Error in work flow wait for change event

Error in work flow wait for change event of business object bus1014, Actually this business object is triggering for two transaction one is me21n and another is c201 . am trying to create fork with two branches one is create and another if change occurs wait will trigger, bt when i trigger work flow controll is not after fork, it will stop in fork only. and am not getting my workflow container variable getting instantiate, am getting error in wait. please any one get out of me in this

Hi Sangeetha
What is LV_MATERIAL? is it a BO container element? or a class element or a just a simple variable?
Error message is clear, you are trying to evaluate LV_MATERIAL but it does not contain a value.
This is a custom workflow as it begins with WS9xxxxxxx... what is LV_MATERIAL used for? what are we expecting it to hold? maybe, from event to workflow binding we can pass the value to it.
Please share the following:
1) Definition screen shot of LV_MATERIAL
2) Screen shot of The step where it is first used - from SWDD
3) Screenshot of Event to Workflow Binding
4) name of your base Business Object (seen in the triggering events tab of the WF template in PFTC)
5) What is the corresponding variable for that BO in your workflow container
6) Screen shot of WF definition from SWDD - please identify the step going in error in that screen shot

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  • Shopping Cart Workflow - "Wait for change event" not firing?

    Hi there,
    I have a scenario where if I create a shopping cart above my spending limit it will go into the approver's inbox, that is fine.
    Now if I change the total value of the shopping cart to be within my spending limit the original workflow should be "logically deleted" and a "no step approval workflow" should be triggered.
    I see when the SC workflow triggers it also branches with a "wait for events", so that if it changes etc it will get caught here.
    When I change the SC it does not do anything, the value of the cart changes but it still sits in the approvers inbox and the "no step approval workflow" does not trigger.
    We are busy upgrading to SRM 5.0, it worked perfectly in the SRM 3.0 system we had.
    Any ideas what would cause the "change event" not to fire?
    Thanks for the help

    Hey Masa,
    You are the man!! That solved it.....I have implemented the BBP_WFL_SECUR_BADI and for whatever reason I set the security level to 4 when it should have been 2.
    4     "High" (workflow is never restarted when changes are made)
    3     "Medium" (WF restarted conditionally when changes are made)
    2     "Low" (workflow is always restarted when changes are made)
    1     "None" (changes to the object are not allowed)
    0     "Not defined"
    Thanks for the help

  • Waiting for changes to be applied... (iPhone 3GS,MB Pro 10.6.4)

    Problem: iTunes Error Message while syncing: 'Waiting for changes to be applied'
    Mac:      MacBookPro Intel Core 2 Duo 2,53 GHz (4 GB)
    OS:       10.6.4
    Phone:  iPhone 3GS (16GB)
    Soft:      iOS5, iTunes 5
    Countermeasures already done:
    iPhone Restore, Permission Repair, ReInstallation iTunes 5.0, ReCreation iTunes Library & iPod Photo Cache
    Sync Deactivation: Apps, Ringtones, Music, Movies, Photos, ...
    Any Ideas?

    I've got the same problem, but have never installed FilMIC. Looks like an iOS 5 issue. I've tried restoring the iPhone to no avail. I was going to try setting it up as a new iPhone, but that option seems to disappear after running the restore using backup. Anyone know how to get that option back?
    I plugged my phone into one of my other computers and am getting the message that there are apps on my phone that have not been transferred to the computer and that if I restore I will have to re-purchase them. Too bad my phone won't sync with the computer (as it's hung up "Waiting for changes to be applied". Ouch.

