Check UDT,UDF and UDO

  Does SAP provides sample code or guide line about how to check the existence of the UDO,UDF and UDO before executing the Add On??

Use DI API metadata objects to check this existence. This
is clearly described in the e-learning.
The objects are UserTablesMD, UserFieldsMD, UserObjectsMD.

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  • What is an UDF and UDT

    Hi everyone,
    we are using SAP Business one 2007 A and I would like to know what are User Defined Fields and User Defined Tables? What are the uses of both and what do they do? Please explain how to create a UDF and a UDT? Thank you.

    >What kind of customization can be done with the help of UDF and UDT. If I set up a UDF and UDT in my workstation, will it >be shared by everyone or only I can use those UDF and UDT?
    The authorization is controlled in SAP B1 through Setup->User defaults and Admin->User Authorizations panel. The authorizations are based on what you provide above to marketing documents, production documents, service documents etc.
    UDF is just part of above SAP B1 authorization control. You can not control authroization for just UDF you created. It is based upon what user, what authorization it has.
    >For example: If I am seeing an AP invoice list, can I add a field to show the check number with which the invoice was paid? Why I am asking this because we have an AP person in our company and whenever a vendor calls, she has to browse through 5-6 screens to get to that payment information and the check number does not show up when she pulls up the invoice list.
    >Yes above is possible. And these are the real world examples of why UDFs are used. The queries you use to populate them can get tricky, there are highly talented and able people on forum who can help you out with those. But you have to get started somewhere.
    >With the help of UDF, can I pull any information anywhere? How does this work? Where can set the UDF and UDT meaning in what areas? Can it be set only in master data?
    There are limitation to UDF, you can not pull anything everywhere or anywhere. That level of visibility will require SDK development. You just have to try and learn about the scope. I am not sure about it.
    When you go tools->Customization tools->User defined field management, you will see the areas and sub levels you can use.
    The rule of the forums is one question per thread. It helps if you can adhere to that.  Also, please close the thread, if it is answered. Welcome again!

  • Slow performance creating UDT/UDF

    When creating UDT/UDF via SAPbobsCOM.UserTableMD and SAPbobsCOM.UserFieldMD OR via SAPbobsCOM.Company.GetBusinessObjectFromXML(...) we experience extreme slow performance. One field of a table takes at least a second to be created.
    We already checked the DB/Server, no problems there (in fact, it does not even show up as laggy.
    Any hints? Is there so much data to be transported from client to server or what might be wrong?

    My setup takes between 8 and 15 seconds to create 65 user defined fields and one user defined table.
    As I am able to watch the progress, I experience that creating user defined fields for documents is much slower than creating a user defined field for a user defined table.
    Personally I think it's because every time a document udf is created, every document table is altered by mssql (the udfs are physically added to every table).
    At least it don't take a whole second per table, which definitly sounds like "too much" to me...

  • Create Tables and UDO using Addon

    I created addon using simple installer. Before installing that add on i have manually create UDO and tables. is there any way i can modify my Addon which will create UDO and tables when i install addon in server.
    Developed my Add on using C#. for package using  B1DE Simple installer.
    Can some send me sample code for this at [email protected] or reply to this post your suggestions.
    Appreciate your help

    > UDO's are not accessable via code. 
    Hi Edward,
    but I created UDO via code and it works correctly.
    P Guddimath, here is a thread where I paste a code to create UDF, UDT and UDO Problem With Tables

  • Checking if UDF in System Table Exists

    Hi all,
    I want to add a UDF in the RDR1 table (Sales Order Lines).  I'm having a problem checking if the field exists!  This is my code...
    If Not oUserFieldMD.GetByKey("RDR1", 0) Then
      oUserFieldMD.TableName = "RDR1"
      oUserFieldMD.Name = "NJ_OpnTpoQty"
      oUserFieldMD.Description = "Open TPO Qty"
    End If
    The problem is that I have previous UDF's from other Add-Ons in that table and so I cant use a Hard Code 0 "Zero" in the "FieldID" Parameter for the GetByKey Method! It could vary depending on the number of existing UDFs.  How do I check for the this UDF with using the "TableID" and "AliasID".  I could use a oRecordSet.DoQuery and check if the RecordCount = 0....but I am having a "-1120 Ref Count..." error problem with having two BoObjects open simultaneously.
    Does any1 have any other way of checking if UDFs exists in System Tables?

