Create dinamic radiobuttons

hi all!
i have internal table, and earlier somebody use dialog screen with list processing: "write ... as checkbox".
but at present only one record must be select.
how can i create a dinamic radiobutton?
(i'm sorry about my english
thank you
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You can even use an icon for the hotspot.  This may give more of an indication that the user should click on it.
report zrich_0002 no standard page heading.
<b>type-pools: icon.</b>
data: ivbak type table of vbak with header line.
data : cursor_field(30),
       field_value(30) .
  select * into corresponding fields of table ivbak
      from vbak
          up to 20 rows.
  loop at ivbak.
    format hotspot on.
<b>    write:/ ICON_EXECUTE_OBJECT as icon,
    hide ivbak-vbeln.
    format hotspot off.
at line-selection.
  set parameter id 'AUN' field ivbak-vbeln.
  call transaction 'VA03' and skip first screen.
Rich Heilman

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    can bpm create dinamic task?
    the requirement is a fork and many(or non) task behind it.
    i don't know how many, it will depend on data from db.
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    Check whether the ethod is properly implemented. Or just logout and login and try to do it all over again.  I faced this issue and this resolved.
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  • [Help] Create dinamically components and its id

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    You can access the objects created by a repeater as if the id were an array, as in the following sample code:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="">
          import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
          import mx.containers.VBox;
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          [Bindable] private var ac:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
            {vb_color: 0x000000, lb_text: "Black"},
            {vb_color: 0xFFFFFF, lb_text: "White"},
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            {vb_color: 0x0000FF, lb_text: "Blue"}
          private function changeUI():void{
            for each(var vb:VBox in topVB){
              vb.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xFFFFFF);
            for each(var lbl:Label in myLabel){
              lbl.text = "changed";
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        <mx:VBox id="topVB" backgroundColor="{rp.currentItem.vb_color}">
          <mx:Label id="myLabel" text="{rp.currentItem.lb_text}"/>
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  • Sort table columns in a table and context created dinamically

    Hello all,
    I have implemented the table sorting several times in another developments, but now I'm facing a problem.
    I have created the table and context node that I need to sort dinamically (before somebody ask me why, I would say that it's the only way to do that for my current project, there was no possibility of doing that in dessign time). I have implemented the table sorting more or less the same way I would do with a table created in dessing time, but when I run my WD the sorting of columns doesn't work.
    In the wdDoModifyView, I have put the following code:
    IWDAction ordenacion     = wdThis.wdCreateAction(IPrivateResultDispGlobalView.WDActionEventHandler.ORDENACION,  null);
    IWDParameters param = ordenacion.getActionParameters();
    and in the code of the action
        //@@begin onActionOrdenacion(ServerEvent)
         System.err.println("**** NOMBRE NODO **** "+nombreNodo);
         wdContext.currentContextElement().getTableSorter().sort(wdEvent, wdContext.getChildNode(nombreNodo, IWDNode.LEAD_SELECTION));
    The name of the node ("nombreNodo) it's only correct the first time I click on a column.
    Has anybody implemented the table sorting in a dinamically created table and context node? And how do you do to make it works.
    Thank you very much

    Here is the code
    //Preparamos Navegaciones
    IWDAction abrirProyecto = wdThis.wdCreateAction(IPrivateResultDispGlobalView.WDActionEventHandler.ABRIR_PROYECTO, null);
    IWDAction abrirDisp     = wdThis.wdCreateAction(IPrivateResultDispGlobalView.WDActionEventHandler.ABRIR_DISPONIBLE,  null);
    //IWDAction ordenacion     = wdThis.wdCreateAction(IPrivateResultDispGlobalView.WDActionEventHandler.ORDENACION,  null);
    IWDAction ordenacion=wdThis.wdGetOrdenacionAction();
    IWDParameters param = ordenacion.getActionParameters();
    IWDTable table = wdThis.wdGetInformesController().crearTabla(view, nombreNodo, movimientosInfo,new String[]{"Codi Projecte",null,"Nom Projecte", "Import Projecte", "Client", "Increment Disponible futur per facturació no emesa i / o anualitats pendents","Increment Disponible futur per ingressos pendents de cobrar", "Disponible"},new String[]{"10px", null,"10px", "10px","10px","10px","10px","10px"},new IWDAction[]{abrirProyecto,null, null, null, null,null,null,abrirDisp}, -1);
    //ordenar tabla
    wdContext.currentContextElement().setTableSorter(new TableSorter(table, ordenacion,null));
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  • Create dinamic nodes and attributes

