BPEL WSM End Point Callback Pbm

There is an issue during the BPEL Web Service call using WSM endpoint.
This is what my situvation is
1. I have BPEL Process (Process B) registered in WSM.
2. I have other BPEL process(Process A) which calls the above process(Process B) using the WSM endpoint instead of the standard orabpel endpoint.
I get the following error
In the opmn log I see the following exception
<2007-08-14 17:06:15,687> <DEBUG> <default.collaxa.cube.ws> <WSIFInvocationHandler::doShortCut> Parner Property optShortCut
07/08/14 17:06:16 ----------------- __callback Caught Exception class com.collaxa.cube.CubeException
<2007-08-14 17:06:16,593> <DEBUG> <default.collaxa.cube.engine> <bpel.testbpelprocess.BPEL_BIN$$BPELC_BpInv4::perform> error thrown
Exception not handled by the Collaxa Cube system.
An unhandled exception has been thrown in the Collaxa Cube system. The exception reported is: "java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.collaxa.cube.ws.wsif.providers.oc4j.jaxrpc.WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.populateOutMsgParts(WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.java:1338)
at com.collaxa.cube.ws.wsif.providers.oc4j.jaxrpc.WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.buildResponseMessages(WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.java:1259)
at com.collaxa.cube.ws.wsif.providers.oc4j.jaxrpc.WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.invokeOperation(WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.java:1784)
at com.collaxa.cube.ws.wsif.providers.oc4j.jaxrpc.WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.invokeRequestResponseOperation(WSIFOperation_JaxRpc.java:1460)
At the same time I could not find Process A instance in bpel console while I see Process B instance and it was invoked correctly. Does anybody know the cause of this.
The same process were working fine with standard endpoint. This happens only when the endpoint is WSM, after some research in the documentation I found that WSM listener port need to be configured as a callback port for BPEL. To me it looks like WSM is running in the same port as BPEL, I am not sure where I can find the WSM port. If anybody has any idea please share.

First get your WSM configured properly and test that it is communicating to your far endpoint. There is a 'Test Page' capability to actually make invocations on the target. Once that works you should be able to access the gateway WSDL (I'm assuming that's what you're configuring) via a browser. Then its simply a matter of apply that WSDL URL to your client partner link.
The WSM quick start guide is pretty helpful. Check that out if you haven't done so.

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  • BPEL End Point URL using External Load Balancer URL

    Hi All,
    We have Oracle SOA Suite installed in a clustered environment as per the Enterprise Deployment Guide 10g Release 310. E10294-02.
    I have deployed a BPEL process to the clustered environment and the end point refers to the internal url of the load balancer e.g. http://internallink:8001/orabpel/default/testService/1.0
    When we just paste this end point in a browser, enter the parameters and click on invoke, the BPEL Process gets invoked.
    However, if we try to use the external url(which is on https) of the load balancer as the enpoint url eg https://externallink/orabpel/default/testService/1.0 to invoke the same BPEL process, the page which is used to accept the parameters and the used to invoke the BPEL process is successfully displayed. However, when we try to invoke the service, the connection times out.
    Please note that internallink and externallink are the internal and external VIPs, respectively.
    Does someone have an idea of what may be wrong or what needs to be corrected to be able to invoke the BPEL process using the external VIP, please?
    Thanks in advance.

    Check if the port of ESB in your server is open.
    I think that the port is: 7777
    try from ESB server:
    wget WSDLURI
    if you got the file then the port is closed.

  • End Point URI change in Business service?

    Hi all,
    We had done all our osb code development and moving from one environment to other(Eg. E2E testing to UAT, Then UAT to Production). When we move the codes from one server to the other we need to change the End Point URI in the business service for almost all the OSB services which calls external systems else Calling BPEL services. SO is there any other way to make the end point URI's in some other file and read that file to get the end point URI and set in BS. Or did any one have any other suggestions?? Because each and every time we need to make the code change when we move on from one server to other.

