Events are a day late than entered and duplicated

since ios5, events are showing up on the ipad a day later than they did before the uprade. ical on the mac was doing the same mistake before the upgrade. the actual info of the event shows the correct date and time.
i did change the first day of the week to monday (on the mac), in case that gives anyone a clue. changing it back doesn't cure it though.
time support is on - i am located in new zealand - on both ipad and macbook. turning it off doesn't cure the problem.
on the mac, most events are duplicated, sometimes on the same day, but some events are shown on the correct day plus a day later.
one of my main reasons for using an ipad, indeed mac at all, is that it "just works".
sync is now done over icloud.
does anybody know why this is happening? i need to enter new events but can't trust the software not to stuff it up. back to pen and paper...

just thought to check on ical on icloud. same problem, but as with the ipad, no duplications.

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  • Cal alarms tell me events are an hour later

    my ical alarms tell me events are an hour later than actually put into ical.
    i live +1 hour GMT, but have time zone support on.

    After a good few hours speaking to Tier 2 Applecare, the problem hasn't been fixed. It may be a hardware issue with the iPod or Mac....
    Bearing in mind I live abroad, in a non-English speaking land, using MobileMe.
    Here was their suggestion:
    1 Open iSync - go to Preferences - reset history
    2 Open System Preferences - International - Format - choose your country
    3 Open iCal and check it matches your location, date and time
    4 Still in Sys Prefs, go to MobileMe - Sync and sync now
    *Option two!*
    What I've done is a workaround:
    1 Set Time Zone Support to London on the ipod, in Mail, Contacts & Calendars
    2 In General Date & Time settings it's set for +1GMT, where I live
    - this meant manually resetting the time to be correct
    3 while enabling language/location settings on my Mac
    This means iCal will be in a foreign language on the Mac, which is ok if you speak it.
    Nevertheless, in syncing, it takes a couple of times to match between Mac and iPod.
    If anyone has something better, please let me know.

  • Ical events appear a day later on my mac than on my iphone

    I have a problem whereby all of the events in ical on my mac appear a day late than what they should be. They are all fine and correct on my iphone. I've tried editing them but when I sync the iphone again they move again? Is there something in my setting that I'm missing?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Jay,
    Is Time Zone support On for both devices?
    On the iPhone tap Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Time Zone Support.
    On the MacBook, launch iCal> click iCal> Preferences> Advanced> Turn on time zone support.
    Also make sure the TimeZones matching on the iPhone and MacBook.
    Just goto System Preferences on the Macbook> click Date & Time> Time Zone.
    Tap Settings on the iPhone> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Time Zone Support.
    If the issue persists after verifying Time Zone Support is enabled on both devices and they are both set to the same Time Zone, try restoring the iPhone.
    This article: will walk you through restoring the iPhone.

  • Calendar bookings are 1 hr later than we sent

    We have an problem. Exchange 2010. Outlook 2010. I got below complain  from  users. Please help me on this. 
    Also some people are saying the times on their calendar bookings are 1 hr later than I sent out and also what's booked on my calendar, this has resulted in some staff UK and USA missing key meeting in the last 1 week?

    Are the calendar bookings 1 hour later in all attendees’ calendars or just some specific calendars? Does the issue only happen to the meeting request that you are the organizer? How about the meeting organized by other users?
    If all the problematic meeting request are organized by one specific user, please check the time, time zone and daylight savings time settings respectively in Windows
    Control Panel’s Date and Time applet of all computers, OWA settings,
    Outlook Options. Make sure that they are the same values.
    If all configurations are proper, please create a new calendar invites respectively in OWA and Outlook. Then send it to users to check whether the issue persists.
    Winnie Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Ipad calendar events are one day early

    I recently switched over to iCloud. And now all-day events are one day early on my iPad only. The dates are fine when I look at iCal on the web, and they're fine on my Mac Pro and my MacBook. I tried resetting the iPad, and it didn't fix it. The time zone is was set to automatic, I tried setting it to manual, but still no change. Any other ideas?

    All of my dates are out by one day in ical (and address book). I can change them manually (best advice I could get from Apple), but it keeps happening to me. Any help appreciated, I have 10.8.6; macbook pro, iphone 4s and am frustrated. This seems to be a common problem but I can't find a fix. 
    In the post above advice is to go to itunes, "info tab", Advanced...but I don't see an "info tab" -
    Thanks for any help!

  • Outlook sync after Eastern Standard Time Change-All events are 1 hour late

    After sync'ing with outlook this past weekend, all my iphone calendar events are 1 hour late. the Eastern Standard Time change must have affected this. The time on my phone and my laptop are the same however. Anyone experienced the same issue?

    I had a similar problem with iCal, my Treo 650, and Missing Sync. I found a solution on the Missing Sync website that worked for me -- see my post at

  • My Calender birthdays are a day earlier than in my contacts...

    Hi There,
    As above my Calender birthdays are a day earlier than in my contacts. I have looked online for a solution but not had much luck with deleting fields and recreating contacts etc.
    Is there a solution to this or some bug that needs a quick fix
    Appreciate your help

    I haven't but you may want to see if there is either an iCal or Address Book forum in case they have any better ideas. This probably won't be a hardware problem.