    Hi Forum!
    I have created a WDA with 2 views. On the START_VIEW, the user can input details from an installation.  I want to display an error on the START_VIEW when a condition is false.
    How I can create a node with an attribute dinamically to display this error if the message Text View is not defined on the view?
    Could you give me a any sample of code, please?
    Thank you very mucha and regards,

    Hi Manuel,
    Pleaes try this out. This is how to create an attribute dynamically.
    DATA: attribute      TYPE wdr_context_attribute_info.
    DATA: main_node  TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info.
      "get main node
      main_node = wd_context->get_node_info( ).
      "set name for this attribute
      attribute-name = 'SOME_NAME_4_ATTR'.
      "set data type for this attribute
      attribute-type_name = 'SOME_DATA_TYPE'.
      "add attribute into context node
      main_node->add_attribute( attribute_info = attribute ).
    Georgy Norkin

  • How to Create Dynamic RadioButton Group by Index

    Hi to all,
                 I would like to create an Questionaire.For that, I have created one Text View & Radio button Group by index at design time. which will fetch the values(ie Values are Questions & Ans options ) from R/3. since I need to fetch N number of values which must be mapped with Multiple Text views & Radio Button Groups i want to create Text view & Radio button Group by index UI Elements dynamically.How to do that?
    Please bring me an solution to this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Murtuza,
                        Thanks for ur solution...
    anyway again i got an same error. Option button not enabled...
    so i have created a dynamic context node & map it with the RadioButton Group by Index...Now it s working fine...
              for(int i=0;i<wdContext.nodeQuestions().size();i++)
                        IWDNodeInfo nodeinfo=wdContext.getNodeInfo();
                        /* This will add a ValueNode */
                        IWDNodeInfo customerNode=nodeinfo.addChild("Questionaire"+i,null,true,true,true,false,false,true,null,null,null);
                        /* This will add a Attribute to the above Node */
                        IWDAttributeInfo custAttr=customerNode.addAttribute("Quest"+i,"");
                        IWDAttributeInfo custAttr1=customerNode.addAttribute("Options"+i,"");
                        IWDNode NodeQuest = wdContext.getChildNode("Questionaire"+i,0);
              //     NodeQuest.getCurrentElement().setAttributeValue("Options"+i,wdContext.nodeQuestions().getQuestionsElementAt(i).getOptionA());
                   IWDTransparentContainer tc = (IWDTransparentContainer)view.getElement("TransparentContainer");
                        IWDTextView tv =(IWDTextView) view.createElement(IWDTextView.class,"MyTextView1"+i);
                     IWDNodeElement NodeElt= NodeQuest.createElement();
                   IWDNodeElement NodeElt1= NodeQuest.createElement();
                   IWDNodeElement NodeElt2= NodeQuest.createElement();
                   IWDNodeElement NodeElt3= NodeQuest.createElement();
                   IWDRadioButtonGroupByIndex rbg = (IWDRadioButtonGroupByIndex)view.createElement(IWDRadioButtonGroupByIndex.class,"RBG1"+i);
                             //IWDRadioButton rb = (IWDRadioButton)view.createElement(IWDRadioButton.class,"RBG1"+Iter);
                 This s the code....
    Thank you. anyway

  • Create dinamic HorizontalGutter

    Hello I'm creating the following HorizontalGutter dinamicly and I have
    the exception: ( java.lang.ClassCastException )
              IWDHorizontalGutter gut =
                   (IWDHorizontalGutter) view.createElement(
                        "Gutter1" + index);
    Does anybody know what is left?
    Thanks in advance!

