Apple Mail Evokes "Phishing" Notice on Recipient's PC

An email correspondent with whom I've exchanged lots of emails recently got a Windows warning that several of my emails may be phishing. In checking the email headers I couldn't see anything amiss, except one of the emails was sent via an alternate smtp address, specifically one my wife uses for her MobileMe account on her IPhone and laptop which is also synched to my IMac.
Would the use of such an email address trigger Windows to a (false) phishing warning, or might there be a more likely explanation?

If you send an email from one domain (e.g [email protected]), but use another smtp server (e.g, then your emails will often be flagged as suspicious.

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  • A new clue to the Apple Mail sending problems?

    In my continuing efforts to fix the SMTP/POP mail failures with Apple mail, I've noticed a glitch that some of you more advanced readers might be able to decipher.
    After lots of fruitless messing around with port numbers, preferences, and keychain fix attempts, what did work for me (temporarily) was a cleaning out of all the servers listed on the mail account options window, and then putting the original names and other info back in. Somehow, the mail app is spontaneously generating multiple combinations of server names, usually the original server name, plus a user name, the server name again, or some other redundant combination.
    As I use mail to manage two separate POP accounts, sometimes it also creates hybrid server names by combining the server/user name pieces across both accounts.
    This appears to happen entirely on its own; I had mail working for about 90 minutes, then it fell into this problem again. I'll probably have to keep cleaning it out, like a boat owner scraping barnacles off the hull, until Apple offers some kind of a patch.
    Has anyone else who has the nagging "can't send SMTP mail" problem seen this phenomenon in their server/account preferences specs? If so, any ideas on how to stop this madness?

    You haven’t said what the problem was in your case, i.e. what error message did you get when sending, if any, whether the mail account and the associated outgoing (SMTP) server were provided by your ISP or by someone else, etc.
    Mail doesn’t spontaneoulsy generate outgoing server entries, but it keeps information about outgoing (SMTP) servers in a separate list independently of the mail accounts themselves. The account settings just associate one of the available outgoing servers with each account. Deleting an account doesn’t remove from the list the outgoing server that was associated with it. Orphaned or dangling outgoing server entries (i.e. not associated with any account) sometimes cause weird sending problems, and could very well have been the problem in your case as well.
    As you appear to have already found out, you may go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Account Information > Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), choose Edit Server List from the popup menu, and delete any servers that shouldn’t be there — the Edit Server List panel shows the account each outgoing server is associated with.

  • Apple Mail list all recipients?

    When I look in mailboxes, Apple Mail only shows the first recipient on the item's TO list.
    Is there a way to get it to list all recipients in the mailbox view?

    Select the "Sent" folder at the left of Mail's window.
    If any message is selected, deselect it by doing CMND+CLICK
    Enter a search term:
    Click on "Message contains: sarah":
    Click on "ANY" and choose "TO" from the dropdown menu:
    Add "Alex" after "sarah""
    Click on "Message contains: alex":
    Click on "ANY" and choose "TO" from the dropdown menu:
    All messages to both  "Sarah" and Alex will be listed in the usual message list to the left of Mail's message editing window, including those sent to Alex whether Alex as a main recipient, as cc or bcc. However, if a Conversation exists for any group of messages, other recipients might also be included lower down in the messages within that conversation, which seems logical because they took part in that conversation.
    Hope this works for you.

  • Is there a way to create a rule for Apple Mail that when a certain person is a recipient, make the email plain text?

    My boss has a blackberry and when I send pdf attachments and copy him, he cannot see the attachments.  I forget to make the email plain text before sending it to him.  I can use Thunderbird as my client and it works fine but it is not linked to the other apps on my mac like Apple Mail.  Can I make a rule or something for Mail so that when his email address is a recipient of the email, it will send as plain text to him?

    I don't think so. Not without setting up an AppleScript and I am not proficient with those.
    You can, however, set the follolwing in Mail > Preferences > Composing
    Responding: Use the same message format as the original message.
    But that would only be for responding to messages sent from his Blackberry.

