Can someone please post a working bcdedit /enum ALL /v

I've been attempting to pull off the elusive triple boot and screwed up the BCD on my Windows 8.1 install.  I can't seem to mount the EFI partition in the recovery console, so I can't perform any of the bcd*.exe fixes.  I'm going to need to fix this offline.  My strategy is to mount the EFI partition in OSX, copy the BCD file to a flash drive, modify it from Windows recovery console, boot back into OSX, replace the original, reboot, cross fingers, repeat.
Can someone please post the output of the following command in Windows?
bcdedit /enum ALL /v

Alternatively, can someone please grab their bcd file and share it?  I'm kind of in a jam here.  From the Mac side, you can do this:
sudo mkdir /Volumes/efi
sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/efi
BCD file is in or around /Volumes/efi/EFI/Microsoft
I'm mostly concerned with the device and osdevice entries, as mine are showing up as 'Unknown'.

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    For Parental Controls, select the account in Users & Groups and uncheck the "Enable parental controls" checkbox.

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    Check settings > iCloud > calendars.  Is it on or off?


    I recant my previous post saying I had no problems. I have five email addresses. ALL are used and are important to me; three are linked to business websites and have stationery printed. I CANNOT AFFORD TO CHANGE ALL THESE.  All are used via MS outlook or outlook express.  I thought I had a smooth changeover. This morning I have had nothing but eror messages asking me to reenter my passwords. I went onto as this is what is advised by your own tech help line. All asked me to get this new BT ID.  I went through process with the first error address and answered yes to question do I have a BT account, of course I have how else would I have the emails?  Then when I did the second, and did the same, eror message, so i pressed NO and said I would do it later.  The I got the emails.  The first one said it was linked to the account, the next two said i had to click on link to connect.  I clicked and found that my bt account is now logged in with the wrong email address. So I went to manage preferences and tried to change it round - it won't let me.  I have had three messages saying I have opted for online billing - I already had online billing.  I am now completely lost and do not know whether I will ever get any of my emails ever again.  I am so distressed.  I have been off work for three years with severe depression and anxiety and this is making me ill.  Please can someone tell me how I can just get back to normality.  I now cannot even log into my online BT account. The error messages are coming up all the time and I cannot function like this.  What on earth do I do?  CAN A MODERATOR HELP ME PLEASE??????

    Hi riggers311253,
    I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your email addresses. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to help you get this sorted. You can find the link by clicking on my username.
    BTCare Community Mod
    If we have asked you to email us with your details, please make sure you are logged in to the forum, otherwise you will not be able to see our ‘Contact Us’ link within our profiles.
    We are sorry but we are unable to deal with service/account queries via the private message(PM) function so please don't PM your account info, we need to deal with this via our email account :-)
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  • Can someone please post the link to download CS5 for mac?

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    Legacy downloads are not avialable. Try this: ‘DDL’ Articles at ProDesignTools

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    Incompatable Types error found : double required javax.swing.JTextField
    private void CalculateButtonActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
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    double num1 = Double.parseDouble(LoansField.getText());
    double num2 = Double.parseDouble(WagesField.getText());
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    String op6 = (String)Other2ComboBox.getSelectedItem();
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    TotalIncomeField = (num1 + num2 + num3);
    TotalSpendingField = (num4 + num5 + num6);
    //Here above I am adding the rent, food & other field so that it total correctly incompatable types error above
    double result = 0;
    if (op1.equals("Weekly"))
    result = num1 * 4.3333333;
    else if (op1.equals("Monthly"))
    result = num1;
    else if (op1.equals("Yearly"))
    result = num1 / 12;
    else if
    result = num2 * 4.3333333;
    else if (op2.equals("Monthly"))
    result = num2;
    else if (op2.equals("Yearly"))
    result = num2 / 12;
    else if
    result = num3 * 4.3333333;
    else if (op3.equals("Monthly"))
    result = num3;
    else if (op3.equals("Yearly"))
    result = num3 / 12;
    result = num4 * 4.3333333;
    else if (op4.equals("Monthly"))
    result = num4;
    else if (op4.equals("Yearly"))
    result = num4 / 12;
    else if
    result = num5 * 4.3333333;
    else if (op5.equals("Monthly"))
    result = num5;
    else if (op5.equals("Yearly"))
    result = num5 / 12;
    else if
    result = num6 * 4.3333333;
    else if (op6.equals("Monthly"))
    result = num6;
    else if (op6.equals("Yearly"))
    result = num6 / 12;
    } catch (NumberFormatException ex) {
    * @param args the command line arguments

    Incompatable Types error found : double required
    javax.swing.JTextField Please use code tags and include the entire class as well as the entire stack trace for the error.
    This error occurs because somewhere you have a JTextField wher you should have a double. (There should be a line number to tell you exactly where).

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    If the view is genuinely negative, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors and turn it off.

  • Someone PLEASE post the 4S GSM unlocking procedure

    I've been on the phone for hours with global support.  Everyone says something different.  1 person said I need iTunes.  I didn't have iTunes so I hung up to download and install it.  I call back after and no one know what that person was talking about.  This person also told me if the unlocked worked I wouldn't see the Verizon logo in the top left anymore, I still see it on mine
    So can someone PLEASE post the procedure and tell me if there is a way I can verify the unlock worked when I'm still in the US.  Am I supposed to see ANYTHING when I insert a SIM from another country?  Because I'm not seeing anything
    Oh also, after the unlock works.  How do I switch it from CDMA to GSM only mode so I don't end up roaming on CDMA when I'm overseas

    Look for this post.. 
    Verizon iPhone 4S SIM UNLOCK Tutorial 
    Explains everything. 

