Create Sales order from Internal Purchase Order using IDOC

Hello Friends,
I have requirement to create Sales Order from Internal Purchase Order Using IDOC.
Backgorund, we have already configured IDOC orders05 to create Sales Order from external Purchase order from Inbound IDOC, and it is working fine.
Now we have new requirement to create Sales Order from our own Purchase order, i.e. When PO is created in one plant corresponidng sales order automatically must needs to create in another Plant with respect PO.
I m trying to design a solution for above problem as follows,
1.create an Inbound Idoc from PO, by creatiing one new message type on PO save.
2.Process that Inbound  IDOC same as it is from external PO.
3.Once processed Sales order will create.
Please help me in step 1. to create Inbound IDOC from PO.
If you want any further clarification please write me.

I had done a similar scenario before and we achieved it through SAP XI. The problem is with the control record. When we create a ORDERS IDOC from a PO the control record will be for outbound transmission. We sent the file to XI and XI resent it back with some data parsing and a new inbound control record. This way it went neat outbound and inbound.
I'm not sure what kind of architecture you have. If you have to do it within your ECC/R/3, then you could create the outbound IDOC to a new port and write a fresh RFC to pick it up from the same folder and create a new control record for inbound processing.
I haven't tried this; but there is a "processing w. trigger (inbound)" option on the outbound process code. May be you can explore into that a bit more.
I'm sure there could be better approaches to handle this within ECC so if you stumble on any, do write back. I would like to know to update my knowledge .

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  • Creating SD Sales Orders from a Purchase Order

    Does anyone have any detail documentation for creating an SD Sales Order as an output message from a purchase order. We would like to implement a process where we generate a sales order to a specific sales organization automatically from a purchase order in a different company code.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    You can configure this scenario using ALE/IDOC . I dont have any docs but i remember that i had setup this few years ago.
    Create PO , attach output type , output type linked to process code , process code linked to sales order relevant IDOC Type and send to receiver as outbound IDOC ,
    The recepient receives this as an inbound and used this data to create a sales order in his company code.

  • IDOC - create SD Contract from a Purchase Order

    I need to know if exist an IDOCs to create a SD Contract from a Purchase Order and another IDOC to change a Purchase Order from a SD Contract.

    Hi again,
    1. PO will create ORDERS IDOC this is SAP Standard.
    2. ORDERS IDOC will be send
    3. IDOC Segment E1EDK14 qualifier 12 contains the order type. A contract is also a type of sales order. So we need to get the correct order type in the segment. One option is using the userexit proposed earlier another and even easier is asking the XI colleagues to do the change already in XI.
    4. During Inbound processing the contract will now be created.
    You will send a ORDRSP from your Contract (I made a mistake earlier and said ORDCHG this would be the update of the contract from the PO...)
    I think you will need to worry to much of the ORDRSP on the SD side as in fact the IDOC does not care if it is send from order or from a contract.
    Depending on your configuration in MM it will update the PO.
    Bascally in regards to quantity you will need to do more on the MM side because usually it is not expected that the Vendor is chnaging quantities etc... So it is still possible:
    By the way we are having the scenario with the contract in our SAP sending ORDRSP and ORDCHG for contracts and it is working fine.
    Hope it helps.

  • Copy of Purchase order from other Purchase order.

    Hi all,
    How to know when a purchase order is a copy from other purchase order?
    some FM?

    There is no  FM with the same you can create multiple purchase orders.
    Why do you want this functionality
    if you want this functaionality you have write  a new program and you have give
    the condition
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Create Sales order from a Purchase order through IDOCs in the same system

    I have been trying to create Sales ordes in the same SAP system, through the Purchase order generated.
    The Purchase order generated, passes the information through an outbound I DOC to a SO inbound I doc, I am getting the following error
    Partner number A2815 for customer 2815 , partner function WE does not exist.
    Message no. VG140
    but in my case the ship to party (partner function WE) is the same as Sold to party (partner function AG)
    can any body please help how to map it
    Sreeram P