    Why don't you use customization file -

  • Systinet UDDI - SOA SUITE 11G (Dynamic SOAP end point lookup Issues)

    We are using Systinet as our UDDI product and trying to use UDDI lookup in our BPEL process as well. I have completed the below tasks
    1) Configured the Systinet UDDI Inquiry URL and the development soap endpoint in the SOA Infrastructure Common properties in soa server 11g. Did not provide the user-id and
    2) Restarted the servers so that the changes are effective.
    3) In Jdeveloper 11g, Created a connection with UDDI Registry.
    4) Created a sample BPEL process using Jdeveloper 11g that calls an already registered webservice in UDDI. This lookup web service has 3 different end
    points (Dev, QA and Prod) and a binding of wsdlDeployment use type. The binding points to the actual wsdl Physical location.
    1)     http://wasd.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez
    2)     http://wasq.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez
    3)     http://wasp.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez
    4)     http://wasd.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez/wsdl/Authez.wsdl
    5) In the BPEL created the partner link for this webservice using UDDI Registry and selected “Dynamically resolve the SOAP endpoint location at runtime”
    6) Generated the Configuration plan by right clicking the Composite.xml
    7) Modified the configuration plan and added a new property name “endpointURL” that points to the development endpoint (referred in Point # 4). Pasting the
    required portion of config plan for easy reference.
    <reference name="PartnerLink_1_2">
         <!--Add search and replace rules for the binding properties-->
         <binding type="ws">
         <attribute name="port">
    <property name="oracle.soa.uddi.serviceKey">
    <property name="endpointURI">
    8) Deployed the service by including the modified configuration plan.
    9) The service was able to get back the result. But in the log, it is showing that the WSDL is being searched in all the end points available for that service and does
    not take it to consideration the end point provided in the configuration plan.
    Log details below
    Connecting to http://wsop.psc.com:9082/registry/uddi/inquiry
    INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo Searching for uddi:8ada66e0-d12f-11dd-a8e2-e302c871a8e2. INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo AccessPoint found
    http://wasp.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez Type null. INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo AccessPoint foundhttp://wasd.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez Type null
    INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo AccessPoint found.
    http://wasq.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez Type null
    INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo AccessPoint found.
    http://wasd.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez/wsdl/Authez.wsdl Type wsdlDeployment
    INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo Got wsdlUrl from wsdlDeployment - http://wasd.psc.com/SBDO.AD/services/Authez/wsdl/Authez.wsdl
    INFO: SystinetWSDLSRResolverImpl.loginfo oracle.fabric.common.uddiurl.resolver.exception.SRHttpAccessPointNotFoundException: Could not find HTTP Accessport for service uddi:8ada66e0-d12f-11dd-a8e2-e302c871a8e2
    WARNING: WebServiceExternalBindingComponent.getEndpointBySRKey Exception: getEndpointBySRKey oracle.fabric.common.uddiurl.resolver.exception.SRHttpAccessPointNotFoundException: Could not find HTTP Accessport for service uddi:8ada66e0-d12f-11dd-a8e2-e302c871a8e2
    Questions / Issues
    1) Why the registry search is being done in all the endpoints and is not searching only on the development end point provided in the configuration plan. I
    added the SOAP endpoint in the service reference properties on the server as well, but still is searching on all the end points
    2)     Not able to determine the root cause for the SRHttpAccessPointNotFoundException error observed. Please refer the above log for details.
    Please advice and let me know if there is more information required.
    Edited by: user11122398 on Jul 27, 2010 11:00 AM
    Edited by: user11122398 on Jul 27, 2010 12:00 PM

    I supposed to make my previous question more concrete, the first answer I need before moving on to the rest of the bigger questions is this ...
    What is Oracle’s recommendation for a services invocation framework between BPEL, JEE and ESB containers? From a quick read of Oracle Technet website, WSIF seem to be the preferred framework for this purpose. However, from an equally quick survey of such frameworks in use today outside of Oracle, WSIF does not seem to enjoy any widespread developer community support anymore and all talk in public forum seem to point to newer Apache Frameworks such as CXF which support emerging standards such as JAX-WS 2.0 What is the current stand of Oracle with respect to this matter?