    //@@begin javadoc:createUIeleOrg()
         /** Declared method. */
      public void createUIeleOrg( int index, view, comp.diageo.sims.wdp.IPrivateSearchPage.IOrganisationElement ele )
        //@@begin createUIeleOrg()
              IWDTransparentContainer org =
                   (IWDTransparentContainer) view.createElement(
                        SimsConstants.c_torg + index);
              IWDLinkToAction lto =
                   (IWDLinkToAction) view.createElement(
                        SimsConstants.c_lto + index);
              IWDAction linkAction =
              IWDCaption lab =
                   (IWDCaption) view.createElement(
                        SimsConstants.c_lb1 + index);
              IWDCaption lab2 =
                   (IWDCaption) view.createElement(
                        SimsConstants.c_lb2 + index);
              IWDCaption lab3 =
                   (IWDCaption) view.createElement(
                        SimsConstants.c_lb3 + index);
              IWDHorizontalGutter gut =
                   (IWDHorizontalGutter) view.createElement(
                        SimsConstants.c_gut + index);
              lto.setText(SimsConstants.c_title + ele.getOrgName());
              lab.setText(SimsConstants.c_address + ele.getOrgAddress());
              lab2.setText(SimsConstants.c_showner + ele.getOrgOwner());
              lab3.setText(SimsConstants.c_comment + ele.getOrgNotes());
              IWDTransparentContainer tc =
                   (IWDTransparentContainer) view.getElement(SimsConstants.c_transorg);
              tc.addChild(org, index);
    The code before insert the Gutter part was working, only after insert the part corresponding to the gutter, an exception is raised.

  • Create dinamic component

    i want to create as many image component as many are in an array
    For example
    private var data:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
    data[0] = "pic0.jpg";
    data[1] = "pic1.jpg";
    data[2] = "pic2.jpg";
    data[3] = "pic3.jpg";
    data[4] = "pic4.jpg";
    in this case i want to create 5 image component with their source image.
    how do?

    Hi napster,
    As suggested by Alex you can try the below approaches...
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    xmlns:mx="" layout="vertical">
    import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; 
    Bindable]private var _data:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(["pic0.jpg","pic1.jpg","pic2.jpg","pic3.jpg","pic4.jpg","pic5.jpg"]); 
    <mx:VBox verticalGap="0">
    <mx:Repeater id="rptImages" recycleChildren="true" dataProvider="{_data}">
    <mx:Image source="{rptImages.currentItem}" />
    <mx:List id="lstImages" dataProvider="{_data}">
    <mx:Image source="{data}"/>
    You can use either use a Repeater component or a List control as shown in the above example.

  • Get upload file from a RichFileInput(s) created dinamically  (

    Hello to all,
    I saw the tutorial for managing the file by RichFileInput (opn I think that the key is the association between the attribute value of af:inputFile element and file attribute of bean.
    public class ProcessFileUpload {
    private UploadedFile _file    ------------> mapped to ---->  <af:inputFile value="#{ProcessFileUplade.file}"...
    But I cannot add mappings because I add a lot of RichFileInput dynamically to the page, so I don't know how many files I'l have.
    So, is it possible to map the value attribute to an element of an ArrayList<UploadedFile>? How can I do this by EL in java?
    Thank you,
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    I reply to myself:
    Use a Array:
    private UploadedFile[] files = new UploadedFile[10];
    And then add use this on every RichInputFile ;
    private UIComponent addFileAssociation(UIComponent comp, int id) {
    FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
    Application application = ctx.getApplication();
    ExpressionFactory ef = application.getExpressionFactory();
    String veString = "#{backingBeanScope.backing_document.files["+id+"]}";
    ValueExpression ve = null;
    ve = ef.createValueExpression(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getELContext(), veString, Object.class);
    } catch (Exception e){
    comp.setValueExpression("value", ve);
    return comp;
    Yest it works :)

