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Hello Guys,
I have an editable ALV in which the user is able to change the entries by clicking a Change Button. For this purpose i have used the class <b>cl_gui_alv_grid</b>.
I need to change the Report Title from 'Display Report' & 'Change Report' when the user clicks the change button in the ALV.
Please suggest.

Hello Sandeep,
Thanks for the hint. It really helped me !!! I missed this point entirely
Thanks again ..

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  • How to change report title dynamically??

    I need to change the report title dynamically. The report title must contain the value of a particular culumn in the same report.
    Report title should be report123

    Hi BIPUser,
    Thanks for your answer.
    @1 in title view is not working. It shows @1 in the title view.
    But Narrative view is working fine.
    Thanks again
    Have great weekend
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  • Changing Report Title format in Discover 4i Viewer

    I have been reviewing the style sheets for configuring discoverer 4i viewer and have been able to change logos and remove copyrights etc. but I am having difficulty changing the format of the report title. the current title concatinates the discoverer report owner, name and description. ex:
    SYSADMIN.Search_Pending_and_Approved.DIS - Search Deals and Opportunities
    which frankly looks aweful to an end user, much less an external end user (we are pushing reports out to partners via Partner Management partner portal).
    I think that I found the place to change this in the gui objects style sheet, but it appears that there is only one parameter passing this whole thing. Is there a way to just display the description. ex:
    Search Deals and Opportunities
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Right click on the date field -> choose textbox properties -> choose number -> choose Date -> and choose the format you want or choose a custom format  "YYYY-MM-DD"

  • Change Report Title for an RDL

    I have deployed an SSRS report to Sharepoint 2013 that has a name I do not want to display to the users.  I tried entering the desired name of the report in the Title field of the properties page for the RDL but it did not make any change to
    what the end user sees.  Is this not the purpose of the Title field on the Edit Properties page?  Is there a way to change the name without changing the name of the RDL itself?

    The RDL - report definition is operated by SharePoint as any other common file inside the Document Library. The only difference is the opening behavior and context menu actions. The same as in common Document Library is also the naming of the file which
    consists from Name ( the name of the RDL file ), Title and Description. If you need to show to the users only Title, you have to create a custom view for the Report library and set it as default. On the other hand by no means of customization ( except of programming
    of custom Report Library ) you can achieve hidding of report file name at all places ( i.e. Display form, Edit form, Listing ... ). 

  • Change the Report Title for XML Publisher, depending on the field value.

    I want to change the Report Title as below.
    if the field_A='B' then the report title as it is defined in report defination
    else the report title is 'XXX"
    Please let me know whether it is possible, if yes please guide me. how can we do it.

    Tim covered the inline if statement, though not specifically regarding a title, in his blog recently:
    The syntax is:

  • Change "document" to report title in print queue

    Post Author: mroy
    CA Forum: .NET
    When printing from Crystal Reports to a printer, in the print queue, the Document Name is "Crystal Reports - " and the report title.
    When printing using ReportDocument in Visual Basic .NET program to a printer, the Document name is "document".
    Is there a way to change "document" to the report title in code?

    Post Author: Argan
    CA Forum: .NET
    You can only do it using RAS I believe by using the PrintReportOptions objects JobTitle property.
    This is only available using Enterprise or CR XI R2 SP2.

  • How to change the title of a report by programmation at the run time?

    I would like to change the title of my report at the run time.
    Is it possible?
    If someone can help me...

    what do you mean with "title" ?
    a couple of approaches :
    - Runtime Customization
    - lexicals
    - before report escape HTML
    the oracle reports team --pw

  • Changing BW report title

    Dear all expert,
    My user request me to change the BW report title. I changed the description at Query Properties, but when i run the report, the title still remain as old title, but if i refresh the query, it will only update the query title to the new title.
    Can i know how to solve this problem.
    Thank for help.

    Hi Mate,
    You better dont disturb that query which you want to changes the desc. better you copy the query to a new name in query designer. and execute the new one.Assign points if it is useful.
    good day.
    Thanks and regards

  • Change the title of a report dynamically

    Hi all,
    I have a report which does both download and upload activities.
    Then we have two TCODES based on which download and upload happen.
    My requirement is based on the two TCODES, I need to change the title of the report dynamically.
    Thanks and regards,

    Hi ,
    Set your title bars based on the condition.
    Created 2 title bars and use it
      IF tcode = 'TCODE1'.
    reward if usefull.

  • Change the report title to more meaningful title? How to achieve it?

    Hi Guys,
    We have some BI reports which the users runs from BEx analyser. Currently the report title shows the names of the reports. For example a Sales by products reports has the title SALES BY PRODUCT REPORTING.
    What we want to do is these reports have selection screen and based on what the user selects on the selection screen we want the report title to be more meaningful. For example if the report is run for the period 1 and company code ABC selected on the selection screen then the report title must show SALES BY PRODUCT FOR PERIOD 1 AND COMPANY CODE ABC.
    My questions is how to show the variable in the report title? I am new to BI and need help on the same. We are on 7.1 version of BI.