  • My iphone 3GS no longer syncs with iTunes. The phone is recognised, backs up but then I get an error message: "Waiting for changes to be applied". BUT unlike other people, it doesn't stay stuck on it, instead the process closes down immediately

    Hi all,
    Apologies: I've just joined the community and didn't quite figure how to write a msg! Hope it works...
    I read many posts on this annoying error message (Waiting for changes to be applied) in the last 2/3 days, but they all refer to the sync staying stuck on it.
    Mine doesn't.
    I read the message, then it quickly shuts down the sync and the iTunes progress bar only shows the apple...
    As suggested by many, I removed voice msgs, turned off/on, tried to sync in individual stages (calendar only...) but nothing works.
    I am up to date on iTunes ( and have IOS 6.1.3 on my phone, to sync on a Win8 pc (all worked fine until recently).
    I have had this phone for several years and it has never done this.
    It worked absolutely fine, until I loaded the latest version of iTunes it seems...
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks

    ALSO, on the iPod under Settings>General>iTunes Sync, you may need to back out of the "iTunes Wi-fi Sync," and reopen it to get it to update.
    (I use iTunes

  • Whilst syncing "waiting for changes to be applied" error // iphone 4s

    Hi Guys,
    I am experiencing a "pause" in syncing when the iphone is connected resulting in a message "waiting for changes to be applied".......
    Has anyone experienced the same problem?
    Removing the iphone photo cache as suggested elsewhere has not solved the problem either, nor has restoring the iphone (twice).

    What seems to work for me is to uncheck photos (then sync) and recheck photos (sync).
    If the sync doesn't work I 'X' out to cancel the never ending sync, unplug then reconnect iPhone and try again.
    My first iPhone, being the 4S and in my research it seems this issue goes back to early 2011. Apple c'mon.

  • HT1351 My iPhone 5 will not sync music after I updated to the new iOS7. The message "waiting for changes to be applied" remains on the screen. I have restored my iPhone and reset it and nothing seems to be working.

    I even have the updated version of iTunes and I am not sure what else I am supposed to do.

    Yes, I have the exact same problem with my 4s! Updated to iOS 7 and can't sync. It's extremely frustrating, as music is crucial in my daily life.  I was able to remove all songs from my iPhone...and now when I try to sync the 4,000 or so I've selected, it will sync maybe 11 or 12 (if it gets past the "Waiting for changes to be applied" screen), and then just completely stop. No error code or anything. It just stops. It's driving me crazy.  See the following 2 links, one is a discussion I created and the 2nd is 5 or so people with the same issue.

  • How can I fix waiting for changes to be made and error -54 during sync with 7.1.2

    After updates my iphone5, ipad mini and ipad 3 to ios 7.1.2 cannot sync any of them due to error-54 or waiting for changes to be applied.  Was able to sync all before this update.  What is wrong?  How can I fix?

    Eject the device.
    Close and relaunch iTunes.
    If the problem continues, restart the computer and the device.

  • When syncing after recent update, sync is stuck at "Step 4 of 4" "Waiting for changes to be applied" and will not complete, even after hours.  How can this be fixed?

    I completed the most recent software update for both iTunes and iPhone recently.  I am now trying to sync my iPhone to add newly purchased audiobooks and the sync remains stuck at "Step 4 of 4" with the message "Waiting for changes to be applied"  I have tried everything to correct this.  When sync is cancelled a failure to sync message is generated.  Any ideas????

    Alright, so I reset my computer and suddenly it then recovered. Other times it wouldn't recover after resetting the computer, so I have no idea how it happened. I just restarted the computer lots of time and finally it worked.
    Okay, back to square one. Now to transfer music, I tried my previous acknowledgable solutions but they didn't work. The iPod touch does not feature a hard-disk mode, and windows media player doesn't support iPods.
    I've tried multiple programs to transfer music but none of them work properly and keep giving me error codes. So my iPod still gets stuck at Step 4: Waiting for changes to be applied or whatever it said.
    Thanks in advance ._. (Please help)
    p.s - Apple is useless. If I don't get steady answers tomorrow I'm going to end up calling them and get this problem fixed first hand. Second hand? I don't know, over the **** phone.
    juiceb0xk signing out for the night. Bye. >:(

  • ITunes stuck on "Waiting for changes to be applied"

