaded Amber update. Some nice features added...if they worked. 
    The glance screen is set to peek and clock and notifications --> on. night mode --> off 
    When i hover my hand over the display, all i get is the clock but no notifications or battery symbol. I still need to to press the button on the side to see i have a new message/missed call. 
    When i turn clock and notifications off, but glance mode set to peek, the glance screen does not appear at all, which is the expected behavior.  All the other glance mode settings (always on, interval) do not show notifications or battery life either - just the clock. 
    The double tap to wake also does not work.  Can anyone shed some light on this problem please, i have already tried a soft reset. 
    PS i am a keen Q.A. tester, so if Nokia need help testing/resolving defects - i am your man!
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    cjlim wrote:
    I am fairly sure I have it on my L920. 
    then take a look at this, i'm not the only one who doesnt have that option​-screen-stopped-working/td-p/2115135
    The silence will fall

  • Amber update for 720

    Can anyone tell when is the amber update cmng fr lumia 720????

    Select your Phone's varient HERE to check the update status ...

  • Amber update for Lumia 720

    When we get amber updates for Lumia 720, in India? Do we need to install fm or it comes along with the software itself? Any updates for transferring music files via Bluetooth?
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    ramdraghav wrote:
    When we get amber updates for Lumia 720, in India? Do we need to install fm or it comes along with the software itself? Any updates for transferring music files via Bluetooth?
    you can check the update status here:​e/wp8-software-update/wp8-availability-in-asia-pac​...
    you do not need to install anything for FM radio, it will be in Music+Video hub once you get the update
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  • Amber update not as same as others, maybe some fil...

    I download amber update today through wifi on my Lumia 620, but settings are not as this video does help me.... Maybe some file missing... Please help me...

    Use the QR Codes HERE and update all your System Applications (especially extras+info and touch+display) .. Then check again .

  • Amber update but map and bere drive not work

    After amber update my here map and here drive not work just open the app but not open and close automatically

    Same thing here. I have tried all things and have a similar issue​d-services/Settings-gt-Applications-does-not-have-​...

  • Amber update error 8018830f on Lumia 620

    My Lumia 620 has an avalaible amber update, but it seems that my lumia can open the update after it was downloaded. 
    I get the error message 8018830f - the download is downloaded, but the device can NOT open it.
    Can someone help me or give me some advice what I should do?
    (I tried to reboot my phone to factory settings, but i still get the error message)
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    Hi Guys,
    Try the following steps:
    1. Go to Settings > Language+region.
    2. Tap the Phone language.
    3. Select  a new language (Make sure that you're familiar with the language).
    4. Download the language pack and then restart the phone.
    5. After that, retry to update your phone by going to Settings > Phone updates.
    Let us know the outcome. 

  • Amber update india

    I reside in India and am using nokia lumia 620 for more than a year. I am not able to download amber update on my phone

    You can check here​e/wp8-software-update/wp8-availability-in-asia-pac​... that Amber is available for your device, furthermore also Black is the current update, and Cyan coming soon.
    You don't need to get stuck with Amber, jump straight to Cyan, check your settings > phone update for notification on when it'll arrive.

  • Amber update not getting completed since my batter...

    My Amber update is stuck since my battery died during the update inspite of my charger being connected. Now it just shows battery low and a gear icon to show updating. But then it goes off after a few minutes, displaying a blank screen. 
    I tried Hard resetting the phone but it doens't work. What must I do now?

    They've changed it in iOS and updates (and updates ONLY) do not require a password since it is really unnecessary as they have it on record that you were the one who bought the app. Why is more security needed, you aren't going to be charged for anything?
    Next time you update and app go to the App Store and try to buy something. You will be asked for your password.

  • Amber update for Nokia 520

    Could someone please tell me if the Amber update is available for the 520?
    I keep reading that it's available but the update doesn't show it on my phone.
    I contacted Vodafone and they told me it's nothing to do with them.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi JG4545,
    Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions. We apologized for the delay of the release of the amber update. adrianhughes is right. It may depend on your network provider. You may contact them to verify the availability of the Amber update for your phone. However, upon checking on the global website:​e/wp8-software-update/availability-in-europe/ the update is already released for your country. We ask you to be patient as the update for the Nokia Lumia range are always release gradually.
    You may also try turning off and on the flight mode on your phone, go to settings > flight mode. After this, you may try to connect again to your router and manually check for available update.
    Let us know the outcome. Thanks! 

  • Downloading Lumia Amber Update

    I recently had to do a hard reset on my Nokia Lumia 928, and thus lost all of Nokia's updates as of June 1st, 2013, which also includes the Lumia Amber update. It says in settings>phone update that I'm up to date, but I know that I most certainly am not up to date.
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    Isn't it showing 'Lumia Amber' under settings-->extras+info ?
    If you are missing the features of Amber then install THIS application and thru' it update all the System Applications. Then check again ..

  • Lumia Amber Update 928 Glance

    I recently updated to the Amber Update on my 928 I got the glance feature and double tap to wake and loved it I factory reset my phone and signed back in and started fresh but the glance function was gone now it says STANDBY same function to an extent but no double tap feature or peek functionality I have no idea where glance went or how to get it back also the interface changed on the screen settings now its a drop down menu with vivid natural and etc. Where as before it was a slider is anyone else having this issue if so help me get back to my original Amber settings.

    I had the same issue.  When you factory reset, the Nokia software goes back to the original, however the firmware does not.  I am guessing that the firmware is what is checked when you hit "Check for Updates" and therefor your phone (or their OTA update service) thinks it is up to date.  I ended up going into Verizon and they first tried switching out the SIM Card which did not work.  Since I picked up this phone less than 2 weeks ago, they gave me a new one.  Unfortunately it looks like unless you can get a new phone, you may have to wait for a fix for how they check for updates from either Nokia, Microsoft, or both...
    I would love to hear if anyone else has found a solution to this...
    Best of Luck,

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