AquaLogic Service Bus Perspective - WSDL Files with External Schemas

I am using the AquaLogic Service Bus Perspective in WebLogic Workshop to create my proxy services, business services, wsdls, schemas, etc. I have a wsdl that imports a schema based on its registered namepsace...not its schemaLocation. This works fine in the ALSB console, but in the WebLogic Workshop perspective, I cannot Publish my WSDL because the WSDL is not aware of any global resources...such as this Schema definition that is external to the WSDL. How do you make Globally aware resources in WebLogic Workshop? The same thing works in through the ALSB Web-based console...but that same file produces a wsdl validation error in my IDE because it has no idea about that schema.
Thanks -jay

Thanks to both of you who replied to my question - it is very much appreciated
We had a theory that you could just store everything under 'sbconfig' in CVS and restore it - but I thought that might be a bit hacky and less upgrade resistant.
Do you use build scripts for setting up dev/qa/prod endpoints because 'customisation files' are new or did you find a problem with 'customisation files' that made you resort to using a build script?
We were hoping to have some process like
Export JAR
Export Customisation File for Dev/QA/Prod
In Dev, we import the JAR + dev customisation file
In QA, we import the JAR + QA customisation file
In Prod, we import the JAR + prod customisation file
I know I have no chance, but you wouldn't care to share said document for my reading (not copying) pleasure? No worries if you don't :)
Thanks for your comments guys :)
just in case
email is daniel prosser at gmail com
dots between my name and com
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  • Error in WSDL file with Inline schemas in RAD

    I am having a WSDL which is generated in Weblogic workshop. I need to generate a client for that WSDL in RAD 7.0 with websphere 6.1.
    WSDL is having inline schemas. when i used the same WSDL in RAD it is showing compile time errors at complex types.
    My scenario: I am getting error at type="*_Type1_*" , it saying type reference is unresolved.
    <xs:schema xmlns="XXXX" xmlns:xs="" targetNamespace="XXXX" elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified">
    <xs:complexType name="complextype1">
    <xs:element name="Location" type="*_Type1_*" nillable="true"/>
    <xs:schema xmlns:xs="" xmlns="XXXX" targetNamespace="XXXX" elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified">
    <xs:simpleType name="Type1">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string"/>
    Thanks in advance.

    I am also getting the same problem on a Web Service created from a function module. This happens when I try to create a new endpoint and save.
    Did you manage to find a solution to this.

  • Problem validating XML file with external schema file

    Hi All
    I am having trouble at the moment trying to validate an xml file using an external xsd file that sits on my server. I have followed the basic option but at the moment to no avail. I am using a DOMParser and am setting all the features and properties correctly ... well I think I am anyway.....below is a fragment of the code
    DOMParser parser = new DOMParser ();
    // Setting the validation on for the parser.
    parser.setFeature ( "", true );
    parser.setFeature ( "", true);
    parser.setProperty ( "", "c://testing.xsd" );
    parser.setErrorHandler ( this );
    I am getting an error telling me that the root element cannot be found.....see below
    org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'mainhome'.
    at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.createSAXParseException(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.error(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.XMLSchemaValidator.handleStartElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.XMLSchemaValidator.startElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLNamespaceBinder.handleStartElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLNamespaceBinder.startElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.dtd.XMLDTDValidator.startElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.scanStartElement(Unknown Source)
    at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLDocumentScannerImpl$ContentDispatcher.scanRootElementHook(Unknown Source)
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    at org.apache.xerces.parsers.DOMParser.parse(Unknown Source)
    at com.cibenix.aps.util.MenuXMLParser.process(
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    at org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol$Http11ConnectionHandler.processConnection(
    at org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool$
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    In the schema root element xs:schema add namespace declaration.
    <xs:schema xmlns:xs="">
    In the XML document root element add xmlns:xsi and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation attributes.
    <root_element xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="file://c:/testing.xsd">