  • Change the end point URL in WSDL for web-service

    Hi All,
    Morning , could someone please help us with this question, we are stuck with this currently.
    In SOA Suite 10g as well 11g we have a jsimple Java class whose one of the methods is exposed as a web service.
    In the project it has created the WSDL as well and have deployed the .ear file to the servers from EM console successfully.
    Now we need to migrate this web service to testing & production environments.
    1. Could someone please let us know the steps as to how do we change the end point url in the WSDL for this web service (present in web content --> WEB-INF/wsdl path in the j-developer project) for migration in case of both 10g (OC4J) as well 11g (WLS) servers.
    2. Also could this change/update be done prior to deployment as well as post deployment as well.
    Looking forward to inputs regards this...as we are stuck with this ..would be very helpful
    Thanks as always for help & guidance..

    As Vijay mentioned, you develop a WebService in JDeveloper and test in JDeveloper integrated Weblogic Server say at http://localhost:7101/MyWebService/MyPort?wsdl. Thats it. Once it is working. Export it into a .WAR file. If you have any other supporting EJB JARs etc, put all these into a full blown .EAR at application level. NOW deploy this .EAR or .WAR into any Domain on any host and any port. DOES not matter. That server's host and port will be taken. Infact even if this other domain is Clustered domain, still it will work by giving webserver host and webserver port that sits in front of the cluster.
    I develop my webservices in JDeveloper and test at 7101 port. This .WAR gets deployed in QC Env at qchost:qcport. Same .WAR deployed to UAT at uathost:uatport and finally to prod also at prodhost:prodport.
    Its just the Client (WebService Proxy) that is calling this WebService need to use appropriate host and port based on which Env it is connecting to. For this, simply do not hard code WSDL URL in the java code or anywhere. Simply get it from a .properties file using a key value pair like this.
    Now have Environment specific values for above key and put that properties file in that domain root folder. And in your code always refer this key.
    You can use many approaches along the above lines.
    If your WebServies proxy is a webservice adapter say within bpel, still you can modify the value using deployment plan .xml file file while deploying.
    I would not absolutely prefer opening war file from ear and modifying war and updating ear file etc etc. Also do not have multiple EARs for Environment specific. Just have only one single EAR or WAR file that can be deployed to any environment.
    Ravi Jegga

  • Unable to access following end point(s)

    Hi All,
    I am facing very strange thing in my BPEL.
    Third party is sending message to my SOA BPEL process.Starting point of the (input variable place) is not showing the message for some inputs from third party.For some input messages of third party, BPEL is taking messages properly and it is also showing messages.It is also executing whole process propely.
    But some For some inputs(problem related inputs)It is showing below thing at the input message(receive activity):
    <message>SOA returned no detail.</message>
    But That BPEL process is having  further transform and assign activities in that.The contents of the message is coming in those activities (but strange thing is it is not coming in BPEL intial activity.).
    Note : What I observed from  some input messages(for BPEL that I am getting problem) , payload size is very high.So SOA is not able to show or load  messages properly.
    I am also getting'
    'Unable to access following end points' along with the errors'.I think it may be related SOA infra memory issue'
    Please help me in this as I am stuck in production issue.It is very urgent.
    Is there any way I can make my BPEL try access large payloads? I think it is the problem of not accepting large payloads.

    Hi karan,
    Thank you very much for your reply to my question.I will also try to change the message size by informing my client SOA admin people according to you.
    Regarding the scenario that you are asking , I already mentioned clearly above(When I first posted this question).Anyways I am again copying those details below:
    Starting of Scenario explanation:
    I am facing very strange thing in my BPEL.
    Third party is sending message to my SOA BPEL process.Starting point of the (input variable place) is not showing the message for some inputs from third party.For some input messages of third party, BPEL is taking messages properly and it is also showing messages.It is also executing whole process propely.
    But some For some inputs(problem related inputs)It is showing below thing at the input message(receive activity):
    <message>SOA returned no detail.</message>
    But That BPEL process is having  further transform and assign activities in that.The contents of the message is coming in those activities (but strange thing is it is not coming in BPEL intial activity.).
    Note : What I observed from  some input messages(for BPEL that I am getting problem) , payload size is very high.So SOA is not able to show or load  messages properly.
    I am also getting'
    'Unable to access following end points' along with the errors'.I think it may be related SOA infra memory issue'
    Please help me in this as I am stuck in production issue.It is very urgent.
    Is there any way I can make my BPEL try access large payloads? I think it is the problem of not accepting large payloads.
    ending of Scenario explanation:

  • How to download ws end point

    Is there any way to download endpoint urls of all the services deployed in bpel? my aim is to use ant to get the end point urls from a domain.
    I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me bout any documentation out there that gives info on how to do this.
    Thank you,

    BPEL server supports WSIL. If you have a WSIL browser (such as the one available in JDev when you add partner links) you can view all the deployed processes and get their WSDL descriptions. If you want to do this programmatically you may have to implement some sort of WSIL client.

  • Problem getting parameter  values at the service end point

    I am having problem getting parameter values at the service end point. I created service end point and this method is having 35 parameters and then i created test client file using Sun One Studio 5. but when i run this test client and make a call to service it sends wrong value to first three parameters to the service end point. I tried all the way round but it gave me same sort of problem. I change the order of parameters change the names of parameters but it didn�t work. And then i started chopping of parameter from the left side. And my problem is solved when my parameter list reached to 12 from 35. So is it a bug or some problem with my configuration or some thing else.
    I am using sun one studio 5 with sun one app 7. My service end point does very simple thing. It only takes out put of the parameter to the server log file. And my wsdl file seems all right. There is no conflict with the count and data type of the parameter information it contains.
    �     Service End Point Definition (in EJB)
    public java.lang.String setNewAddress(java.lang.String propertyName, java.lang.String status, java.lang.String PMSCode, java.lang.String streetNumPrefix, int streetStartNum, java.lang.String streetStartNumSuffix, int streetEndNum, java.lang.String streetEndNumSuffix, java.lang.String streetName, java.lang.String streetType, java.lang.String streetSuffix, java.lang.String localityPrefix,java.lang.String localityName, java.lang.String postcode, java.lang.String stateCode, java.lang.String countryCode, java.lang.String description, java.lang.String coordinateAccuracy, int longitude, int latitude, java.lang.String planNumber, java.lang.String lotPrefix, int lotNumber, int siteID, java.lang.String countryName, java.lang.String parishName, java.lang.String section, int portionNum, int crownAllotNum, int titleVol, java.lang.String folio, java.lang.String esa, int aliasID, int aliasTagID,String ID) {
    ........ taking printout of all the paramters
    �     This is my WSDL file
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <definitions name="NMService" targetNamespace="urn:NMService/wsdl" xmlns:tns="urn:NMService/wsdl" xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/soap/">
    <message name="NMServiceServantInterface_setNewAddress">
    <part name="String_1" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_2" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_3" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_4" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="int_5" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="String_6" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="int_7" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="String_8" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_9" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_10" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_11" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_12" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_13" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_14" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_15" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_16" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_17" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_18" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="int_19" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="int_20" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="String_21" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_22" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="int_23" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="int_24" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="String_25" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_26" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_27" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="int_28" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="int_29" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="int_30" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="String_31" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="String_32" type="xsd:string"/>
    <part name="int_33" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="int_34" type="xsd:int"/>
    <part name="String_35" type="xsd:string"/></message>
    <message name="NMServiceServantInterface_setNewAddressResponse">
    <part name="result" type="xsd:string"/></message>
    <portType name="NMServiceServantInterface">
    <operation name="setNewAddress" parameterOrder="String_1 String_2 String_3 String_4 int_5 String_6 int_7 String_8 String_9 String_10 String_11 String_12 String_13 String_14 String_15 String_16 String_17 String_18 int_19 int_20 String_21 String_22 int_23 int_24 String_25 String_26 String_27 int_28 int_29 int_30 String_31 String_32 int_33 int_34 String_35">
    <input message="tns:NMServiceServantInterface_setNewAddress"/>
    <output message="tns:NMServiceServantInterface_setNewAddressResponse"/></operation></portType>
    <binding name="NMServiceServantInterfaceBinding" type="tns:NMServiceServantInterface">
    <operation name="setNewAddress">
    <soap:body encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/" use="encoded" namespace="urn:NMService/wsdl"/></input>
    <soap:body encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/" use="encoded" namespace="urn:NMService/wsdl"/></output>
    <soap:operation soapAction=""/></operation>
    <soap:binding transport="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http" style="rpc"/></binding>
    <service name="NMService">
    <port name="NMServiceServantInterfacePort" binding="tns:NMServiceServantInterfaceBinding">
    <soap:address location="http://localhost:80/NMService/NMService"/></port></service></definitions>
    �     I followed steps given this example. http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/javatools/jsstandard/reference/docs/s1s5/stockapp.html.
    If some one know what is wrong. Is it me or some thing wrong with the method I followed. But I am sure that I followed exactly the same method as it given in examples. So if some one can guide me