  • How to create radiobuttons dynamically

    I've always used static simpletypes when I created radiobuttons dynamically, but now I'm trying to get the possible answers of a radiobutton from a RFC.
    My scenario is:
    I use an initial RFC which returns me a table with questions, desciptions,...and then I use a 2nd RFC with the identifier of each question and SAP returns the different possible answers the user could choose in the radiobutton. All possible answers will be strings.
    Can you help me?
    //execute first RFC: Zhr_Bapi_Appraisal_Getdetail_Input
    wdContext.currentZhr_Bapi_Appraisal_Getdetail_InputElement().setAppraisal_Id(codeBapi2);       wdContext.currentZhr_Bapi_Appraisal_Getdetail_InputElement().setPernr(pernBapi2);
    for (int i=0; i<IAppraisal_DataSalidaNode dataSalidaNode = wdContext.nodeOutputSalida().nodeAppraisal_DataSalida().size(); i++){
    //execute second RFC:Bapi_Appraisal_Scale_Getdetail_Input
    wdContext.currentBapi_Appraisal_Scale_Getdetail_InputElement().setElement_Id(element.getElement_Id());     wdContext.currentBapi_Appraisal_Scale_Getdetail_InputElement().setElement_Type(element.getElement_Type());
    // if the second RFC returns a anything different form null I would like to create/edit generic simpletype to create the radiobutton possible answers
    if (wdContext.nodeOutputSalida2().size>0){
    //which code should I use here?? I guess that something like this:
    for (int j=0; j<wdContext.nodeOutputSalida2().size; j++){
    IwdAttibuteInfo info=wdcontext.node<nodename>().getNodeInfo().getAttribute(<Attribute name created in the Node>);
    ISimpleTypeModifiable stm=info.getModifiableSimpleType();
    IModifiableSimpleValueSet svs=stm.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();
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    Hi Armin,
    I am encountering a similar problem.
    The texts property is supposed to be bound to an element in the context, but it need to provide more than one text (and one element only has one value, if I am correct).
    How can I show more than one element in the radiobuttongroup?
    Thanks, Johannes

  • Facing Error in Radiobutton - Webdynpro ABAP

    I am using Radiobutton UI Element.
    I have requirement of taking 5 Radiobutton in which user can only select 1 value.
    So I have created 5 Radiobutton . I have binded KeytoSelect property to different value
    RD1 its LA
    RD2 its LB
    RD3 its LC
    RD4 its LD
    RD5 its LE
    So i have bound all these radiobutton to one attribute of node whose cardanality is 1 : 1 and type char2.
    So when i execute it , on any event on screen it is giving me error
    'The value entered is not in the list of allowed values.'
    So i could not found the reason why it is coming. I have also tried to make one data element and domain and try to put
    the values like LA  to LC in its fixed value but again it is giving the same error.
    Please suggest

    Have you used RADIO_BUTTON_GROUP_BY_IDX or RADIO_BUTTON_GROUP_BY_KEY?  And check the fixed values that you have used. You should use LA rathen than 'LA'.
    You need to do some coding for radio button ui element and attach an event for eg. ON_SELECT to it.
    Eg. I have 4 radio buttons and bound it to attribute with domain having fixed values 1,2,3 and 4.
    Then do the coding in method ONACTIONON_SELECT that is attached to UI Element radio button.
    data : str type string.
      str = wdevent->get_string('KEY').
      if str = '1'.
        CALL METHOD wd_context->set_attribute
           index  = USE_LEAD_SELECTION
         value  =  ' radio button 1 selected'
            name   = 'DISPLAY'
    where DISPLAY is attribute of type string.
        ELSEIF str = '2'.
       CALL METHOD wd_context->set_attribute
           index  = USE_LEAD_SELECTION
         value  =  ' radio button 2 selected'
            name   = 'DISPLAY'.
      ELSEIF str = '3'.
        CALL METHOD wd_context->set_attribute
           index  = USE_LEAD_SELECTION
         value  =  ' radio button 3 selected'
            name   = 'DISPLAY'
        ELSEIF str = '4'.
         CALL METHOD wd_context->set_attribute
           index  = USE_LEAD_SELECTION
         value  =  ' radio button 4 selected'
            name   = 'DISPLAY'.