    Hello Sreeram ,
    See note 1339290, which corrects the parameters of error message VG140.
    Also, the sold to party (SP) is determined in several ways:
    1. If the sender partner in the control record is a logical system (LS), an E1EDKA1 segment with the SP must be sent.
               E1EDKA1-PARVW = AG
               E1EDKA1-PARTN = valid partner in the receiving system
    Otherwise the system takes the partner number from the control record into the field E1EDKA1-PARTN and this is not a valid partner.
    2. If the sender partner in the control record is a SP, we take this SP from the sender partner into the sold-to party number. Excepted another SP was sent in the segment E1EDKA1-PARNR, then the SP from the control record has no effect.
    The E1EDKA1 segment for the SP should be sent always before the E1EDKA1 segment of the ship-to party (SH).

  • Create one delivery from two Purchase orders

    Hello All,
    We are looking for a way to combine two Stock Transport Orders with similar data into a single delivery.
    Has anyone worked on this scenario before? Any guidelines will eb appreciated.

    Have a look at the following note:-
    Note 386340 - Grouping purchase orders into one delivery using Vl10*
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • To copy data from Sales order to subsequent purchase order

    Hi all,
    My requirement is to copy Ship-to party address and Incoterms from sales order to subsequent Purchase order.
    I am using exit EXIT_SAPFV45E_001 for this.
    My doubt is - in which tables, Ship-to party address and Incoterms for a purchase order are stored? So that I can copy them from Sales order and update Ship-to party address and Incoterms for corresponding purchase order.
    In exit I can access sales order number and corresponding purchase requisition.

    what business scenario is this? third-party-order-processing? in that case SAP standard would submit the data from the sales order to the purchase order (via purchase requisition) automatically, see documentation:

  • Excise rate and value is not getting defaulted from the purchase order

    Hi all,
    While capturing excise invoice , the excise rate and value is not getting defaulted from the purchase order and in Excise Item Tab BED,AED,ECS is Zero at both header as well as item level for only one material in STO process and if we are doing same process taking other material all things are coming perfectly and We are maintaining condition with respect to vendor,plant and material combination.Any input related to this will be helpfull and rewarded.

    Follow STO Process for this;
    1.Create a vendor for the company code of receiving plant, using account group: 0007 using T-Code XK01.
    2. Assign this vendor to Delivering plant
    Go to XK02 >Purchasing view>Extras>Add. Purchasing data>Plant
    3. Create internal customer with the sales area of the vendor. Go To XD01
    4. In pricing procedure determination relevant to STO, assign document Pricing Procedure and customer pricing procedure appropriate for STO to get the pricing in the invoice.
    5. Maintain condition records for the relevant pricing condition.
    6. Some more setting for STO: Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > define shipping data for plants > Go to Receiving plant >assign customer here & Supplying SA (for billing) to Receiving plant here
    7. Go to MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > define shipping data for plants > Go to Supplying plant and assign the sales area of receiving plant.
    8. Go to MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > assign delivery Type & Checking rule
    Assign the delivery type to document type. In this case, Delivery type NLCC is assigned to Document type NB
    9. Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > Assign document Type, One step Procedure, Under delivery tolerance
    Assign the document type NB to supplying plant and receiving plant
    10. After all settings, Create the STO using T-Code: ME21N and maintain pricing conditions of freight and Save.
    11. In supplying plant Maintain condition record in sales using VK11 the same will flow in receiving plant when referring the OBD no during MIGO.
    10. Create Delivery: VL10G
    12. Picking, PGI: VL02N
    13. Billing: VF01
    Save the document and its done
    14. J1IIN - Outgoing Excise Invoice
    15. MIGO - Goods Receipt against outbound Delivery
    16. J1IEX - Capture & Post Excise Invoice

  • Statistical Internal Order on a Purchase Order

    We are trying to use a statistical internal order on a purchase order along with a real cost center. But we are unable to get the internal order to show up on the FI documents being posted using goods receipt.
    Purchase Order has been created with 'F" (order) as the account category. On the account assignment tab we have maitained an expense cost element & real cost center & statistical internal order.
    Internal order master data has been created with just the company code and object class as OCOST.
    Please let me know what we are doing incorrectly and how can we have the statistical internal order show up on the FI document.