    Here are the symptoms I'm seeing:
    - If I restore my phone, or delete/reinstall iTunes, or uncheck "Sync Music", wait for a sync to complete, recheck "Sync Music", ONE sync attempt will complete. I try adding one additional song and re-syncing the device, it gets stuck.
    - If a sync doesn't complete, it gets stuck on "Waiting for items to copy" or "Waiting for changes to be applied". Via fs_usage, it seems like nothing is happening during this phase. I've left it for two hours and it doesn't move on from this phase unless you manually cancel the sync.
    - It's manifested itself on two different phones - an iPhone 4S and a iPhone 6.
    - Each phone has enough space for the items I'm syncing
    - Sometimes iTunes or gets confused and moves the entire music library on my phone into "Other". Recently I had 42GB of "Other" on a 55GB device. See attached screenshot:
    - The problem has persisted across multiple versions of iTunes (at least versions 11 and 12)
    Here are the things I've tried to solve the problem:
    - Restore the device - as mentioned, works one time, further syncs fail
    - Turn my laptop off and on
    - Turn my phone off and on
    - Replace "iTunes Library.xml" by moving it to the Desktop and rebuilding the file (really fun as I lost all playlists, import date info and most played information by doing this)
    - uncheck Sync Music and recheck it - as mentioned above, this works one time, this method is also error prone (takes 3 or 4 canceled syncs before it decides to actually transfer the songs)
    - signed out of Apple Store
    - repair disk permissions
    - repair disk
    - trace iTunes process with fs_usage, will try dtruss next
    - remove the SyncServices/Local directory - didn't do anything
    - remove iTunes and every trace of it I could find ( and related plist files) and reinstall from the Internet - I got one good sync after this and then it got stuck again.
    I would appreciate your help as I'm at wit's end here. If there are any debugging logs or further information I can post, please tell me - I'm a software engineer by trade and have a fairly good idea of how to operate a machine (though not really how to debug a closed-source binary, maybe I should learn how).

    This problem started last year when ios 8 was released. I think apple is trying to force users to buy music on iTunes store and that's why it's impossible to sync other music and also that's the reason why they haven't solved this serious problem. That's really disappoints me and i'm angry with apple because i have like 10 gb of music in mp3 and i can't sync music from iTunes to my iPhone.

  • Ipod touch 3rd generation is stuck in "waiting for changes to apply" during sync

    My iPod touch 3rd generation is stuck at "waiting for changes to apply" during sync.  I have the latest update and the latest version of iTunes downloaded.  Any suggestions for a remedy to this problem?  Thanks!

    Here is the link for the downgrade from Apple.
    Here is the Link before you install Apple 10.3 downgrade Read Oct. 17th the 1st on of the 17th.where I said "A" OKAY
    I went into my desktop PC the to Start/My music/iTunes folder.
    In my folder there was nothing called ITunes Library.itl., but I had file called iTunes Library, in the center of it labeled "Lib", so I re-named it to "iTunes Library.itl.backup" Then went to the folder from iTunes" Previous iTunes
    Library" and copied and pasted mine was iTunes Library 2011-04-02 right into the iTunes main folder.
    Close your iTunes folder and then install the previous ver. 10.3 of the Apple link. I did not reboot PC. Did not use Cc cleaner nor add/Remove. then after 10.3 said finished installing 10.3 I clicked on my iTune Icon and iTune came up, iPod not plugged in yet.
    Then I clicked on "let iTune to find all my music and install them", said towards bottom of iTunes.
    Why we don't have the answer but iTune will put all your music in but you will have duplicates of the songs, so you will have your work cut out for you, takes time. plus some of my Artwork was missing, but I save that too.
    I'm not Responsible for this instructions, this is what worked for me.
    I think everything here is in order. Lot of my information came from all of you guys.Thank you. took a lot of reading, and trial and errors 2 1/2 day latter.

