Connect not recording sound at various times or displaying certain visual in Photoshop

Has anyone had a problem with Connect not recording sound in various places or not showing visuals like the marching ants in Photoshop or the red overlay when resizing the cursor which is also in Photoshop?
Stephen Burns

Has anyone had a problem with Connect not recording sound in various places or not showing visuals like the marching ants in Photoshop or the red overlay when resizing the cursor which is also in Photoshop?
Stephen Burns

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  • In my first iPhone 5, the speaker didn't work and people could not hear me on Speaker phone when I used it. When I used the video recording it did not record sound at all only a hissing/static sound, no voice.

    In my first iPhone 5, the speaker didn't work and people could not hear me on Speaker phone when I used it. When I used the video recording it did not record sound at all only a hissing/static sound, no voice. I wished for a software fix. I did a hard reset, nothing. I did a full restore to factory settings not putting my backup on and the problem persisted.
    i have been provided with this info
    You can find troubleshooting tips, how-to articles, and moderated
    > > discussion forums on our support website:
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    I did every step in the link that i have been provided with (thank you), but I’m
    still experiencing the same issue. My experience with Apple has been
    excellent and this has been the first time I have experienced something
    like this with an Apple product. I hope we can find a quick solution.
    In order to get the iPhone 5 as soon as it launched (being a major fan of
    Apple products!), I purchased my iPhone 5 from the UK through a friend of
    mine who lives there.
    My question is: can I have the faulty device replaced within Saudi by one
    of the official resellers here (we have 3: STC, Mobily and Zain)? I want to
    avoid the disruption, complication and expense of sending it back to the
    Could you advise whether this is possible or not, and if not how should I
    go about having the device replaced?
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Nice try! Take a hike.

  • I have a HP610-1150f. not recording sound when using webcam in touchsmart screen.

    I have a HP610-1150f. not recording sound when using webcam in touchsmart screen.  I have looked thru this forum and I don't see anyone else having this problem. (unless I missed it).  The recording works in Notes, but not when I open Webcam and try to record from there. video recording works fine. I have had this computer less than a month and I am having a couple of problems with it. Still loving it though.

    Hello schae731: Welcom to HP Forum and your new Touchsmart. You need to contact HP Direct Support on line your Touchsmart comes  with one year warranty so use it why you can. You can contact them through your HP Support Assistant or on line. They will help you with trouble shoot the web-cam software. Goto your computers model and make support web-site. They will also help you with your other issues as well.
             I am using the older version software so I won't be much help. Please repost if HP direct support is un able to help you resolve your issues. While you are chatting with them have them check out your computer do it before your 1 year warranty expires. Have fun with your new computer.

  • IMovie not recording sound with iSight image

    In system preferences > sound, I have Built-in microphone selected. But Audacity won't record sound (never works anyway) and iMovie will record image from the iSight, but no sound.
    What am I missing?

    You're welcome. After further investigation, not only does the volume in the system preferences affect the mic, the actual "voice over" (microphone icon) does as well, even though I'm recording with iSight and not, specifically, a voice over.
    However, fantastic YouTube video diaries or whatever they're called must be done on a PC or a Mac that knows how to shut up. If there's one thing right now that's about to make this computer fly through the air, it's the fans that rev up to 6000 and even an external mic picks up the noise. Not much I can do about it. Maybe Snow Leopard and iLife '09 solved the issue.

  • Photo booth will not record sound with video

    I have always been able to record sound when using photo booth. Now i cant seem to do it.

    Have you got your Input Sound in System Prefs set to Internal microphone or Line in?

  • ISight not recording sound in

    So, Ive been playing around with Photobooth, and recently, I've lost the ability to record the sound of the videos I make through it.
    I've checked the sys pref and test the audio input mic and the bars move just fine. I can even record sound from the isight through iMovie - it comes through fine. Any idea on how to address this? I'm perplexed. Sounds like the app to me...but I'm a recent convert

    Hello Tubulcane
    If repairing permissions doesn't help, I agree with your diagnosis. Try reinstalling the app. Take a look at this post if you need help:
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz w/Mac OS X (10.4.11) G5 DP 1.8 w/Mac OS X (10.5.1)  External iSight

  • Microphone is not recording sound.

    When I try to record, this happens.
    $ arecord -d 5 test-mic.wav
    ALSA lib pcm_dsnoop.c:618:(snd_pcm_dsnoop_open) unable to open slave
    arecord: main:722: audio open error: No such file or directory
    I got an HP pro book. Anyone have any tips on how to get it recording sound (video works fine)?

    Is your user in the audio group (this may be different now with systemd)?  Sometimes you need PA to get the mic to record.

  • TS1702 IPhone5 video camera not recording sound

    My new iPhone 5 does not record audio when using the camera to record video. Any suggestion welcome

    I have the same problem.  It's intermittent but it doesn't work more than it does work so it would be easy to replicate.  Sometimes audio would record in and out in a single recording, sometimes nothing but hissing/static.  I do not run a cover of any sort, and my fingers are not covering any holes.