  • HT201412 can someone please help me out of nowhere my iphone went fuzzy then completely turned off i have tried charging it and it still wont work and itunes wont pick it up and it wont start up nothing please help me

    can someone please help me as its not letting me turn it on. i have tried to start it up pressing both buttons connecting to itunes and its not working still., it wont even charge or show apple icon anymore,

    You may not get a response as you are shouting at everyone.
    All caps indicates shouting, is considered rude, and is difficult to read.
    Many will not read such posts.
    Try turning off you caps lock and asking again.

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    I have a web site. I will disclose the URL here now:
    When this site was html-based (its original form), using my yahoo small business web host and Fetch, it worked like a charm. All Flash files functioned at 100%, embedded videos/players all played great, etc. Then, I switched over to Muse 1.) because I was excited by the potential, and 2.) I wanted to re-design my site, anyway.
    So, I created my site in Muse, and uploaded it all into Fetch. I soon found that some of my Flash files and videos were not working. This was the case for a long time. I finally gave up after trying everything and asking lots of questions here.
    Just recently, I set out to fix these issues as I was afraid this half-assed site would appear to make me look unprofessional and like I had no idea how to use Flash. I had some problems with the new Muse Update (had to ditch Fetch and use "export with html" using FileZlilla). Changes made to my Muse file were not taking... and each time I viewed my updated site, the updates were not there—it still looked like the previous incarnation of the site. However, with some help from some of the good folks here, I was able to make my site not only update, but work nearly perfectly—or so I thought!
    I just clicked on my personal web site URL link in my LinkedIn page, and I see the old-looking site! The bookmark I have of my site is near-perfect—only the videos still will not load. However, it would seem that my site only functions as well as it does on MY computer only—that is, URL's I have been sending out probably are of the old non-functioning site? The changes I make are not being recognized.
    If you will, click on my above URL (in bold)..... If you click on "Resume", you should see light blue rules separating each section. But I bet you will see heavier gray bars with headers inside them. Also, if you view my Flash work, go to the "Epiphone Casino Mini Site".... the "Finshes" and "Features" pages' interactive elements will not function as they should (never mind the video page!)—but they work perfectly when accessing my site from my bookmark on my computer.
    Can someone please tell me how to make my site update web-wide, and how to get my Flash files to function?
    Message was edited by: darling67

    It seams a lot of folks are haveing issues with FTP upload. Try these areas to look at. Maybe the right answer. I dont use Flash on my sites for a long time now. Anyhow, check these out.

  • Updated my iphone4 with ios6.1 software. App store is not working. Tried rebooting, restoring, changing date, signing with another apple id etc. but no luck. can someone please help?

    Updated my iphone4 with ios6.1 software. App store is not working. Tried rebooting, restoring, changing date, signing with another apple id etc. but no luck. can someone please help?

    I guess I will wrap this up. I have abandoned iPhoto and viewing my Photo Streams using it and moved to Adobe products (Bridge + PS). So that's that.

  • I have deleted my sons apple id and data from his old phone by accident as i thought i was resetting it for me to use and now he has lost everything on his new phone and his id etc does not work.  Can someone please explain how i am able to retrieve

    Can someone please shed some light on this???
    I thought i was resetting my son's iphone 4 so that I could use it. But I seem to have erased his icloud/apple id and all of his data from his new phone too.  His Apple ID doesnt work and cant be accessed as it now says it is disabled.  I have tried the website without success and have no idea how to rectify.  I have requested a password change to his email address but that is not working either.
    Please help? 

    That sounds confusing.  First off, don't be too worried. There's practically no way to actually delete an Apple ID or it's purchase history.  You should be able to get to it back somehow.  Secondly, that's likely something that you'll need to talk to a real person on the phone for since it likely requires you to explain that you need access on behalf of your son, (who probably just set some security questions or an email address that you didn't know he put in.)  Just call the appropriate AppleCare phone line (800-APL-CARE in the USA, or see the link below for other countries) and tell them you want to talk about an iCloud account security question.
    Phone Support: Contact Apple for support and service - Apple Support

  • I have an iPhone application already developed and it works great ,now i need to make that same application for my iPad .can someone please tell me step by step instructions on how to make it .

    i have an iPhone application already developed and it works great ,now i need to make that same application for my iPad .can someone please tell me step by step instructions on how to make it .

    Try the developer's forum:

  • My Iphone 5 has gone blank, I can not see anything. Restore with itunes has not worked either. Can someone please help?

    Hi I recently upgraed to iOS 6.1 on my Iphone 5. After the upgrade, it was all good. Over the weekend I went Austria for Ski. While taking the photos, I simply locked the phone and kept it my pocket as I had to go. After sometime when I opened my phone, I could hardly see anything. I tried to unlock with pin and tried restarting with great difficulty. But nothing worked. Coming back home today, I have tried restore the software and still no luck. I have tried restore almost 5 to 6 times, but the screen is still blank. I dont know if what state it is in and I can not do anything to fix it. I am very annoyed with the support service as they can not be reached on Sunday evening.
    I could manage to book a call tomorrow but I have lot of work over next few days at work. Can someone please help how to fix this issue now? Any suggestions will be much apperciated.

    srinifromlondon wrote:
    ...  Any suggestions will be much apperciated...
    Try this Discussion

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