  • ICal events are missing Day and Month in date

    Hello, Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere - this is such a weird fault I was not sure how to search for it.
    My iCal events are missing the Day and Month in their start and end dates - it just shows a 4 digit year which can only be edited as a 4 digit number. All my events are in their correct places but I am unable to create new multiday events.
    This applies to old and new events alike. I tried trashing my iCal prefs file but it made no difference.
    Anyone any ideas? I am using iCal 3.0.8 on Leopard 10.5.8.
    Thanks in advance.

    Worked it out - I was using a custom date format to give me day and date in the menu bar - reverting to one of the standard built in 'British' works - but then I lose my day in the menu bar....

  • I just upgraded to the new Photo and find a few things missing. May find more later. My Events are gone. Also, the Albums and Projects that I created that were on the left side tab of iPhoto are now gone. Where are they?

    Where are my Events from the old iPhoto? Also, where are the albums and projects I created that were on the left side tab in my old iPhoto?

    Hersco wrote:
    After importing my iPhoto Library no Events became Albums. Some of my Albums are still Albums, but many are missing from the Albums tab and Sidebar. One of the Albums listed has no photos when it should have 142. Another is missing nearly all of its photos. I found some missing Albums by name via the search window. Yet they remain missing from the Albums tab. Very strange indeed. This is one big mess right now! Thank goodness iPhoto still works.
    Yes, it's a mess for sure, and I've lost confidence in it for now.  First attempt, 5 photos came up missing.  Delete and start over, then after second attempt 18 photos go missing.  Even one single missing photo is a real confidence breaker for me.
    After conversion, and activation of the sidebar, all of my Events were migrated into a single "Photos" Album called "iPhoto Events".  Why would I want "legacy" Events segregated into one big Album?  What the heck am I supposed to do with that?  That's useless if new photos are going to be organized in some other way moving forward.  I cannot imagine new photos automatically putting themselves into a new Event inside of the "iPhoto Events" Album... because they won't.  I'll be stuck with my old iPhoto Events in this one Album, and the new stuff organized as per Photos.  Weird, just weird.
    Also, in the "all photos" view, there are dates that are just blank.  I think I know why.  In iPhoto, I merged various photos into single Events.  For whatever reason, within the Library, this left empty folders behind.  iPhoto's fault, not mine... I simply dragged & dropped photos to combine Events.   Then during Photos import/conversion these empty folders got converted into "blank" days within Photos... this is simply ridiculous.  When programming for an import, you'd want to ignore a folder if there are no files inside of it, not convert it into a block of photos that contain no photos.  It's nonsensical... you cannot have an iPhoto Event with zero photos, yet that's what was converted over.  LOL.
    I'm certainly not going to invest the time into cleaning up and moving hundreds of Events and 18,000 photos if Photos can't even do a simple library conversion.  Heck, what about the dozens of photos that my iPhone 5S fails to geotag for whatever reason?  Can't edit geotags.  Can't bulk edit meta data.  These are pretty basic functions.  Total fail.
    I'm going back to iPhoto for a while, hoping Apple eventually cleans up this mess into something usable.

  • 6 days late on payment and late fee is $ 9.50

    Hi, bill was due 7/11/2014...this is second time in 10 yrs and the first time wasComcast fault (they will not admit it)...and i made a payment today 7/16...$109.18   (usually it's1st of the month) and now my Total balance due on August 10, 2014 is...$118.69 that's included latefee...$9.50 for being 6 days this right?? 

    I looked up in the comcast information book you get when you first get their service and it states that the late fee is charged 9 days after the date due and only 1 late fee should be charged. I even asked this in a chat with on of the agents and was told the same thing you should not have been charged a late fee.

  • TS4118 When I print out my ical calendars, there are three duplicate events happening every day of the week and I never entered this event?

    When I print out my calendars from ical, there is one event that is reoccurring 3x/day/every day of week! It is not showing on the actual calendar and I cannot figure out how or where it's coming from? It's in the calendar marked Jimmys action which just shows my sons activities and for this activitiy, I put one day with a recurring weekly on just two days of the week at a specific time and this is showing up as well and correctly? What should I do to remedy this?

    UPDATE: I think I found the answer to my problem. I travel between two time zones and recently started listing event times as "floating" so they don't get messed up when I travel between west and east coasts. It seems that when I want to print out a calendar sheet, the time of the event doesn't show up if it's a "floating" event. So, I need to go back to putting a time zone in and turning off "time support" in Preferences for iCal. BTW this (in reverse) is a solution for those who don't want to see appointment times printed out – make it a "floating" event.

  • Outlook all day events are one day early in ipod touch calendar...

    I recently bought an ipod touch 4th generation, when I tried to sync my outlook 2007 calendar all my all-day-events came up as a whole day early on my ipod touch. I'm running iOS Version: 4.3.5 and App Version: 3.3, outlook 2007 off windows 7. I see there are a lot of unresolved older threads around the same discussion point...did anyone get anywhere?
    - Anita

    Same problem.

