Color lines in Photoshop CS4 artwork

This is the image I want to color.

If you click the Color patch in the Options bar you can choose your colour from the Picker.
(I'm not sure what you mean with the stripes.)
Note: You need to change in Image > Mode from the indexed colour of the GIF to RGB to do this!
Make a new layer for each colour.

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  • Question about custom color swatches in Photoshop CS4 Mac

    I have about fifty or so custom color swatches and wanted to back them up.  Where are they located in Photoshop CS4 for Mac?
    Thank you.

    They would be stored where you saved them to.
    If you have never had the foresight to save them (Edit > Preset Manager) they would only be in the Preferences (»Swatches.psp«), I guess.

  • Hi. Did I have to optimize my already optimized jpeg again after coloring it on photoshop CS4??

    I only optimized (click on the file part on photoshop CS4 and on web and devices thing) my drawing once into a jpeg, and then I just colored it and saved it on 'save' or 'save as', and I sent it to the video game guys to process into a video game.  Am I okay??  Will it still come out ok??  It looked like it came out ok from my email as it was downloadable from it. 

    Basically, never save your master files in jpeg (unless it's the top quality setting, where you only have -in theory- invisible degradation.
    Prefer PSD or TIFF that can save the individual layers, and do not compress the images destructively.
    See, for instance:

  • Color Change Question, Photoshop CS4

    Hope I'm clear with this description...
    Say, you want to change a background in a given image from a certain blue to a certain yellow and then possibly back're just curious as to which background would look better. Is there a command in Photoshop CS4 which, in effect, makes Photoshop "change color 'A' to color 'B' everywhere it appears in the image"? short of re-painting entire areas with a graphics tablet/mouse?

    Try using Image/Adjustment/Replace Color to do this.

  • Problems with Line Tool Photoshop CS4

    I have just upgraded to CS4 running on a new MacBook Pro 10.6.3. I've used Photoshop 7 extensively and feel quite able to get around the CS4 version. The problem I have is in creating a line in Photoshop - the line colour will not fix or change other than black on white background, or white on a black background. I can't seem to change it what ever I do? Is there a bug or incompatibility with the new operating system of my MAC? 

    Is the Line Tool set to Shape Layer, Paths or Fill Pixels (in the Options Bar)?

  • How to Drawing black color line in photoshop...

    What ever color i choose to draw the line it appear grey....this is getting frustration...and wasted alot of time to figure out what bug photoshop has

    and wasted alot of time to figure out what bug photoshop has
    Do you even know the meaning of the term "bug"? Edit: I mean in the context of computers, not zoology.
    Could you please post a screenshot with the pertinent Panels (Layers, Channels, Options Bar, …) visible?
    Which Tool do you use?
    Is a Selection active?
    What are the Tool’s settings (see Options Bar and if applicable Brush Panel)?
    What is the Layer structure and what is the active Layer’s position therein?

  • MacBook Pro, dual Monitor color shift with Photoshop CS4, OS 10.5.5

    I'm observing a strange behavior: With PS CS3 i could just drag an image from
    the laptop monitor to the external Eizo and the color would adjust instantly, with
    consistent color (All monitors calibrated, no settings have changed). The same applies to Lightroom
    2.0 too. Now when i do the same move with the same image opened in PS CS4 the color does not
    adjust to match but stays the same and the result is a oversaturated image on the external monitor.
    Any thoughts? Thanks, Mark

    It should adjust to the display the same as CS3.
    Have you tried turning off OpenGL image display?
    (it could be a bug, or a driver issue)

  • Consistent RGB Color Values with Photoshop CS4: An Impossibility??

