Can't add events to icloud calendar

I have problems syncing my iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro for the calendars. I added and event on each device and I never see all the others. Let say I put the event "test iPad" on the iPad, "test iPhone" from the iPhone et "test mac" on my MacBook Pro. Also I wen't on the iCloud calendar and when I try to add an event it says Impossible to create event "test from mac" because of an error on the server. Please try again. I also send the information to Apple but it's been like that for a while and I never get a solution.
By the way, the sync works fine for notes and contact.

Hello nicolefromwinterthur,
The article below may help explain how Microsoft Outlook calendars appear on your computer and iOS device.  Are you making your new entries in the iCloud calendar on your PC ?(see pink highlight in the image below).  I've highlighted the information about Outlook Calendar for you. Click on the link for complete details.
iCloud: Microsoft Exchange behavior with iCloud - Apple Support
Microsoft Outlook Calendar: Outlook also displays iCloud and Exchange data separately. Exchange data typically appears within the My Calendars section, as in the example below with Calendar under My Calendars. 
Outlook has a descriptive note about which collection your calendars belong to next to the Calendar title in the left panel of Outlook. Your local Outlook data (that is, data not belonging to either iCloud or Exchange) also appears within the My Calendars section of Outlook. Local Outlook data will have the description Outlook Data File next to the calendar title, while Exchange data will have your Exchange email address or account name next to the Calendar title. iCloud calendars have iCloud next to the calendar title, and appear in the iCloud section of Outlook Calendar instead of the My Calendars section.
- Judy

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    I have my phone and Mac set up on iCloud, and my iCloud calendars show up on my phone. But when I make a new event on my phone, I can't add them to my iCloud calendars. Thanks.

    OK, a simple restart of the iPad fixed the calendar problem, but now my contacts are gone!! 

  • HT4623 I can't add events to my calendar. The + sign that used to be at the top right corner is missing.

    I've been trying to fix my iphone calendar from what other folks have written on my issue, but nothing seems to be working. I can't add any events, since the + sign is missing. I've enabled and disabled and re-enabled icloud, rebooted the whole phone on iTunes, and fiddled around with every setting with no luck. Any other suggestions?? Are there other calendar apps that work as well or better than the iphone calendar?

    Just found the answer in the previously listed questions. Thanks!

  • Calendar App on iPad can't add events or toggle calendars

    Something strange is going on with my Calendar app (New iPad...iOS5). It was working fine, with my local calendar and 2 subscribed calendars. But, after going in to Settings and turning on Calendar sync for my Google account, now when I open Calendar there's no button in the top left to select which calendars to view, delete calendars, change calendar colors, etc...And, there's no [+] icon in the lower right to add new events. The calendars are showing up, but it's like the entire app is now read only or something.
    Any ideas how I can get the missing buttons back? I've tried re-starting the iPad, but that didn't do anything. I turned off the Google sync, thinking that may have been the problem, but that also had no affect.

    Found the issue. (Love it when that happens...)
    Turns out my Google password was somehow forgotten/blank. I didn't discover that until opening Mail and it prompted me for my Google password. Once I entered the Google password, the buttons and functionality returned to the Calendar app.
    Seems like an odd little bug. Frustrating for sure, but luckily it's easily solved.

  • Can't add events to 2012 calendar app on iPad 2 iOS 6.0.1

    Don't know why but I can't add any event to 2012 year instead creating event to 2013 that works perfectly.
    Any suggestions.
    Cheers. Jexgal

    Here again.
    Just checked that turning off and then on Calendar iColud Sync doesn't seem to work either.
    I tried this as an old solution for some troubleshooting with Calendar but with no result.
    Keeping trying to find a solution.
    Cheers. J

  • Can't add event to Google calendar, keep getting error message.

    Have Firefox 4.0.1. Google is my home page. Starting Thursday, I couldn't save new events on my Google Calendar. I did not update the latest update b/c I am concerned that it will interfere w/ my Google calendar (my lifeline for work) and that it will stop my AmEx card from showing deals when I go to buy something.

    Hi there!
    Let's start with your Outlook 2010 version...if 64bit, then this KB will apply:
    KB17149Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit version
    Otherwise, this KB might apply:
    KB15564"No available message stores" appears when configuring synchronization settings in BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    Good luck and let us know!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
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  • I am getting a pop up window that says "The Calendar calendar does not support events" You can't add events to the Calendar calendar

    I recently did some HD clean up and I'm plagued by this window. I can get it to go away briefly if I restart the computer but it always comes back.