    I just found that there is a bug with Sun One Studio 5. It creates faulty JSP file to test the client for the web services. With above problem I tested my web services using different developing environment such as Jdeveloper 10g. I created client stub using wsdl file generated by sun one studio. And made call to my web service and all the parameter reached perfectly at service end point. And then I used stub class created by sun one studio for the client and made the same call. And it also went well. So the problem is with the test application (JSP File) sun one creates for my web service.
    This is the majore problem i faced during the development. But still there is many problem along with this which is not seriouse enough but requires attension. I would like sun developers to make sun one studio IDE simpler and handy .

  • When using option right/left arrow in clip trimmer end point handle won't stick

    From the help menu:
    In the Clip Trimmer, do either of the following:
    Drag the handles at either end of the yellow clip selection to set a new startpoint and endpoint.
    Move the handles one frame at a time by placing the pointer near the handle that you want to adjust, and then holding down the Option key as you press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key.
    Move the entire yellow selection box to the left or right by pressing the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key, or by clicking within the box and dragging. Using this technique, you can change which video frames are selected without changing the duration of the selection
    End of help menu clip
    The bug I've found is that when I place the pointer near the end handle I can hit option arrow and trim the end one frame forward or backwards but when I then hit option arrow a second time the start handle is trimmed.  Thus it is hard to quickly option arrow the end handle trim multiple frames without having to move the pointer each time before hitting option arrow.  Trimming the start point handle works like I would like as I can just keep hitting option arrow and the start point handle will trim a frame each time.  The end point handle should work the same way but it doesn't.  I'm on the latest ver 9.02

    One thing you can do to help yourself out is to create bookmarks to give you a visual reference for the beats in the music.
    You create a bookmark by choosing Bookmarks>Add Bookmarks or by typing command-b.
    So you can place your song in the timeline and then play it while tapping out command-b's to the beat of the music. You'll then have little green diamonds in the timeline to use as reference points.
    Similarly, you can choose View>Show Audio Waveforms to identify the beats in the music by seeing the peaks in the waveforms.
    These techniques should make it a bit easier to make your edits in time with your music.
    Keep in mind though, that your movie is built from left to right in the time line. When you edit a clip your clips will always slide in to take up any space to the left of the clip.
    When they do that, you can slide them apart again. Doing so will create a clip of black between them that can later be replaced.
    One last thing to mention. If you select your music track and then choose Advanced>Lock Audio Clip at Playhead you can then slide a clip around and the locked audio will move with it.
    It's a bit quirky I've found, but may also be useful.

  • Error while creating the end point ICMON_UI_WS - SP11

    Hi All,
    We have upgraded the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP04 to SP11.
    Currently i am working on system preparation.
    solman_setup -> System preparation -> 5.3 Enable Web Services getting the below error
    CX_URLAPI_URL_EXCEPTION : Error during End Point creation
    Long Text(1)
    Error during End Point creation.
    CX_SRT_WSP_CONFIG : Error when reading variant "ICMON_UI" of service
    definition "ICMON_UI": Web service object does not exist
    Also checked the note :1900781 - Missing services required by Solman Setup System Preparation Step 4.3 Enable Web Services.
    But this note is available for download.
    Any idea about this issue.

