Authorization RADIUS - read-only user on FWSM

Hi support community,
I am experiencing an issue while trying to create some read-only users on my FWSM.
I've setup the authentication on my RADIUS Server, which works fine, and put the aaa authorization command LOCAL  command.
I've also set the commands - associated priviege :
privilege show level 3 mode configure command dhcpd
privilege show level 5 mode configure command privilege
All this things works great when i authenticate locally on the FWSM.
However, this is not working whe authenticating via the RADIUS server:
aaa authentication enable console MY_RADIUS LOCAL
aaa authentication http console MY_RADIUS LOCAL
aaa authentication ssh console MY_RADIUS LOCAL
And i set up the authorization locall, because i dont run any TACACS server :
aaa authorization command LOCAL
I managed to make this work on ASA, by sending RADIUS attributes (cf a document that i can't find anymore...).
So what are exactly the differences between asa and FWSM ?
On my ASA there was a command i could not run on the FWSM :
aaa authorization exec authentication-server
(i am running version 4.1 on FWSM and 8.4 on ASA).
Thank you for your help.

You really need to see the example given here,
[Read only user for a schema|]
[Global read only user|]

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    In environments, such as enterprises and campus universities, there are instances where few administrators only monitor the IAP clustered networks. For such users, a read only user can be configured on IAP.
    In IAP software, a provision is given is to configure a read only user in the system settings, under "Admin" tab.
    Follow the below steps to configure radius authentication in IAP:
    Login to IAP web interface
    Select "System" from the main menu and then click on "Admin" tab
    Under View Only settings, enter the username and password.
    Logout of the IAP web interface and try logging in using the username and password created for read only user.
    This read only user will no longer be able to see configuration options. Below screenshot shows the difference of menu options between an administrator and read-only user:

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    We need to set up command authorization.
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    Dear All.
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    I have noticed with read only user is that TEST button in EM Console is active means user with read only user can create a trans, in Prod scenario it is a risk.
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    So my question is there any way by which i can disable the TEST button in EM Conasole.
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    Hi, have you got any solution to this problem? I am having exact the same issue in

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    Hello all,
    I have List View Webparts on my Blank Web Part page, and it's not showing for Read-Only users.
    Is this intended by Microsoft or is it a bug?
    Thank you!

    According to your post, my understanding is that the read only user could not see the list view web part.
    Per my knowledge, the issue may be cause that the user do not have the proper permission for the list.
    1. Check whether the user can access the list.
    2. Check whether the user can view all the items instead of partial items in the list.
    3. Check whether there are some fields refer to other lists or terms, especially the lookup field or managed metadata filed.
         If that is the case, make sure the user can access the lookup list.
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  • Want to create a Read Only user for a given app owner user

    Hi Folks,
    We have an application owner schema, lets call it OWNER, which has different objects living under it.
    Now, for certain reasons, the app group wants a read only user which should be able to view objects living only in OWNER. It would only be able to read things, and have no create or alter types of priv to be able to change anything.
    The first idea was to create a new user (e.g. RO) and give this explicit grants (select only) for all objects in OWNER. Though this works, is a maintenance havoc, since everytime there is a new object in OWNER, you have to remember to give explicit grants to all RO (or RW ) kind of users.
    What i am looking forward to is, some sort of privilege or role concept that apply on the user level, and not on object level. something that allows me to say, all objects of this schema (e.g. OWNER) are visible to user RO. Other restrictions on RO would control read or write behaviour.
    Does this thing exist ? please point me to the documentation/example..

    CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER myTest.trg_mytest
    ON myTest.SCHEMA
         lv_obj_type VARCHAR2(20) := TRIM(UPPER(ora_dict_obj_type));
         lv_evt_type VARCHAR(20)      := TRIM(UPPER(ora_sysevent));
         lv_obj_name     VARCHAR2(30) := trim(UPPER(ora_dict_obj_name));
         lv_role_name     VARCHAR2(30) := 'myTest_RO';
         lv_stmt          VARCHAR2(4000) := NULL;
         ln_job_nr     NUMBER;
         IF lv_evt_type != 'GRANT' --lv_obj_type <> 'OBJECT PRIVILEGE' --
              DBMS_JOB.SUBMIT(ln_job_nr,'begin execute immediate ''grant ' || ' select on ' ||
                                       lv_obj_name || ' to ' || lv_role_name || '''; END;');
         END IF;
       INSERT INTO TB_EVT_LOG(d_date, description)
       VALUES(SYSDATE,  lv_obj_name || '~~~~ created ' || lv_obj_type || '~~~~' || lv_evt_type );
    END trg_mytest;
    /This works. But, my problem is that it is not able to filter out the Grant statement itself, Its logging an entry for the grant (as a ddl operation as well).
    what am I doing wrong here ?