  • Itunes sync stuck on waiting for changes to be applied

    I recently updated itunes to version  I have an Iphone 5 - with ios 8.1.1.
    When I tried to sync my iphone to itunes, it constantly gets stuck on "step 6 of 6 - waiting for changes to be applied"
    The only songs I now have access to on my iphone are songs I have downloaded through itunes - none of the music I previously had on my phone from CDs or other sources.  It also made my videos unaccessable.
    I am really frustrated as I have spent hours trying to fix this.  Every time I update my itunes I have a different problem.  I have read many other questions with the same issue over the years - but there never seems to be an answer or solution.
    Thanks in advance for help!

    I really don't appreciate the fact that no one from Apple seems to be dealing with the many, many threads that have started on this topic since iOS 7 came out. In any event, I seem to have solved my problem with a full software restoration -- that is, iOS software restoration.
    I clicked on "Restore iPhone..." which does a complete reinstall of the iOS but also all apps, photos, songs, etc. Took about 45 minutes, but seems to have worked.
    I had previously tried reverting to a backup of my iPhone, but that did not solve the problem. Only a full restore solved it.

  • Process Chains Always Hangs at the second step waiting for an event

    all BI process chains created in Production system are always hanging in the second step waiting for an event RSPROCESS with a certain parameter. This issue is happening for all process chains in Production system and it is not happening for the same in other systems in the landscape (development, Copy of porudction, quality and so on). I tried to trigger the event manually using SM62 but the job is always stick to status " released". the same thing was replicated in other systems and the job status has changed and the process was completed.
    Any idea what might cause this issue??

    You said that this thing is happening only in production system.Try doing the following checks :
    1.Check SM21to see if there are any red entries.It can be possible that there is some data base RFC connection failure.While checking SM21, make sure you give proper selection condition.If there are any red entries, you may take the help of basis guys to understand the type of failure.May be file system has got some problems.
    2.Check St22 and try to analyse if any short dumps.
    3.Try to check Connection with the source system ( Goto RSA1->source system tab->right click on the source system and select check option to find if any errors in the connection.
    4.If possible, try to load manually in some other info provider.
    Tarun Brijwani.

  • High "CPU + Wait for CPU" event on pl/sql execute operation

    I am executing a pl/sql in 256 parallel sessions, on 11G r2 DB (RAC 2 nodes), on a 42core IBM P7 Machine.
    PL/sql function opens a cursor on a huge table with around 20M rows and does further processing.
    Work-load is equally divided into 256 parallel sessions. 256 parallel sessions are opened by a middle-ware application and each session processes data based on an identifier (there are 256 distinct identifier values).
    PL/sql function is comprised of some SQL operations, on which i am experiencing some cluster waits. But CPU + wait for CPU event on pl/sql execute operation is close to 80% of the total execution time.
    Top user events:
    Event Event Class % Event Avg Active Sessions
    CPU + Wait for CPU CPU 80.88 98.15
    gc current block 2-way Cluster 3.33 4.05
    gc cr block busy Cluster 2.01 2.44
    gc cr block 2-way Cluster 1.97 2.39
    db file sequential read User I/O 1.81 2.20
    Top SQL command type:
    SQL Command Type Distinct SQLIDs % Activity Avg Active Sessions
    PL/SQL EXECUTE 3 60.99 74.02
    SELECT 66 12.90 15.65
    INSERT 24 9.89 12.01
    UPDATE 9 6.00 7.28
    DELETE 2 1.33 1.61Rest of the SQL queries seem to be very optimum, but waits on pl/sql execute operation are causing very low tps.
    Can anybody give me some heads-up about where to and what to look for to resolve?
    Please let me know if any extra information is required.