    What I want is very simple: I want the Photoshop files I am working on and the rendered PNGs in my browser to have the same color values. I don't care if my web images look the same color on other screens or anything like that. All I want is for the screenshots of PNGs my web browser to match the color values I have used in Photoshop. I've had it up to here with color shiftsthis did not used to be an issue in CS3.
    Moreover, if I save a file on my Mac, and a color value is, say, #cf4640, I want someone who opens the file on a Windows box to get the same color value for that pixel. Ditto for the images I have saved for the webI want the RGB values to be consistent. This does not seem like too much to ask, does it?
    Right now, I have turned all color management policies set to Off, working spaces are all set to Generics, and documents are set to "Don't Color Manage"my Windows colleagues also have these same settings. This used to work as expected in CS3we all got the same color values on the same files, and colors didn't shift when viewed in a browser.
    Once again, I don't care if the colors *look* the same from platform to platform or screen to screen. I just want consistent RGB values.
    Color management has never caused me anything but headachesleave my colors alone, Photoshop! I really really wish there was a "Work Like Photoshop 4" setting for color management.
    Does anyone have any ideas how I might solve my problems?
    Thanks very much.
    Oh, and, incidentally, I was originally thinking of calling Adobe about this; how foolish of me. I looked into it, and can I just say how fantastic it is that you have to pay extra money for actual first-party tech support on a $700 piece of software?

    The sounds/language analogy isn't really relevant to this problem, because it suggests transforming between two entirely different media. One medium: the medium of sound information, to another entirely different medium: the medium of thoughts and meanings. That's something that simply can't be done without an intermediate translation. That's not the case with color transforms in the RGB space, where it's just a matter of taking RGB values and pushing them through a matrix to produce other RGB values. That's the process that messes everyone up and creates all the confusing color output, and frankly it's an unnecessary process. Your assertion that the values in a source image have no meaning without an associated profile isn't entirely true. What if those source values were simply pushed directly though to the display? After all, a display simply renders 8 bits of R, 8 bits of G, and 8 bits of B for each pixel.
    I think the original poster has some very valid concerns. Sometimes we just want to set some color values, and know that everybody's display, on every platform, will render those color values the same way. As he said, they may not look identical to the eye, but the values going through that DVI cable will be setting that pixel to the same 24-bit value no matter what. That's how things would be if there were no such thing as color management. That's how things used to be long ago, and in many ways the world of color was far more predictable and less confusing back then.
    Here's my vision for a perfect world: color management doesn't exist in the RGB space. None. No such thing. Source RGB values in images get pushed right through to the display. The onus is on the display manufacturers to produce hardware that renders those values as consistently as possible. In the world of print, sure- color management is incredibly useful. But if only we could go back in time and keep color profiles out of our RGB, I believe we'd be much better off today.

  • Pen lines in Photoshop CS4

    I want to tidy-up a scanned diagram saved as a TIFF. The diagram consists of many (almost) vertical and horizontal lines which I want to straighten and color. The Pen Tool seems ideal for this, as you can constrain it to 45 degree steps. I have never used the Pen Tool before, and I don't seem to be able to color the lines it draws, or make them wider. Perhaps there is a better way.
    Any suggestions on how best to accomplish my task?

    If you click the Color patch in the Options bar you can choose your colour from the Picker.
    (I'm not sure what you mean with the stripes.)
    Note: You need to change in Image > Mode from the indexed colour of the GIF to RGB to do this!
    Make a new layer for each colour.

  • Changing color of GUI (Photoshop CS4)

    Hi there,
    I am trying to change a color scheme of PS GUI. My 3ds max colors, mayas ... all programs color is "sand color" such as the ms windows color. HOW can i change menus, toolbars...IN PHOTOSHOP ?? THANX VERY MUCH FOR ANSWER

    Well since Photoshop is a professional application and as Robert explained there is not much need for pros to have a GUI that will interfere with color correction. So Adobe has much more important things to fix in Photoshop.
    To me this sounds very well.

  • Change color settings in Photoshop CS4 js

    I need to set color settings when I save_As my doc. This what I have, but it's not working:
    var myFile = new File (myFinalPath);
    if (myFile.exists) {
        app.colorSettings.enableColorManagement = true;
        app.colorSettings.cmsSettingsPath = myFile;
    Scritp runs without problemes, but color settings remain not set. I do have the setting file saved in myFinalPath location.
    Thank  you for your help.

