DVD conversion to iPod format

Help.. I don't seem to be able to find help and how to use this iPod Touch I just bought.. I've converted the DVD file thru DVD Decrypter and Videora iPod Converter programs.. I see the converted file as being a MEG-4 file in iTunes Library.. I've connected my iPod to my computer and it shows in the listing under Devices.. I can't transfer my video file from the Library to my iPod.. How's that done..? Do I need to establish an internet connection between my iPod thru a WiFi connection to be able to do this..? I don't have a WiFi account and wasn't planning on getting one just for this.. I find the online manual to be difficult to understand and feel it doesn't address all issues as it should.. I'm about to pack it up and return it to the store for a refund.. Apple seems to have support for making purchases thru their iTunes store but doesn't seem to address these kinds of issues.. Any help would be greatly appreciated otherwise back it goes..
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Never mind.. I've managed to figure it out for myself.. Sure would be nice if Apple could provide more and better support for their products..

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  • Convert non dvd video to ipod format

    i've seen a lot of posts about using videora to convert dvd to the ipod format, but can i use that same software or do i have to use something else for video files on my computer

    GUIDES TO: Converting Video for iPod - Mac & Window

  • Converting DVD videos to iPod format for iPod 30GB 5th generation?

    I would like to convert DVDS to iPod format so I can view them on my new iPod? Can someone help me with a how to list? I have located many PC or windows applications for making the conversion ( free downloads) but what do we use if we are mac users (Mac OS X version 10.3.9)?
    Thank you for your help..... Mark
    iPod 30GB 5th generation video   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Here, click on the link:

  • Convert DVD to Video Ipod Format

    Hi there. Sorry is this question gets asked a lot, I'm new.
    I read there is software that allows you to convert any dvd to ipod format? Any info about that?
    I doubt this effects the answer at all, but I use both a Mac and a PC.
    Check out eBay link:
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=9711679779&rd=1&sspagename=ST RK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
    Thanks in advance!
    apple G4 Mac OS X (10.4)

    Doing it on a mac is a lot easier than a PC.
    For Macs...
    (And how to use that software)
    For PCs...
    Put DVDs on iPods
    Videora (DVD to iPod)

  • Enqueueing a video for conversion to iPod format

    when I select a video (AVI/DivX) already imported successfully (as QuickTime reference movie) into iTunes, I can select it for conversion for iPod/iPhone without problems and that works completely fine.
    When I want to select a second movie for conversion while one is already converting, I can't - the option isn't available. Selecting multiple movies in the first place is possible, though. This is quite a bit annoying.
    How would I let Apple know about this problem, so they can fix it in one of the upcoming iTunes versions?

    It isn't really a bug. Just the way it works. You can select one or more videos to be converted, then you can start the conversion. Once a conversion is started, you must wait until it is done to start a new conversion. Even if you only pick one to begin with, you can only have one "process" working at a time, regardless of the number of items the process works on.
    As someone else already suggested, you can always try third party converts instead, many of which give you a lot more control of settings used to convert/compress as well.

  • Converting dvd's to ipod format

    is there a product or a process that apple supports or recommends to convert dvd movies to the right format to load onto a ipod?

    To answer your original question... no, there is no product that Apple support or recommends for DVD to iPod conversion.
    As mentioned frequently on this forum, there are a number of pieces of software to accomplish this task, but none of them are supported by Apple.

  • Widescreen  DVD Conversion for IPOD

    Something I discovered - if you use PSP VIDEO 9 and are converting a 16:9 movie (1.76to1 aspect) DO NOT
    select SP/320x240! This will distort the movie and the actors will look like they are much much taller!
    For 16:9 convert your movie/program using SP/368x208. When you watch the movie on the IPOD, turn on the widescreen mode.
    Does anyone know what to do for "scope" movies (2.35:1) like Gladiator?

    Leave the "Keep Aspect Ratio" setting checked in HandBrake and make sure the iPod Video "Widescreen" setting is turned on.