  • How can I get Apple Mail to show recipient's full name AND email address

    In Apple Mail v 6.3 (1503):
    I am sending an email to a recipient listed in my Contacts. The recipient has 3 or more email addresses listed in Contacts. I want to send the email to some or all of the addresses.
    As I start typing the guys name, the autocomplete feature gives me choices - ie.:  In the TO: field and I select the first one, then the 2nd and so on.
    However, what gets displayed in the TO: Box is this:
    Bill Clinton <[email protected]>
    Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton
    So, it is not displaying the address between the <       >.
    so how can I get all three addresses to display like the first one which shows both the name of the guy (as listed in contacts "FIRST" "LAST") and then the actual email address).
    For example I'd like it to show:
    Bill Clinton <[email protected]>
    Bill Clinton <[email protected]>
    Bill Clinton <[email protected]
    Bill Clinton <[email protected]>
    Any direction in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm not at my Mac to check, but try turning off Smart Addresses in the Viewing tab of Mail's Preferences.

  • Gmail/Apple Mail phishing

    I have a Gmail account setup in Apple Mail and a few days ago all my friends that use Gmail (through a browser) received a message saying that my emails might be phishing mail. But when I send emails from Gmail directly from a browser this message doesn't appear anymore.
    So my guess would be that Apple Mail is changing the authentification of my mails when sending them. But why? And why did it change all of a sudden?
    I'm using an MacBook Pro with Mavericks installed.
    Thanks for the help!

    It maybe that the Gmail servers are responding to your mails using Apple Mail originating on another network ( your ISP IP address), whereas when logged into the website you connected directly to their server.
    How many recipients are you sending to, the Gmail software may be responding to having a larger number of recipients, again it would probably ignore these if you are using the web mail in your browser.

  • Email sent from Apple Mail to Outlook, recipient gets 2 versions

    When I send an email from Apple Mail to my Outlook Express and open it in Outlook it shows two versions of the email. First is formatted the way I sent it (Rich Text) and then below that is the same message in Plain Text with an line (HR) between them.
    I don't see any settings in either Mail or Outlook to change this. Only time it doesn't happen is if I send it as Plain Text to begin with.
    (ps. read as Plain Text is not selected in Outlook)

    You are typically "the man" on such issues, but I believe Apple has said some place that their RTF is only a subset of HTML? I know it gets converted to HTML like encoding, but did not think it is full HTML?
    It's true that when composing in Mail you only have access to those parts of html that Apple has provided an interface for, so there are various html things you cannot do. But those things you can do, like choose the font, font size, font color, etc. are done with standard html codes, the Content-Type header of a "rich text" message says "text/html", and the message source starts out with the codes < html > < head > < body > like any other html message would.

  • Recipient display in Apple mail

    Note, everything I am running is up to date on a MBP. Just now I sent an email using Apple Mail. I start to type recipent name in the TO: box, I have done this before and so I am offered a choice of names from the contact book. I see what I want, click and see Jane Doe in the blue bubble. I add another name, see choice, click it, but get Mary Doe <yada, [email protected]>. Why? Why does compute append visable addresses to some names and not to others? This happens everynow and again, and then goes away. I want it to show just names all the time. I find no rhyme or reason.

    Go to Mail Preferences/Viewing/Use Smart Addresses. Make sure this is checked if all you want to see is the Contacts name. Leave it unchecked if you want to see the Contacts name as well as the email address. .

  • Apple Mail Setup (change the way the view is on my end)

    I need to hire someone about 13 on retainer, just to answer what I THINK should be easily answered questions. I have looked for about 15 minutes, searching for suggestions, others with similar issues, and at the end of the day, I F I N A L L Y found this 'start a discussion' button!!! Oh happy day! Now, the question that most might think ridiculously simple. On this page there is a pic of an open mail application. If I wanted to setup MY mail client (which is, of course, Apple Mail) to look exactly like the image in the ad for OS X Mountain Lion (mail) how might I accomplish that task?
    AND, when I just went back to that page to get the URL, I noticed it states 'Mountain Lion.' I am still running Snow Leopard, and hoping that it really might not make a difference re the mail app.
    AND, since I just 'opened the door' re Mountain Lion, with my Snow Leopard running just fine (and it took a while to get there, but I kept at it, and finally have seen the 'apple bugs' fading to nil, and downloads from apple fixing any 'bugs' so I really don't want to go to Mountain Lion, unless I'm really missing the "Next Big Thing!" (thanks to Vince gill for the song title)!
    And thanks, really, to anyone that can suppress the urge to laugh at the quandry, and offer real help.
    (remember, there are NO stupid questions......
    only stupid people!)
    And yes, that is a simple pun, aimed more or less at people like me. I'm foolish enough to believe that if I spend over $2500 on a Mac, instead of spending $1100 for a high end gaggledanger PC, with a free 4Gig external hard drive with every purchase until 3/1/2013, that I might get something that was mucho mas operator friendly.
    But......on the other hand, owning 4 macs by now, I DO know that I have learned enough through a local Mac/Apple tech, and online support such as here, that I can download and install programs that used to baffle me, which brings me full circle back to the "should I buy the Mountain Lion software, and is it still considered an El Cheapo upgrade (from Snow Leopard) and have all the glitches (considering that this IS ... an Apple product, and is probably immune to such clutter as any issues with names consistent with insects and other gangster type vermin which have been known to 'infect' the lesser standard PC machines?