  • AquaLogic Service Bus and XQuery Mapper

    Hi all,
    I'm new about using AquaLogic Service Bus and XQuery Mapper. I'm using alsb250_wls920.
    To understand better the details I've developed two very simple EJBs stateless related to a generic CarRental scenario.
    The idea is the following:
    - EJB1 exposes a method for retrieving available cars from company A
    - EJB2 exposes a method for retrieving available cars from company B
    The method signature is the same:
    public CarVO[] getAvailableCars(Category category, Double price)
    the only difference is about the CarVO definition where one exposes more attributes than the second one (and also the package is different).
    The goal is designing a new proxy service called getAvailableCars that calls the two above services and returns a set including all available cars from both companies.
    The returned CarVO is the sum of all attributes from two above CarVOs plus a string company attribute.
    So in AquaLogic I've defined:
    - a JAR resource for importing my CarRental.jar
    - two BusinessService resources related to the two above getAvailableCars services (from company A & B), called getAVISAvailableCars & getHertzAvailableCars;
    - I've exported the two WSDLs from the two above BusinessService resources directly from AquaLogic console;
    - I've written manually the WSDL 'getAvailableCars' that I use in the next proxy service definition
    - a getAvailableCars_1 proxy service resource
    Before completing the proxy service definition, I've decided to use XQuery Mapper for defining my trasformations.
    But I got some errors when I try to import the WSDLs.
    For importing simply I've created a wsdl folder inside my project and copied into it the 3 WSDLs definitions.
    Because there are errors in 2 of these WSDLs (getHertzAvailableCars.wsdl, getAvisAvailableCars.wsdl) when I create a XQuery Transformation, I'm not able to select any source schema.
    But getHertzAvailableCars.wsdl, getAvisAvailableCars.wsdl have been generated directly from AquaLogic console and I don't understand why XQuery Mapper complains about them.
    If needed I can post also the eclipse prj (that contains the above two EJBs) and CarRentalAqualogicPrj.jar AquaLogic prj (passphrase is aqualogic).
    I thank you in advance for any suggestion.

    Could you send me the WSDLS?
    My email address [email protected]

  • Java code to connect to WSDL file with custom header

    Hi all,
    I am an absolute noob when it comes to Java. I need to write a Java app that can connect to a WSDL file with a custom header. Basically, all I need to do is connect to the web service and pass a username and password.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Better you use tools which can generate code(interface,proxy and stub classes) which can take care of calling all the WSDL defined methods..i generally use RAD not an open source as per OP use eclipse open source or netbeans which can do the trick

  • How to do transformation in Aqualogic Service Bus

    I am new to aqualogic service bus. Please guide me how can I do transformation.
    Here is the scenario:
    I have one proxy service (ProxyService) and two Buiness Services (BusinessServiceV1 and BusinessServiceV2).Each Business service talks to corresponding Java services (via WSDL) on the back end.
    Here are signature of methods being exposed by services:
    com.v1.ResponseDTO getBankBalance(com.v1.RequestDTO requestDTO)
    com.v2.ResponseDTO getBankBalance(com.v2.RequestDTO requestDTO)
    RequestDTO contains a zip code fields. If its value is less than 10000 then I want to call servicev1. Otherwise I want to call serviceV2.
    When I create proxy, I use serviceV1's wsdl as reference. Hence I can call serviceV1 successfully. When call goes to serviceV2, then I get internal server error. Probably the reason is that I am not doing transformation from com.v1.RequestDTO to com.v2.RequestDTO. How can I do this transformation?
    In ASB's testconsole, Payload looks like the following:
    <ser:getBankBalance xmlns:ser="http://com/v1/services">
    <ser:requestDTO xmlns:java="java:com.v1.dto">
    Using this payload, I can successfully call business service 1 via Proxy service. If I manually change v1 to v2, I can also call business service 2. Is there a way that I can change http://com/v1/services to http://com/v2/services
    java:com.v1.dto to java:com.v2.dto
    using transformation?
    I already tried Message Processing|Rename option but it does not seem to work.
    Thank you very much for any help in this regards.

    Check out the link:
    Best Regards,

  • WSDl files with SOPAui

    I want to know how i can integrate WSDl files with SOPAui.
    what setting i have to do at Inegration Level.
    Can user integrate from his desktop or he need to login into the server to configure WSDl files with SOPAui.
    I also need a doc which will enable my URL into internet enable URL. So, that anyone across the globe can access it.