    Hi Noor
    I know 2 ways:
    Dim mRs As SAPbobsCOM.Recordset
    mRs.DoQuery("SELECT TableID FROM CUFD WHERE TableID = 'RDR1' AND FieldID = 'NJ_OpnTpoQty'")
    If Not mRs.EoF Then
       'Add Field
    End If
    The problem is that you can have this field with other TableId and your code will crash
    Put your "add field" code in a Try..Catch block with no code in catch section.

  • Check Weather UDF Form Exist or Not ?

    I have to work on UDF Fields and problem is that i have to check weather UDF Form (right hand side form which is visible only when we click VIEW>User Defined Field)
    is visible or not.
    Do any one know such method/varible by which i would be able to know that UDF form is visible / not visible....
    Regards ,

    Hi Ganesh,
    You can check the status of the menu visible and/or checked to see if the UDF form is visible.

  • Check for null and empty - Arraylist

    Hello all,
    Can anyone tell me the best procedure to check for null and empty for an arraylist in a jsp using JSTL. I'm trying something like this;
    <c:if test="${!empty sampleList}">
    Help is greatly appreciated.

    A null check might not be you best option.  If your requirement is you must have both the date and time component supplied in order to populate EventDate, then I would use a Script Functoid that takes data and time as parameters.
    In the C# method, first check if either is an empty string, if so return an empty string.
    If not, TryParse the data, if successful, return a valid data string for EventDate.  If not, error or return empty string, whichever satsifies the requirement.

  • Unable to reach Adobe servers, Please check firewall settings and try again

    I have been a creative cloud customer since it started and I've never experienced such buggy software as the app manager. The customer experience is just shocking and I wish Adobe would just offer direct downloads for the software we need rather than use the app manager.
    I'm currently trying to install the latest versions of the programs but the app manager keeps showing "Unable to reach Adobe servers, Please check firewall settings and try again in a few minutes".
    I do not have any firewalls on my network.
    I've uninstalled all previous versions of the applications.
    The app manager will download a few % and then the message appears again. I click retry and it downloads another few % before showing the message again. I keep doing this until the program is fully downloaded and installed which take hours. Because I am able to eventually download the app, the error should be anything to do with my setup or internet connection as I've never had this issue before when installing adobe products.
    Is there a way we can bypass the app manager and install the programs directly? This is getting very annoying and I just need my apps to install without wasting days clicking the retry button.

    I'm having the exact same problem. Photoshop is stuck at 0%.
    Have the links for direct download changed? When I went to then scrolled down the page to:
    Photoshop CC 2014 (64-bit)
    740 MB
    File 2
    801 MB
    File 1
    and then clicked on File 1 and File 2, I reached a page that says "You don't have permission to access "" on this server."

  • HT201317 Photos from my iphone and ipad are going into my photo stream on the devices but aren't going into the folder on my windows PC. They used to but they suddenly stopped. Has anyone else had this same problem?. I have checked all settings and they a

    Photos from my iphone and ipad are going into my photo stream on the devices but aren't going into the folder on my windows PC. They used to but they suddenly stopped. Has anyone else had this same problem?. I have checked all settings and they appear OK

    Hi AP_In_Surbiton,
    I am really sorry that you have had so much trouble getting your Caller ID up and going.  I'll be happy to help you out with this and get it working for you.
    Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.
    BTCare Community Mod
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  • Is anyone else having trouble setting up messages with the new mountain lion software? I keep getting a notification that i cant sign in and it is saying, check network connection and try again, but i have full wifi bars, thanks, Justin

    is anyone else having trouble setting up messages with the new mountain lion software? I keep getting a notification that i cant sign in and it is saying, check network connection and try again, but i have full wifi bars, thanks, Justin

    Install this to get X11 functionality back in 10.8
    Worked great for me and others.