    That format was introduced with OS X 10.7, borrowing, I believe, from the iPhone. I just booted back to OS X 10.6, and couldn't find a way to get the mail column on the left with the message on the right. I can do that in OS X 10.7.
    If you want to upgrade, OS X 10.7 is available by calling the online Apple store, which in the US is at 800-MY-APPLE. OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is available from the App store. Note if you decide to upgrade to either, that you lose the ability to run PowerPC programs, as that support was dropped in OS X 10.7. People with Office 2004 found that out when it wouldn't run after the update. Later version of Office are OK. 

  • I have 4 email accounts in apple Mail.  My mail is sending from the wrong account.  even on "reply" it sends from a different account.  I have 3 gmail accounts and one exchange server account. I choose which account to send from and it still sends from a

    I have 4 email accounts in apple Mail.  My mail is sending from the wrong account.  even on "reply" it sends from a different account.  I have 3 gmail accounts and one exchange server account. I choose which account to send from and it still sends from the same gmail account.  Help.

    I HAD two accounts because of this problem.  I completely removed the problem account from the Apple Mail client.  Guess what is happening??  That's right - Mail is still sending from the other account that no longer exists on my computer, and I have absolutely no idea how this is happening.  This is incredibly frustrating.  When a recipient chooses to reply to my message, quite often I won't get it now because it is going to the other account that has now been deleted from my system.  COME ON APPLE!!! WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THIS???

  • "Apple Mail To Do" and IMAP

    I have an IMAP email account (with fastmail) that I use with Apple Mail (Version 3.5 (929.4/929.2)), and Mail has been creating (and recreating) an 'Apple Mail To Do' folder in my folder list.
    I deleted the folder from my IMAP web-account, and when I quit and reopen Mail, all is well at both and my IMAP web-account. No folders/subfolders in IMAP.
    But that is only until the next time I reopen Mail. The next time I reopen Mail, Mail recreates a new copy of the "Apple Mail To Do" folder, but now nested within two "Inbox" folders (on my IMAP account). In attempt to solve this, I've tried various settings and changes and in so doing, I've tried to delete the folder(s), but all attempts were to no avail. Each time Mail reopens, the "Apple Mail To Do" keeps getting created and nested inside two, three, four, five, six, and more "Inbox" folders.
    Changing the preference settings in Mail to store Notes and To Do's "on my mac" has no influence on these happenings. My IMAP Path Prefix preferences is set to: INBOX. I'm afraid to change it to anything else because the last time I did that, Mail froze up my Inbox, automatically moved emails to unintended folders, and gave me an annoying pop-up every single time I opened Mail, asking me if I wanted to change my IMAP path preferences.
    I also noticed that when an Apple Mail To Do is created, I lose the unread mail count of my Inbox.
    But my dock unread count is accurate.
    I would love to use Apple Mail To Do, and I think for its integrated functionality (to be able to select a sentence in a particular email and make a To Do), it requires a folder in my IMAP email account. I don't know why it creates nested folders, but more importantly I'm just not sure how to go about resolving this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    In case someone else finds themselves in the same spot as I was, a fastmail pro (Rob) found a solution for this that works quite well. It's a long winded one, and I unfortunately don't quite have the time to go into all the details here, but it involves leaving the IMAP path prefix as "blank", and using alternate namespace IMAP ports. Rob has this detailed out in his blog at: k-ol-express-apple-mail-and-bis-users/
    and useful-for-blackberry-bis-users/
    For those that are not familiar with fastmail, imho, it is the way to go for professional imap emails. Lightning fast, 'customizable-galore', extremely reliable, and with an excellent support team. But more importantly they are very mac friendly, and works like awesome with Mac OS X Mail. For example, we have business email accounts hosted at fastmail, and I can share a designated "folder" of emails with 2 (or more) business partners, so much so that if one of us clicks an email, it comes up as being 'read' on all of our accounts, and with many many more functions. Really cool. Works well with family accounts (1, 2 or more users), and is simply customizable like crazy.
    They also have an awesome beta web-interface with heavy keyboard shortcuts, and they keep enhancing on it, increasing capability, efficiency and functions.
    Wow, I feel like a fastmail sales rep, heh?
    Anyway just wanted to post an update, that's all. Didn't mean to go on a tangent there.