    Hi wcb82,
    If you keep getting these messages, you may need to delete the subscription to that calendar. You may find the following article useful:
    Cal 5.x: Delete a calendar or reminder list
    - Brenden

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    After updating to ios5, I can't add events to my calendar.  The + sign is missing from the top of the screen.  Any ideas?

    I have the same problem, but none of the answers worked for me. When I enable the iCloud calendar, the settings app crashes. I have restarted the iPhone a lot of times but it doesn't work. Probably I will reinstall the IOS to see if it works.

  • I updated my iphone to OS 5.0.1 and i can not add events to my iphone calendar- does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    I updated my iphone to OS 5.0.1 and i can not add events to my iphone calendar- does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    I updated today to the 5.0.1 and now when I try to sync to ITunes, it doesn't recognize my phone and an error message comes up saying that "This iPhone cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device service is not started.'  What does this mean?  Never mind - I found an article in the Support about this very thing!  Thanks!
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  • TS1347 I phone 4s - my calendar has no + sign on it and I can not add events.  HELP

    I have an I Phone 4s and have never been able to add events to the calendar.  The phone has NO plus sign.  Syncing with I Cloud does not help.  The only thing I can do on my calendar is see the dates.   Can you help?

    When I go to I Cloud and try to turn on Calendars, it automatically turns back off.  No matter how many times I turn it on, it still turns back off.

  • I have no more calendar synchronization with iCloud. when accessing to icloud account I cannot add an event on icloud calendar the message is :"server error"; any help?

    I have no more calendar synchronization with iCloud. when accessing to icloud account I cannot add an event on icloud calendar the message is :"server error"; any help?

    Tap the little claendar icon at the top left (next to the search icon) and see what calendars are set up in WeekCal.  If none are enabled, then enable the one(s) you want to use.

  • When I try to enter a new calendar entry I get the following message: "This calendar was created by mail, you can't add events to a mail calendar" what does it mean? I never had this message before.

    When I try to enter a new calendar entry I get the following message: "This calendar was created by mail, you can't add events to a mail calendar" what does it mean? I never had this message before.

    Check which calendar you are trying it put this event on, then put it on the correct one.

  • Suddenly I can no longer add events to my calendar osuddr add reminders. The   symbol is brayed out and won't allow me to add anything???

    Suddenly I can no longer add events to my calendar or new reminders. The + is grayed out and won't allow any new additions???

    I had the the same problem albeit with an m4v (same hardware and OS rev too!, iTunes 10.6.3). I was able to add the movie to a new library per Limnos' suggestion here, indicating that iTunes wasn't totally busted. However, I was also able to see the movie in the Recently Added smart playlist (another hat tip to Limnos), although it still did not appear in the Movies section of my iTunes library. (It was also in the iTunes Library.xml file.)
    So I called AppleCare, and they directed me to move the file from the external drive where it was living, into the /Users/<Your Name Here>/Movies directory, and to "Add to Library" (Command-O) from that location. Sure enough (and much to my surprise), it showed up immediately (duplicated, actually) in the Movies section of my iTunes library. Subsequent additions to my Library have not misbehaved similiarly.

  • The plus sign on my calendar has disappeared....can't add events?.

    The plus sign in the lower right corner of the calendar app that allows you to add events to the calendar has disappeared.  I have turned the iPad off and back on....recharged it....nothing.  Help!

    Go to Settings>iCloud>Calendar>On. Toggle the setting on and off. Leave it on if you want to sync with iCloud, but do not sync the calendar with your computer if you sync with iCloud or you will get duplicate events.

  • I have downloaded a calendar app but can't add events.  I have gone to settings but can't locate default calendar as suggested, turned the iPad off etc as suggested.

    I have downloaded a calendar app but can't add events.  I have been to settings but can't locate default calendar as suggested, have also turned the app off and on as suggested.

    You got the new iphone?????   I have same problem.  I transferred audiobooks to device to find no audiobooks on device (despite it being in iTunes as if it was).  Have you found a solution?????   I even tried to change import settings on format transfer but hasn't worked. 

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