  • How to create yes or no radiogroup dynamically for a set of questions

    I am new to APEX.Depending upon my project requirement I need to create a set of questions with yes or no as radiogroup buttons,appended with a textarea for each question.For ex:
    1.Name o Y o N [ "text area"]
    The above line specifies the model I need.
    Here text area is used for writing comments.
    Now the question is how can I create them dynamically using apex_item.
    Its very urgent.Kindly reply me soon.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for ur quick reply.
    But what actually I need is,I need to create the radiobuttons also dynamically.
    I have created them by the following syntax,
    select ename,apex_item.radiogroup(eno,'y' ) yes,apex_item.radiogroup(eno,'N')
    from emp;
    but the problem with this is ,
    when I inserted yes for the first one it is taking and if i am giving the second one also as YES then it is not accepting ..means it is checking the second item by clearing the first one.
    What I need is when I check the second one the first one should not get cleared.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Radiobutton in screen painter

    Hi all,
    I am using screen painter to create a screen with different elements. One of them is to create 2 radiobuttons but oly one has to be "checked" when the screen is in output. How do i do that?

    Hello Mel,
    U can refer to the sample report <b>demo_dynpro_check_radio</b>.
    When u r creating the screen, include two radiobuttons.
    then select all the radibuttons and right click and say define.
    If useful reward.

  • Make RadioButton appear as ToggleButton

    I have spent much time in this issue, but couldn't find a proper solution.
    I have a panel with togglebuttons on it. These togglebuttons are listitems of different Lists and can't be grouped under one parent.
    What I need now is that all the togglebuttons are pressed exclusively, just same behavior like radiobuttons. But as grouping the togglebuttons under the same parent is not an option, it doesn't work.
    The only way i can think of now is to use radiobuttons instead of togglebuttons and all radiobuttons have the same groupname. But the problem is now to change the radiobuttons control template to make them appear as togglebuttons.
    Do you know whether there is an example of a template which makes a radiobutton appear as a togglebutton?
    Or maybe you have another solution?
    Thank you very much

    This also makes a perfect use for extending a style using BasedOn attribute:
    Code Snippet
    // Create a RadioButton style baed on the ToggleButton style
    <Style x:Key="toggleStyle" BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ToggleButton}}"
                                TargetType="{x:Type RadioButton}">
       <Trigger Property="IsChecked" Value="true">
          <Setter Property="Background" Value="Red"/>
    Now you can create radio buttons that look just like toggle buttons. And according to the style above, their background color will change to Red when checked:
    Code Snippet
    <RadioButton Content="My Radion Button" Click="Toggle_Handler" Width="300"
                        Style="{StaticResource toggleStyle}"></RadioButton>

  • How to check whether a radiobutton in a screen is clicked

    Hi All,
    I have created two radiobuttons with screen painter and grouped them and given function- code for the group. In the program i want to check which radio button is clicked. I am not able to set Fcodes for each button differently. Can anyone help me how to do this.
    Thanks and regards,

    The function code must be the same, so check the value when processing the code.
      CASE sscrfields-ucomm.
        WHEN 'OPT'.
          IF p1 EQ 'X'.
            " process p1
          ELSEIF p2 EQ 'X'.
            " process p2
    Adapt the logic in PBO with dynpro. (If OK_CODE is the FC of the group, then check individual values of the radiobuttion of the group)

Maybe you are looking for

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