    Just to details more about my requirment,
    So mainly we want to build application that hit data and modify data in ERP/CRM system, via SOAP envelope (first we will construct request in SoapUI and next, move it into MicroStrategy platform). In this particular example we want to build whole functionality on top of Peoplesoft.
    I have given them WSDL files. but when doing he got the message, “Server not found” .
    I think that it could be something with external IP, even developer can't connect to IIS of this machine.
    Can any one tell me what I have to do ?

  • PI does not combine .wsdl file with .xsd files.

    I imported .wsdl file with necessary .xsd files in PI system (7.1).
    PI does not find fields in .wsdl already necessary .xsd files imported with .wsdl file.
    Is there anyone to help me to solve problem with test it in PI system.
    I send .wsdl file and necessary .xsd files as attachment his mail address.

    Did you try opening the wsdl file in some XML tool...if there is problem in referring the XSD then it will be visible in the tool itself.....even I am working on PI7.1 and some of the WSDLs are referring XSDs...and i had no problem in using them.....dont know what is failing in your case
    Do you want me to send .wsdl and .xsd files zipped into your mail box
    instead you can post your wsdl file and the corresponding XSD here in SDN....even a dummy structure would do....we are not allowed to do personal email comunication

  • Web Service Project using WSDL file

    Hi All,
    I want to create web service project using WSDL file(I already have a wsdl file), which needs axis2 run time to generate correct project structure, I did this in eclipse but now I want to do it through JDeveloper(, so please suggest me any ways on how can I configure axis2 runtime in Jdeveloper, and is it possible do it in Jdevloper?
    Thank You,
    Edited by: Sunny on May 8, 2012 1:51 AM

    Have you installed the 64-bit Access driver on your machine? See
    Data Source Names and 64-Bit Operating Systems for the differences in odbcad32. Call %SystemRoot%\system32\odbcad32.exe to check the drivers.
    How do you host your service? Stand-alone or IIS or embedded to another application? Keep in mind that IIS7 runs it in its application pool which is defaullt 64bit. Thus the bad image exception, when compiling your service as 32bit.
    When you need the Access database for your service to store informtation, then I would switch to SQL Server (Express) or XML files depending on your actual needs.
    Also check whether your account under which your service is run has the necessary NTFS file permissions on the access file and the folder. This is getting even more complex when it's a remote folder.

  • Create a wsdl file - with schemas inline - in JDeveloper

    We are trying to create a wsdl file using schemas in jdeveloper We could generate the wsdl file using options available in jdeveloper, but the wsdl generated contains <types> element that has schemas referenced by only an "import" statement as below.
    <xsd:import schemaLocation="../../../Test.xsd" namespace=""/>
    But, I would like get the schemas inlined or embedded within the wsdl instead of just an import statement.. This helps me in using the wsdl anywhere (creating webservices or use in my applications or give it to some one to use) without worrying about the actual schema definition files. The <types> element within the wsdl must have the schemas embedded, something like below.
    <xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="" targetNamespace="http://testWSDLproject/type" elementFormDefault="qualified">
    <xsd:element name="testIn">
    <xsd:element name="name" type="xsd:string"/>
    <xsd:element name="value" type="xsd:integer"/>
    Is there any way forward, with the Jdeveloper to create wsdl files with schemas inline ?

    Hi Vohra,
    The schema snippet pasted previously was just a sample.
    In actual, there are mulitple cross referencing xsd files that must be embedded within my wsdl file. Sometimes, such manual editing of wsdl (embedding so many schema definitions) is prone to errors.
    If there is an option in Jdeveloper which automatically does this embedding for us, then it becomes more handy. Have you come across any such options ?

  • "Use RAW files with external editor" greyed out for Photoshop CS2?

    I've just upgraded from iPhoto 5, and the "Use RAW files with external editor" option in the advanced preferences is greyed out when I select Photoshop CS2 as my external editor (back in the General pane).
    It works fine when is selected. I can understand that pre-CS2 Photoshop wouldn't be available, but CS2 is capable of editing RAW images.
    Has anyone been able to get iPhoto 6 to send a RAW image to Photoshop CS2 using this preference? I've written an Applescript to do it in iPhoto 5, but I'd rather use something cleaner...
    15" PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    Works great with Photoshop Elements, opens with Camera Raw. The issue is you can't save it so that iPhoto gets the changes.
    You have to save it and then re-import. I tried all permutations of saving it in originals and modified folders in the library. No luck. The only thing I didn't try is to save it as a jpeg over the top of the full sized one iPhoto created on import.