    We have done the same but in my case the input Month will display.
    Eg: We have MM reports which will run Period wise, so user wil give 001.2009, in the report title it will display...
    Stocks report for 001.2009.
    Using Text Variable we can do it.
    1. Create a Text Variable with Customer Exit option.
    2. Take the user input value and pass into Custome exit Variable.
    For Sample Code, you can see one blog and some Articles.
    See the blog "Using Text Variables with Customer Exits in Report Headings" and see Customet Exit articles..
    WHEN 'ZT_C'.   " ZT_C = Text variable with customer Exit
        IF i_step = 2.
          LOOP AT i_t_var_range INTO loc_var_range WHERE vnam = 'ZMONTH'.  " ZMONTH = User input variable on 0CALMONTH
            IF sy-subrc = 0.
              CLEAR: l_s_range.
              zsmy = loc_var_range-low.
              zemy = loc_var_range-high.
              zsmnth = zsmy+4(2).
              zemnth = zemy+4(2).
              zfyear1 = zsmy+0(4).
              zfyear2 = zemy+0(4).
              CONCATENATE zsmnth '.' zfyear1 INTO zsmnyr.
              CONCATENATE zemnth '.' zfyear2 INTO zemnyr.
              l_s_range-low+0(7) = zsmnyr.
              l_s_range-low+9(2) = 'To'.
              l_s_range-low+13(7) = zemnyr.
              l_s_range-sign = 'I'.
              l_s_range-opt = 'BT'.
              APPEND l_s_range TO e_t_range.

  • Display Report Title line in Printer Queue Again

    Post Author: ShowMeTheName
    CA Forum: General
    Hello, this is my question:
    How can I get our Crystal Reports XI printed from our VB application to show again the line u201CCrystal Reports + The Report Titleu201D in the printer queue?
    We first started generating reports with Visual Studio 2003 and Crystal Reports for VB.Net.  Months later, we upgraded to Crystal Reports XI Developers Edition. 
    When we built our application in VB and CR for VB.Net (v.9?) and printed reports from it, they showed the Crystal Reports line with the report title in the printer spooler.  Now that we upgraded to CR XI DE and compiled our program, the reports only show the line u2018Documentu2019 in the printer spooler.  The report title is gone.
    Does anyone know how to get that report title back?  If we open a report in the Crystal Reports program and we print it from there, we do get that line u201CCrystal Reports u201C and the Report Title in the printer spooler.  However, when we print the same reports from our VB application (and whatever upgrades installed by CR XI), the report title is replaced by a very annoying u2018documentu2019 word.
    We need the report title to show in the printer queue to distinguish our reports. 
    In our VB app, we open the reports as a new ReportDocument and then we print them with the PrintToPrinter code.
    Has anyone else had the same problem? Do you guys think that if we replaced the new report references with the original version will do the trick?
    We donu2019t want to change or eliminate the u201CCrystal Reportsu201D words because I know we canu2019t. What we want is that line back so it can show the report title.  I certainly like that line better than the u201Cdocumentu201D one we get now.
    Thanks for your help!

    Post Author: emoreau
    CA Forum: General
    as per, it doesn't seem to be possible.

  • Local timestamp in report title

    When i print a discoverer report, the timestamp on the report title(&Datee &Time) is the server time.
    My client is 6 hours seperated from the server.
    Is it possible to change the timestamp based on the user locale?
    I have an Apps mode EUL with Disco

    Hi Ariv,
    Its a good question which i have never done,but will give a try it.
    Is it possible to change the timestamp based on the user locale?There is a function in the PL/SQL and Discoverer date function named new_time and the syntax is as follows
    new_time( date, zone1, zone2 )
    Here zone1 and zone2 would be like GMT(greenwich mean time),EST(eastern standard time) and so on.I can give an example on how to go about it.Firstly do a calculation by taking this function it would be something like this
    new_time (to_date ('2003/11/01 01:45', 'yyyy/mm/dd HH24:MI'), 'GMT', 'EST')
    and disable this calculation by unckecking it.In Title section just call it as Timestamp:&calculation1 ,here calculation1 refers to the calculation i asked you to do above.
    Hope this helps you.
    Best Wishes,

  • FPM - How to change the title in a component configuration

    I am working with the component configuration EHHSS_INC_REC_NRM_QAF_V3 (version 7.31) and I need to change the title of the tab. I created an OTR with the text "Report Near Miss test". I changed the application title and I also change the tooltip text in the IDR to this OTR.
    When I executed it, I only see the modication on the tooltip. Why the application title is not shown with the modification? How can I modify also the tab and the title?
    Thank you for your help!

    Thank you for your time. The application configuration is link to the business object EHHSS_INCIDENT...I did not find a view. I do not have a lot of experience in FPM so can you show me how? I looked in BOPF but I am not able to do it with an enhancement

  • Automatic refresh of photo order when changing photo titles in iPhoto 9.6

    I've just moved from an older version of iPhoto to 9.6.
    In the previous version, when you changed the title of a photo (within an event), the sort order of the photos was automatically and immediately updated.  In 9.6 it isn't - I have to do View - Sort Photos then select another sort criteria (e.g. date), then do this again for title, to get the photo order to refresh.
    Does anyone know if I am I stuck with this new (retrograde) behaviour, or if there's a way to get iPhoto 9.6 to automatically refresh the photo order?
    Otherwise, is there a keyboard shortcut for refreshing the photo order, or for changing the view - sort photos criteria?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    It will resort if you leave the Event (click All Events button) and then go back.  Not a good solution but quicker IMO than using the View ➙ Sort menu method. 
    Be sure to send a bug report to Apple via

  • Report title will be canged on run time

    Hi Friends,
        In a report, creadted a chek box in selection-screen.
       based on the logon language that check box label and also report title(in attributes) will be changed. how to change it .
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi vallamuthu,
    Maintain Translation in all required languages.
    Ex: Translation in German
    Navigate SE38 -> Goto -> Translation ->Original language = 'EN' Target language = 'DE'   Press Enter
    Maintain translation and Save. Do similarly for all required languages.

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