    Try out these point
    1. Take the backup of the folder .dtc ,.dtr in your home directory.Delete .dtr & .dtc folders in your directoryt,hen try to create it.
    2.Check NWDS, WebAS, NWDI,  and its compatability ? Which versions are you running now?
    3. [Connect to DTR Fails |http://help.sap.com/saphelp_erp2005/helpdata/en/69/21244134a56532e10000000a1550b0/frameset.htm]
    4 . See the Note :  939041 & 772755
    Best Regards
    Satish Kumar

  • TS1702 Maps program does not work. In standard it only shows a grid. If I ask for a route it shows start and end point and three route boxes but nothing else. It does show directions. If I switch to hybrid it shows to routes but no roads. Background is a

    Maps program does not work. In standard it only shows a grid. If I ask for a route it shows start and end point and three route boxes but nothing else. It does show directions. If I switch to hybrid it shows to routes but no roads. Background is a blur.

    Do you have a question? This is a user to user help forum. Apple is not here only other users like yourself. You don't report problems to Apple here.
    By the way, it might help if you indicated where you are located.
    To complain to Apple use http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipad.html

  • Is there any way to achieve dynamic end point in SOA 11g (non-AIA process)

    We are using SOA Suite and we are not using AIA product..Is there any mechanism to achieve dynamic end point?If so can you please tell me how we can achieve this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi All,
    We can achieve dynamic end point in oracle soa suite 11g
    Check the below link

  • Issue with variable while in a PSSession connected to an end point

    Ok so Ive put together a simple script that will allow our helpdesk to look at permissions on a specified folder or share adn display in a nice html page.  I need it to run under different credentials so I set up an endpoint which I can connect to remotely
    and run the script.  The issue is in the variable that needs to get set.  It prompts for the folder location and once you put it in, it just freezes up.  If I run the script locally its fine and works perfectly.  but running it in the remote
    session connected to an end point, it just doesnt do anything once you put in the information after it prompts you.  For testing also I set the $folderpath to a specific path  and it does run fine through a remote session so its just an issue passing
    that input back to the variable while in the remote session.  Any idea?
    $a = "<style>"
    $a = $a + "BODY{background-color:peachpuff;}"
    $a = $a + "TABLE{border-width: 0px;border-style: solid;border-color: black;border-collapse: collapse;}"
    $a = $a + "TD{border-width: 3px;padding: 5px;border-style: solid;border-color: black;background-color:PaleGoldenrod}"
    $a = $a + "</style>"
    $folderpath = Read-Host -Prompt "Enter full folder path here"
    $cname ="Permissions for $folderpath : "
    Get-Acl $folderpath | select access -ExpandProperty access| select identityReference | ConvertTo-HTML -head $a -body "<H2>$CNAME</H2>"  | Out-File \\server\PermReports\perms.html

    Here's some napkin code, FWIW
    On the user side:
    $Session = New-PSSession -ComputerName remoteservername -ConfigurationName checkperms
    $ADIdentityReference =
    #Coax an AD identity reference out of the button monkey
    Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock { .\PermissionsScript.ps1 } -Session $session -Argumentlist $ADIdentityReference |
    ForEach-Object {
    #Ask for more input, or quit
    Remove-PSSession $Session
    and on the remote end:
    Param ($IdentityReference)
    Try {
    Get-ADSomething -Identity $IdentityReference -EA Stop |
    foreach-object {
    Catch {
    #Return validation fail message
    [string](0..33|%{[char][int](46+("686552495351636652556262185355647068516270555358646562655775 0645570").substring(($_*2),2))})-replace " "

  • Exporting line end point coordinates?