  • Dreamweaver very slow when opening files with external links

    Is there any way to fix Dreamweaver CS5 (Windows 7, 64bit) when opening files with external references?
    For example, I have a very simple CSS file, and toward the top the file has a line that says:
    @import url(",700");
    This causes the file to take around 20 seconds to open in DW. If I comment out the line or remove it, the file opens almost instantly. This behaviour is also present in files that contain an SSI.
    DW often crashes before being able to open the file and I need to restart the app.
    Can I disable DW from attempting to load the references?? It's obviously what is causing the issue IMO and would love to make DW workable again!

    "Enable Related Files" isn't the fix for this issue. It's slightly different - I wanted to still load related files, but only the ones local to the file I was editing.
    The fix was to use DW's Resolve To IP Address feature. It required adding a registry value - it fixed the issue straight away
    This Adobe support doc helped:

  • How to validate xml file with XSD schema ??  in JDK1.4.2

    How to validate xml file with XSD schema ?? in JDK1.4.2
    i dont want to use new Xerec Jar ...
    Suggest option ...

    Please do not double-post.
    Then use Stax (Woodstock) or Saxon.
    - Saish

  • How to validate an XML file with XSD Schema on JDK 1.4

    I'm looking for samples how to validate xml files with xsd schema using jsdk 1.4
    Thank you.

    This is how.
    import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder;
    import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory;
    import javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMResult;
    import javax.xml.transform.dom.DOMSource;
    import javax.xml.validation.Schema;
    import javax.xml.validation.SchemaFactory;
    import javax.xml.validation.Validator;
    DocumentBuilderFactory dbfac = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
    SchemaFactory factory1 = SchemaFactory
    Schema schema = factory1.newSchema(new File("person.xsd"));
    DocumentBuilder dbparser1 = dbfac.newDocumentBuilder();
    Document doc1 = dbparser1.parse(new File("person.xml"));
    Validator validator1 = schema.newValidator();
    DOMSource dm1 = new DOMSource(doc1);
    DOMResult domresult1 = new DOMResult();
    validator1.validate(dm1, domresult1);

  • Binding Xml file with Xsd Schema

    everybody there.
    I am trying to make an application where word files are converted into xml.
    For that i have used org.exolab.castor and org.apache.poi.hwpf.
    Now the problem is that i was able to generate the xml file from word, but when i am binding it with XMLSchema.xsd following error is coming.
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: getSimpleType: the simple type 'formChoice' is not a built-in type as defined in XML Schema specification.
         at org.exolab.castor.xml.schema.Schema.getSimpleType(
         at org.exolab.castor.xml.schema.Schema.addSimpleType(
         at org.exolab.castor.xml.schema.reader.SchemaUnmarshaller.endElement(
         at org.exolab.castor.xml.schema.reader.Sax2ComponentReader.endElement(
         at org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser.endElement(
         at org.apache.xerces.validators.common.XMLValidator.callEndElement(
         at org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLDocumentScanner$ContentDispatcher.dispatch(
         at org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLDocumentScanner.parseSome(
         at org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLParser.parse(
         at org.exolab.castor.builder.SourceGenerator.generateSource(
         at org.exolab.castor.builder.SourceGenerator.generateSource(
         at TempHwpf.<init>(
         at TempHwpf.main( code for binding my xml file with xsd schema is as under:-
    SourceGenerator sourcegen = new SourceGenerator();
    sourcegen.generateSource("XMLSchema.xsd","packagename");I have checked XMLSchema.xsd file, in that formChoice is already defined, than also error is coming.
    can anyone help me out. first i thought that XMLSchema.xsd which i have is not proper, but i downloaded it again from,
    than also same error is shown.
    please help me out.
    waiting for reply.

    Please do not double-post.
    Then use Stax (Woodstock) or Saxon.
    - Saish

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