  • Internet strong, then a day later, gets slow and needs restart,why

    had this problem on the 1tb TC for 2 months now. Got tired of resetting ever day and hooked my old linksys back up with the TC in bridge and no more resetting. Anyone else have this problem?

    Sound like you may be experiencing network interference. Try the following...
    *_Time Capsule Weak Signal Strength / Dropped Connections_*
    Forgive the size of the post, but the suggestions below have helped others with similar issues. Try each topic individually and see if things improve, If not move on to the next one.
    *Keep the Time Capsule Cool*
    Some posters have observed that when they positioned the Time Capsule for better ventilation and cooling, their network connectivity issues resolved themselves. Also avoid locating the devise within poorly ventilated cabinets or piling items around or on top of it.
    *Time Capsule Orientation*
    While the location you chose to setup your Time Capsule may be acceptable, but the direction it is oriented can have an effect on signal strength. It appears that the signal of the Time Capsule does not radiate equally from all sides of the devise.
    The antennas within the devise are positioned along the 3 smooth sides. That is, there is no antenna on the side bearing the ports and cables. As a result, position the devise with the ports and cables AWAY from the direction of most of the clients that will be connecting to it.
    *Cordless Phones*
    Some users have discovered that the cordless phones they have in the home occupy or are near the same bandwidth as their wireless network (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz). Try temporarily disabling the handsets and their bases and see if network connectivity improves. If so you may need to change the channel that the phone uses or purchase phones that occupy a different bandwidth.
    *Proximity To Other Devices*
    One poster observed: “Finally have full access, full speed, and full functionality. Initially I installed the Time Capsule at the location of my cable, cable modem... which of course was next to my HDTV, DVD, Apple TV, Amplifier, etc. Get the picture? After about 4 weeks of starts and stops, resets and repeated initial backups, I moved the unit to another location, closer to my Mac, and in an area where there are no other electronics. Now, it runs perfect.” []
    *Change Time Capsule Channel*
    Launch Airport Utility.
    Select the device on the left.
    Click Manual Setup.
    Select “Airport” in the toolbar.
    Change “Channel” to a different one. If you have another wireless router operating, ensure that each devices channels are as far apart as possible.
    Click “Update”.
    Close Airport Utility.
    *Preferred Networks & Airport Services*
    You may be experiencing interference from other networks in your neighborhood. When you click the Airport menu are there other networks listed other than your own?
    If so, is your network at the top of the list? It should be.
    Go to System Preferences --> Network --> Select Airport on the left.
    Click "Advanced". In the “Airport” tab note the various local wireless networks that Airport detects. Is the network you prefer to connect to at the top of the list? If not drag it to the top. Are there other networks you never intend to connect to (an old work network, or a neighbors network)? Then highlight them and click the "-" button.
    Make sure “Remember any network this computer has joined” is checked.
    Click "OK".
    For "Network Name" be sure your network is selected and then click "Apply".
    Is Airport (wireless) your primary means of connecting to your network? If so, is Airport at the top of the list of services on the left? It should be.
    Click the small “Gear” button at the bottom of the window and select “Set Service Order”.
    Now drag Airport to the top of the list.
    Click “OK”. Click “Apply”.
    Now see if network connectivity has improved.
    *Transmit Power & Wide Channels*
    If you are using the 802.11n only (5GHz) radio mode, you can also select to use wide channels, which provide higher data throughput in your network.
    Launch Airport Utility
    Select your Time Capsule on the left.
    Click “Manual Setup”.
    Select “Airport” in the toolbar.
    Click the “Wireless” tab.
    Click “Wireless Options...” at the bottom of the window.
    Adjust the “Transmit Power” to 100%.
    Put a check mark in the box labeled “Use Wide Channels”. (If you are using a 802.11a/b/g (2.4GHz) radio mode then select “Interference Robustness”)
    Click “Done”.
    Click “Update” in the lower right hand corner.
    Wait for the Time Capsule to restart and then see if your network speeds improve.
    Let us know if any of the above helped improve your situation.

  • Suddenly my calendar events are deleted from 2 months ago and all before that.  I like to keep that information.  How is that done?

    How can I stop my I pad calendar from deleting events in the past, like all of them from 2 months ago and earlier?

    When you connect your iPad to your computer, open iTunes, click on the name of your ipad and then on the info tab. In there you'll see the options for the calendar, one of which is how far back to keep info. Set it as far back as you want. Just know that calendar data is part of what makes up the 'other' part of your memory consumption. So more data like that you keep, less room you will have for other stuff.

  • Macbook 3,1. Clean install of Lion. Two days later my keyboard and trackpad aren't responding.

    Left my computer for a couple minutes. Came back. Tried to move my mouse. Wouldn't move. Tried to Command-Tab to a different program. Keyboard wouldn't type. Plugged in my USB mouse and restarted. Got to the login screen and couldn't type in my password because the keyboard, along with the trackpad, still wasn't working. Tried powering down and removing the battery. Nothing.
    So I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment. But is anyone else having similar issues with Lion upgrades killing their keyboard and trackpad?

    So it happens constantly, but shutting down my machine, unplugging the power cable, removing the battery, and hitting the power button/holding it down to reset the SMC works every time. Anyone know what this means?

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