  • Apple mail not working after upgrading to maverics

    I installed maverics on my mac a couple months ago. I noticed that all of my accounts in apple mail  have not worked properly since. first of all, i cant tell if mail is retrieving my email anymore. there used to be a spiral next to the account letting me know that it was checking and now there is no indicator that it is working or not. many times my mail is delayed hours as I can see from the time that mail gets my email vs when my gmail or other account actually gets it.
    sometimes apple mail says that the accounts are not connected to the internet but my wifi is fine. after trouble shooting the network settings i can get it to work but what a pain. Is there a way to reset my apple mail settings or my network settings to make apple mail work like it did before maverics? Please help. My mac info is below:
    osx 10.9.1
    processor: 2.5 ghz core i5
    memory: 4gb 1333 mhz ddr3
    mac hd
    any help is appreciated thanks

    Hi orinbe,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    See the steps in this article for help if you are not able to send or receive email after upgrading:
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages

  • Apple Mail - why does it load messages so slowly?

    On my old computer, running Snow Leopard, Apple Mail loaded messages instantly.
    Now, on my new, and much, much faster retina MacBook Pro, it takes Apple Mail 2 to 4 seconds to load even a text-only message.
    It doesn't even make a difference if there is a large image in the message, or not.
    Mail just takes forever loading.
    Have you noticed the slow-down of Mail as well?

    Back up all data.
    Select the named mailbox in the mailbox list, then select
    Mailbox ▹ Rebuild
    from the menu bar. Try to delete the message again.

  • Apple mail - Quick look crash

    When i open an attachment in Apple Mail 7.2  with the Quick look function. (Cmd+Y) and click the 'Open with ......' button Mail crashes.
    I tried different default applications; Adobe Reader, Preview with Pdf attachments and Photoshop, Preview with jpg-attachments.
    I created a new user and set up my mail account, tried to open attachments with the same result.
    Repair permissions didn't help either.
    Hopefully someone knows a solution.

    Same for me. I noticed this already when I installed Lion early 2012. Then I went back to Snow Leopard. Now I have just installed Maverick and it's exactly the same.
    Thus, the issue is old and I assume Apple must be aware of it.

  • I can't cut and paste any images into apple mail

    I have had my MacBook Pro for over three years now, without much trouble, but recently I've been unable to send images that I have cut and pasted into Apple mail. I can attach an image that I have saved in my photos and it will send but I can not send an image that I have cut and pasted from the internet.
    I am using a gmail pop account and firefox as my primary browser. It took me a few times to figure this out as the image appears to be attached in my mail, but is removed when I send, such that if I have text and an image in an email the recipient receives only the text. Before I hit send I can see both the text and the image.
    I have tried starting again in safe mode and repairing permissions. That has not helped. I can login to my gmail regularly and cut and paste images with no problem.
    This is exceptionally frustrating.

    Hello.  In 2012 you answered a query about the following problem:
    "I have had my MacBook Pro for over three years now, without much trouble, but recently I've been unable to send images that I have cut and pasted into Apple mail. I can attach an image that I have saved in my photos and it will send but I can not send an image that I have cut and pasted from the internet."
    This problem started with me this morning and it does not happen when I open a test account.  The thread stops after you asked if it occurs in the test account, did you ever find a solution to this issue?  I am using mac mail 3.6 on system 10.5.8.
    I hope you receive this, I have never posted in one of these forums.
    Thanks in advance,

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