Consolidated Profit and Loss , Balance Sheet

Our client has been requesting for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, which consolidates accounts across multiple SAP companies.
If I understand correctly, the only way to pull the data is through journal entries, OJDT and JDT1. 
This seems to be very cumbersome especially just imagine as time passes, the database is growing.  It will be good if SAP could have a table that actually summaries the balance (balance sheet) and net movement (Profit and Loss) of each accounts by year by period.
Year    Month   Accounts        Formatted Acc   Parent Acc    Type     Balance
2007    Jan       _SYS000012   1100-00             1100             Asset    1000
2007    Feb      _SYS000012    1100-00             1100            Asset     200
2007    Jan      _SYS000011     8888-00             8800           Expense  20 
What is the chances of this improvement?

thank you for your input.
We are planning enhancements for Financial Statements including new user templates and new print layouts. The idea of consolidating Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet will be investigated as well.
Summarizing balances per year and net forward of each G/L Account year by year should be a part of complete Data Archiving solution planned for one of the next releases. Please check threads on this very important topic.
Peter Dominik
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  • Matrix Consolidation Profit Center for balance sheet acounts

    I have a situation within a matrix consolidation setup. Balance sheet items that do not necessarily have profit center assignments do not flow into BCS. I created a condition for Consolidation Profit Center in the Load Data stream method as follows to resolve that issue:
    Condition If profit center = initialized (blank)
    Move: constant 9999999
    Condition: If profit center = 10000000-ZZZZZZZZ
    Move: Profit Center.
    This is resolved the issue partially. The load program reads the data however also creates a warning message that data records were ignored.
    All these ignored data records are a copy of the 99999999 profit center records that have already been read.
    I would really appreciate any inputs.
    Thanks and Regards,

    I didn't get you.
    I meant these Breakdown Types:
    0 - No breakdown
    1 - Optional breakdown. Initialized value allowed
    2 - Required breakdown. If no entry is made, the default value is set.
    3 - Required breakdown. The value must be entered; the default value may be entered.
    4 - Required breakdown. The value must be entered; the default value may not be entered.
    Subassignment are used with items, not with companies or profit centers.
    Cannot understand why the role matters.
    Please clarify.

  • Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet and Project performance Report

    I am in mining service industry and looking for two basic reports as under, can you please guide me through and provide transactions.
    1)Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet
    2)Project Performance report
    Your prompt response will be much more appreciated.

    use this as shown below
    menu path-
    Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Special Purpose Ledger ® Tools ® Report Painter ® Report Writer ® Report Group ® Display
    tcode- GR53, GR55
    Enter report group SL01.
    Choose  Execute.
    Enter report group SL01 again, and then choose .
    Enter the following data: current year, period 01-12, company code,ledger and plan version
    kind regards

  • Balance Sheet Account saved as Profit and Loss Account now wants to rectify

    Dear All,
    Balance Sheet account wrongly created as profit and loss account, and it contains some entries in previous year and current year as well.
    Now we want to rectify that error i.e. we would like to change the profit and loss account as balance sheet account (which is to be as Balance Sheet A/c.).
    There is a program which is exclusively available for the same which converts profit and loss account to balance sheet account.  If you know pl. let me know.
    Waiting for your early response and thanks in advance.

    Hi ,
    earliar also i have given same quation replay, possiblity is there for change GL account type.
    When you tray to can change to Balance sheet account from FS00 screen u can get following error message
    "Cannot change control of Profit and lossaccount (primary cost elements exist)
    "The data contains error, you cannot save"
    and if u open that message u can get the following message no.
    "The data contains error, you cannot save
    Message no. FH511"
    it can not be save. so u comeback from fs00 screen
    go to OBA5 and give the application are FH and enter, after that select new entries, select the drop down button select your message 511, in online column select W for warning and save.
    then u can get the change.
    please ensure that if you have not completed the year ending closing procedure the above shoul do..
    but your case last year also some entries thre in that particular GL account, so u can not do the above method.
    You cannot change the account type.
    you need to block that gl account and crete a new GL
    pass journals entries to transfer from old p&l gl account to new b/s account
    please try it and come back me
    assign points if it is useful,
    If u find the solution close the issue and assign points.
    sai Krishna

  • Quantity in Balance Sheet/Profit and Loss statement

    Hello guys,
    in the output of the balance Sheet/Profit and Loss statement, we have total amount of the reconciliation accounts in a period
    Is there any statement which can tell us also how many movements (lines) were in each reconciliation accounts? Like hoe many movements composed the total amount?
    this would be needed for reporting period and also for comparison period
    thanks in advance for letting me know

                 To check recon a/c movement for vendors and customers please use FBL5N & FBL1N.