  • TS3212 I just purchased a new iphone 4s and I am trying to load some music from my itues. I am getting a message that says not enough space. I checked my phone and it shows i have 5.1G available. do you know how to fix this problem?

    I just purchased a new iphone 4S and I'm trying to loan some music from itunes. I keep getting a message that says not enough space on my phone. I checked my phone and I have 5.1G available. I deselected all the songs on my itunes to try and get it to sync and I keep getting the same message. Any tips?

    Hey csumner1,
    Thanks for the question. I understand you are receiving a "Not enough free space" alert when attempting to sync your new iPhone 4s. The following article may help to resolve your issue:
    iOS: "Not enough free space" alert when trying to sync
    Try disconnecting and reconnecting your device, then syncing again to solve this issue.
    Orphaned files may remain on your iOS device if it is physically disconnected while syncing music, podcasts, videos, or photos. This can prevent iTunes from syncing the iOS device on subsequent sync sessions. When this happens, the Capacity indicator in iTunes may report a large amount of "Other" disk usage for the iOS device. To resolve this issue:
    1. Turn off the music or photo sync option in iTunes for the device.
    2. Click Apply to sync the changes to the device.
    3. Turn the music and photo sync options for the device on again.
    4. Click Apply again to try to sync the device to iTunes.
              - If the 'Not enough free space' alert appears, continue to step 5.
    5. Turn off the automatic syncing functions for the iOS device. To do this:
              - Select the iOS device from the iTunes window and click the Summary tab.
              - Deselect "Automatically sync when this device is connected" and select the "Sync only checked songs and videos" checkbox.
              - Click Apply to sync the changes to the device.
              - Reduce the amount of data that is being synced to the device and resync the device. For example, if syncing your Music library exceeds the memory capacity of the device, choose "Selected playlists" to transfer rather than "All songs and playlists" under the Music tab in iTunes.
    If the 'Not enough free space' alert appears, continue to step 6.
    6. Restore using iTunes.
    Matt M.

  • When i try to add DownloadHelper it comes up with unexpected installation error review the error console log for more details - 203, how to it check the log and how do i fix this problem?

    == Issue
    I have another kind of problem with Firefox
    == Description
    When i tried to install DownloadHelper this happened Firefox could not install the file at
    because: Unexpected installation error
    Review the Error Console log for more details.
    , how do i check the log and how do i resolve this problem? thank you
    == This happened
    Just once or twice
    == today
    == Troubleshooting information
    Application Basics
    Profile Directory
    Open Containing Folder
    Installed Plugins
    Build Configuration
    Ask Toolbar for Firefox
    AVG Safe Search
    Java Console
    Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant
    BitDefender Antiphishing Toolbar
    [email protected]
    Modified Preferences
    (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    HP Photosmart D5300 series
    == Firefox version
    == Operating system
    Windows Vista
    == User Agent
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    == Plugins installed
    *Default Plug-in
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.3.2"
    *The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.
    *NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
    *RealPlayer(tm) LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In
    *RealJukebox Netscape Plugin
    *Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45
    *Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5
    *iTunes Detector Plug-in
    *DivX Web Player version
    *Office Live Update v1.4
    *Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers
    *RealPlayer(tm) HTML5VideoShim Plug-In
    *Google Update
    *Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers

    Mark Leary:
    As TXGuy posted above:
    Also see:

  • Hi! I purchased my ATV in Miami, but I live in Argentina. I have not been able to get the device running on any TVs. When I plug it in, it briefly shows the apple logo, then a sign saying no signal, check power cords and power source or sthg like that.