    I'm in desperate need of a script to export the coordinates of lines, or paths, it doesn't really matter, into a text document.
    I've set my ruler up so the 0,0 is in the center of the image, because I need both 0,0 and -0,-0 to work for what I have in mind, basically using a document as a large Cartesian grid, which you can then extract coordinates of 'edges' or end points of lines from.
    A little background on why I need it, for anyone curious. I figured out a way to build new worlds/maps for a game that generates terrain based on 'boundaries', which are drawn on, in a 2d plane, but I need coordinates to map these boundaries correctly. I could do it manually, where I'd hover my mouse over every edge or end of the line point, but this would save a LOT of time.
    I'd be insanely grateful if anyone can help me out. I've tried looking for scripts or other software, but haven't been successful at all for what I really need.
    The way I have my document setup is, 1 pixel per cm, 16384x16384cm. It's quite large, so most 'graph' software won't work for it. The grid itself works fairly well, I just need a decent way to export the coordinates from it.
    Thanks in advance!
    Here, I made an example of a rectangle to give you guys the idea of which coordinates I'd need:

    Don't appologize, I was stuck on cm because I thought there wasn't another way, I only figured out after JJMack mentioned it, that it's possible purely by pixels.
    First time working with coordinates, I'm in total new territory.
    The above works great, except now I've stumbled across 2 new problems, sorry to make it so complicated!
    What I have now, slightly tweaked what you gave me:
    var dataFile = new File('~/desktop/exportData.txt');
    var doc = app.activeDocument;
        for(var c =0; c<doc.layers.length;c++){
           doc.activeLayer= doc.layers[c];
    var pathItem = doc.pathItems[doc.pathItems.length-1];
    var dataStream = "";
    for(var subPathIndex = 0;subPathIndex<pathItem.subPathItems.length;subPathIndex++){
        for(var pointIndex = 0;pointIndex<pathItem.subPathItems[subPathIndex].pathPoints.length;pointIndex++){
                    dataStream = dataStream+doc.activeLayer.name+'\t';
            dataStream = dataStream+pathItem.subPathItems[subPathIndex].pathPoints[pointIndex].anchor+'\t'+'\r';
            dataStream = dataStream+'\r';
    But this outputs this:
    Background     4222,0
    Background     2963,-3550
    Background     4330,-4210
    Background     6450.3937,-2459
    Background     6141,2387
    Background     4834,2891
    Background     3970,924
    Which made me realize, that the paths aren't bound to a layer (It's been a while since I've used paths), so it'll just use the Background layer. There is no way around that, right? Since this script only targets layers, it'll ignore path names, which brings me to another question, is it possible to use the same thing, only for saved paths? So if you had 2 paths, one named P1 and the other P2, that it would display it like:
    P1     4222,0
    P1     2963,-3550
    P1     4330,-4210
    P1     6450.3937,-2459
    P2     6141,2387
    P2     4834,2891
    P2     3970,924
    And the other thing, because I'm using a loop now, which basically repeats the \r after ever coordinate, there isn't a way to collect all coordinates and display them in a chain, basically, and then using the \r after all the coordinates for one path is exported, before it moves on to the next path, or? Basically like the post previous to this, except with paths, instead of layers.
    Thank you guys so much for helping me though, would been completely lost without it.

  • Getting the end point to end point connections paths that exist from Switch Exe

    Can I query the Switch Exe data base and get a list of the existing paths that Switch EXE has connected?
    I have a debug app that reads the channel names (via a property node) and present them to the operator to manually connect and disconnect paths using the end points. I would like to have an indicator showing the current paths that are connected and I was hoping to be able to get that from Switch Exe without me having to add code to keep track of it myself.
    The goal is to be able to click on any existing path to disconnect it. 
    I do query the switch cards and display the actual relays that are closed, but that is hard to relate that to what channels that are connected when we have 8 matrix cards all interconnected.

    Hi Omar,
    Try using something like the example below that incorporates an array to check every connection.  If the path is found to exist, then you could add that combination to an array that is displayed on the front panel.  Also see this knowledge base article about the known issue with the Find Routes VI.  Use the VI from the bottom of the page in place of the Find Routes from the palette.  Hopefully this helps!
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