    AWR report :
    DB      Name      DB Id           Instance      Inst num      Startup Time           Release RAC
    FCR           1304316316      fcrypp1      1                01-12ÔÂ-12 04:12 YES
    Host           Name Platform                     CPUs      Cores      Sockets Memory (GB)
    z4ci2011      AIX-Based Systems (64-bit)      168      42        320.00
                   Snap Id      Snap Time                     Sessions      Cursors/Session
    Begin Snap: 40650           01-12ÔÂ-12 06:40:03      1203           5.8
    End Snap:      40669           01-12ÔÂ-12 09:50:01      1122           5.3
    Elapsed:        189.96 (mins)    
    DB Time:        22,251.65 (mins)
    Load profile
    Per Second           Per Transaction      Per Exec      Per Call
    DB Time(s):           117.1                19.5                     0.00           3.89
    DB CPU(s):                16.1                2.7                     0.00           0.53
    Redo size:                12,759,186.3      2,126,361.0    
    Logical reads:           181,875.9           30,310.2    
    Block changes:           54,515.5           9,085.2    
    Physical reads:      1,340.3           223.4    
    Physical writes:      8,788.9           1,464.7    
    User calls:           30.1                5.0    
    Parses:                26.5                4.4    
    Hard parses:           0.4                0.1    
    W/A MB processed:      8.5                1.4    
    Logons:                0.1                0.0    
    Executes:                41,176.0           6,862.1    
    Rollbacks:                1.9                0.3    
    Transactions:           6.0      
    Time model statistics
    Statistic Name                                             Time (s)          % of DB Time
    sql execute elapsed time                              1,334,935.55     99.99
    PL/SQL execution elapsed time                         1,180,376.60     88.41
    DB CPU                                                       182,904.44          13.7
    repeated bind elapsed time                              292.83               0.02
    sequence load elapsed time                              279.75               0.02
    parse time elapsed                                        87.4               0.01
    hard parse elapsed time                                   22.52               0
    failed parse elapsed time                              5.12               0
    connection management call elapsed time               4.61               0
    PL/SQL compilation elapsed time                         1.91               0
    hard parse (sharing criteria) elapsed time          0.49               0
    hard parse (bind mismatch) elapsed time               0.39               0
    inbound PL/SQL rpc elapsed time                         0.1     0
    DB time                                                       1,335,099.30     
    background elapsed time                                   33,298.67     
    background cpu time                                        11,692.76     
    Operating System Statistics
    Statistic Value End Value
    AVG_BUSY_TIME 202,428  
    AVG_IDLE_TIME 936,397  
    AVG_IOWAIT_TIME 4,124  
    AVG_SYS_TIME 84,480  
    AVG_USER_TIME 117,573  
    BUSY_TIME 34,074,303  
    IDLE_TIME 157,378,825  
    IOWAIT_TIME 755,368  
    SYS_TIME 14,256,010  
    USER_TIME 19,818,293  
    LOAD 21 10
    OS_CPU_WAIT_TIME 23,770,800  
    VM_IN_BYTES 20,496  
    VM_OUT_BYTES 2,086,940,520  
    PHYSICAL_MEMORY_BYTES 343,597,383,680  
    NUM_CPUS 168  
    NUM_CPU_CORES 42  
    NUM_LCPUS 168  
    NUM_VCPUS 42  
    GLOBAL_RECEIVE_SIZE_MAX 41,943,040  
    GLOBAL_SEND_SIZE_MAX 41,943,040  
    TCP_RECEIVE_SIZE_MAX 9,223,372,036,854,775,807  
    TCP_SEND_SIZE_MAX 9,223,372,036,854,775,807  
    SQL ordered by CPU Time
    CPU Time (s)      Executions       CPU per Exec (s) %Total      Elapsed Time (s)      %CPU      %IO      SQL Id SQL Module SQL Text
    180,330.13           127                1,419.92                98.59      1,326,401.03           13.60      1.08      04kt8u64udphu    BEGIN :1 := ap_ch_eod_shell_en...
    8,025.48           9,868,469           0.00                     4.39      10,809.88                74.24      9.21      arnkbsnzhha77 ch_txn_shell_115  SELECT * FROM CH_ACCT_MAST WHE...
    6,117.64           9,873,495           0.00                     3.34      8,557.64                71.49      7.14      8qcryvj294s79 ch_eod_shell_138  UPDATE CH_ACCT_MAST_PAR SET DA...
    4,614.71           3,185,313           0.00                     2.52      11,130.77                41.46      11.88      b75wwkxw34x2k ch_eod_shell_228  INSERT INTO CH_TMP_XF_GL_TXNS ...
    4,374.29           9,866,217           0.00                     2.39      5,876.00                74.44      37.88      g22p493ra2zr5 ch_eod_shell_248  UPDATE CH_ACCT_MAST SET BAL_LA...
    3,514.57           14,026,451           0.00                     1.92      6,274.60                56.01      29.55      7bwhphfnnuqpr ch_eod_shell_59  INSERT INTO CH_ACCT_INT_BREAKU...
    3,253.36           3,185,706           0.00                     1.78      3,875.42                83.95      9.20      9dq134q9btxq8 ch_eod_shell_74  INSERT INTO CH_ST_CAP_INPUT_TX...
    3,131.64           9,875,603           0.00                     1.71      5,338.43                58.66      15.55      6xhwk1b37rh1t ch_txn_shell_143  UPDATE CH_ACCT_ATTRIBUTES SET ...
    2,954.15           9,878,718           0.00                     1.62      5,692.88                51.89      13.22      b4at7uq2hw6r7 ch_sweepin_shell  SELECT TRIM(A.COD_PKG) FROM RP...
    2,572.01           9,867,277           0.00                     1.41      4,605.88                55.84      12.58      54ud0a8tuwwbc ch_txn_shell_17  SELECT * FROM CH_ACCT_ATTRIBUT...
    1,941.29           19,730,455           0.00                     1.06      5,580.38                34.79      7.02      dx5kng8qu560t ch_txn_shell_59  UPDATE CH_ACTIONS_DUE SET COD_...
    1,846.01           9,875,239           0.00                     1.01      4,737.66                38.96      12.55      af7f92f13rmy4 ch_txn_shell_85  INSERT INTO CH_ACTIONS_DUE (CO...