    app.colorSettings returns a string. The contents of that string depends on your current color settings.
    You have assigned two meaningless properties to the colorSettings properties. The script runs without errors because javascript lets you create new properties. But the new properties don't do anything unless the script uses them after creating them.
    If you are trying to load a colorsettings file you can use this function.
    function loadColorSettings( file ) {
         var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
            var ref = new ActionReference();
            ref.putProperty( charIDToTypeID('Prpr'), stringIDToTypeID('colorSettings') );
            ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID('capp'), charIDToTypeID('Ordn'), charIDToTypeID('Trgt') );
        desc.putReference( charIDToTypeID('null'), ref );
            var fileDesc = new ActionDescriptor();
            fileDesc.putPath( charIDToTypeID('Usng'), file );
        desc.putObject( charIDToTypeID('T   '), stringIDToTypeID('colorSettings'), fileDesc );
        executeAction( charIDToTypeID('setd'), desc, DialogModes.NO );
    If you are trying to set the document's profile when saving you can use document.convertProfile()

  • Adding Guide Lines In Photoshop

    Hi All,
    My last post was classed as answered as i got the answer i was looking for and am amazed at the response time.
    I was just wondering how i add guide lines in photoshop CS4. Say i have a image.psd open that has guide lines already on it, how can I add more guide lines for when I am doing my slices.
    Many Thanks in advance

    Another 11/10 answer.
    Thank you so much to all who have given me answers and this forum is the best for quick correct answers.
    Thank You so much

  • Photoshop CS4 Save as Jpeg optinon Gone

    My photoshop Save as, option for Jpeg has disappeared.. Any info would be great!

    I believe the question has been answered above, except that I think there may be some remaining misconceptions out there.
    Really, the ONLY thing you have to do, with CS4 and earlier, in anticipation of saving a JPEG is change to 8 bits per color.
    Through Photoshop CS4, if you Save-As JPEG with layers or channels or other features JPEG can't support, the Save as Copy feature is automatically invoked to save a flattened version of your file without the extra stuff.
    This allows you to save your file as a JPEG as long as the image is in 8 bits before you hit the File menu.  The one thing Save as Copy did not handle was a bit depth conversion.
    I normally work with 16 bit per color files.  I often would want to save an intermediate JPEG from the file I'm working on, then continue editing, finally later saving a .PSD at full bit depth.  Unfortunately, because of the above issue I'd sometimes find I'd forgotten to go back in the History so as to continue editing in 16 bit per channel mode!  This is a nasty gotcha!
    The really COOL thing is that the Save-As-Copy feature of Photoshop CS5 has now been extended to do an automatic downconversion from higher bit depths to 8 bits.  Thus with CS5 you no longer have to worry about changing the bit depth or anything else in anticipation of Save As JPEG.  It just works!
    I have been submitting wishlist requests to Adobe for this feature since about Photoshop CS I think.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Adobe for finally implementing it!

  • Photoshop CS4 - When I pullled up a file, JPEG logo someone sent to me, the screen has cross thin green lines over it. What is that? How do I remove it?

    Photoshop CS4 - When I pullled up a file, JPEG logo someone sent to me, the screen has cross thin green lines over it. What is that? How do I remove it?

    JPEG files are not layered files they are just image files so the green lines are a part of that file.
    Usually cross lines are added to prevent anyone from using the file without proper rights, its a way of safeguarding the artwork.
    You have to ask the owner of the file to remove the lines for you.
    hope this helps

  • Photoshop CS4 and Indexed Color

    The color swatches in the 64-bit version of Photoshop CS4 do not change to the used swatches for the indexed image, rather they show the default colors for Photoshop. I looked to see if there was a setting to show the colors in use, but alas there is none. Is this a feature or a bug?

    Chris Cox wrote:
    Ok, what you stated is the way it's always worked.
    Did you confuse Photoshop behavior with ImageReady or some other app?
    ImageReady wouldn't let you import an indexed color image, it had to be converted to an 8bit format in Photoshop before you could send it to ImageReady. Allowing people to select colors not in the color table isn't an intuitive process. I miss the intuitive Adobe I've helped to support, since they began. I guess customer service shouldn't be expected anymore either, after spending a few hours in these forums with such whitty responses.
    Anyhow back to my original point, Photoshop did not always act the way it does now. I was not aware it had changed. It's been a while since I tried to touch up something for separation into spot using indexed color. Must have been overlooked/omitted in the PS core for the CS line. The only pre-CS copy of Photoshop I had installed anywhere is 5.5. I've got every version since 2.5, but not enough time to install it or see if it will work on Vista 64, so unfortunately you'll have to accept this screenshot as evidence. Not everyone on these forums is confused.
    Must have been another misguided attempt to try to "stay relevant."

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