    I purchased my AppleTV in Miami, but I live in Argentina.
    I have not been able to get my device running correctly, and altough I've read tons of things online, I still have no solution to my problem.
    Here's the thing: after everything's plugged in and ON, I see the Apple logo briefly, then the TV displays a sign that says no signal, check pwoer cords and power source.
    But everything is plugged in and connected properly, otherwise, I doubt I'd be seeing the apple logo, right?
    I tried changing the HDMI cable, reversing the ends, switching ports, hard resetting the ATV, and trying a different TV. No luck.
    I read there is some issue with Samsung TVs, and most LED and LCD tvs down here are Samsung.
    On the other hand, I cannot return it or exchange it, since I bought it in the states.
    Oh! One of the tvs I tried it on displays a little sign that reads "connected at 1280x720 @60hz", and only THEN, goes to the "no signal" sign.
    Please!!! I am being driven up the walls here.... HELP!!

    Try this:
    Change the Apple TV resolution:
    Press and hold the Menu and Up button on your Apple Remote for six seconds.
    The Apple TV will automatically cycle to the next resolution at approximately 20 second intervals.
    Press Play on the Apple Remote to keep the current resolution or Select to manually cycle to the next resolution.

  • I have installed itunes 10.7 several times.  All goes well.  After reboot, I go into itunes and check for updates and it says I need to download the update 10.7! (And so cant sync with my Iphone)

    I have installed itunes 10.7 several times, all goes well. After reeboot, I go to check for updates and it still wants to update to version 10.7! I cant sync to my iphone4 because I get an error message saying I need version 10.6.3 or later. Help

    Thank you for getting me started on the track by mentioning "Revo" Uninstaller.  The results of "Revo" spoke volumns on why a successful install of ITunes is so difficult to achieve.  It is the evil "BONJOUR".
    I then tripped upon the following site by Apple and the detailed directions (I read, printed, re-read and followed the instructions.  It was intense) brought a successful ITunes, Quick Time and the lovely Bonjour home.  Thank you for the start JD42.

  • ATP check for materials and ATP Confirmed Qty's

    Good morning,
    I have a question regarding the ATP.
    If I have a 100 of box a in stock and I have 2 Planned Orders for 75 (total req on box is 150).
    When I convert the first Planned Ord to a Prodution Ord, the ATP check will run and confirm that I have the 75 boxes required (as we want it), but if I then convert the second Planned Order I would expect the ATP to say that only 25 is available, but it is also telling me that the 75 boxes required are available.
    Can I set the ATP to confirm/allocate the first 75 boxes to the first Production Order and when the second order runs ATP to only commit to 25?
    Thanks in advance.
    ATP novice :o)

    Hi Guy Hall,
    Please check with, "include dependent reservation and production order" has been activated for  checking rule used for production order at "avilabilty checking scope"

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error while loading a logo .gif image to the banner

    Hi all, I'm running Portalea on NT platform and I receive the following error, trying to load a gif image as a logo to the banner (this is in spanish but I hope you can understand it): Wed, 27 Dec 2000 07:03:25 GMT ORA-06510: PL/SQL: excepcisn defini

  • Is possible to display Country Name in incoming calls?

    Is possible to display Country Name in incoming calls? If number is saved with country code. Attached is the sample as i mean.

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    Hi, I am using CP5 and AS3. I am currently using the Table of Contents that is provided within Captivate. If you select a page from the TOC, it goes directly to the page but it does not close the TOC. Is it possible to have the TOC close automaticall

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    So, I'm using the new "Sharing" feature in Leopard's Finder to share files between my iMac and my MacBook over my wireless network. This seems to be working fine for my documents and even my iTunes music. My only problem is I can't locate the iPhoto

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    I need an example to help me understand the Relation Cardinality option here Say Entity A and Entity B are in the logical model. Entity A has a primary Key that acts as the foreign Key in Entity B. Source Optional: Controls whether the source entity