    Hi Venkat,
    Statistical Internal order doesn't work if GL account used is not a cost element. You need to make your GL account as cost element. If the respective GL account doen not need to be cost element then you can make it statistical cost element with category 90. In this case it'll not ask for CO object or it'll not create any error or issues.
    Hope it'll work.
    - Mahak
    Edited by: Mahak Birla Mantri on Jun 15, 2009 11:34 AM

  • Two purchase orders from one purchase requisition

    Hi experts,
    i'm getting this strange behavior. How is possible to create 2 purchase orders from one purchase requisition ??
    If i look to sales order flow i see two purchase orders.
    Thank you.

    Hello Dan M,
    When u enter the material and qty in Item the system might be doing Availability check. Then u might be going to schedule line and then "check mark on "Fix qty/date". Here once again the system might be doing Availability check and then u press  "Dely proposal".
    I suggest u to check the Purchase Requisition Item No. (the field next to Purchase Requisition No.). Keep watch here after every step u perform. Watch before and after u press every button.
    Do carefully analysis step by step u will get the reason.
    Any thing required write on the forum.
    Thanks & regards,
    Shailendra Panhale

  • How to Create inspection that assign to Purchase Order / Material Document

    Dear QM Master,
    I am using QA01 to create inspection lot but can any master tell me , How to Create inspection that assign to Purchase Order / Material Document ?
    Thank you.

    When you create an inspection lot manually, you cannot reference an original document (for example, a goods receipt document, an order, or a delivery note).
    In QA01 you can create inspection lot manually for all inspection lot origins except the following:
    10 - Delivery to customer with sales order
    11 - Delivery to customer without sales order
    12 - General delivery
    13 - Repetitive manufacturing
    14 - Plant maintenance
    You can also refer this link
    Please check and revert.

  • Creating inbound delivery for the purchase order line items

    Hi Experts,
    Please let me know how can I create inbound delivery for the purchase order line items?  Say, I have a purchase order with 5 line items in it.  I wanted to create an inbound delivery for only 2 line items at this point of time.  Which SAP Standard transaction I have to use and what all  data I need to populate?  I would appreciate any help on this and will reward the right answer.  Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.
    with regards,
    Muthu Ganapathy.

    While creating the inbound delivery (VL31N), intially all the items will be shown, see the advance shipping notfication - from the vendor for which he has send confirmation & rest items you can delete simply & save. & next time when the vendor sends rest advance shipping notifcation (confirmation), you can receive them.
    Hope this answers your query.

  • In MIGO, i need to see delivery dates from the purchase order

    Is there a way to see in transaction MIGO, the delivery dates from the purchase order?  I hope there is some exit or BADI or BAPI or .... to perform this copy function? 
    We have multi-line POs for the same material with staggered delivery dates and the Warehouse needs to know which PO line to receive against.

    when you enter the PO number in MIGO and hit enter, then you only get the items that can be received.
    If you make sure that the PO items are created by ascending delivery date, then you can always take the first.
    if you have the personal setting to display all items (even the already received ones), then you can take the first with a quantity proposal. already received items do not propose quantities.
    I would ask purchasing to tell the vendor that he has to state the PO number along with the item number in all papers (delivery note, invoice).

  • Locating Planned order from a  purchase requisition

    Hi Gurus ,
    A purchase requisition has been created manually , by converting a planned order . Is it possible to find out the planned order , from a purchase requisition   Pls advise.

    Once planned order converted in to Production order or Purchase requisition, we can't see any details of the planned order.Planned orders are stored dynamically in tables.once it is  coverted,Details can not be seen even in PLAF-Plan order table.
    In production order, you can see the planned order number but for PR , it is difficult to get the reference Plan order number.

  • Create a reservation without a purchase order

    Hi all,
    I try to create a reservation without a purchase order for material T-RN133, and then i got a message, " Order 800040 is flagged for deletion". Then i tried to create another reservation, but still got the same error message.
    THe movement type is 501.
    Please help me out.

    You should not be getting an error when you are using movement type 501 for creating reservation.. can you please check what that order is and give us more details so that we can help also please check there is an user exit or something Z developed to check against order..
    As such Std SAP you should not be getting the error

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