  • ADF: Read only user access to application role on BTFs

    My JDeveloper version is
    I am trying to create read only users in my adf application. But I am unable to give read only permissions to the user on bounded task flows/ .jssf page which have editable tables and forms.
    I have searched for the information, I did not find any solution.
    Could some one please help me?
    Many thanks in Advance
    Edited by: 977652 on Apr 5, 2013 6:50 AM

    If you are using ADF BC, you can protect fields at EO level or protect the entire EO (check the security tab). The frontend will then render fields as read-only if your user is only allowed read permissions.
    If you are not using ADF BC, you can implement a custom resource permission as described here (ignore the fact that this is for an entity, the principle remains the same)
    You must then add an el expression to each fields readOnly attribute or you can implement a phaselistener that traverses all fields enclosed within a form and make them readonly.

  • Read only user in weblogic throwing error messages in logs

    We have a requirement to create a read only user with monitor access.
    our requirement is to monitor em console using moniotr user, i.e. this user will login to em console, monitor order flow from instances tab by entering order no. and dates, and logout from em console.
    we have done below steps to create monitor user,
    Admin Console->Security Realms >myrealm >Users and Groups-> new
    created user Monitor_User_1 and assigned group as Monitors.
    but whenever this user logs in or searches we are getting below error message:
    <Sep 15, 2013 7:25:21 PM EST> <Warning> <oracle.jps.admin> <BEA-000000> <Access denied. Required roles: Operator, Admin, executing subject: principals=[Monitor_User_1, Monitors]
    java.lang.SecurityException: Access denied. Required roles: Operator, Admin, executing subject: principals=[Monitor_User_1, Monitors]
    we even did below steps:
    With admin access login into EM Console. Select soa_infra, right click mouse -> Security -> Application Roles. On right side, click green arrow and see list of Roles shown. Select the role named SOAMonitors, click on this. And add a Monitor_User_1 to this.
    but we are still getting same error.
    Kindly let us know if we are missing something while creating monitor user and how to get rid of these messages.
    Please note that we are already in Production and our log files are filled with these messages.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vivek Vishal

    moving this discussion to WebLogic Server - General thread.

  • Problem with Read-only user being able to add and delete files and folders.

    The setup:
    Computer #1
    iMac (intel) running 10.5.5
    File sharing ON
    Sharing folder on external USB drive called 'iTunes' (but not the drive volume itself)
    - Everyone = Read Only
    - Admin(me) = Read/write
    - UserA = Read Only (with account PW and username identical to local login for computer below)
    Computer #2
    UserA's iBook G4 running 10.4.11
    When I go to finder>network>iMac>connect it prompts me to login which I do and then select 'iTunes' folder which is visible and mounts successfully. I can see all files, access them all. Life seems great. Then I discover that I can also modify and delete files from the iBook, and create and delete directories.
    I'm new to networking and although I've setup and managed minimal networking tasks on PCs before, this is my first foray into the Mac networking world. Please help.
    What am I doing wrong? What haven't I set?
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry, I should have clarified this in the first email.
    When I login from the iBook, I am logging in under a read-only user (not as myself, who is admin on the iMac). The user on the iBook has only been given read-only permissions on the iMac yet is able to add and delete files.
    This read-only login/PW however, is the admin account on the iBook, but that shouldn't allow this person to write on the iMac so far as I understand things...right?

  • Restict read only users to certain columns

    Hi guys ,
    I want to restrict read-only users to read only certain columns on the table.How do I go about restricting?

    Always include the following information when asking a question:
    <li>Full APEX version</li>
    <li>Full DB/version/edition/host OS</li>
    <li>Web server architecture (EPG, OHS or APEX listener/host OS)</li>
    <li>Browser(s) and version(s) used</li>
    <li>Region/item type(s)</li>
    935462 wrote:
    Hi guys ,
    I want to restrict read-only users to read only certain columns on the table.How do I go about restricting?Who are readonly users? How are they determined?
    What exactly are you talking about?
    Is it a report, If then which report Interactive or Classic?
    In either of them you can do conditional display of column using the same login
    Look at this for options

  • Read-only user for Weblogic 6.1 sp2 console

    Is there a way to restrict a user to read-only priv. on the weblogic
    console? Either by using acl's or other means.
    Thanks in advance,

    "Seb" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:3f33c3e2$[email protected]..
    I'd like to create a read-only user for a customer that gives him acces tothe
    Console only for reading all the configuration. I don't him to modifyanything
    Is there a simple way to do this ?A previous post mentioned that this is not possible in 6.1.
    This functionality is not available in 6.1. The newest version of wls
    8.1 has this feature depending on the role that the user is in.