  • Productwise Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss account

    Dear All,
    We have the unique scenario. We have the 5 plants and one product we are manufacturing this produect across all the 5 plants.
    In future we are planning to mfg more products.
    Request you to let me know how to get productwise balancesheet and profit and loss account.

      Given the information, it appears that you deal with single projduct with a large value or may be heavy volume of just a single product. You could choose to activate Profit Center Accounting and design profit centers based on products (profit oriented).
    Profit Center Accounting is account-based. That means, the values are updated in EC-PCA according to account. Consequently, you can reconcile the data here with that in Financial Accounting.
    You can also take Balance Sheet separately for profit centers. You can build alternate hierarchies for other purposes of profit centers.

  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss

    Dear experts,
    I've posted a thread just like this but I've closed it, because the info needed changed. Now I open this one so it will be easier to follow.
    I need to extract data from tables BKPF and BSEG. So I thought in extractor 0FI_GL_4. This means I need an ODS so I can use delta extraction. Rasim suggested ODS 0FIGL_O02. (Thanks for your quick answer)
    Basically I need a few reports, Profit and loss, and Balance. This reports work with a structure that groups certain accounts to get the right value. How can I load this structure in BW? Or I need to create my own hierarchy?
    Also, this reports in R3 are working with a special fiscal variant according to the client. What they need is to see this reports with fiscal variant K4. I thought to modify the update rules in BW so that the fiscal period gets filled according to the "Posting date in the document" (field BUDAT in R3).
    Does anyone thinks this will work? Any other ideas?
    Best Regards,

    How can I know if there is a GL Account Hierarchy? - Ask ur functional guy - check 0GL_ACCOUNT_T011_HIER datasource in RSA3 if they have std hierarchies
    Also I'd like know if with extractor 0FI_GL_4 I will be able to create a balance sheet with cumulated values and period values, and also create the profit and loss report. It will be enough with this extractor?  - if you are looking for cumulated balances - use 0FI_GL_6. check the link below for financial statements
    I want to fill fiscal period with posting document because in R3 the balance uses a fiscal variant different from k4, and they want to see it with k4. So I thought in filling the period with the posting document date.
    The period is determined from posting date only - unless it is a special period - 13,14,15,16 - that has to be manually updated while creating a FI doc.So you can go ahead and map the posting period - to either fiscalyear/period or posting date. They both are one and the same.

  • Profit center wise Balance sheet & profit & loss account

    HI, Expert
    we are currently using ecc 5.0 and New gl & document spilting is not active i want to see profit & loss & Balance sheet profit center wise . how can i see the report & what are the cofiguration changes need

    Same as in 4.7EE and earlier versions ...
    Create FSV- Financial Statement Version and use TCODE: F.01 to get the reports.
    Also, use the RP/RW for the same.

  • Profit center wise Balance Sheet

    Dear Experts,
    I am working in a project right now and the company requirement is to get the Balance sheet profit center Wise.
    We are implementing ECC 6 and have activated Document splitting Functionality.
    We are Considering products as Profit centers.
    My concern is if I assign profit center in Material Master, my flow from PR to MIRO is working fine, as the system is assigning profit center at line items in Accounting from Material master.
    But at the time of Sales delivery the entry in accounting is
    COGS DR.
    To Inventory Cr.
    COGS is a cost element and I cannot post it without assigning cost center
    The issue I am facing is if I fix one cost center over here, it will only pick one profit center assigned to it, but I want to have different Profit centers
    Not only in the above entry, I am facing this problem on all automatic Profit and loss entries
    How can I assign correct profit center to the line item. Please suggest me some solution.
    Thanks and Regards
    Lakhbir Singh

    You can find the detailed documentation regarding the profit center balance sheet at the following links:

  • Profit and loss account business area wise

    dear all
    i heve problem with business area wise balance sheet  please correct me
    according to client requirement they want only p&L account business area wise
    two different profit and loss accounts for two different business areas
    plese confirm me
    1)if i select check box in obyc business area wise balance sheet, it is only possible to maintain business area wise B/S and PL account
    we can display both BS and PL ACCOUNT
    if i select check box in obyc it is not possible to maintain  only P&L (IF I select this check box it is mandatory to assign business areas to all line items BS & PL account)
    here it is not possible to assign business areas  only to profit and loss account line items if i assign also it is problem with balance adjustment run.
    2) it is possible to assign only p&L account line items business area
    But in oby6  if i did not select  business area wise balance sheet
    then you could able to assign business area to profit and loss account line items (Revenue and expenditure)
    there is no need of balance sheet readjustment and balance sheet run
    for discount and taxes we can make FSG as optional then every month readjustment
    please confirm me

    dear all
    if select in obyc business area wise balance sheet and profit and loss accout it is not possible to generate only porfit and loss account. they want balance sheet assign ment for profit and loss account line items.
    they want to maintain balance sheet line items  without assign ment
    so plese confirm me is it possible to generate profit and loss account in obyc without selecting business area wise profit and loss account.
    if i maintain P&L account without selecting check box in obyc what are the challancges in respective of taxes and discoutn which line items generate automatically.
    plese confirm me