  • DVD movies to iPod video format

    I often travell on official business, I am trying to rip a DVD to my ipod. My friend told me that Sothink ipod- converter can convert DVD movies to IPod video format. I have downloaded and try it,I think the Sothink IPod Video Converter is designed to be an easy company for my IPod.
    IBM   Windows XP   no

    If you want a really organized package for ripping your dvds into .mp4 "ipod" format use the dvd Decrypter and Videora ipod conveter. They are very organized and they put you in control of the video/audio settings... And it couldn't be easier. Here are the links if you wanna give these FREE programs a shot
    Videora ipod converter - http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/
    Dvd Decrypter - http://www.mrbass.org/dvdrip/
    ps... You need both because after ripping your dvd it becomes a .vob file..Ipod cannot read this so you must use videora to make it an .mp4 "ipod friendly" format.. Reply if problems occur please!!! Thanks...

  • What programe to convert dvd to ipod format

    what program should i use to convert, dvd films to ipod format?

    See this for help: Guide to converting video for iPod (Mac/Windows).

  • What do you think is the best way to get DVDs onto your iPod?

    I haven't recieved my video iPod yet, its coming in the mail, but I'd like to be ready when I get it. In your opinion, what is the best way to get DVDs onto your iPod?
    I have Windows, so Handbreak doesn't work.
    I've tried videora, but its taking ages...
    *Just noticed you can edit*
    I would also like to add that I would perfer that it was free...
    Videora is driving me up a wall... It still has 3 hours to convert this thing its been going for 10 min and its still at 0%

    Depending on the specs of your computer, time taken to convert DVD's to an iPod-playable format can vary. On my computer (see below), it takes about 10 hours to convert a 2-hour DVD to the iPod format, using Videora.
    So, due to the extremely large size of the DVD rip, it'll take a while to convert it, regardless of how fast or slow your system is.

  • Converting DVDs to iPod format

    Someone please help me! I have done this same search on google and on this apple discussion site, but can not understand much of what is said. I am just not a very technical person. Would someone be able to tell me, in layman terms,how to convert a dvd, like pirates of the carribean or skeleton key,to ipod format.
    iPod video-30gb black   Windows XP  

    Hello Justin,
    Can't really speak for the software personally as I'm not all that interested in video on the move. All I can say is that there have been numerous posts on the iPod forum concerning difficulties with Videora. Whether that's a user problem or a software issue it's hard to say, it seems to have it's advocates and detractors as do most things. Good luck anyway and I'm glad the article was of some help.

  • Converting dvd to ipod format?

    Have tried several areas for this question. I use an imac intel dual core and I need to convert dvd to ipod format How do I do this

    Sorry I wasn't looking at your question properly. You can use a programme called handbrake to convert a DVD folder or image. thats the only one i know of and here's google's first link on handbrake tutorial http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/macgems/2006/01/handbrakelite/index.php
    Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio)   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • Lords Of Dogtown conversion DVD to video ipod

    I am currently using Cucusofts conversion software to convert my DVDs to my video ipod. (From what I understand Cucusoft is almost identical to Videora). I have put three files of DVDs on my ipod successfully, but am having a bit of a problem with the fourth-and I don't believe that it's the software.
    I am concerned that the DVD Lords of Dogtown has some type of encryption that is unrecognizeable...has anybody else had a similar problem? I have also had problems making a backup DVD of the same film - which doesn't usually happen.
    Please help if you can!

    You have a few alternatives.
    See this for help: Guide to converting video for iPod (Mac/Windows).

  • Conversion of DVD movies to iPod

    I would appreciate if anyone can help.
    I am currently using Mac G5 with iPod (latest generation). I wish to convert DVD movies into my iPod. May I know which free conversion software is best to use? Any recommendation can direct me to the appropriate website for download.

    handbrake is the best for mac...http://howto.diveintomark.org/ipod-dvd-ripping-guide/, for windows cucucsoft works best for me.take a look at this step by step guide convert dvds videos to ipod. hope it helps.

  • Dvd conversion for Mac users

    So I'm finding a lot of advice for transfering dvds to iPods for PC users- videora etc. What about us Mac users? How can we to transfer DVDs to our iPods from a Mac?

    As I stated the last time you asked -- HandBrake (free). This is an "all-in-one" application.
    Forty-TwoDVD-VXPlus ($$) -- this is a two-stage application in that material must be ripped/extracted by another application (like MacTheRipper) first.
    Most other approaches currently available for the Mac (i.e., pre-iPod) require three separate stages -- rip/extract, strip/convert to intemediate format, and final conversion to iPod compatible format.

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