  • Read only user for Weblogic Server Console (6.1)

    I'd like to create a read-only user for a customer that gives him acces to the
    Console only for reading all the configuration. I don't him to modify anything
    Is there a simple way to do this ?
    Thanks in advance.

    "Seb" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:3f33c3e2$[email protected]..
    I'd like to create a read-only user for a customer that gives him acces tothe
    Console only for reading all the configuration. I don't him to modifyanything
    Is there a simple way to do this ?A previous post mentioned that this is not possible in 6.1.
    This functionality is not available in 6.1. The newest version of wls
    8.1 has this feature depending on the role that the user is in.

  • Read only users and row locks

    Can read-only users obtain row locks on non-temporary (i.e,. visible to other users) tables, for example through SELECT FOR UPDATE, even though they couldn't not ultimately modify said tables?

    Here is an example with Oracle XE 11G and HR schema:
    Connecting as user having only CREATE SESSION and SELECT privilege on HR.JOBS table:
    SQL> desc;
    Name                                      Null?    Type
    JOB_ID                                    NOT NULL VARCHAR2(10)
    JOB_TITLE                                 NOT NULL VARCHAR2(35)
    MIN_SALARY                                         NUMBER(6)
    MAX_SALARY                                         NUMBER(6)
    SQL> select * from session_roles;
    no rows selected
    SQL> select * from session_privs;
    SQL> select owner, table_name, privilege from user_tab_privs;
    OWNER                          TABLE_NAME
    HR                             JOBS
    SQL> select job_title from for update;
    Administration Vice President
    Administration Assistant
    Finance Manager
    Accounting Manager
    Public Accountant
    Sales Manager
    Sales Representative
    Purchasing Manager
    Purchasing Clerk
    Stock Manager
    Stock Clerk
    Shipping Clerk
    Marketing Manager
    Marketing Representative
    Human Resources Representative
    Public Relations Representative
    19 rows selected.
    SQL>Now connecting as HR following statement hangs:
    SQL> connect hr/hr
    SQL> select * from jobs for update;Going back to first session:
    SQL> update set min_salary=0;
    update set min_salary=0
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

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    how can we create read only user in database.i mean he can view what ever he wants in the datbase.

    how can we create read only user in database.i mean he can view what ever he wants in the datbase.
    You mean, can read data from any scheam?
    You mean, he can also view data dictionary views?
    It depends which privilege you wanted to give.
    For reading data from another schema, you can always give SELECT ANY TABLE/VIEW privilege to the user.

  • Creating a read-only user account

    I am trying to create a read-only user account. Reason being,
    when our users may be able to use MS Access to pull information
    and modify changes (if possible). I was told there is a way to
    do this. Help?

    I'm connecting using ODBC with a user account that I created.
    This dummy account will be available to approx 15 users so they
    can generate reports using Crystal. But, if there is someone
    that wants to generate queries using MS Access, they can still
    modify the data. So, how do I create only select statements to
    disallow users from using MS Access to link to the oracle
    database and change data?

  • How hide ribbon bar for read only users from custom master page.

    I want to hide the ribbon bar for read only users, on my custom master page I put inside of a SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl this div: <div id="ms-designer-ribbon">, but when I  save the changes the master page does not work
    <!--MS:<SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl runat="server" AuthenticationRestrictions="AddAndCustomizePages">-->
    <div id="ms-designer-ribbon">
    <!--SID:02 {Ribbon}-->
    <!--PS: Start of READ-ONLY PREVIEW (do not modify) --><div class="DefaultContentBlock" style="background:rgb(0, 114, 198); color:white; width:100%; padding:8px; height:64px; ">The SharePoint ribbon will be here when your file is either previewed on or applied to your site.</div><!--PE: End of READ-ONLY PREVIEW -->
    I'll appreciate any suggestions in order to solve this.

    did you close browse and open a fresh session?
    also authericationrestrictions for add & customize people so its more than read...
    check this one
    another blog for same stuff:
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