  • Wrong Display Profit Period  in Balance Sheet

    Hello Experts,
    I have generate the standard Template as per chart of account in financial report template for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement and Trial Balance.
    Now i have Run the Profit and Loss Statement Report then
    Revenue display is  25,740,107.19
    Expenditure  display is  15,982,969.25
    Now i have Run the Balance Sheet Statement Report then
    Profit Period display is  41,723,076.44
    so it is wrong. i wants the Profit Period display is  9757137.94
    So please help me for Profit Period display problem
    Dixit Patel

    Profit Period should be difference between Profit and Expenditure. so your simptom looks like a bug.
    First you check whether this symptom happens in demo database and if it happens you should contact SAP support for incident processing.
    if it's not happenning in demo database, something's wrong in your configuration or bug. in this case you can also get help from SAP Support.

  • How to transfer current year profit to the Balance sheet in BPC 7.5nw

    Dear Experts,
    I have  maintained script logic for current year profit transfer to Balance sheet. How to check my self whether the profit is moved or not properly. I ran the Legal Consolidation package. This was success. Now how to check by giving the test data values and what combination I have to use in Current view and In Input schedule.  I have maintained two cubes that is moments and Balances cubes. or else through input schedule how can i test with test data. or advise me clearly the steps to execute.

    The current year profit should automatically be transferring to your reserves whenver you have data for your P&L accounts.
    The net effect of your income and expense accounts should be tranferred to your reserves account as per your script logic.

  • Closing Stock in Profit and Loss A/C

    Hi Experts,
    I have an issue regarding Closing Stock Which is normally followed in Indian Accounting System . This Closing Account is Sum of Raw Materials, Finished Goods, Work In Progress. But unfortunately B1 does not maintain two different accounts for Raw Materials and Finished Goods . Same Inventory Account is followed and effected for both of them . Our need is to track two different G/L Accounts , One for Finished Goods and one For Finished Goods . All the Transactions such as GRPO, A/P Invoice should effect Raw Materials Account and Transactions such as receipt from production and Sales transactions should effect Finished Goods A/C . seperately. Currently in both the cases same Account i.e Inventory account is only effected .
    Moreover We need to have Closing Stock Balance (Raw Materials + WIP+Finished Goods) at Income Side of Profit and Loss Report .
    Plz provide me some suggestions and guidance for how to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Pooja,
    Can u try the following and see if it works...
    Create 2 different accounts,, and create 2 different warehouses link each account to each warehouse... and use one warehouse for Raw materials and the other for Finished goods.
    Hope it helps,
    Vasu Natari.

  • Classification of line items into the Detailed Profit and Loss report

    Given a line item in a profit and loss ledger, what field determines that the line item will appear under Fixed Manufacturing Costs, Sales and Distribution or General Admin Expenses when we generate the Detailed Profit and Loss report?
    Thank you

    Hi all,
    Thank you so much for everyone's quick reply. I really appreciate it.
    Please allow me to clarify my question.
    I have a balance of 3,712,126.60 in my GL 30000000. In my detailed Profit and Loss (ZPL-002), 705,712.90 is shown under Gen. Operating Exp. while 3,006,413.70 is shown under Fixed Manufacturing Costs.
    So, what field does SAP use to allocate those line items between Gen. Operating Exp. and Fixed Manufacturing Costs? Is it Functional Area only?
    Thank you.

  • Profit and Loss Report

    Hi !
    I need your helps and views regarding Profit and Loss Template.
    In SAP B1 2007B we have P n L which will have Sales Accounts and Expense Acc (Cost of Goods Sold Acc's ).
    I want a P n L like, it should show
    Opening Balance of Inventory for the Period
    Purchase Value of Inventory for the Period
    Sales Revenue for the Period
    Closing Stock Value for the Period
    If u need more clarification please let me know.

    Kevin, Basically this P n L Format is for a Trader. He wants his Inventory Values like Opening Balances, Purchases, Sales and Closing Balances of Inventory.
    This is some thing coming in Tally Software. I too struggled a lot like bringing offset acc in p n l like tht. But nothing gives me a correct results.
    I have also posted this to LPE and also started to customize a query report.
    if, i get any reply from SAP, i will update here.
    Thank u

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