  • Satellite A350D does not record sound

    I have been browsing through the forums trying various settings through the control panel and webcam drivers but dont seem to be having any luck.  There was a post talking about "bios" but different laptop version than mine. 
    My laptop was orignally Windows Vista but the harddrive went two weeks ago and had to be replaced.  The recovery disks that were made when the laptop was bought new did not work at all as they would not load, and the Vista number on the sticker under the computer had worn out (my machine is about 4 years old) so we put Windows 7 on the machine. 
    I finally got my camera working again with a driver download but the sound / microphone recording is not working as there is no sound in the test videos I have done.
    If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

    Which Satellite A350D?
    If it's a US model, it's more likely to be A305D.
    The model number looks something like Satellite A305D-S6831. The part number like PSAH0U-00J007.

  • The video on my iPhone 4 (GSM) does not record sound properly.

    Anyone else have this issue?
    Sound does work for voice recorder.

    Are you sure there are no headphones connect with the headphonejack?
    If you start a game or another thing that makes a sound does it then work?
    If not maybe your speaker doesn't work.

  • Airtunes - Remote speakers connected, not playing sound

    Having major problems setting up two AE's (one old, one new) to work with Airtunes. System is as follows: new AE (n) connected to modem, transmitting wirelessly (no issues); old AE connected to new AE (as "join an existing network") and linked to stereo. I see the remote speakers listed in iTunes but when I select them and play music, nothing comes out of the stereo. Had a couple instances where there was sound for a second then it died. Green lights are on both AE's, internet is working just fine. I've read a lot of the forums already but none seem to get at this one issue (i.e., music is not just dropping out periodically.) I've tried everything out there that was suggested for somewhat similar issues, as well. No luck. Thoughts, anyone?

    Did you try plugging in a pair of headphones into the problematic AirPort Express? If you hear sound, the problem is not with your iTunes or AirPort Express setup. More likely, you have defective audio cable from the Express to the stereo.

  • Windows 8.1 Movie Maker Alone Does Not Record Sound (and never did)

    I am using Windows 8.1 and having audio problems with Windows Movie Maker.  The problem is that it will record visually but not audibly.  In other words, I record a video from my webcam, and my appearance is fine, but the audio is blank. 
    Likewise, recording narration does not work either. 
    I do not understand this, because I have used my webcam on skype, and youtube: the sound works fine.  I have checked the volume, I have checked recording devices, which all imply that recording is doing fine.  I checked video volume, everything
    was implied as fine.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Movie Maker.  I have had help from a computer friend and we looked at every avenue we could.  If someone could tell me what I need to do to make the audio work on Windows Movie
    Maker, I would appreciate it.  There may be some small thing we're missing.

    Go to sound Volume Mixer and see if Windows Movie Maker shows up and is not muted.
    Meanwhile, for issue about Windows Movie Maker, it is recommended to post in following forum:
    Alex Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

  • If my video did not record sound, can i get it back somehow?

    I took videos of myself after my wisdom teeth were removed, and it did record, but with no sound. Is there any way I can get the sound on to the videos?

    i was pretty out of it so im not sure haha but i did record some videos where the sound is crystal clear. some had sound and then others did not

  • Dv6636nr replacement motherboard now microphone not recording sound

    i am having a problem with my machine. after a recent replacement motherboard was fitted i now no longr have microphone functionality. skype will not complete the test call successfullly and trying to set up speech recognition the red and yellow bars dont even move.i think that in the microphone section however if you tap the system it does recognize there, there are a couple of shooting green bars, this is all i can get!!
    i have been trying to solve the problem for hours now, downloaded the drivers/uninstalled. tried a previous version but it just kept reupdating. also got the UAA driver but still nothing.
    i have sound on everything else and my cam works.
    any ideas?
    thank youu!!!!

    Good idea Joe.
    I went to my system preferences (I'm running Mavericks) and checked.
    My internal microphone shows as 'built-in'
    My line in shows as 'audio line-in port'
    I moved up the input volume a little to be safe
    Output volume on full, but there was never any problem playing tracks previously recorded.
    I still haven't reinstalled Garage Band, as I wanted to get my podcast done before the end of the month. I exported the cast as it was to an external hard drive, along with small mp3's I had been about to add in (like my jingle) then went to another computer in the house, and recreated the podcast from those mp3's. I was able to add in the introductory audio recording on that other computer and complete my podcast.
    I transferred the newly recreated podcast back to my normal laptop (where the problem occurs), checked and published my podcast. I double checks the newly recreated cast (the one I built up on the other machine from mp3's) to see if I could record now  - since I recorded within that particular project on the other machine. I *still was not able to record* on my laptop.
    I still cannot create another new project that allows me to audio record. My preferences for the garage band app and op sys  on my laptop, all appear to be set for sound.
    I guess I will now break down and reinstall garage band. I think I've reset something in the application that an update doesn't reset.
    Thanks for your ideas.

  • 3gs not recording sound

    Hi everyone,
    Just got the 3gs today and was trying out the video record feature, only to discover that no sound is being recorded. I've tried talking directly into the microphone and listening with the speaker directly to my ear. I'm positive that no sound is being recorded. I've tried doing a search on this issue, but the only thing I've found is some people talking about a low whine while recording or very low volume sound. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.

    Haa Haaa :-x I never thought of that , I had never adjusted the volume on the camera roll, I just assumed it was at the same level as the movie player and ringer (both up full as I can be a bit deaf at times) Whose daft idea was it to ship the phone with the volume turned fully down :-D
    Thanks for your Help Wjosten

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