  • Correlations in Workflow - wait for Delete event problem

    Hi All,
    I am working on version ECC5.
    I have a workflow that needs to wait for any changes to i0008, i0007, i0509 and i2001 for the person who is the subject of the workflow.  I have used correlations to do this and it is all working fine except for the Delete event.
    For each infotype I wait for each event ie. Approved, Changed, Created, ApprovedCancelled and Delete.  When the events are published the wait event is triggered and the workflow goes to the next steps where it does a recalculation,  fires off a new workflow and ends the current one.  This is working for all of the events except Delete.  The Delete event is set up exactly the same as the rest, but somehow the workflow wait event is not triggered.  It is happening with the Delete event for all the Infotypes I am waiting for.
    Does anybody have any suggestions as to what may be the problem. 

    Arghadip/Martin thanks for your replies.
    Yes, the delete event is being published.  I am using the same object e.g BasicPay for the delete event that I am using for the other events - Approved, Created etc. that are working.   The correlation and the wait for event steps are set up exactly the same way as they are for the events that are working.  I find it curious that the delete event doesn't work for any of the infotypes.   Why?  Could it be that when a record is deleted the object no longer exists?
    Any suggestions?

  • HT201263 using windows 8 computer, ipad sync stuck on 'waiting for changed to be applied'

    I have downloaded some movies to my computer with digital copy, and would like to sync them to the ipad.  Computer runs on Windows 8, with iTunes  Ipad runs on iOS 7.0.2.  When I sync, the process stops at 'waiting for changes to be applied'.  It seems to hang up there.  What can I do?

    I really don't appreciate the fact that no one from Apple seems to be dealing with the many, many threads that have started on this topic since iOS 7 came out. In any event, I seem to have solved my problem with a full software restoration -- that is, iOS software restoration.
    I clicked on "Restore iPhone..." which does a complete reinstall of the iOS but also all apps, photos, songs, etc. Took about 45 minutes, but seems to have worked.
    I had previously tried reverting to a backup of my iPhone, but that did not solve the problem. Only a full restore solved it.

Maybe you are looking for